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10th New Zealand North Island Contingent - BOER WAR

Journal by ngairedith

taken from the 10th New Zealand North Island Contingent
* the 9th New Zealand North Island Contingent

The following Nominal Roll is extracted from the Appendix to the New Zealand Journal of the House of Representatives. The record of the ten contingents of New Zealand's soldiers in the Boer War are listed in the Appendix to the New Zealand Journal of the House of Representatives for the years 1900, 1901, and 1902.

The 10th New Zealand Contingent, known as the "Trusty Tenth", embarked from North Island on the SS ?Drayton Grange?, 14 April 1902.

8901 Bugler John ADAIR

8629 Private Percy Lorenzo ADAMSON

8518 Veterinary Dispenser Corporal Hugh Alexander AITKEN

8514 Quartermaster Sergeant John Edward ALEXANDER

8916 Sergeant William ALLEN

8917 Private Edward John ANDERSON


8788 Private George ANGLE

8785 Private Frederick William ANTHONY

8653 Corporal Ernest ARMER

8515 Private Alfred ASHDOWN

8516 Private Sydney John ASHDOWN

8654 Sergeant Harry ATKINS

8787 Private Harry ATKINSON

8517 Private Edward Henry AUCKRAM

8786 Sergeant David AURELIUS

8918 Private Joseph James BAILEY

9097 Sergeant Alfred James BAKER

8660 Private Ernest BAKER

8661 Private Frederick BAKER

8801 Private John Joseph BARNES

8928 Sergeant Albert BARTY

8662 Private Harold Charles BASTABLE

8922 Private John BAXTER

8798 Private Douglas Sherwell BEATTIE

8664 Private William BEATTY

8919 Private Robert William BELL

8665 Private Harry BELLAMY

8523 Private Benjamin BENNETT

8665 Private Alfred BERTRAM

8630 Private James Herbert BEVEGE

8927 Private Malcolm Sidney BIRCHLEY

8792 Corporal James Pearson BLACKLOCK

8793 Private Frederick BLISS

8667 Private Oliver BLOWES

8923 Private Albert Harry BLYDE

8772 Private John BORLASE

8666 Private William BOUGEN

8521 Private Peter Vincent BOURKE

8929 Private William Thomas BOWEN

8520 Private Frederick BRACEY

8794 Private John BRADBURY

8658 Private Thomas BRIGHT

8799 Private Walter Edwin BRIGHTWELL

8789 Lance Corporal Joseph BRODIE

8796 Sergeant Frank Charles BROOMHALL

8637 Private Joseph Patrick BROUGH

8659 Private Samuel BROWN

8795 Private William James BROWN

Captain Charles E BROWNE

8663 Farrier Robert Hector BRUCE

8920 Private James BUCHANAN

8656 Private Robert BULLIANS

8800 Private Norman Henry BUNN

8925 Saddler William BURDETT

8790 Corporal James Moulton BURGESS

8623 Private John B BURNS

8791 Sergeant William BURNS

8921 Lance Corporal Charles BURTON

8527 Private Thomas Henry CALLAGHER

8625 Corporal Edwin Te Ngaire CALVERT

8681 Sergeant Henry Gilford CAMERON

8933 Lance Corporal Donald CAMPBELL

8539 Corporal James CAMPBELL

8924 Private James William CAMPBELL

8808 Private Robert Woodward CAMPBELL

8530 Corporal Charles Alexander CARADUS

9046 Private William James CARBIS

Lieutenant Robert Henry CARR

8679 Private Samuel CARR

8678 Corporal James Allison CARTER

8675 Private Henry CARTWRIGHT

8676 Private Ebenezer CARTWRIGHT

8930 Private Daniel CASEY

8804 Private George Thomas CASTLE

8525 Private John Albert CASTLES

8671 Sergeant Christopher George CHALLIS

Lieutenant Frank CHAPMAN

8931 Private Alfred CHRISTIANSEN

8535 Private Thomas W CHRISTY

8809 Private Arthur CHURCH

Lieutenant Edward Churton CLARKE

8626 Private George Horace CLEAVER

8802 Dispenser Corporal Sampson David CLEMENTS

8673 Private John CLIVE

8537 Farrier Sergeant Edward Stephen COCK

8531 Private Edward Ernest COGHLAN

8936 Private Albert COLLINS

8805 Private Dennis COLLINS

8934 Private Edgar James Wilson CONCHIE

Lieutenant James CONN

8638 Private John CONNERY

8528 Private Roy Robert CONNOR

8672 Private Clemington CONSTANCE

8677 Private Alexander COOK

8534 Private John COOK

8532 Private Thomas Edward COOK

8806 Private John Henry COOPER

8682 Sergeant John COPLAND

8803 Farrier Frederick CORNWALL

8932 Corporal Peter Joseph COUPER

8536 Private Daniel Burrows COUTTS

8937 Private Harry COX

8940 Private George Thomas CRAWFORD

8939 Private Godfrey Avent CRAWLEY

8935 Sergeant Robert James CRICHTON

8680 Corporal Robert CRICKETT

8526 Private William Henry CROSS

8807 Private Allan Devereaux CUFF

8533 Private Edward James CULLEN

8674 Private William Henry CULLEY

8669 Private James CUNNINGHAM

Honorary Captain and Quartermaster John George Wemyss DALRYMPLE

8948 Private Stanley George DAVIDSON

8941 Private Thomas DAVIDSON

8689 Corporal George DAVIS

9835 Private John Burnet DAVIS

8949 Private Richard DAVIS

8683 Private Thomas Richard DAVISON

8942 Private Alfred DAVITT

Captain Edwin DAVY

8811 Private William DAY

8839 Private William DE MALMANCHE

8686 Farrier Sergeant Francis DELANEY

8684 Private George DENNISON

8541 Sergeant Peter Robert DEWAR

8540 Private William J DICKEY

8944 Private Thomas Harry DICKINSON

8539 Sergeant Gordon DIGNAN

8810 Corporal Albert Leslie DIXON

8947 Private Christopher DIXON

8814 Private Edward Horace Eugene DIXON

8635 Private Frank Netherwood DIXON

Surgeon Captain J Francis DIXON

8945 Private Herbert Edward DOBBS

8542 Private Joseph DOBSON

8813 Private Peter DOWNES

8687 Private Henry Thomas DOYLE

8685 Private John Hastie DREVER

8946 Private Henry DRINKWATER

Lieutenant John Evelyn DUIGAN

8943 Private William Joseph DUIGAN

8812 Lance Corporal Alexander Low DUNCAN

8688 Private Thomas Robert DUNLOP

8690 Private Joseph DUNN

8691 Private Matthew DWYER

Lieutenant Nathan EARLY

8951 Sergeant Charles Edward ECCLES

8950 Private Montague ELLIS

8815 Private Walter EUGENE

8868 Private Robert Francis EVANS

8816 Private Robert William EVANS

8543 Private Frank James EVETT

8952 Private Charles Frederick FENEMOR

8692 Private James FERGUSON

8544 Private Walter Henry FLATT

8546 Private Edwin FLAVELL

8953 Private Morrice Alexander FLYNN

8545 Private Alfred Leonard FORD

8954 Corporal Leonard FORD

8548 Private Leonard Campbell FORGIE

8549 Lance Corporal Francis Samuel FORSTER

8547 Private Harry FOX

8817 Private Daniel Gordon FRASER

8955 Lance Corporal David Henderson FRASER

8560 Private Clifford GAFFNEY

8524 Private William Ronald GAILBRAITH

8559 Private Alfred John GALLAGHER

8558 Private James George GALLAGHER

8958 Corporal Benjamin John GARNHAM

8621 Private Alfred James GARRY

8552 Private Ernest GEE

8822 Private James GEORGE

8818 Private Alfred Peter John GHEZZI

8556 Private Robert GIBB

8821 Lance Corporal Frank GIESEN

8504 Orderly Room Sergeant Charles GILBERT

8695 Private Charles William GILES

8557 Private Charles Mcrae GILLANDER

8561 Private James GILPIN

8823 Private John GLENNAN

8551 Private George GOFFIN

8959 Private Raymond Bruce GOODING

8911 Farrier Sergeant Edward Craig GORDON

8513 Sergeant Major William GORDON

8555 Private William Montgomery GOSSETT

8819 Lance Corporal Percy GRAHAM

8693 Private Reginald GRAHAM

8848 Private Sutherland Mcdonald GRANT

8956 Private Frank Nevill GREEN

8824 Private Herbert GREEN

8957 Saddler Marcus John GREENE

8554 Private Thomas GREENE

8850 Farrier Guy Featherstone GRIFFIN

8694 Private Thomas GRIFFIN

8820 Private Thomas GRIFFITHS

8960 Sergeant William Alexander GUNN

8900 Sergeant Crosier GUY

8698 Private Thomas Shaw HAMILTON

8961 Private William HARGREAVES

8962 Sergeant Reginald Frank HARKNESS

9061 Lance Corporal Henry Jackson HARRISON

8566 Sergeant Roger Cato Charles HARSANT

8697 Private Moore William HARVEY

8826 Private Harry Ralph HASSE

8828 Private Ernest HASTOCK

Honorary Captain Chaplain Sydney HAWTHORNE

8705 Private Lionel James HAY

Lieutenant Henry Thackeray HECKLER

8702 Private William HENDERSON

8622 Private William George HENRICK

8565 Private Charles David HILL

8636 Private John Francis HOLLIBONE

8567 Private Charles HOLLIS

8703 Private George Enos HOLLOWAY

8704 Private Walter Henry HOLLOWAY

8699 Lance Corporal Charles Raven HOLMES

8700 Sergeant Leonard Richard HOOK

8964 Private John Alexander HOSKIN

8827 Private John Hooton HOWARD

8696 Private Thomas HOWELL

8825 Private John HUGHES

Captain and Adjutant John Gethin Dso HUGHES

9032 Quartermaster Sergeant Stanley Larwell HUMPHRIES

8564 Corporal James Slater HUNT

8963 Private John Richard HUNT

8701 Private Stimson Patrick HUTTON

8568 Lance Corporal Robert Walker Norman INDER

8966 Private George White INNES

8965 Private Herbert Denton IRELAND

8967 Private William James IRVINE

8829 Private Daniel JACKSON

8709 Private James JACKSON

8708 Private Samuel JACKSON

8707 Lance Corporal William Thomas JESSER

8710 Quartermaster Sergeant Richard Walter JOHNS

8572 Private Alfred Charles JOHNSTON

8522 Bugler Sergeant Daniel JOHNSTON

9063 Sergeant Major Gordon JOHNSTON

8569 Private William JOHNSTON

8571 Private Alfred JONES

8968 Private James JONES

Captain Mostyn Humphrey Innes JONES

8711 Private Richmond Herbert JONES

8570 Corporal William Herbert JONES

8634 Private Henry JURY

9801 Private Hugh Leslie KANE

8770 Lance Corporal Vivian Claud KAVANAGH

8574 Private John Patrick KEEFE

8830 Private Donald KENNEDY

8714 Private John KERR

8713 Private John William KEWISH

8538 Private Kenneth Harold KIDD

8573 Private James Edward KING

8969 Private Thomas KING

8971 Private Frederick William KITCHENER

8579 Private James Walter KITE

8970 Private Arthur KNIGHT

8831 Private Louis Dale KNIGHT

8836 Private John LAGERSTROM

8719 Corporal Albert Edward LAKE

8722 Private Gus Alfred LARSEN

8628 Private Harry Ralph LASH

9007 Private Redman LAURIE

8834 Sergeant Bertram Woodforde LAWRENCE

8718 Private Frederick William LAWRENCE

8972 Private William Foster LAWRY

8832 Private John LE COMTE

8975 Private LE VAILLANT

8833 Private Ernest LEACH

8837 Private William Henry LEACH

8977 Lance Corporal Henry Edmond LEAN

8838 Private John Ernest LENCHAN

Lieutenant Charles Montague LEWIN

8974 Private Samuel Eldridge LEWIS

Lieutenant James Osborne LILLY

8721 Private William James LITTLE

8720 Farrier David Benjamin LIVINGSTONE

8575 Lance Corporal Henry William LLOYD

8976 Private Patrick Burnett LOCKETT

8535 Lance Corporal Stanley Fairhall LUXFORD

8973 Private William LUXTON

8716 Private William LYNCH

8717 Private James John LYTTELTON

Honorary Captain and Paymaster Burton Frederick MABIN

8991 Private Colin Telfer MACDONALD

Surgeon Major Francis Wallace MACKENZIE

8724 Private Richard Henry MADDREN

8587 Private Rudolph MANNING

8844 Private Frank MARSH

8582 Lance Corporal Thomas MARSHALL

8734 Private Henry MARTIN

8978 Private Sydney MASTERS

8620 Private James MATHER

8631 Private George MATTHEWS

8729 Private George Henry MAUNDER

8586 Private William Henry MAY

9095 Farrier John MCCARTHY

Lieutenant John MCCRAE

8979 Private George MCDONALD

8733 Private Matthew Michael MCGOVERN

7583 Sergeant Norman MCGRUER

8847 Corporal William John MCILVRIDE

8992 Private Duncan Blair MCINNES

8732 Private Robert MCIVER

8581 Private Archibald MCKEE

8584 Sergeant John MCKEE

8852 Private Stanley MCKENZIE

8984 Private Herbert MCKEOWN

Lieutenant John Charles MCKILLOP

8851 Private Frank MCKINNON

8853 Private Colin MCLACHLAN

8585 Lance Corporal John MCLEAN

8985 Private William MCLEAN

8850 Corporal Archibald MCMASTERS

8726 Corporal Andrew MCMATH

8986 Private Samuel MCTAVISH

8987 Private Claude MEADS

8843 Private Alfred James MENDS

8577 Private Charles James MENZIES

8725 Private Hugh Bruce MENZIES

8842 Private William MICHELL

7502 Assistant Quartermaster Sergeant Henry MILLER

8845 Private Oliver Allan MILLER

8990 Private Edward Oakley MILLS

8982 Private Ernest MILLS

Captain James MITCHELL

8983 Private Robert Spencer MITCHELL

8731 Private Albert Gordon MOELLER

8727 Private Henry MOHR

8730 Private Lawrence MOIR

8500 Regimental Sergeant Major Michael John MOLLOUMBY

8846 Private Bertha Charles MONK

8841 Private William Henry MONTEITH

8988 Private Charles MOONEY

8576 Farrier Louis Vivian MOORE

8840 Private David Gibson MORGAN

8588 Private Edward James MORRISON

8980 Private Arthur Herbert MULINDER

8728 Lance Corporal Herbert Frederick MULLINS

8578 Private Kenneth William MUNRO

8981 Lance Corporal Matthew MURPHY

8856 Bugler William NEILL

8856 Private William NEILL

8857 Private Sidney NELSON

8590 Corporal Herbert NEWDICK

8623 Private George Hursthouse NEWSHAM

9803 Private Francis Edward NICHOLSON

8854 Private George NICHOLSON

8993 Private James Edward NICHOLSON

8589 Private William Seegar NICHOLSON

8735 Private Robert NICOL

8996 Private James NICOLSON

8855 Private Peter NIELSON

8995 Private Ernest Grant NOEDL

8994 Private Henry NUTTALL

8997 Private Patrick O'BRIEN

8736 Private John O'CONNOR

8998 Private John O'HAGAN

8592 Private George Edward O'HALLORAN

8591 Sergeant James Ingram OSMOND

8593 Farrier William Henry PALMER

8859 Private Richard Gavin Mcintyre PARK

8769 Private Charles PARKER

8740 Private William John PARKER

8594 Private Alfred PARRISH

8860 Private John PASHLEY

9004 Private William PASK

8737 Private James PASSELL

8596 Private William Henry PATTERSON

8738 Private Roderick John PATTISON

Lieutenant Gerald Adams PAUL

8627 Private Thomas PEARCE

8739 Sergeant Herbert William PEARSON

8862 Private Alfred Armstrong Edward PENNEFATHER

9031 Private William PENNY

6999 Private Albert PETHERICK

8849 Private Daniel Charles PHILP

8864 Private Ewen Charles PIERCY

9005 Private Joseph PLATZ

9096 Private Ernest PLEYDELL

9001 Sergeant Edward Arthur POINTON

8633 Private Walter James PORTER

8863 Private Albert James POTIER

9003 Farrier Edwin POTTER

8597 Private John Kirker POTTS

8585 Private William POWELL

8598 Private Richard Milgrew POWER

9000 Private David PRESTON

8861 Private Cecil William PULLEY

9006 Private Henry William QUINNEY

9010 Private Alexander Richmond RAE

8744 Private Henry Bruce Somerville RAE

8902 Corporal Philip RAWLINSON

8866 Private Frank READER

9007 Lance Corporal Laurie REDMAN

8870 Private Frederick Charles REED

9011 Private Thorsten Frederick RELLING

9008 Private William Henry RENDLE

8871 Private George REYNOLDS

Lieutenant Arthur RICHARDS

9009 Corporal Ralph RICHARDS

Lieutenant Alexander Bertram ROBBIE

8873 Private Williams Edward ROBINS

8869 Private Bob ROBINSON

8743 Saddler Charles ROBSON

8865 Sergeant Charles Henry ROCHESTER

8599 Private Emanuel RODERICK

9012 Private Robert Ferguson ROGERS

8745 Private James Leonard ROUNTREE

8741 Private Horace ROWLANDS

8742 Private Donald RUDDELL

8867 Lance Corporal John RYAN

8872 Private James Charles RYMAN

9015 Private Joseph Alexander SALVIN

8877 Private Jack SAMUEL

8881 Private John Emil SASS

8750 Private Herbert SCANLAN

8749 Private Stephen SCANLAN

8606 Private Archibald Alfred SCOTT

9016 Sergeant John Douglas SCOTT

8880 Private Frederick William SECCOMBE

8882 Private Alfred Herbert SELBY

8878 Private Arthur SIEVERS

8624 Private William Edward SIMMONS

8619 Private George SIMPSON

8883 Private Robert Henry SIMPSON

8874 Private Duncan SINCLAIR

8747 Saddler Harry SKELLERN

8603 Private Thomas SLATER

8746 Farrier George William SMITH

8879 Quartermaster Sergeant Henry Hazelhurst SMITH

Lieutenant Maurice Ralph SMITH

8605 Private Patrick James SMITH

8875 Private Wallace Robertson SMITH

8604 Private Wilmot Lawrence SMITH

8607 Farrier George Albert SNELGAR

9013 Private Joseph SNOSWELL

9017 Private Frank SPARKE

Lieutenant John Frederick SPEEDY

8752 Private William Nathaniel STAFFORD

9087 Private Albert Alfred STANNAWAY

8751 Private Edwin James STEPHENS

Captain Vernon W W STEWARD

8600 Private Arthur STEWART

8601 Private Charles James STEWART

8876 Private John STEWART

9018 Private Kenneth STEWART

8884 Private Thomas Henry STONE

9014 Private Henry STRUTHERS

8602 Saddler Sergeant Edward Ernest SUTHERLAND

8748 Private John Alexander SUTHERLAND

9016 Corporal Fred. James SYMONDS

Lieutenant Charles Albert TAPPER

8758 Sergeant Thomas TASKER

8609 Sergeant Herbert Wilson TAYLOR

9020 Sergeant Percy TAYLOR

8501 Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant Leonard Couper TENNENT

8753 Saddler Sergeant Emanuel George THOMAS

8886 Private Bartle THOMASEN

8887 Private John THOMPSON

8754 Private Kenneth THORBURN

8885 Private Charles David THORLEY

8755 Private James William THORNTON

8756 Private Richard THORNTON

8579 Private Richard Frederick TIERNEY

8610 Private Clement TOTMAN

Veterinary Surgeon Captain John Alexander Robinson TOWERS

8611 Sergeant William TREVARTHEN

8757 Private George Albert TUCK

8608 Private Ernest TUKE

9019 Private James Joseph TUOHY

8989 Farrier Sergeant William Thomas TURNBULL

8888 Private Charles William TYLER

8760 Private Reginald Leslie VAIL

8759 Private Thomas Ferguson VERNER

9021 Private David VESTY

9022 Private Samuel VESTY

8890 Private William VINCENT

9028 Private William WAITE

9027 Private Edward Luther WALKER

8768 Private George Atkinson WALKER

8617 Private John William Gibson WALKER

8616 Private John WALLACE

8762 Farrier Dick WALLBANK

8763 Private Edward WALLBANK

Lieutenant Fletcher WALLIS

8761 Bugler John Francis WALSH

8668 Private Alfred WARD

8553 Sergeant Major James Gilbert WARD

8891 Sergeant Major Louis Wellington WARD

8894 Private Alfred John WARN

8614 Saddler Sergeant Frank Reece WARREN

8613 Lance Corporal Philip James WARREN

9023 Private James WATSON

8897 Private William Henry WATSON

8612 Private Alexander Thomson WEBSTER

8892 Private Frank Herbert WEBSTER

7505 Orderly Room Corporal Henry Arthur WEBSTER

Lieutenant Archibald Scott WEIR

9026 Private William WHALLEY

8764 Private Francis WHIDDON

9024 Private Gordon Hart WHYTE

Lieutenant Harry WHYTE

8769 Private George WILLERTON

8766 Private Lewis WILLIAMS

8765 Private Rupert WILLIAMS

Lieutenant Frank WILLIS

8995 Private Joseph Ernest WILMOT

8896 Private Thomas Henry WILMOT

8767 Sergeant Lynden Henry WILSON

8893 Sergeant Thomas Follis WOLFORD

9025 Private James William WOOD

8898 Private Albert Charles WOODHEAD

9029 Farrier Lance Arthur WORSOP

8899 Private William Cecil WRIGHT

8615 Private William Thomas WYNYARD

9618 Saddler Sergeant Arthur YOUNG

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