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1580 Hercules Launchbury

Journal by Dave Calladine

I am the direct descendant (g8 grandson) of Hercules Launchbury. Hercules Launchbury was born fifth child of John Lanchbrey (1550 - March 23, 1625) and Susanna Taylor (d. June 18, 1608) about 1580. He was born into the small village of Chadlington, Oxfordshire, and baptised at the church of All Saints on October 01, 1580.

Not much more information can be gleaned from the church records about the couple, even their marriage dates have yet to be uncovered, but from baptism records, I can assume that they had seven children. Hercules Lanchbuery was a Yeoman farmer (numbered 1536 on my Ahnentafel system) and by his death (aged 65) in 1645 he had accumulated some wealth. I have little idea as to when or where he married, but it must have been between the years 1598 and 1606. His bride is simply referred to as Mary - and was about the same age as her husband.

It is the will of his father John Lanchbrey (see 1624 Will of John Lanchbrey) that gives us some of the first clues. I give to my son Hercules Lanchbury a pair of cart bridle eyes (1627).

Hercules was 47, and had all his seven children. Hercules himself died aged 65 in 1645, but most of the details about this family arise from the will of his wife Mary Lainchberry in 1654. It leaves a wonderful picture of their life. Transcribed below

I Mary Lainchberry of Chadlington . . . widow . . . I give to Alice Baylies the sum of ten shillings.br /> I give to her four children the sum of ten shillings apiece, if either of them fortune to die it shall remain unto them. I give my daughter Alce my best wastcoat? and my best petticoat, my short coat, one smock, one Crestclate?? I give my daughter Anne Hanckes? my best gown, my great coffer, one smock, and the twenty shillings that I lent to Joseph Hanckes her husband I give unto their children equally to be divided between them. I give to my son William Lainchberry the bond of five pounds that he owes me, paying out of the aforesaid bond the sum of twenty shillings to my Executor hereafter to be named. I give to John Lainchberry my grandchild the Garner? and one bedstead, one tableboard&frame and one cistern after the death of his father. I give to Esay_Lainchberry my grandchild one bedstead, one cupboard&the Iron bar after his father&lsquo&#;s death, and I give him one ewe sheep psent [present or per sent?] and all the rest of the things that be at my son Esay Lainchberrys I give him excepting my great pot. If either John Lainchberry or Esay_Lainchberry my grandchildren fortune to die before they come to the age of 21 it shall remain to the other of them. I give to Mary_Lainchberry my grandchild my great kettle when she comes to the age of sixteen. I give to Mary Harrys my grandchild one flock-bed?&one bolster, two pillows, two pairs of sheets& two blankets, one coverlet? with the bedstead&one brazen chafing-dish, one kettle, one little coffer& forty shillings of money. I give to my grandchild John Harris the sum of twenty shillings&one little bottle. I give to Robert Harrys my grandchild the sum of twenty shillings&[my] great brass pot that is at my son Esay Lainchberrys. I give to Alice Harrys my grandchild the sum of twenty shillings. I give to Anne Norman&Eliz: Norman one ewe sheep apiece. I give all the rest of my wearing apparel not before bequeathed to my daughter Francis Harris&my cow and my brewing barrel. I give to my son Esay Lainchberry the sum of two shillings. All the rest of my goods lands and chattels not before bequeathed I give to my son-in-law Humfrey Harrys whom I make my whole&sole Executor of this my Will and Testament so desiring the Lord to be merciful unto my soul I rest.

Witnesses John Smithe John Norman his mark

Probate Westminster the 20 Sept 1654 . . . Humfrey Harrys sole Executor .

From this and the church records, I surmise that the children of HERCULES LAUNCHBURY and MARY are:
ALICE LAUNCHBURY, b. 1607, Chadlington, Baptism: August 09, 1607, Chadlington,
ANNE LAUNCHBURY, b. 1610 Baptism: July 01, 1610; m. JOSEPH HANKES.
JOHN LANCHBURY, b. 1613, Chadlington; m. ELIZABETH SENNAUTE, February 13, 1632, Charlbury,
ISSAC LANCHPREY, b. 1616, Chadlington; d. October 03, 1680, Chadlington, m. ELIZABETH. (see will 1680 of Isaac Lanchprey)
GEORGE LANCHPURY, b. 1622, Chadlington, Baptism: April 07, 1622, Chadlington,
WILLIAM LANCHBUERY, b. 1625, Chadlington,; d. February 18, 1737; m. SARAH HARRIS, February 19, 1678/79, (my g7g/parents)

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on 2006-01-06 13:42:30

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by dora_coffman on 2007-04-07 01:28:06

I found a family tree with these names and dates. Is this too much of a coensidence? They have Hercules father listed as thomas. I guess they could be wrong since the name is spelled differently. Let me know what you think?

Hercules Lanchpray
Born: 1 Oct 1580
Chadlington, [parish], Oxfordshire, England

Family Groups
Children Sex Birth
Alice Lanchpray
F 9 Aug 1607 in Chadlington, [parish], Oxfordshire, England
Ann Lanchpray
F 1 Jul 1610 in Chadlington, [parish], Oxfordshire, England
John Lanchpray
M 13 Mar 1612 in Chadlington, [parish], Oxfordshire, England
Esay Lanchpray
M 7 Dec 1616 in Chadlington, [parish], Oxfordshire, England
George Lanchpray
M 7 Apr 1622 in Chadlington, [parish], Oxfordshire, England
William Lanchpray
M 25 Mar 1625 in Chadlington, [parish], Oxfordshire, England

by Dave Calladine on 2007-04-07 10:40:40

Herculese is the son of "John Lanchbury Chadlington Carpenter", and ths information comes from the will of John Launchbury 1627, "I give to my Sonne Hercules Lanchbury apeare of Carte bridel Eyes"

the family land cna be traced from the will of his grandfather "Richard Lanchepraye of Chadlington in the county of Oxon husband man" in 1570, when he divided it between his three sons - "my goodes to be equallye devided Amongest my iij sonnes that is to saye Willm John and Robert Lanchepraye"

the same land is passed by Herculese wife, mary, in a will of 1654, "Mary Lainchberry of Chadlington in the County of Oxon widow", gives the majority of her land to the eldest sons, with only a small portion to william, who nmes his eldest son, Herculese, and gives him most of the land, but writes him out in 1735 giving it to his grandchild william.

T wills are more accurate than the badly written church records which were transcribed in error by the LDS. Thomas, may be the village priest Thomas Lander?

by Dave Calladine on 2007-04-07 11:33:44

Thomas may alo be the son of his Grandfather Richards, Brother Robert, thus his 1st cousin onced removed, I will add the 1601 will to these pages, and you can see that he has no children named Herculese, but he does mention his cousin John, Herculese's father, "to John Lanchbery my cousin? 40/-,"

by Dave Calladine on 2007-04-07 12:41:38

I had a problem with his son living for so many years, which I have resolved today, bu inserting another generation. William 1625 was not the owner of the will relating to my folks, but Esay's (Isaac), son william born 1635. Thus Herculese becomes my G9 grandfather.

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