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1803 William Calladine (of Melbourne Derbyshire) in Hucknall

Journal by Dave Calladine

On of the few good points about having a line of relatives, whom changes Christian names, is that it tends to make you do very good general research. This is another of those blind alleys I went along searching for my family, until I managed to fit the pieces together. The story of Calladines Shetland Shaw Factory, and its founder William (1836) must start with his father, also a William, and for the purpose of clarity, called William Sn from now on.

I have copied the information from an out of date publication - J. H. Beardsmore's, History of Hucknall Torkard, 1983, Curios press, Hucknall, and from conversations with Williams descendants.

The events happen in a small town called Hucknall, which is situated on the River Leen, seven miles north-west of Nottingham.
The Hucknall of today was originally known as Hucknall Torkard until 1916. The chief occupations of its inhabitants were framework knitting, coal mining, agriculture, and cigar-making. The chief celebrity was of course George Gordon Byron, the sixth Lord Byron and infamous poet, philosopher and self styled revolutionary. He was buried at St Mary Magdalene church Hucknall Torkard on 16th July 1824.

That is about the time that William (sn) enters the scene. He was born 1803, in Melbourne Derbyshire, and died 1886 in Hucknall Torkard, Nottingham. He married MARY BUCK September 16, 1826 in Hucknall Torkard St Mary. She was born 1807 in Hucknall Torkard, Nottingham.

The River Leem at the close of the 18th century had more cotton and flour mills along its banks than any other similar course of water in the country, 70 acres of reservoirs were constructed, to turn waterwheels, the Largest at Papplewick (44 feet in diameter) which was the main employer in 1821. By 1840, most had been dismantled, and steam power had enabled the mills to move closer to Liverpool. This could have the reason he moved here from Derbyshire in the first place, but William was a farmer, as was Marys father, Francis Buck. William Calladine joined the [Hucknal Baptist] society in 1827; along with Rubens Cale and Jonathan Wakefeild.... there were then 16 members on the roll. He crops up in the White's 1832 Directory of Nottinghamshire - at the Co-operative store in the town.

Calladine, Wm. Cop-opv. Store Hucknall Torkard

The co-operative movement was founded in 1828, in Balls yard in West Street. When the society moved in 1840 to South Street, William Calladine became the manager. He continued in the office as the stores opened in the market place corner of the high street.

Beardsmore's, p34 writes that William Senior was present at the burial of Ada (lady Lovelace) Nov 1852, and copied the inscription on the urn containing Lord Bryon's intestines and heart. We have this information because somebody stole the gold fittings from her coffin, and he later testified that the urn was still there when the vault was sealed.

We know exactly where he lived, because of an account written in 1900 (p95 ibid) About the year 1870 another Byron devotee named Morley, widow of an American solicitor, came to live in Hucknall in apartments at the late William Calladine's cottage, which adjoined the Churchyard wall. The 1881 Census is the only one I have had time to record so far, but in it, we find the family as stated..

Church Square, Hucknall Torkard, Nottingham, RG11 3335 / 12 22
William CALLADINE Head M Male 78 Melbourne, Derby, Farmer 10 Acres (1803)
Mary CALLADINE Wife M Female 74 Hucknall Torkard (1808)
Elizabeth CALLADINE Daur In Law W Female 44 Loughboro, Leicester, Dressmaker (1837)
Elizabeth CALLADINE Grand Daur U Female 16 Henfield, Middlesex, General Servt (1865)
Clara CALLADINE Grand Daur U Female 14 Henfield, Middlesex, Lace Mender (1867)
John CALLADINE Grand Son U Male 11 Hucknall Torkard Scholar (1870)
Fanny M. CALLADINE Grand Daur Female 7 Hucknall Torkard Scholar (1874)

William Jr by this time (his son) has set up manufacture of his famous Shetland Shaws. His obituary as recorded by Beadsmore (p47) reads; "William Calladine (1886 aged 83) was the first member of his family migrating hither from Melbourne, Derbyshire, early in the 19th century. He was manager of a Co-operative store in 1840, a Chartist, an ardent Baptist, and politician. He was tenant of the old Wighay Windmill and farmed a little land."

The Children of WILLIAM CALLADINE and MARY BUCK are:
WILLIAM CALLADINE, b. October 15, 1836, Hucknall Torkard, Nottingham. m Louisa ?
CHARLES CALLADINE, b. October 13, 1828, Hucknall Torkard, Nottingham. m ALICE DOBB November 21, 1853
JOHN CALLADINE, b. 1844, Hucknall Torkard, Nottingham. m ANNIE K. ELLIS

There may be more because I have not yet identified Elizabeth (1865) the daughter in law on the census return?

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on 2006-01-08 12:16:54

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by wjc on 2007-06-27 10:20:17

I am a descendant of William Calladine (1803) and also, of course, of John Calladine (Salford). Do you have any idea of who William's parents were in Melbourne? I have a fairly complete family tree (I think!) but am stuck at that point. (Baptists present special problems!) WJC

by wjc on 2007-06-27 10:38:04

by wjc on 2007-06-27 10:44:00

Elizabeth is likely to have been Elizabeth Allcock, the first wife of George Wilkinson Calladine, b1830, by whom he had either two or three children. Elizabeth died in 1859. George re-married c1860 in Hawick , Scotland, and had four more children. John, b1869, moved to Troyes in France and established a French Calladine dynasty, several of whom are alive today. WJC

by Dave Calladine on 2007-06-27 14:01:06

Dear wjc - Is that William John Calladine, the chap who posted me some information in 2000? I do hope so, for the disk sent me was blank, or the computer virus I had wiped it out, with my hard drive. I had all the contact information stored on the computer, and then moved from Somerset, so was unable to re-contact with the chap.

If it is you, then my profound apologies and Hello again!

I was not directly related to your line in 2000, and so traced my line back to Heanor. the next five years were spent piecing together the full tree in Heanor, as they popped to Leicestershire for a few years.

To cut to the chase, I have found a few cousins, and we are now in Aston on Trent, 2 generations before your ancestor William was born. Having got back to 1540, we decided to go back again to see if we could find other researchers who had broken through the 1500's.

I have two siblings moving to nearby Melbourne when the land enclosures take place. One Joseph, whom was the curate at the C of E parish church of St Michael with St Mary in Melbourne, and the other one John - seems to have used it as well. there are four more male siblings to investigate, and we plan to hit the non conformist records in earnest. Many in my own family that moved to Heanor were Methodists, so there is a good probability that we link up with William (1803) around 1700.

I have found some LDS transcripts for non-conformist records to guide my next trip to the archives. However my cousin Pauline lives on High Peak, and is doing lots of the donkey work in Matlock archive, so may discover them before my next visit. I will post the list of non-conformist and official BDMs here as and when I get them.

David Calladine

by wjc on 2007-06-27 15:28:36

Dear Dave,

It sounds as if I may be the guilty party for the name is right. Not a lot has been done in the past few years but I now have an Apple Mac beast and a completely new family tree program. (One thing I have done is communicate with the French arm of the family.) There are something over 100 names (not all Calladines of course)on my database. What do you now need of me? - if I am capable of providing it! wjc

by Dave Calladine on 2007-07-08 12:32:38

I would love to see that arm of the family, I have some of it stored on my old computer, was chatting to a chap in Calias, but it is not linked at all to any other tree. I have just posted the rest of my clan onto this site. I take each person, describe then as a birth year, name and location. and then go one to describe the info I have, followed by the children.
I think I have some more info on this line...

by Dave Calladine on 2007-07-08 12:43:17

William, Yes I posted

1836 William Calladine of Hucknall, Shetland Shaw Mnf

1844 John Calladine (Salford) saw miller

The Shetland Shawl Industry of Hucknall-Torkard

1828 Charles Calladine of Hucknall - butcher

Are they related to any of these children of William and Mary Buck?


by wjc on 2007-10-04 14:41:05

I'm sorry to be so late coming back to you. Yes, the French Calladines are related to William and Mary Buck through their son George Wilkinson Calladine. As he was a brother of those you list, there is a close connection. John (WJC)

by janetbrown on 2014-02-12 22:04:07

dave i remember going to visit mrs calladine with my mother dorothy lees formerly barker dorothys parents owned in general store in hucknall. mrs calladine had been my mothers maid of honour when she married in church of england on the market square. the shawl facoty at that time was attached to the house as i remember. mr and mrs calladine had a daughter mary she wrote a childrens book talking about St mary magdeline church. mary married and eventually she and her husband took over the business and modernised manufacturing not using the hand looms any more. and expanded the business overseas as well. i do have a couple of scarves from my mum if you are interested i would send you one. whenever we would visit mrs calladine would give my mum one. mary however was tragically killed in a car accident. the husband continued on i have often wondered what happened to the business. the shawl factory i went to was on a street i believe off the high street. hope this is of interest to you.

by MHardstaff on 2014-09-03 05:08:16

Dave, I am researching the Calladine family of Hucknall. William Calladine Sr was my 3x great grandfather. You're date for the birth of William, first child of William and Mary Buck is incorrect. He was born in 1826 and was baptised 15th October of that year (a month after the record of his parents' marriage). He was married 3 times 1) Jane , 2) Ruth, 3) Louisa. I have copies of his will and obituary. His son, known as William Jr. Continued to run the factory which was relocated to Titchfield St. The old factory and substantial house were demolished last year to make way for a new road ( to Tescos). Hucknall Manufacturing Co still exists as far as I know.
You might like to look up an account of William Sr aged 82 under the spelling William Callandyne, it is delightful. I have a photograph of the cottage he lived in at the time.
I would be happy to let you have more details if you are still interested.

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