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SMITH burials - GORE, New Zealand

Journal by ngairedith

from the SMITH burial database of New Zealand

GORE is a town in the deep south. It is 64km northeast of Invercargill and 70km west of Balclutha.
Dunedin and Invercargill are the nearest cities

As crossing the Mataura River involved a long fording, the locality became known as ?the Long Ford? or Longford.
In 1862 a few town sections were surveyed on the west bank of the river and Longford was named Gore as a compliment to Sir Thomas Gore Browne, an early Governor of New Zealand.
One of the first buildings was Long Ford House an accommodation house opened by local sawmill owner Daniel Morton

There are 181 SMITH in the cemeteries run by the Gore District Council as at march 2011
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SMITH buried in GORE
GORE Smith, Aeneas Leonard 26-NOV-1993 age 81

MATAURA Smith, Albert Edward John age 64

MATAURA Smith, Alexander nothing recorded - Plot 2 Block F

GORE Smith, Alexander Christopher Elder (1901-1978) age 77
- married Margaret McDONALD in 1928

GORE Smith, Alexander Clark 1917 age 9 days - Plot 58 Block 80

GORE Smith, Alice (nee GOULDING) 05-AUG-1964 age 74
- married John Peter Smith (1888-1984)

GORE Smith, Alice Clark (nee SMITH) age 96
- married Stanley William Smith in 1911
- son ALEXANDER is in Plot 58 Block 80

CHARLTON Smith, Amy Josephine 11-DEC-1990 age 73
- married Leonard George Smith (1913-1977)

GORE Smith, Andrew 01-APR-1981 age 73
- married Linda Jane Rodger ? (1906-1972)

GORE Smith, Ann 18-JUL-1909 age 82

MATAURA Smith, Ann Wood Burnett 24-AUG-2009 age 90

GORE Smith, Anna Rebecca (nee HARVEY 1891-1982) age 90
- married James Smith (1885-1958) in 1915

GORE Smith, Anne/Annie Johnston (1895-1983) age 74

GORE Smith, Annie 15-NOV-1937 age 74
- married Hugh Smith
- had Jane Marchbank, Margaret Lilian, Robert Dunlop, Hugh Leslie, & Marjory Ella Smith

GORE Smith, Annie Edith [Edie] 10-DEC-1974 age 51

CHARLTON Smith, Annie Evelyn 03-AUG-2000 age 85

GORE Smith, Annie Flora 07-JUN-1966 age 63

GORE Smith, Annie Harriett 03-JUN-1897 age 20

GORE Smith, Annie Phyllis (1910-1973) age 63

GORE Smith, Arthur 29-DEC-1936 age 76

GORE Smith, Arthur Austin 26-OCT-1920 age 5 days

GORE Smith, Arthur Ernest Austen 15-APR-1933 age 41
- married Isabella STEWART 'Belle' in 1919
- parents of 5 day old Aurthur above

GORE Smith, Arthur William 30-NOV-1918 age 25

GORE Smith, Audrie Mary nothing recorded

CHARLTON Smith, Barry Albert (Bumper) 13-DEC-1990 age 41

GORE Smith, Benjamin 06-JUN-1905 age 63

GORE Smith, Bertie Arthur John 03-JUN-1936 age 54

GORE Smith, Bertie Nisbet 10-OCT-1966 age 65

CHARLTON Smith, Bronwyn Jane 19-OCT-1990 age 17

CHARLTON Smith, Bruce William 15-MAY-1986 age 16

CHARLTON Smith, Catherine Gunn 11-AUG-1988 age 81

GORE Smith, Charles 20-AUG-1913 age 62

MATAURA Smith, Charles Douglas 09-AUG-1936 age 50

GORE Smith, Charles Henry 17-MAY-1964 age 40

GORE Smith, Charlotte 29-NOV-1918 age 48

CHARLTON Smith, Christopher James 16-JUL-2009 age 80

CHARLTON Smith, Clive Thomas 02-JUL-1994 age 75

CHARLTON Smith, Dale Steven 04-JUL-1996 22

GORE Smith, David Hannay u 26-FEB-1949 age 29

GORE Smith, David Hannay 27-NOV-1918 age 36

GORE Smith, David Jolly 18-AUG-1926 age 82

GORE Smith, Dorothy Kathleen 25-JUL-1969 age 64

CHARLTON Smith, Edger Joseph 04-FEB-2005 age 77

GORE Smith, Edith Emma (1881-1947) age 66
- married Edward Robert Smith (1874-1954)

GORE Smith, Edward 23-SEP-1887 age 76

MATAURA Smith, Edward (Ted) 12-OCT-1986 age 61

GORE Smith, Edward Robert 19-FEB-1954 age 79

CHARLTON Smith, Elaine Jean 18-JAN-1999 age 74

MATAURA Smith, Eliza Chivers 29-MAR-1916 age 48

GORE Smith, Eliza Jane 09-MAY-1937 age 62

GORE Smith, Elizabeth 15-FEB-1932 age 83

GORE Smith, Elizabeth 09-DEC-1888 age 79

GORE Smith, Elizabeth Ann nothing recorded age

GORE Smith, Elizabeth Frances 16-JUN-1945 age 86

GORE Smith, Ellen [Nellie] 17-JUL-1989 age 80

GORE Smith, Ellen Josephine 14-JUN-1971 age 69

GORE Smith, Elsie Christina 1897 age 2 months
- daughter of Frederick Herbert SMITH & Emily Ada STIGLEY

GORE Smith, Elspeth (1839-1888) age 49

GORE Smith, Emmeline Wilson (nee GOUGH) 1884-1974 age 90
- married George Smith in 1907

CHARLTON Smith, Eric George 21-FEB-1999 age 74

CHARLTON Smith, Eric James 15-SEP-1995 age 70

GORE Smith, Eric William age (1903-1974) 71

GORE Smith, Estelle Emily (1923-1975) age 52
- married john Edwin Smith (1921-1980)

GORE Smith, Ethelbert Cann (1877-1947) age 70

GORE Smith, Eva Elizabeth 12-NOV-1966 age 87

MATAURA Smith, Fanny 22-OCT-1892 sge 59
- wife of John Vaux Smith

GORE Smith, Florence Clouston 14-DEC-1986 age 82

GORE Smith, Frances [Fanny] 21-JUL-1887 age 25

GORE Smith, Frances Hagell 01-NOV-1948 age 71

GORE Smith, Frances Harriet 23-JUL-1966 age 81

CHARLTON Smith, Frances Janet 06-MAY-2008 age 74

GORE Smith, Francis nothing recorded

WAIKAKA Smith, Francis F nothing recorded - in OLD BLOCK

GORE Smith, George 1878-1960 age 81
- married Emmeline Wilson GOUGH in 1907

MATAURA Smith, George Stewart 1903-1975 age 72

GORE Smith, Gezelle Louise (nee AUGARDE 1839-1930) age 72
- married James Smith in 1895

GORE Smith, Grace Young 19-APR-1955 age 69

GORE Smith, Harold Joseph 25-AUG-1999 age 69

CHARLTON Smith, Hector John Edwin 15-JAN-1983 age 68

CHARLTON Smith, Helen Valerie 18-NOV-1995 age 65

GORE Smith, Henry 04-FEB-1954 age 73

CHARLTON Smith, Henry 20-FEB-1993 age 87

GORE Smith, Hugh age (1858-1952) 95

MATAURA Smith, Hugh (1847-1922) age 75

GORE Smith, Hugh Leslie (1902-1925) age 22

CHARLTON Smith, Ian Robert 13-MAR-1999 age 57

CHARLTON Smith, Isabell Pearl 22-JAN-1986 age 67

GORE Smith, Isabella nothing recorded - Plot 40 Block 41

MATAURA Smith, Isabella nothing recorded - Plot 2 Block F

GORE Smith, Isabella C nothing recorded - Plot 3 Block 46

MATAURA Smith, Isabella Janedate unknown age 33

MATAURA Smith, Isobella nothing recorded - Plot 14 Block D

CHARLTON Smith, Jack Wylie 15-FEB-1983 age 76

GORE Smith, James date unknown age 85
- married Gezell AUGARDE

GORE Smith, James (1885-1958) age 72
- married Anna Rebecca HARVEY in 1915

GORE Smith, James 14-DEC-1903 age 78

MATAURA Smith, James 25-MAY-1910 age 74

GORE Smith, James Dunlop age 88

CHARLTON Smith, James Hannay 07-JUN-1995 age 84

MATAURA Smith, Jane 10-JUN-1940 age 90

GORE Smith, Jane Elizabeth Scott 16-JUN-1946 age 69

MATAURA Smith, Janet May 11-JUL-1942 age 49

GORE Smith, Jason Alan 02-JUL-1974 age 1 month

GORE Smith, Jean 14-DEC-1963 age 88

CHARLTON Smith, Jeanette Beverly (Jan) 05-JAN-2006 age 60

GORE Smith, Jessie (1858-1890) age 32

MATAURA Smith, Jessie 15-NOV-1944 age 67

PUKERAU Smith, Jessie Amy 15-NOV-1898 age 11

GORE Smith, Jessie Stewart 12-APR-1914 age 47

CHARLTON Smith, John Bruce 30-MAR-2008 age 79

GORE Smith, John Edwin [Jack] age 59

CHARLTON Smith, John Elliott 22-MAR-1999 age 60

MATAURA Smith, John Gray 1879 age 8 months

GORE Smith, John Hartwell 02-APR-1923 age 9
- son of Stanley SMITH & Alice Clark SMITH

GORE Smith, John Hiram 11-JUN-1919 65 age

GORE Smith, John Lewis Mclean 13-NOV-1961 age 63

GORE Smith, John Peter (1889-1984) age 94
- married Alice GOULDING

PUKERAU Smith, John Smith junior nthing recorded

GORE Smith, John Steven 28-MAR-1939 age 68

MATAURA Smith, John Vaux 09-JULY-1888 age 54
- arrived at Invercargill on the "Buckinghamshire" 1874

CHARLTON Smith, Jordon Samuel 06-NOV-2003 age 10 momths

GORE Smith, Joseph (1892-1959) age 67
- married Violet Isael CRAIG in 1816

CHARLTON Smith, Julia Frances 05-NOV-1992 age 66

GORE Smith, Kenneth Malcolm (1887-1891) age 4
- son of Andrew Edward & Mary Ann SMITH

GORE Smith, Kevin David 09-SEP-1970 age 16

MATAURA Smith, Kevin Murray 20-NOV-1996 age 64

CHARLTON Smith, Leonard George 12-JUL-1977 age 64

GORE Smith, Leonard Hector 24-FEB-1963 age 52

CHARLTON Smith, Leslie Edward 20-AUG-2003 age 56

GORE Smith, Lily Cecelia 03-AUG-1969 age 86

GORE Smith, Linda Jane Rodger u 01-JUN-1972 age 64

GORE Smith, Louisa 15-AUG-1967 age 90

GORE Smith, Margaret 17-JUL-1972 age 73

GORE Smith, Margaret 06-JUL-1952 age unknown
- daughter of Margaret Dunlop Smith below

GORE Smith, Margaret Dunlop 09-AUG-1922 age 90

GORE Smith, Margaret Ellen (1924-1937) age 13

GORE Smith, Margaret Lilian 21-APR-1988 age 93

MATAURA Smith, Marion Lois (1932-1990 nee MURRAY) age 64
- married Kevin Murray Smith

PUKERAU Smith, Mary 17-DEC-1888 age 37

MATAURA Smith, Mary nothing recorded

CHARLTON Smith, Mary Isabel (Isabel) 28-JUL-2008 age 90

GORE Smith, Mary Margaret (1910-1986) age 75
- married Stanley Edward Smith (1907-1986)

GORE Smith, Mary Milne 22-JAN-1918 age 71

GORE Smith, Mavis Jane 29-DEC-1990 age 80

CHARLTON Smith, Mavis Winifred Mary 03-JUN-1975 age 46

GORE Smith, Mona 03-JUL-1998 age 90

GORE Smith, Muriel Edith 09-SEP-1935 age 27

CHARLTON Smith, Naomi Anne 07-SEP-1994 age 48

MATAURA Smith, Nellie Cossens 21-NOV-1883 age

GORE Smith, Nellie Evelyn (1911-1946) age 35

GORE Smith, Nestor Aesculapius 30-JUL-1893 age

CHARLTON Smith, Noelene Mary 23-NOV-2005 age 73

CHARLTON Smith, Norman Douglas 17-MAY-1990 age

GORE Smith, Paul Alexander 1918 age 25 days

GORE Smith, Pearl Marie 08-MAY-1957 age 12

GORE Smith, Robert 07-JUN-1907 age 81

GORE Smith, Robert Charles 05-MAR-1971 age 24

GORE Smith, Robert Dunlop 04-MAR-1988 age 90

MATAURA Smith, Robert James 31-DEC-1984 age 76

GORE Smith, Rowland John (1916-1974) age 57

MATAURA Smith, Sarah 20-MAR-1897 age 54

MATAURA Smith, Sarah Ann Wilkinson 11-MAY-2000 age 92

MATAURA Smith, Sarah Elizabeth 27-FEB-1893 age 18

CHARLTON Smith, Shirley Ann 06-MAR-2002 age 49

GORE Smith, Stanley Edward 30-SEP-1986 age 79

GORE Smith, Stanley William (1878-1974) age 96

CHARLTON Smith, Stuart Edmund Calder 10-OCT-2009 sge 89

MATAURA Smith, Thomas u 14-AUG-1903 age 60

GORE Smith, Thomas Alexander (1897-1979) age 82
- married Dorothy Kathleen CALDER (1905-1969) in 1923
CHARLTON Smith, Thomas Pirie 03-NOV-2003 age 79

GORE Smith, Unice Elaine 01-NOV-1949 age 43

GORE Smith, Victor Dunlop 22-AUG-1975 age 73

CHARLTON Smith, Vida Lilian 12-APR-1926 27-DEC-1999 age 73

GORE Smith, Violet Isabell (1894-1973) age 79
- married Joseph Smith (1892-1959)

GORE Smith, William 31-JUL-1956 age 88

CHARLTON Smith, William 09-FEB-1995 age 65

GORE Smith, William date not recorded age 68
- Plot 61 Block 89

GORE Smith, William George 14-APR-1993 age 87

GORE Smith, William Lewis 29-SEP-1928 age 5

GORE Smith, William Morice 28-SEP-1935age age 65

MATAURA Smith, William Young 02-MAR-1947 age 79

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