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Adnett John JACOBS - Taxidermist, Masterton

Journal by ngairedith

Adnett John JACOBS (1853-1939) was born in Surrey, England to
William George JACOBS (1819-1882) & Jane Garrett NORLEY (1825-1858) (his mother died in Newington, England aged 33 & his father emigrated to Nelson, Marlborough with the children)
Adnett married Alice Susannah ALDERSLADE (1863-1957) in Wellington 29 Jan 1879 & they had 14 children
... 1
1879 - 1977 Rose Ethel Jacobs
- Rose married William GREENBANK in Lower Hutt in 1907

... 2
1881 - ? Alice Jane Jacobs
- nothing known

... 3
1883 - 1929 John William Henry Jacobs
- John married Ellen HOLDEN in 1912

... 4
1884 - 1921 Nellie Eveline Grey Jacobs
- Nellie married Daniel Mark HYNSON (1877-1944) in 1906
Daniel remarried in 1923 to Olive May AMOS

... 5
1886 - 1970 George Adnett Bell Jacobs
- George married Helen GILLESPIE in 1908
Helen was born in Masterton to George Grey GILLESPIE & Emma BRADNOCK

... 6
Henry 'Harry' Walter Benson Jacobs
- Harry married Amelia HUNT in 1913

... 7
1891 - 1967 Grace Florence Fowler Jacobs
- possibly born in Masterton
- Grace didn't marry, she is buried with her parents

... 8
1893 - 1982 Ivy Myrtle Jacobs
- born in Masterton
- spouse not found

... 9
1895 - 1965 Roy Stanley Jacobs
- born in Masterton
- Roy married Margaret Blanche WALDIE
- daughter of James William WALDIE & Naomi GILBERT
Margaret had first married Alfred Bernard WILEY in 1917

... 10
1897 - 1984 Victor Leonard Darwin Jacobs
- Victor married Gertrude Maude MILES in 1919

... 11
1900 - 1999 Eva Muriel Victoria Jacobs
- Eva married Charles PROCTER in 1922

... 12
1902 - 1973 Eric Huia Edward Kitchener Jacobs
- spouse not found

... 13
1904 - 1993 Clarence Hector Jacobs
- Clarence married Myrtle Eileen McEwen in 1926

... 14
1906 - 1974 Raymond Joseph Wadman Jacobs
- Raymond married Elsie Louisa HUDSON in 1929

TIMELINE of Adnett John Jacobs & family
Nelson Evening Mail, 30 June 1885
... NELSON EXHIBITS FOR WELLINGTON - By the Rotorua this morning, Mr Scaife, Secretary to the N.Z. Industrial Exhibition, shipped 54 cases of exhibits comprising the following:-
J. G. Blackett - parcel of sticks and case of stones
P. J. Carey - case curled horsehair
Miss K. Browning - case pictures
T. Shone - 1 table top
A. J. Washbourne - case hematite
J. C. Richmond - 3 cases pictures
O. Keoghan - case paints &c
Collingwood Coal Co. - 2 cases coal and coke
J. Newport - 1 bale hops
G. Pankhurst - 1 bale hops
J. T. Mackay - 6 pkgs & two cases fencing appliances
J. R. Dodson & Son - 1 cask ale, 1 case coal, 1 bale hops
J. & B. Blick - 1 case leather
Nelson Education Board - 1 school desk
T. Haycock - 1 case skin purifier & knife polish
Huffam Brothers - 1 case boat models
A. J. JACOBS - 1 case stuffed NZ birds & 1 stag's head
W. E. Brown - 1 case photographs
Gilbertson & Sons - 1 case limestone
Griffin & Sons - 2 cases show cases
W. Akerston - 5 cases, 4 pkgs marine contrivances, jams pickles & condiments
G. Green, Motueka - 7 cases jams & fruits
J. Valentine - 1 case photographs
W. Tyree - 1 case photographs
Twenty-four exhibitors have yet to send their exhibits, which will consist of 60 cases. These will have to be shipped by the 6th instant

Nelson Evening Mail, 23 July 1887
... I am selling all kinds of dressed poultry, rabbits, bacon, cheese, butter &c., fresh every day, Orders punctually attended to - A. J. JACOBS, Poulterer, &c., Bridge-st., Nelson

Wairarapa Daily Times, 18 May 1891
... Sporting men would find it greatly to their advantage by corresponding with A. J. Jacobs, the professional Taxidermist from London. Birds, fish, animals and reptiles preserved and mounted in the highest style. Every description of skins preserved or tanned and made into rugs etc. Work done in all its branches at lowest rates. Correspondence in all parts of the globe. 30 years experience. All work guaranteed. Highest price given, or work done in exchange for huias, crows, New Zealand quail and other birds. N.A. birds wanted in any quantity. Orders left at Mr Williams' tobacconist, Masterton, or Mr Catt's, hairdresser, Carterton, will be attended to

Wairarapa Daily Times, 1 March 1892
... TO ANGLERS - WANTED-TROUT fit for stuffing, Birds, Fish, Reptiles, Animals preserved and mounted in the highest style of the art. Bullocks Horns and Shells polished and mounted. Fur and Feather Muffs cleaned, preserved and made up. Fur skins tanned and dressed. Feathers cleaned, curled and dyed. Glass Shades fitted up to order. Work done in all its branches. Stags Heads, Birds Skins, Glass Eyes etc., for export, always on hand. Correspondence in all parts of the globe. The Trade and Museums supplied. Thirty years experience. A. J. JACOBS, Taxidermist, Opposite the Club, Chapel-street, Masterton

Wairarapa Daily Times, 25 May 1894
... A fine specimen of a rare bird - the land rail (Gallirallus philippensis) and a blue crane, caught at Riversdale, have been presented to the Masterton Museum by Mr J. M. Meredith. Both specimens have been finely mounted by Mr A. J. Jacobs

Wairarapa Daily Times, 6 August 1895
... ESTATE OF A. J. JACOBS - The first meeting in the estate of A. J. Jacobs was held to-day, the Deputy Official Assignee (Mr W. B. Chennells) presiding. There were no creditors present.
The debtor, in a written statement, said that on account of being threatened with a distress warrant, and having been sued by several other creditors, and in the face of scarcity of employment, he was unable to pay back debts, and felt compelled to file.
Examined on oath by the D.O.A., debtor said he had been in Masterton about four years. At the time he came here he owed about ten pounds in Carterton, a small portion of which he believed had been paid. In Masterton, he had followed the business of a taxidermist, filling up spare time in painting and paperhanging, but had not been employed half his time. The debts incurred were principally for living expenses. His wife had kept a Registry Office since they came to Masterton, but made nothing out of it. She had no property, the fowls she had were purchased with her own money. He had no stock of stuffed birds of his own at present. He had tried to arrange the debt owing to C. Hughes, for which the latter had promised to give him work to do. He had not kept any account of what money he had earned in Masterton. He had not tried to make any arrangement with his creditors. They were round him like a pack of wolves, and the money he used to file would not have satisfied one tenth of the debts. About eighteen months ago he went to Wellington, and took a shop in which to carry on the taxidermist business, but had bad luck - through sickness in his family - and the venture did not pay. He had nine children. He had no offer to make to his creditors. He became bankrupt about nine years ago in the South island for about the same amount as he now owed

Wairarapa Daily Times, 24 August 1895
... WANTED KNOWN - Awaiting engagement - married couples, shepherds, cooks, general girls to assist, nursemaids, governess, etc. Apply Mrs A. J. Jacobs, Select Registry Office, Queen-street, Masterton

Wairarapa Daily Times, 18 November 1895
... A. J. Jacobs, taxidermist, of Masterton, gives notice of intention to apply for his discharge from bankruptcy, at the next sitting of the Wairarapa District Court, at Masterton

Evening Post, 24 January 1896
... MASTERTON THIS DAY - A. J. Jacobs, taxidermist, was fined ?5 and costs to-day for killing seven huias and a native pigeon in the Puketoi country

Evening Post, 2 April 1896
... A. J. Jacobs, the well-known Naturalist, is now in Wellington for the convenience of gentlemen who require stags' heads properly mounted at a reasonable charge; highest reference to show first-class workmanship; sample of work to be seen at Dresden Piano Company where orders can be left and to be seen personally 27 Cambridge House, Taranaki-street, Wellington and Mrs Jacobs, Masterton

Press, 9 May 1896
... The other day Henry H. Travers, of Paraparaumu, was charged with having counselled and procured A. J. Jacobs to kill seven huias and one native pigeon. Mr Jacobs was a taxidermist at Masterton and some time last year was fined for having killed the abovementioned Native game. It was then alleged that Mr Jacobs was counselled by H. H. Travers, of Paraparaumu, to procure and kill the birds, for which offence the present proceedings were taken. Mr W. T. L. Travers appeared for the defence and raised several law points, which were overruled by Mr Greenfield, S.M. The defendant was fined ?5 with ?2 11s costs

Wairarapa Daily Times, 9 December 1897
... All classes of good servants waiting engagement at Mrs A. J. Jacobs & Co's, 18 Lambton Quay, Wellington

Wairarapa Daily Times, 28 March 1905
... Messrs Gillespie and Co., of Masterton, have been appointed agents for Mr A. J. Jacobs, taxidermist, Wellington

Evening Post, 11 July 1905
... A meeting of creditors in the estate of Adnett John Jacobs, paperhanger, was held at the office of the Official Assignee to-day. The bankrupt, examined on oath, stated that the most he had earned was ?2 15s a week (2012 equivalent of $353), and during the year he had, in lost time, lost between two and three months' wages. He had a wife and eleven children dependent on him. Two of his family were out at work, but he received nothing from them. One son out of the eleven earned 12s a weeks, but the others earned nothing. He paid 27s 6d a week rent and about ?9 was now owing on that account. Mrs Jacobs for several years had conducted a registry office and carried on the business of a taxidermist. After further evidence the meeting adjourned till Saturday morning in order to call Mrs Jacobs as a witness

Evening Post, 26 June 1906
... HYNSON-JACOBS - On the 21st June, at the residence of the bride, by the Rev J. K. Elliott, Daniel, eldest son of Daniel J. Hynson, of Stratford, Essex, to Nellie Evelyn, third daughter of A. J. Jacobs, of Wellington. Masterton and Nelson papers please copy

Evening Post, 26 March 1907
... GREENBANK-JACOBS - On the 13th march, at the residence of the bride, Bloomfield-road, Lower Hutt, by the Rev S. J. Garlick, William Greenbank, second son of William Greenbank, of Hokitika, to Rose Ethel, eldest daughter of A. J. Jacobs, of Lower Hutt

ADNETT JOHN JACOBS died 22 November 1939 in Palmerston North aged 86
ALICE SUSSANNAH Jacobs died 16 December 1957 in Palmerston North aged 94
- they are buried Plot 020, Block 002, Area C at Kelvin Grove

GRAVE of Adnett & Alice Jacobs & daughter Grace at Kelvin Grove

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