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AMYTON Cemetery, SOuth Australia

Journal by ngairedith

AMYTON in the Hundred of Pinda, was surveyed in 1879, as were Gordon, Carrieton, Hammond, Cradock, Stephenston, Chapmanton and many others. Amyton was named by Governor Jervois after his daughter Amy. It was proclaimed on 10 April 1879.

The town was laid out in a rectangular shape running in a North South direction. It had the usual North, South, East and West Terraces, suburban lots and even parklands. The town itself had 204 allotments which were divided by the North-South running First Street between East and West Terrace. It also had a main square between 4th and 5th streets with a creek running through the middle of it.

The town plan also included provisions for a school, slaughter area and cemetery. One of the first stone buildings completed in 1878 was the Methodist Church. The foundation stone for it had been laid by Mrs Metcalf. This building was used for some time as a school until a separate school building became available. The Church on land donated by Joseph Kenner was badly needed as previously services had been conducted in the private homes of F. McHugh and W.P. Metcalf ... more at above link

AMYTON CEMETERY is on Hannond Road north of Willowie

Deceased: CADD, Louisa
Death Date: 09/10/1923
Age: 63yrs
Details: wife of William

Deceased: COOK, Stephen
Death Date: 29/04/1920
Age: 76yrs
Details: husband of Charlotte

Deceased: COOK, Charlotte Emma
Death Date: 22/12/1923
Age: 73yrs
Details: wife of Stephen

Deceased: DIAMOND or DIMOND, James
Death Date: 27/06/1886
Age: 62yrs

Deceased: GREGORY, Esther
Death Date: 07/07/1890
Age: 24yrs
Details: wife of W.J.

Deceased: GUM, Jack
Death Date: 03/02/1912
Age: 7yrs 10mths
Details: son of William & Annie

Deceased: GUM, Joseph
Death Date: 11/10/1907
Age: 59yrs

Deceased: GUM, Emily Ada
Death Date: 29/10/1881
Age: 2yrs 9 mths

Deceased: GUM, Amy Elizabeth
Death Date: 20/02/1888
Age: 11mths

Deceased: GUM, Ida Ruby
Death Date: 22/11/1891
Age: 4mths

Deceased: HITCH, Mary
Death Date: 29/07/1895
Age: 73yrs
Details: wife of Joseph, been in colony 38 years

Deceased: HITCH, Edward John
Death Date: 08/05/1893
Age: 21yrs
Details: son of Joseph

Deceased: HITCH, Elonor Adeline
Death Date: 28/04/1913
Age: 38yrs

Deceased: HITCH, Frederick S.J.
Death Date: 02/11/1968
Age: 63yrs

Deceased: KAIRL, Abel
Death Date: 16/11/1898
Age: 36yrs

Deceased: KAIRL, Esther
Death Date: 03/12/1888
Age: 56yrs
Details: wife of George

Deceased: LEITCH, Janet
Death Date: 19/09/1903
Age: 66yrs

Deceased: LEITCH, Mary
Death Date: 19/09/1945
Age: 75yrs
Details: wife of James

Deceased: LEITCH, James
Death Date: 07/11/1954
Age: 85yrs
Details: husband of Mary

Deceased: MILLS, Edwin Charles
Death Date: 15/08/1946
Age: born 06/07/1881
Details: husband of Mabel M

Deceased: MILLS, Colin Charles
Death Date: 21/11/1928
Age: born 12/01/1918
Details: son of Edwin

Deceased: MILLS, Dora May
Death Date: 28/02/1942
Age: born 09/01/1921
Details: daughter of Edwin

Deceased: MILLS, Mabel Maria
Death Date: 12/12/1956
Age: 73yrs
Details: wife of Edwin

Deceased: MILLS, Georgiana
Death Date: 13/08/1916
Age: 69yrs
Details: wife of Charles

Deceased: MILLS, Charles
Death Date: 22/07/1921
Age: 69yrs
Details: husband of Georgiana

Deceased: PATTERSON, Samuel
Death Date: 02/08/1893
Age: 41yrs

Deceased: STOKES, John
Death Date: 27/02/1903
Age: 71yrs

Deceased: THOMAS, Mary Jane
Death Date: 17/12/1937
Age: born 10/02/1852
Details: daughter of Josiah & Maryann

Deceased: THOMAS, Louisa Ann
Death Date: 19/04/1947
Age: born 01/11/1853
Details: daughter of Josiah & Maryann

Deceased: THOMAS, Josiah
Death Date: 1885
Age: born 1824
Details: husband of Maryann

Deceased: THOMAS, Maryann
Death Date: 1920
Age: born 1820
Details: wife of Josiah

Deceased: THOMAS, Ellen
Death Date: 1955
Age: 1888
Details: daughter of Josiah & Maryann

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