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Journal by edmondsallan

I mentioneed before in one of the comments about him and his family dropping in . To continue I met this friend before he got married . Me and my brother were out fishing at ninety mile beach outside of Kaitaia . up north on the way back in when the out board packed up . Being a clever pair of brothers . we looked at each other . then tried to get that ~##*!1 motor to go while we gradually drifting back out to sea . After about 2 hours of trying . we gave up and said ok lets start rowing . My brother says after a few minutes . where did you put the oars . Typical towny ( I said what oars !!! ) I won't print what he called his loving younger brother Which went on for over 15 min ' without repeating it self . I then said the wrong thing to him - ( I sometimes seem to get out of tune sometimes . before I come right ) He got so angry ( my BIG BIG brother ) I thought he was going to carve me up with the fish knive . I said to him ." Calm down Bro ! ." when in his towering rage . he said .
" when we are well out to sea I am going to drown you before I go !!!!!" at that precise second I thought - their is no such thing as " look after the younger children " - Brotherly Love " and all that . _ and the othe thing I thought of . I was a gonner and ill be a drowned before the big fish got me " suddenly I realised . some damn big white shark could be having me for a snack shortly .
" He-e--e- lp I was in real trouble , and all because my smarty brother had forgotten the - what did he call ??? I think he said - OARS !!
Just as I was preparing to die at sea . with a boatful of big snapper for the freezer -plus - A big brother who was going to drown me !! . I suddenly thought -- Perhaps he does .He just doesn't want some BIG !! BIG !! fish eating me. Yeah = that will be it-- what a brother !! do anything for his younger brother to save him an ugly death. BOY oh Boy -- I certainly judged him wrong > The next thing out of the evening dusk . we could hear A - PUT- PUT-PUT-PUT noise coming towards us . It was my old friend and his mate in his dingy with his Little two sroke out board pulls up along side . annd says ." Hey Bro's . could just see from the shore - You seem to be going in the wrong direction. You know the rules out here Jack ( to my brother ) In before dark . Do yu need a toe or something ??? and they towed us into shore . When we got in he looks at - My Loving Big Brother- and says- " you got a great haul of scnapper their Jaco !! we only got a few cray'S. Do mine if we help our selfs . Sort like payment due - the maori way " He was no slouch this Maori fella .
He counted out half - and put them in his beaten up old pick -up with his boat tied on the roof and went on his way . I can still see that mental picture of him today Battered old pickup , rough old clothes . Pants half way down his B-- ! . tie up with abit of twine or something . Dam big fat arm hanging half out the drivers window . rolling a smoke . His last words were - i'll bring in the old radio for a tune up Jaco - no charge of course a bro !! and of he went . Suddenly my big wonderful older Brother grabbed me by the scruff of the neck - marched me to his battered old pick up - grabbed my arm and pushed my head down , I thought a bit to rough . and in an " ice cold voice !!! said- OARS ! OARS! OARS! If I ever take you fishing again and you forget them - I'll ---" I won't repeat it..
No need for that sort of language to a younger brother . and he added In his would be wild mental state " You not only lost half of the fish . you cost me some business as well . I now have to fix his _ Bl~#**!` dy Radio for free . I think I'll stop here. Thats how I met my old maori fiend of many years.

I hope this story may bring a bit of humour and assist things to heal quickly - need I say more . for my part _ I apologise to all

Till we meet again Regards - edmondsallan

Surnames: JACO
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on 2011-05-14 17:25:03

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