Arthur Clapham 1066 AD, opposes William the Conqueror during the Norman Invasion and loses lands :: Genealogy
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Arthur Clapham 1066 AD, opposes William the Conqueror during the Norman Invasion and loses lands

Journal by JillSchiller

The English Conquest
1/5/1066 King Edward the Confessor ruled England, dies with no direct heir.
May of 1066 Halley's comet appears which is a bad omen, seen in Bayeux trapestry, embroidery work of Norman conquest in 79 scenes.
6/6/1066 Coronation of King Harold Godwineson, his wife was Edward's sister.
Sept of 1066 King Harold Hardraada, Viking King of Norway, invades northern England with Earl Tostig, King Godwineson's banished brother.
9/25/1066 Battle of Stamford Bridge, The Viking King arrived in 300 boats, was badly defeated, took an arrow full in his chest, the survivors went back with only 24 boats!
9/28/1066 William lands at Pevensey and then occupies Hastings
King Godwineson marches 250 miles in 9 days to meet William. His army is made up of loyal Housecarls (professional warriors) armed with their battle ax and sheild as well as Fyrds (free Anglo Saxon men). William's army is made up of Knights on Horseback, Lots of Archers and Mercenaries.
10/14/1066 Battle of Hastings, Both armies are about the same size but King Harold has the advantage of being on the top of Senlac hill. Duke William's cavalry had a hard time charging up the hill. Some retreated and noticed that the Saxon's chased them down the hill. Duke William then ordered them to fake a retreat, which they did, the saxons chased them down the hill, were ambushed and slaughtered. King Harold was killed by receiving an arrow in his eye as well being hacked down by a horseman with a sword which are both shown in the Bayeux Tapestry. Most Saxons fought on to their deaths. After the battle, William ordered Battle Abbey to be built on the top of senlac hill to remember the many thousands that had died that day.
10/21/1066 Submission of Dover
10/29/1066 Submission of Canterbury
10/25/1066 Coronation of William as King of England
since the Batte of Hastings, England has never been successfully invaded again.
The Doomesday Book Online
Does anyone have any particular knowledge as far as how to track with battle Arthur Clapham was in?

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