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edmondsallan . I thought that we all as one family of the " Edmonds Family Tree " should as one , not pakeha or maori - take a deeper look at " ARTHUR ( ATA ) EDMONDS ". Why ? - you may all well ask. Its all in the " Edmonds Book " that many of us have . Some of you may deeply feel personally , the research that uncovered . some things not mentioned . My intention is not to hurt any one !!! In todays world & the way we live,( marriage - partners- just living together ) is no big deal and is accepted by all . We have just forgotten that many of our ancesters did exactly the same except, by some , ( as mentioned ) was not acceptable in anyway at all by many human races. Having debated with myself for quite a while on what I am about to tell you , on the right or wrongs of some of our ancesters., I decided it is not for me to decide - just tell the truth on what I know about the Edmonds ancestry , so all the others can decide or just accept what happened back in those times past . Ok _ Having tried to - ease - into -" More on Arthur & Erana ," I will make a start.
Why John , Arthurs- Father , was so infuriated with Arthur & John Tucker ( we will cover the latter later on )and cut them off cause it went against his Religious Principals. In fact John Edmonds had nothing to do with " Arthur " until he married Annie Edmonds ( nee Ngarepe ) a 21 year old widow , at Arthur's home in Kaikohe in 1874 by the Rev William Rowse of Hokianga ( NZ Reg 'No - 1874 / 10129) Some of you may not know that " Erana Kaire "or " Erana Kareariki " was 1st " GIVEN " ( a maori marriage ) by her father & a maori elder, believed to have been at the " Punakitere Marae " to a " Luther . M. Poole " at the age of ( 16 ). Their were no children. Erana left Luther Poole.Erana then - Lived with " Herbert Mihaka" they had a son " Mesheck" adopted by Arthur in 1851 ( Unofficially )but Baptised & parents given as " Arthur & Erana ", 1851 . Their is a doubt that Erana did not die , while with ' Arthur " . Their is no proof of any kind ( unless someone today knows & tells everyone , no dates etc or the date & where she was buried .)-- their is a very strong story handed down , that " Erana " left " Arthur " and a possibility he was already visiting " Annie Ngarepe " To date I have been unable to Prove or dis-Prove this rather consistent rumour which was going around at the Family reunion . Their is no record ( & I sincerely hope I can be proved wrong ) that " Arthur" ever married Erana " either by traditional Maori or European ceremonies of any kind . If some one knows differently, please tell us all , the dates etc . Erana was certainly not " Given " away a third time by her parents . This means if true , that all of the children , from
" Arthur & Erana " are illigitemite. This why " John Samuel Edmonds " blew his top , broke of with him , something which " Arthur" often spoke to his eldest brother about the situation, to see if some how he could help cure the problem . When " Arthur " married " Annie " with a proper Christian Wedding ( which by the way is recorded as - 1874/ 10129 - I repeat it to you )on the NZ official Records ) His father did a complete turn around . We have here a bit of the calling the kettle black , With " John "completely & conviently forgetting is own wife - Maryanne - ( indiscretion with the Rev Tucker) who was here on a short visit . ) I hope someone out there has the proven Death records of Erana & the age she died . It would clear up this well hidden bit of Family ancestry . If you only think you,are right, its no good without the three things > Age - Date of death - where she is buried . I have tried very hard to unearth these records. It could be right under our noses . I have not had any success. -- We will have to talk on " John Tucker Edmonds " another time - till we meet again - regards -edmondsallan

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on 2010-09-24 20:44:02

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by Aust75 on 2012-02-23 01:14:56

Hi there again, Could you tell me if you ever found out where Erana was buried or when she died? I know in a previous post you mentioned the book which I will try and track down but just wondered if you have found out when she died? Thanks once again!!!

by edmondsallan on 2012-02-23 12:40:23

go to the marae just out of Kaikohe . some of her descendants should still be there. they may assist you - regards edmondsallan

by Aust75 on 2012-02-25 00:51:20

Could you give me the name of that particular marae? Thanks so much.

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