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ship AVALANCHE - Wellington, December 1875

Journal by ngairedith

for phildog,, on 2012-10-13 16:23:22, looking for Barbara BRUCE, born 1853 in Aberdeenshire. It is believed she travelled to Wellington NZ on the Avalanche arriving Dec 1875. Does anyone have a passenger list. She married William MORRISON in Greytown NZ in 1877

the ship AVALANCHE, 1,161 tons, Captain E. Williams, arrived in Wellington 4 December 1875. Number of immigrants vary, depending which newspaper you read (180-225). 40-50 of the immigrants were transhipped by the Stormbird to Wanganui on 15 December

taken from NZETC
... the Avalanche was a fine comfortable ship of 1160 tons, owned by the Shaw, Savill and Albion Co. She made some good runs in the New Zealand trade, especially on one occasion when racing Home with the celebrated crusader. After completing three successful voyages to Wellington she came to grief when starting out again in 1877, bound for Wellington with 60 passengers. She collided in the English Channel with an American ship (Forest Queen), and went down in a few minutes, with all the passengers and crew, a total loss of 99 souls?only three of the crew being saved ... read link above for story

22 November 1875 - PROFESSIONS
... The following is a list of the immigrants expected to arrive by the ship Avalanche
2 painters
3 carpenters
2 laborers
1 farm laborer
1 shoemaker
1 platelayer
1 gardener
3 laborers
1 painter
1 carver
5 carpenters
1 turner
1 miller
8 laborers
1 gardener
1 painter
3 carpenters
1 cooper
6 lads
1 bricklayer
3 draymen
4 blacksmiths
14 farm laborers
1 woodman
1 plasterer
10 general servants
3 nurses
3 housemaids
1 dairymaid
1 cook
6 young girls
1 nursemaid

2 December 1875 - 2 DAYS OUT
... Messrs Shaw, Saville and Co's ship Avalanche, from London, with 225 immigrants and 3 saloon passengers, is now 2 days out, and may be looked for at any moment. Avalanche signalled, all immigrants well

3 December 1875 - PORT OF WELLINGTON
... Avalanche, ship, 1161 tons, Williams, from London.
Messrs. Shaw, Saville & Co.'s ship Avalanche, from London, was signalled this morning, and in the afternoon telegraphed all well. The Government steamer Lana went out about 2 o'clock to tow her in. She is 93 days out, and brings the following passengers :? Cabin ? Miss S. S. Turrell, Miss H. Boweling. Doctor, and Matron; Government immigrants, equal to 180 adults. Messrs. Levin & Co. are her agents

4 December 1875 - ARRIVED
... The Avalanche has arrived at Wellington with 225 immigrants from London, after a passage of 89 days; fine weather all the way out; no sickness, no deaths on the voyage. On Monday the Avalanche will take up the berth vacated by the 'Howrah'

4 December 1875 - ARRIVAL
... The fine ship Avalanche arrived last evening from London, making a good passage of 89 days. She experienced very light winds until after leaving the S.E. trades, when she encountered several heavy gales from N.W. and S.W., with high seas, and lost her starboard lifeboat.
Made Cape Farewell Light on Thursday evening, and arrived at the Heads at 10 a.m. yesterday.
Spoke the ship 'Ceylon'on 21st October, and was in company with her for three weeks.
Sighted a brig-rigged steamer standing to northward on 22nd October.
Passed an iceberg in latitude 26deg. 48min, S, and longitude 32deg. 5 min, East.
The Avalanche brings Government immigrants, numbering 180 adults. The health has been excellent. Only two deaths occurred - both of infants. There were no births. The ship is remarkably clean, and the system of management during the voyage appears to have been most admirable, especially the arrangements in the event of fire

4 December 1875 - BROUGHT TO THE WHARF
... The immigrants ex Avalanche were brought to the wharf this morning by the s.s. Egmont, and duly landed. They appear to be in excellent health

4 December 1875 - CUSTOMS
... Consignees are hereby notified that the ship Avalanche will be entered at the Customs on Monday, and will commence to discharge on Tuesday, and that all cargo not passed for will be stored at their risk and expense. No claim will be acknowledged for goods not examined before leaving the wharf. BILLS OF LADING must be produced and FREIGHT PAID, to the undersigned.
Captain E. Williams will not be responsible for debts contracted by the crew without his authority. - LEVIN & CO., Agents

6 December 1875 - CARGO to arrive ex Avalanche
200 casks White Portland Cement
1 case Gilpin's Augers and Brace Bit
16xx 2 Finished Axles
1 cask Lockwood's Files and Cutlery
1 case Belts and Sheaths, Dog Collars, Horse Hobbles, WHip Sockets, Belt Straps and Spurs
5 cask Horse Shoes
1 cask Sledge Hammers, 4lbs to 12lbs
1 bale Sash Line and Blind Cord
2 tons Ewbank's Nails
60 kegs Wire Nails
4 casks Sheet Zinc
1 cask Screws
1 cask T. Hinges
10 packages Register Stoves
10 dozen Spades
670 bars and bales BBH Iron

10 December 1875 - Mr BOWLING
... Mr T. BOWLING, chief officer of the ship Avalanche, has been appointed to the command of the barque Adamant, vacant by the death of her Captain on the voyage out from London

11 December 1875 - COMMISSIONER'S REPORT
... Sir, We have the honor to report the arrival of the ship ' Avalanche', with the Governement immigrants, on the 3rd instant, having on board 186 statue adults. Two deaths occurred during the voyage, both infants. As this is not the first voyage of the ship "Avalanche" to New Zealand with Government immigrants, we do not think it necessary to describe her accommodation &c. We have great pleasure in reporting that her condition in all respects was most satisfactory. The happy effect of strict discipline, enforced with firmness and impartiality, and unaccompanied by harshness, was made evident by the neat and comfortable appearance of the immigrants, and by the unanimous demonstration of approval they made, when asked to give their opinion upon the voyage. From the clean and respectable appearance of these immigrants, and from the testimony given by Captain Williams and Dr Bligh, we are of opinion that they will prove an acquisition to the colony. The surgeon-superintendent (Dr Bligh). in his report, mentions with warm approval the successful effort made by a lady passenger (Miss Turrell) to sustain the moral tone of the single women; she diligently, punctually and with great self-sacrifice, devoted over four hours daily to their instruction. Doubtless, the information received and the good impression made will have a lasting and happy influence over many of them, and we respectfully submit that an acknowledment of these services from the department would be a grateful act.
We recommend that all the ususal gratuities be paid. We have, &c., ALEXANDER JOHNSTON, M.D. & JOHN HOLLIDAY

12 December 1875 - at EVANS BAY
... The ship Avalanche was towed round last evening by the s.s. Rangatira to the patent Slip at Evan's Bay. The vessel was placed on the ways this morning, and the operation of hauling up commenced at eleven o'clock. There were one or two stoppages, but ultimately the operation was completed, and the vessel made fast at half-past 2 o'clock. As the Avalanche is a vessel of 1160 tons, she is the largest that has ever yet been placed on the patent slip here, the St Leonards, the next in size, being 1053 tibs. The Avalanche will come off the slip on Saturday. She will, while there, take in 200 tons of ballast. About thirty or forty persons were present on the occasion to-day, having driven out in traps. The hauling up was done under the supervision of Mr Thirkell, who deserves praise for the skilful manner in which he accomplished the work

16 December 1875 - a PENNY FARTHING
... A marvellous speciman of the bicycle family has just been imported in the Avalanche by Mr James Webber, of the Treasury. It is constructed of polished steel throughout, the spokes being wonderful light and yet immensely strong. The larger wheel is nearly 5ft in diameter, and the seat is so high as to require ascending by two steps. There is also a powerful brake, by which the speed can be checked in a very short space. This last is no supererogatory precaution, for Mr Webber, who intends astonishing the people with feats of velocipedstrianism, expresses his full conviction that he will be able to travel at the rate of 160 miles an hour. We fear he is over sanguine as to the power of his steel steed, but certainly it is by far the best speciman ever yet seen in this city. Mr Webber made his first performance on his steel stead yesterday. He got two awful croppers in the first three minutes, but ultimately succeeded in making running at an astonishing pace. If he does not break his neck, he will yet do well

16 December 1875 - IMMIGRATION DEPOT
... A number of Immigrants per ship Avalanche will be open for engagements at the Immigration Depot at half-past 10 o'clock TO-DAY, Thursday, the 16th inst. - H. M. BREWER, Immigration Officer

this is a list of the passengers FOUND TO DATE
It will be added to as passengers are found - looking for approx 200 names
Your help in adding to it would be appreciated. If your ancestors were on the ship please leave a message below and we hope to eventually have the full list for other researchers

ARCUS, Lawrence aged 52
ARCUS, Joan aged 55
ARCUS, Lawrence aged 22
ARCUS, Thomas aged 20
ARCUS, James aged 18
ARCUS, Annie aged 16
ARCUS, Peter aged 14
ARCUS Joan aged 12

BRUCE, Miss Barbara (1853-)

ELLERY, Charles aged 24 (1851-1939) from Cornwall
ELLERY, Elizabeth (nee Cooper 1850-1923) aged 26, his wife
ELLERY, William aged 5 months (1874-1875)
- Charles & Elizabeth had 11 children in New Zealand

ELLERY, John aged 26 (1846-1939), brother of Charles above
ELLERY, Thurza (nee Glover 1847-1922) aged 27, his wife
ELLERY, Mary aged 5
ELLERY, Charles aged 3
ELLERY, Annie aged 2
ELLERY, Fanny aged 8 months
- John & Thurza had another 9 children in New Zealand

FORBES, John aged 44
FORBES, Agnes aged 45 (nee Inkster? see Marion below)
FORNES, John aged 22
FORBES, Marion aged 18
FORBES, Magnus aged 16
FORBES, James aged 14
FORBES, Gideon aged 9
FORBES, Barbara aged 7

FRASER, John aged 42
FRASER, Helen aged 40
FRASER, John aged 15
FRASER, Abraham/Abramm aged 10
FRASER, Elizabeth aged 8
FRASER, Joan aged 6
FRASER, Thomas aged 3
FRASER, Mary age 1

FRASER, Christopher aged 42
FRASER, Christina aged 38
FRASER, George aged 12
FRASER, Barbara aged 12
FRASER, Agnes aged 9
FRASER, Christina aged 6
FRASER, Arthur aged 4

HARCLESON, Mary aged 26 (Charleson ?)

HARVEY, William
HARVEY, Elizabeth, his wife (nee O'Reilly) & 6 children
- Mary E. Harvey aged 19
- Sarah Harvey aged 17
- Margaret Harvey aged 15
- Alfred Harvey aged 11
- Arthur Harvey aged 9
- Jessie Harvey aged 4
- (2 older sons joined them the following year)

INKSTER, Marion aged 70
- On Wednesday, July 1st 1885, at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr FORBES, Eastown, Wanganui, Marion Inkster, aged 82 years

JAMIESON, John aged 33
JAMIESON, Elspeth aged 30
JAMIESON, Catherine aged 10
JAMIESON, Sarah aged 8
JAMIESON, Mary aged 5
JAMIESON, Barbara aged 1

JOHNSON, James aged 45
JOHNSON, Barbara aged 32
JOHNSON, Elizabeth aged 7
JOHNSON, James aged 5
JOHNSON, Ann J. aged 1

LAURENSON, James aged 45
LAURENSON, Margaret aged 45 (died 1906 in Palmerston North)
LAURENSON, Georgina aged 21
LAURENSON, James aged 18
LAURENSON, Laurence aged 12 (later loved to Palmerston North)
LAURENSON, Jessie aged 9

PHILLIPS, Edmund aged 23 (1848-), from Monmouthshire
PHILLIPS, Eve (nee Morgan 1853-1926), his wife, from Llangattock, South Wales
- Edmund & Eve had 3 children in Wellington, Mangaroa & Upper Hutt. Edmund deserted Eve 6 months before she gave birth to the 3rd



* 25 March 1891 - MISSING FRIENDS
... Sarah, wife of Thomas Simpson, on September 20, 1875, left the East India Docks, Poplar, on the Avalanche, for New Zealand, and her sister Charlotte has not heard of her since

1874 at Aberdeen

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