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Barnes of Carcoar and Mountain Run NSW Australia

Journal by jforjude

I am researching the family of Thomas Barnes and Catherine Slater. The children of this union for which I cannot find a marriage certificate are sometimes registered in either Barnes or Slater and sometimes both. Thomas Barnes is often listed as living at Mountain Run which is near Tuena and Trunkey Creek in New South Wales. Thomas place of birth on the children's birth certificates is Wiltshire England. Catherine had been married prior to her association with Thomas to James Kirby and had two sons named James and Robert. The children of Thomas and Catherine are Isobella, Teresa, George, Catherine, Mary, Thomas, Richard, Alice and Rose. Anyone with any knowledge of this family and their ancestors and decendants and are willing to share I am the decedent of Catherine Barnes and James Rosebottom.

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on 2011-10-17 06:46:53

jforjude , from Australia, has been a Family Tree Circles member since Apr 2009. is researching the following names: HARRIS, COOK, MCKNIGHT and 6 other(s).

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by bellsa on 2012-01-22 05:29:39

Hi, I have been researching this line too. My husbands grandmother is Evaline Myrtle Betty Bell, was Beenie, her mother was Evaline Grace Rosebottom and her mother was Catherine Barnes. How have you gone with proving the marriage of Thomas and Catherine. Do you know if Catherine was an Aboriginal? My husbands Grandmother was to know for sure.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Sally Bell

by bellsa on 2012-01-22 05:35:11

Hi, I have been researching this line too. My husbands grandmother is Evaline Myrtle Betty Bell, was Beenie, her mother was Evaline Grace Rosebottom and her mother was Catherine Barnes. How have you gone with proving the marriage of Thomas and Catherine. Do you know if Catherine was an Aboriginal? My husbands Grandmother was to know for sure.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Sally Bell

by janilye on 2012-01-22 05:56:02

The following story from a Barnes/Slater family decendant has not been proven;
The Slater/Barnes Family Story
Thomas Barnes was born in 1833 in Wiltshire, England. It is not known when he arrived in Australia,
but it is likely to be around the time of the gold mining era as he gives his occupation as miner on
the birth certificates of some of his children. Additionally, the place of birth of the children
alters frequently and is generally in the area where gold was being mined. By 1857 Thomas is living
with Catherine Slater, however very little is known about Catherine before 1852.

Most of the following story is hearsay, although it has been repeated by three separate family sources,
each unknown to the other. Whether this is support for true family history or simply the same fabricated
story repeated through the generations may never be known. The story is that Catherine was the daughter
of Thomas Slater and an aboriginal woman, born about 1835 in the area near the Castelreagh River.
After the birth, her mother returned to her tribe leaving Catherine to be cared for by Thomas, who later
married and had other children. When Catherine was about 12 years old (therefore about 1847), her mothers
tribe attacked the shepherds hut where Thomas and his family were living. All were killed, except for
Catherine who was taken back to live with the tribe.

Sometime later she was found wandering through the area by her Uncle William, who took her to live
with him and his wife Ellen. However, there are some inaccuracies with the above story and another theory
based on the above story is as follows. Firstly, Thomas Slater was supposedly an Irish convict working as a
shepherd in the area. However, a check of all Thomas Slaters coming as convicts reveals that none with that
name were Irish.

Nonetheless, there was a William Slater who arrived in 1830 and an Ellen Shea, an Irish convict who
arrived in 1834, that were married in 1841. Ellens brother Thomas Shea arrived in Australia in 1825 as a convict.
The 1825 census has Thomas working as a shepherd for Mr Kelly in Argyle, the area where Catherine is supposed
to have been born. In the early 1830's, there are stories of many killings of lonely stockmen and their families
by aboriginal tribes, as a show of resistance against white man's arrival and establishment.

As opposed to a reprisal attack on Thomas and his family to take back Catherine, the tragedy of the Shea
family may have been the result of aboriginal resistance of the time. As the only survivor, Catherine is taken
in by her father's sister Ellen and her husband William Slater.

Whichever tale is correct, it seems clear that following her father's death, Catherine lives with Ellen
and William Slater. Either already with the name Slater (if the former theory is correct) or taking the name
Slater from her 'adoptive' parents (if the latter theory is to believed).

In 1852 Catherine Slater married James Kirby, where one of the witnesses was Ellen Slater, and in the
same year gave birth to a son called James Kirby. In the following year, she left her husband and went to live
with Thomas Barnes where she had a further 10 children. The eldest of these (Robert) appears on the NSW Births
Register as Robert Barnes, with Thomas Barnes as his father. However, when he married he gave his name as Robert
Barnes Kirby and only the surname of Kirby on his death certificate.

Additionally, Catherines death certificate states that Robert is the son of James Kirby, with the
informant being her son in law, James Rosebottom. It seems likely that Robert was conceived when Catherine
was with James Kirby, but was born when she was living with Thomas Barnes.
On the birth certificate for Catherine's other children, the information as to marriage and surname varies.
Sometimes she claims she married Thomas Barnes in Goulburn in 1852, while other times she says she is not married.
Furthermore, her surname alternates between Slater, Kirby and Barnes. Several of the children are registered twice;
once under the name of Slater and another time with Barnes as the surname. However, on marriage and death certificates,
Barnes seems to be the only name used by children fathered by Thomas.

Catherine died on 18th June, 1895 at Native Dog Creek near Oberon. Her death was registered by her
son-in-law, James Rosebottom, on 20th June 1895. The death certificate gives the details of her first marriage to
James Kirby and also states that there was a second marriage to Thomas Barnes. However, on 23rd October, 1895
James advised the Registrar of a change of information on the certificate. He alters Catherine's surname to Kirby,
deletes the details of the second marriage, deletes the seven children of the second union and leaves Robert as
the child of Kirby (as well as two deceased males).

by Bruce_Howell on 2012-07-06 19:36:24

I am a descendent of Catherine Slater and her daughter Rose Barnes. I have been plodding away for 2 a few years now, trying to gather anything at all about the families that lived firstly in "the Sands" (whatever "the Sands" actually refers to) and then "Golden Gully". I have some memories of Golden Gully as well as photos of many of the people who lived there, taken by my grandmother, who was a daughter of Rose Barnes. Both she, and then my mother, frequently visited Alice Lynch (born Alice Slater, but married to Ted Lynch as Alice Barnes)who lived at Golden Gully until the early 1960s.
I continue plodding away - every little bit I learn helps me to understand better what I consider my true roots to be. If there is anyone who interested in sharing information, I am of course very keen to keep learning.
Bruce Howell

by Bruce_Howell on 2012-07-07 03:48:41

and I should have added "and I am happy to help others to do the same."

by Kyken121 on 2012-08-25 00:23:00

I am a descendant of Thomas Barnes and Catherine Slater. My Great Grandmother was Catherine Rosebottom the daughter of James and Catherine nee Barnes. I have also the same story as Janilye above but my grand mother also had the following information: Thomas Slater was born Aldbourne Wiltshire England in 1832. He married Anne Owens whos mother was half aboriginal and her father was scottish. Anne and Thomas had a daughter Catherine. When Catherine was 13 there was an uprising with the aboriginals and Catherine was taken, what became of the rest of the family is unknown. Catherine spent 2 years with the aboriginal tribe before being rescued by her uncle who she lived with until she married James Kirby.They had 3 childres Robert, James and a still born son.James never married.Robert married Mary Ann Jones and their children are as follows: Robert James married Mary ???, Clara married Henry Bourke,Jane married Jack Radburn, Olive married ???? Leabeater, Isabell married Walter Carrrol. I did find a marriage for a Thomas Slater and Anne Owen/s in 1830 but there is no birth for a Catherine. I am still not sure how accurate this information is.
Leanne Elliot

by jforjude on 2012-08-25 09:45:16

wow how welcome is your message. thank you so much for posting as we have three different family members trying to come to terms with the information that we have so far. I might say though that they are three from different parts of the families that came from the union of Catherine Slater and her partners. Your information is something new and may shed light on the entire thin. Would you like to join our us and see what we can find out, We share b email my brother Ray McKnight, myself Jude Naumoski, Bruce Howell and Heather a contact of Rays, My email is [email protected] please please contact me privately.

by Kyken121 on 2012-08-29 23:04:43

Hi Jude thankyou if there is anything you would like to know about the Rosebottome etc dont hesitate to contact me my email is [email protected] I am currently tracing the Barnes family tree. I am still stuck with the whole Catherine Slater and will go back to it eventually.I am happy to pass on any information that I have.

by possumur2 on 2012-10-09 06:01:32

Kyken121Te Thomas Slater b1832 could not have been Catherine's father if she was born c1835. The only Thomas Slater/Anne Owens on BDM were married in 1830 no mention of Catherine. Also corrections to Robert Barnes Kirby's family info.

Robert B. Kirby married Mary Angelina Fuge, Clara May married Henry Burke, Jane married Jack Radburn, Olive Miriam married ? Leabeater, Isabel married Walter Carroll, Thomas Edward married Edith Alice ?. James William died 1916. I am the gggrandaughter of Catherine and James Kirby.(Clara & Henry Burke)
If Catherine was born on the banks of the Castlereagh it is a long way from the Argyle County.A cousin from the Radburn family recounted a story of a piccanniny being found and taken to live with her uncle. (the Kirby's worked on a large property owned by the McKenzie family and it was a McKenzie who told this story)

by alanbarnes on 2016-02-05 07:02:07

I am alan barnes, great grandson of thomas barnes and catherine slater, grandson of thomas barnes and rose jones. my father is percival john barnes ( known as jack) , twin of of Eva. Jack looks aboriginal in all black and white photos, and has caused comments and conversations about his aboriginal histroy that I have limited knowledge. I have researched the barnes line and have found interesting what was said. It confirms what I know, but unfortunately have nothing to add at this syage. Wanting to know more to add to my information, and learn more of my identity. have fostered child Isobella. surprised to see this name with same unusual spelling her in previous posts. happy to share info to gather our family history. hoping for contact.

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