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Andreas BELDY + Alice Agnes FROST/Stonyer - Timaru

Journal by ngairedith

ANDREAS 'Andrew' BELDY (1825-1876)
son of Andreas BELDY & Maria MERSENSKI
was born in Sdliche Weinstrae, Germany & emigrated to London about 1850

Andreas married Anne Eliza TIPPLE in London, February 1859. Nothing known of Anne and she may have died prior to his emigrating to New Zealand.

Andreas Beldy next married in New Zealand on 17 August 1870 to:
Alice Agnes STONYER (nee FROST)
- Alice had first married Richard Stonyer (1835-1869) in Walsall, England in 1865. Richard was born in Belbroughton, Worcestershire, a son of Richard STONYER (1793-1853) and of Martha DOVEY (1804-1884).
NOTES on Richard Stonyer senior (1793-1853)
* the late Trevor Reeves has that Richard was found by his son, John Stonyer, robbed and murdered at the age 60)
* David Dewick has that Richard died of dropsy

Richard & Alice left Gravesend 20 Sep 1865 on the 'Mermaid', arriving into Lyttelton 2 Jan 1866. At least 3 of his siblings emigrated to New Zealand in Oct 1863 but some returned. No children found born in NZ to Richard & Alice. He was working as a miller at the Temuka Mills when he went missing on 20 Oct 1869. Richard was found drowned in the Opihi River. He was 34. The Inquest

Timaru Herald, 27 August 1870
On August 17, at Timaru, Andreas Beldy to Alice Agnes Stonyer
- no children found to Andreas & Alice

Lyttelton Times, 10 December 1868 GREAT FIRE IN TIMARU
Monday last may indeed be called "black Monday" for Timaru, as on that day there occurred one of the most disastrous fires that has ever taken place in New Zealand - a fire that in the short space of a little over an hour swept away over 30 buildings, and destroyed, as far as we at present know, at least 70,000 worth of property
(Dec 2013 equivalent of $7,837,888.). Unfortunately the wind was blowing fiercely from the nor'-west at the time, and to this cause may be assigned the reason that so many buildings, both isolated and in blocks, were destroyed, as the wind carried the burning embers and fired the shingled roofs of houses 200 or even 300 yards distant from where the fire was raging.
As the Timaru Herald office was destroyed, and all our staff were engaged in saving what was possible from the burning building, we cannot give in this issue so full an account of the tremendous conflagration as we should have wished.
The following is a list of the buildings destroyed:-
On the West Side, Main South Road
Mr D. MUNRO's furniture warehouse (origin of the fire)
Mr KITSON's offices (NZ Insurabce Company)
Mr NELSON, tailor
Mr WOOD, saddler
Mr SEYMOUR, watchmaker
Mr SALOMON, draper
Mr FRENCH, seedsman
Mr YOUNGHUSBAND, bookseller
Mr GREER, tobacconist
Mr JACOBS, watchmaker
Mr ESKINE, grocer
Mr WATKINS, chemist
Mr WILLIAMSON's offices
The Bank of New Zealand
The Pot and Telegraph offices
Messrs CLARKSON and TURNBULL's warehouse
Mr BELDY, hairdresser
Dr BUTLER, chemist
Messrs CLARKSON and TURNBULL's ironmongery store
Mr BILTON, bookseller
Mr BYRNE's private house
Executors James KING, butcher shop and house
Messrs McCAA and MORGAN, bakers
Mr HITCH, tinsmith
On the East Side, Main South Road
Mr WEAVER, taolor
An empty shop
Premises of the Timaru Butchering Company
Mr PERRY's offices
Mr MOUNTFORD, photographer
Mr MELTON, private house
Mr MELTON's stables
Mr TURNBULL's brick building, occupied by Fraser Brother, butchers and Mr POGONOWKSI, hairdresser
A small private house
The following buildings were damaged:
Messrs Cain MUNRO and Co's warehouse
Mr HUTTON, gorcer
Messrs TODD, drapers
Mr GREEN, Ship Hotel
* see link to read the description of the fire in order of the direction it spread
... There was a small roadway between the stores of Clarkson and Turnbull and the next building, Mr Beldy's shop, but this was covered over by an upper span containing one store room. Mr Beldy's place was of course, next devoured, and as far as we know, he saved nothing and was uninsured. Adjoining Mr Beldy's shop, on the south side, was the chemist and druggist shop of Dr Butler, who resided on the premises ...

In the New Zealand Gazette of April 23, it is notified that his Excellency the Governor has been pleased to issue letter of naturalization in favour of Mr Andreas Beldy, a settler in the Timaru district

Star, 2 June 1870 FIRE AT TIMARU
A fire broke out last night, at Messrs Chandler and Jenkins' grocers shop, by which it, and the small block of buildings adjoining, belonging to Mr Cullmann, were utterly destroyed.
When the fire was nearly over, the shop of Mr Beldy, tobacconist, in another part of the town, was found to be on fire. Failing to awake the inmates, the front door was burst open, and the fire was got under with some little damage to property. Mr Todd was, we believe, the first person in the shop, and assistance being at hand, the fire was soon got under, though not without some little damage to property, some of which seemed quite unnecessary - the smashing of the front windows especially. The proprietor of the shop, Mr Beldy, who was in bed upstairs, was soon present on the scene and was quite unable to account for the fire break out. The origin of this fire is also unknown. It is supposed to have arisen from lucifer matches lying about on the floor which somehow or other got ignited

Timaru Herald, 26 November 1870 ACCIDENT
An accident happened on Wednesday, Nov 9th, which might have proved very serious. Three men were driving in a buggy in the direction of Timaru on the other side of Saltwater Creek bridge. By some accident they all were pitched out somewhere about the hill overlooking the Saltwater Creek flat, and the pair of horses with the empty buggy came galloping down the incline towards the bridge. Just before arriving at the bridge, the horses were turned aside by Mr Beldy of the volunteer corps who was passing at the time, and were at last stopped by him. One of the men pitched out was somewhat hurt about the face and another had some severe abrasions on the leg

Timaru Herald, 24 December 1870 COLONIAL PRIZE FIRING
Lieutenant Beldy, of the Timaru Artillery Corps, has made the highest score in Canterbury in the competitive trials for candidates for the colonial prize firing, he having made, as we stated at the time, 41 points

Timaru Herald, 24 January 1872 BATHS!
Hot, Cold, and Shower Baths at any hour. Opposite Union Bank, Timaru. A. Beldy, Proprietor

Timaru Herald, 3 May 1872 MOVED
Mr Henry Purdie, Dentist, has arrived and has taken the shop lately occupied by Mr Beldy, next to Messrs Elder and Cramond

Star, 8 October 1872 PROMOTION
The Timaru Volunteer Artillery are notified that Second Lieutenant Andrew Beldy to be Lieutenant

Timaru Herald, 29 November 1872 PROFESSOR A. BELDY,
Hairdresser, Tobacconist and Dentist has recently enlarged his Hairdressing Saloon and it is now replete with every convenience. Hot and Cold Baths.

Timaru Herald, 10 August 1874 RESIGNATION
In the New Zealand Gazette of July 30, it is notified that his Excellency the Governor has accepted the resignation of Lieutenant Beldy of the Timaru Artillery Volunteers

Timaru Herald, 14 September 1874 OPENING A RESTAURANT
Mr A. Beldy has just opened a restaurant in the premises lately used by him for his tobacco and hair-dressing business. The rooms are comfortably arranged and meals will be procurable at any hour of the day. The establishment will supply a want that has long been felt.

Timaru Herald, 26 February 1875 CLOSING THE RESTAURANT
R. Turnbull has received instruction from Mr A. Beldy who is relinquishing the business, to sell by Public Auction, at the Restaurant, main South-road, the whole of the furniture and effects consisting of Tables, Seats, Dining Service, Knives and Forks, Glass, Earthenware, Couches &c

Press, 11 June 1875 ALICE BELDY IN LONDON
From our London Correspondent. - The Duke of Edinburgh, a fine vessel of 2000 tons, belonging to the New Zealand Shipping Company, sails to-day or to-morrow from Gravesend, having left the docks on Wednesday; she is commanded by Captain Mosey; she is bound to your own port of Timaru and she conveys about two hundred free-passage emigrants for the New Zealand Government. The young women and girls, to the number of forty, are placed in charge of a matron, whom some of your readers will know, Mrs Beldy of Timaru. She came to England but six weeks ago, arriving by the Nelson on the 26th of June, but found the voyage and the change of air so beneficial to her health, that she is quite ready to cross the sea again without further delay. I had the pleasure yesterday of seeing her in the performance of her official duties at the New Zealand Emigrants Depot at Blackwell. The girls and other unmarried females going out to Timaru by this ship are said to be of a good class and I am sure they will be kindly cared for by Mrs Beldy.

... there were thirty-six single women under the charge of Mrs Beldy, an old colonist, who selected some of them herself. This department was beautifully clean and a credit to all concerned. The girls are principally English, form the Midland counties and are nearly all domestic servants

Timaru Herald, 7 February 1876 ANDREAS UNWELL
Mr A. Beldy being unable to personally attend to his business at the present time he has engaged a thoroughly competent assistant to attend to the hair dressing department

Timaru Herald, 12 May 1876 MOVED
The following person are not entitled to have their names retained on the Electoral District of Timaru on the grounds they have changed abode:
Beldy, Andreas Great South Road, household

Timaru Herald, 16 June 1876 DEATH OF ANDREAS BELDY
BELDY - On the 15th June, at his residence Timaru, Andreas Beldy; aged 50

Timaru Herald, 16 June 1876 CAUSE OF DEATH
Mr A. Beldy, an old resident in Timaru, died rather suddenly during Wednesday night. He had a severe illness some months ago which it was feared would be fatal and although he recovered sufficiently to attend to his business he was never strong afterwards. He was compelled to abstain from business a few days ago through illness but was walking about on the day of his death. The immediate cause of death was inflammation of the lungs.

Timaru Herald, 17 June 1876 LODGE ST. JOHN, 1137, E.C.
The brethren of the above lodge are requested to meet at the Masonic Hall on Sunday Afternoon at 1.30 precisely, to attend the obsequies of our late Bro. Beldy. Visiting Brethren invited. Full Regalia. Wm. Sims, Secretary

Timaru Herald, 17 June 1876 MASONIC LODGE
The members of the Masonic Lodges in Timaru and the Canterbury Lodge of Oddfellows are invited by advertisement to attend the funeral of the late Brother Beldy on Sunday afternoon.

Star, 19 June 1876 OBITUARY
We have, with regret, to chronicle the sudden death, on Wednesday night, of a very old settler, Mr A. Beldy, of Timaru. He was well known through South Canterbury in connection with all volunteer movements. He took a very active part in the Timaru Artillery Company, and was universally esteemed by the members of that corps as well as by the townspeople. He had for the last few months been ailing, but no serious results were entertained. He will be remembered by many Christchurch volunteers, being till lately, a regular attender at all camps held here.

Timaru Herald, 19 June 1876 THE FUNERAL
The funeral of the late Mr Beldy took place yesterday afternnon. The deceased having been a member of the Masonic body and the Oddfellows, a large number of the Brethren of the Lodge of St John, the Caledonian Lodge and the Star of Canterbury Lodge attended the funeral in regalia. A considerable number of other friends of the deceased also attended. The members of the Societies walked in processional order, the funeral being one of the most extensive that has been seen in Timaru. The burial service was performed partly by the Rev. Mr Gillies (Presbyterian), to whose Church the deceased belonged and partly by the Rev. L. L. Brown, the Chaplain of St John's Lodge.

Timaru Herald, 28 July 1876 ALICE REOPENS THE SALON
Hair-cutting Salon. Mrs Beldy begs to intimate that she has obtained the service of a First Class Artiste and has re-opened the Timaru Hair Cutting Saloon

Timaru Herald, 14 December 1876 ALICE STILL IN TIMARU
... Alice Agnes Beldy: I am a tobacconist in Timaru. I know prisoner ...

Timaru Herald, 28 May 1877 GREAT CLEARING SALE
25 per cent under cost price. In order to make room for New Goods the old stock will be sold at above for seven days only. A. A. BELDY

Timaru Herald, 13 September 1877 WANTED
A man accustomed to horses and work about house and garden. Enquire of Mrs Beldy, near Windmill

Alice Agnes Beldy remarried in Timaru 17 Jan 1883 to Jacob YOUNG (1841-1914)
Jacob Young was a Baker in Timaru. He had first married Emma (nee PUDNEY (1841-1880), formerly LINDSAY formerly STARK formerly JUNG)

...and then in 1896:
Press, 29 January 1896 APPLICATION in CHRISTCHURCH
having been made to me to Register a Certain Dealing affecting Memorandum of Mortgage numbered 4995 and 9607, ALICE AGNES BELDY to ARTHUR PERRY and a statutory declaration of the loss of the originals of the said mortgages having been lodged with me. I hereby give notice that I will dispense with the production of the said mortgages and register such dealing on the 7th February, 1896.
Dated this 17th day of January, 1896, at the Lands Registry Office, Christchurch. J. M. BATHAM, District land Registrar

Jacob Young is buried in Timaru with his first wife
Alice's death/burial details not yet found

HEADSTONE of Andreas 'Andrew' BELDY

Plot 84, Row 15 at Timaru cemetery

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