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If by chance I do not detail some of the information in the next paragraph,most of these details,such as Ben's land on the Survey and the Wilson/Stenniken connection, can be found in Colin McLear's A DREAMTIME OF DROMANA. The Anglican Church in Rye has an excellent history board which mentions the use of Stenniken lime for the original school/church.

If, by some sort of authoritarian edict (such as Richard Wynne's, allowing three story dwellings on the Peninsula without the need for permits), any mention of Ben Stenniken and the pioneers and areas with which he was associated was banned, an enormous black hole would be created in the history of the Mornington Peninsula. The family was mainly identified with Rye and Port Melbourne but there was the land that Ben owned at Mt.Eliza; the land that he leased on the Survey near Henry William Wilson's hut which his Patterson descendants later owned, Maria Wilson working for John Vans Agnew Bruce at his summer residence on the northern fifth of the Survey before her marriage; and her home in Dromana, which was used for a hospital; the Stenniken land in the parish of Fingal which probably led to the Kennedy-Patterson marriage. At Rye the first school/C.of E.was built with Stenniken lime most likely quarried on Kenyon's former (RUN?) near the east end of Melbourne Rd or the north west corner of Truemans Rd;; and a timber supply industry which ensured continued employment for those previously engaged in the supply of lime for which demand slackened when Dame Nellie Melba's father and others opened the Lilydale quarries.

There is no death notice or record* for one of the Peninsula's most prominent pioneers and it was only because of his widow's death notice in 1922 that his death in 1897 was discovered. There seems to be no marriage notice or record either but this is explained in Sam Sherlock's obituary.
* Comment on the PIONEERS OF THE MORNINGTON PENINSULA Facebook page.
Sandra Beckett There actually IS a death record, however it is under SLINNIKEN. Father - Ben, mother Maria Newton. 1897.


These grants adjoined or were near Melbourne Road which, as shown on the map, was the only through road west of Dundas St for many years. There is no date showing when the grants were issued but the low crown allotment numbers would indicate they were among the first to be alienated (as in the case of Andrew McLellan's c/a 1, Moorooduc.)

West corner of the beach road and Truemans Rd, consisting of 108 acres 1 rood and 23 perches, granted to S.Sherlock (obviously Ben and Mary Ann's son, Samuel) on 16-8-1865. This extended west to adjoin the Tootgarook pre-emptive right at the Morris/Keith St midline and south to adjoin James Trueman's grants at the Bona/Ronald St midline. The grant was placed on sale in about 1920 with Truemans Rd confusingly called the Government road between Rosebud and Rye. Wilkinson St. was named after a developer but Burdett St was named after Godfrey Burdett Wilson (who married Maria Stenniken) or his mother, Thamer, nee Burdett.

w. F. VALE and Co. have received instructions
Blreet, to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION (through
their, auctioneer, W. F. Vale), at the rooms, 235
Collins street, on Wednesday, February 4. at half
past two o'clock.
In the Estate of the Late B. Stenniken.
Lot 1.-Comprising Crown Allotment 6, parish
of Nepean, containing 129 acres 0 roods 13
perches, adjacent to the properties of Messrs.
Norquay, Wigmore, and Brown, and in the
centre of the celebrated Mellelotus country;
this land having a similar soil ovcrlaying a
limestone foundation.
Lot 2, adjoining.-128 acres 3 roods 37 perch«,
being Crown Allotment 5 of said parish.
Lot 3.-On main road to Sorrento, corner of
Government road, between Rosebud and Rye,
Crown Allotment 48, parish of Wannaeue,
containing 108 acres 1 rood 23 perches, ad-
joining part of "Tootgarook Estate" and J.
Trueman's property ; a suitable block for sub*
division into seaside allotments, having over
half-mile frontage to main road, with only
the narrow Government reserve dividing it
from the beach.(P.3, Argus, 17-1-1920.)


The closest thing to an obituary for Ben is contained in Sam Sherlock's obituary. See below.
Because there was so little about Ben on trove, I tried a Google search and discovered that an icon of the Peninsula's history was owned by Ben's namesake son whose details will follow.

The Eivion was probably Rosebud's major lifeline. Jack Jones whose store on today's 854-6 Pt Nepean Rd (lot 6 of the Rosebud Fishing Village) was burnt down, built a new store on lot 86 of section 18 Wannaeue (the FJ's corner) in about 1884 and would be on the beach anxiously scanning the horizon if the Eivion, carrying his supplies, was behind schedule. After George Fountain had bought Jack's foreshore allotment (with pines planted on the frontage by Jack), two dismantled North Melbourne houses were brought down on the Eivion according to Graham Bickford (who believes he has a photo of the Eivion) and used to erect "The Pines".
Rye Pier, Port Phillip Bay
VHR Number
Date lost
Statement of Significance
The wreck of the Eivion is historically significant as a Port Phillip Bay lime trader and for its association with its owner Benjamin Stenniken, the 'mayor' of Rye. It is archaeologically significant as the remains of the hull and cargo exhibit aspects of stowing of bagged lime, including the use of bulkheads and possibly limewashed holds to minimise water ingress to the vessel. As part of a maritime and terrestrial landscape it is in proximity to White Cliffs at Rye which produced lime and has remains of historic lime kilns. It is recreationally and educationally significant as the coherent remains of a wooden vessel within swimming distance from Rye Pier and lies in snorkelling depth.
Physical Description
Construction Material Wood
Rig Ketch
Propulsion Sail
Engine Builder No auxillery engine
Length / Breadth / Depth 0.0 / 0.0 / 0.0
Former Details of Registration Former owner John Olsen (Chronicle, 17/01/1914)
Coming down Bay, encountered SW weather. Sheltered at Swan Bay, Queenscliff. Towed out by Gertrude (later Cicada). Hoisted sail, arrived Rye about 10 am with weather worsening.Only two trolley loads of wood to complete loading at Rye pier when wind came in from west at gale force, pinning Eivion , with no auxiliary power, to pier. Huge seas battered vessel for hours, carried it up and crashed hull down on leeside of wharf. Eivion's cargo burst out. The next morning, after storm had abated, it was awash, half filled with sand, with its rigging tangled. The vessel was later dynamited to clear wreckage away from pier [If the report is correct that the Gertrude (later Cicada) towed out the Eivion, then the latter must have been wrecked before 10 Aug. 1922 (the date the Gertrude/Cicada was wrecked) and probably before 1918 when the name Gertrude was changed to Cicada (see file). Reports of wrecking based on eye-witness recollection - may not be accurate. Reports differ on date of wrecking - early 1920s(and late 1920s]
Voyage Details
Date Lost 1918
Voyage from Melbourne to Rye
70 tons wood, lime (observed on site)
Owner Benjamin Stenniken Jnr
Master of Vessel Vic Kallic
Weather conditions
Gale force winds from west
Cause of Loss
Strong westerly winds and wave action whilst vessel was alongside pier Vessel was pounded onto pier. After storm, Eivion was awash with rigging tangled. Later dynamited to clear wreckage from pier
Further Details
Number of Passengers 0
Number of Crew Members 0


During the rough weather at the weekend the ketch Eivion
was sunk at the Rye pier.(P.9, Argus, Monday, 5-12-1921.)

STENNIKEN/SHERLOCK information is available on:
Mary Ann Sherlock / Stenniken 1826-1922 - Ancestry

Numbers don't indicate order of birth. Just checking that I have all ten from the Ancestry page.
EventBirth Event registration number19841 Registration year1857???* (1850-1923 ON ANCESTRY!)
Personal information
Family nameSTENNIKEN Given namesRachel SexFemale Father's nameSTENNIKEN Benjamin Mother's nameMary Ann (Unknown) Place of birthWHITE CLIFF PORT PHILIP HEADS

EventMarriage Event registration number1352 Registration year1874
Personal information
Family nameSTENNIKEN Given namesRachel SexFemale Spouse's family namePATTERSON Spouse's given namesRalph

EventDeath Event registration number5402 Registration year1923
Personal information
Family namePATTERSON Given namesRachel SexFemale Father's nameSTENNIKEN Benjamin Mother's nameMary Ann (Sherlock) Place of birth Place of deathDROMANA Age73*

PATTERSON. —On the 26th May, 1923, at her residence, McCulloch street, Dromana, Rachel,the beloved wife of Ralph Patterson, loving mother of Sarah (Mrs. Kennedy, deceased), Jim(South Africa), Godfrey, Margaret (Mrs.Edwards), Sam (Sydney), and Jessie (Mrs. Dean), and loving sister of Annie (Mrs. West), Sarah(Mrs. Kenyon), Maria (Mrs. Wilson), Samuel, Benjamin, Mary, and Elizabeth Stenniken, and Jessie (Mrs. Dalton), aged 73 years.
A patient sufferer at rest.
PATTERSON (nee Stenniken). —On the 26th May,at her daughter's residence, Dromana, Rachel,the dearly beloved wife of Ralph Patterson of Cape Schanck, loved mother of Sarah (deceased),James, Godfrey, Margaret, Samuel, and Jessie,73 years 7 months.(P.1, Argus, 30-5-1923.)

*In view of the fact that both the death record and death notice agree on Rachel's age at death being 73, it would seem that the birth year in the birth record is wrong and that Rachel was about 24 rather than 17 when she married Ralph.
EventBirth Event registration number6668 Registration year1860 (1860-1932 on Ancestry.)
Personal information
Family nameSTENNIKEN Given namesBenjamin SexUnknown Father's nameBenjamin Mother's nameMary Ann (Sherlock) Place of birthTHEH*
(* I can only imagine that this is supposed to be an abbreviation for "The Heads". )

I presume this is Ben Junior. Did he marry a cousin?
EventMarriage Event registration number4258 Registration year1892
Personal information
Family nameSTENNIKEN Given namesBenj SexMale Spouse's family namePENLINGTON Spouse's given namesSarah Jane

EventDeath Event registration number1299 Registration year1932
Personal information
Family nameSTENNIKEN Given namesBenjamin SexMale Father's nameSTENNIKEN Benjamin Mother's nameMary Ann (Sherlock) Place of birth Place of deathDROMANA Age69
EventBirth Event registration number18168 Registration year1864 (1864-1938 on Ancestry.)
Personal information
Family nameSTENNIKEN Given namesElizabeth Penlington SexUnknown Father's nameBenjamin Mother's nameMary Ann (Sherlock) Place of birthSAND*
(* Liardet's Beach and Sandridge were early names for Port Melbourne.)

EventDeath Event registration number7758 Registration year1938
Personal information
Family nameSTENNIKEN Given namesElizabeth Penlington SexFemale Father's nameSTENNIKEN Benjamin Mother's nameMary Ann (Sherlock) Place of birthPORT MELBOURNE Place of deathPORT MELBOURNE Age72

STENNIKEN - The Funeral of late Miss ELIZABETH STENNIKEN will leave her residence, Drumrora, 143 Rouse street, Port Melbourne, THIS DAY (Thursday, the 25th August), at 11 a m ,and proceed to the Anglican Church, Rye where a service will be conducted by the Rev. G. Hughes,
assisted by the Rev. J. K Taylor, at 1 45 p m, at the conclusion of which the cortege will proceed to the Rye Cemetery.(P.10, Argus, 25-8-1938.)
See Elizabeth's death notice in Jessie's details.
EventBirth Event registration number11017 Registration year1867 (1867-1951 on Ancestry.)
Personal information
Family nameSTENNIKEN Given namesJessie SexUnknown Father's nameBenjamin Mother's nameMary Ann (Sherlock) Place of birthSANDRIDGE

As there is no death notice for Jessie Stenniken, this might be her marriage record.
EventMarriage Event registration number6043 Registration year1901
Personal information
Family nameSTENNIKEN Given namesJessie SexUnknown Spouse's family nameKALTON Spouse's given namesJno

No death record for Jessie Kalton to confirm her parent's names. Nor was there any record of a second marriage.

This stumbling block was caused by yet another Victorian BDM typo. Jessie had married John DALTON.
ELIZABETH'S DEATH NOTICE also reveals the Stenniken/ Kenyon connection hinted at in Sam Sherlock's obituary AND NAMES SIBLINGS NOT PREVIOUSLY LISTED.

STENNIKEN-on the 23rd August 1938 at her residence Drumrora Rouse street Port Melbourne, Elizabeth the dearly loved daughter of the late Benjamin and Mary Ann Stenniken and devoted sister of Annie (Mrs West deceased) Sarah (Mrs Kenyon) Rachel (Mrs Patterson deceased) Marla (Mrs Wilson deceased) Samuel (deceased) Benjamin (deceased) Mary (deceased) and Jessie (MrsDalton) late of Dromana -Peacefully sleeping (P. 10, Argus, 25-8-1938.)
--------------------------------------- --
ANNIE (1845-1930 on Ancestry.)
No Stenniken birth record was found in 1845, no Stenniken death record in 1930 or a marriage record in any year for Annie Stenniken was found on Victorian B.D.M.
There was no result on trove for "Annie Stenniken".
However, her sister's death notice immediately above shows that Annie became Mrs West, the reason there's no death notice for Annie Stenniken.

EventDeath Event registration number6908 Registration year1930
Personal information
Family nameWEST Given namesAnn SexFemale Father's nameSTENNIKEN Benjamin Mother's nameMary Ann (Sherlock) Place of birth Place of deathPORT MELBOURNE Age83

MARIA (1855-1927 on Ancestry.)
No birth or marriage records were found for Maria Stenniken! Luckily there was a marriage record for her husband. Gee, the spelling of the surname caused problems-as on the Nepean parish map! (STENNIGAIN ETC.)

EventMarriage Event registration number1452 Registration year1878
Personal information
Family nameWILSON Given namesGodfrey Burdett SexMale Spouse's family nameSTENNEKIN (sic!) Spouse's given namesMaria
SAMUEL (1857-1937 on Ancestry.)
(Mary Ann Sherlock's father and younger brother, the Green Island pioneer, were both named Samuel.)

EventDeath Event registration number186 Registration year1937
Personal information
Family nameSTENNIKEN Given namesSamuel SexMale Father's nameSTENNIKEN Benjamin Mother's nameMary Ann (Shearlock) Place of birthRYE VICTORIA Place of deathALBERT PARK Age80

STENNIKEN. — On the 31st December, at his residence, 9 Cardigan-place, Albert Park,Samuel, dearly loved husband of Rose, loving father of Stella (Mrs. Simcocks), Emily(Mrs. Ward Mitchell), Edith (Mrs. Jack Mitchell), Jack and Ethel. Our loved one.(P.8, The Age, 1-1-1937.)
MARYJane (1862-1938 on Ancestry.)

The birth and death years on Ancestry are wrong unless the death record has serious errors.It is likely that her death year was confused with that of Elizabeth. Mary Jane had the property in the parish of Fingal.

EventDeath Event registration number18132 Registration year1934
Personal information
Family nameSTENNIKEN Given namesMary Jane SexFemale Father's nameSTENNIKEN Benjamin Mother's nameMary Ann (Sherlock) Place of birth Place of deathDROMANA Age70

There was no death notice for Mary Jane.
EMMA (1854-1854 ON ANCESTRY.
It is likely that Emma was 2 DAYS old. If 2 meant 2 months, there probably would have been a birth record as well.

EventDeath Event registration number1317 Registration year1854
Personal information
Family nameSTENNIKEN Given namesEmma SexUnknown Father's nameBenjamin Mother's nameMary Ann (Sherlock) Place of birthMELBOURNE Place of death Age2

Just as well I checked!
Sarah Caroline Stenniken (1846-1939 on Ancestry.)

KENYON. - On the 20th June, 1939, at her residence, Drumrora, Rouse street, Port Melbourne, Sarah Caroline, the loved daughter of the late Benjamin and Mary Stenniken, and loving sister of Annie (Mrs. West, deceased).
Rachel (Mrs. Patterson, deceased) Maria (Mrs.Wilson, deceased) Samuel (deceased). Benjamin (deceased), Mary (deceased), Elizabeth (deceased), and Jessie (Mrs. Dalton). -Peacefully sleeping. (P.8,Argus, 21-6-1939.)

EventDeath Event registration number5423 Registration year1939
Personal information
Family nameKENYON Given namesSarah Carol SexFemale Father's nameSTENNIKEN Benjamin Mother's nameMary Ann (Sherlock) Place of birthWILLIAMSTOWN VICTORIA Place of deathPORT MELBOURNE Age92

EventDeath Event registration number4921 Registration year1922
Personal information
Family nameSTENNIKEN Given namesMary Ann SexFemale Father's nameSherlock Saml Mother's nameUnknown (Unknown) Place of birth Place of deathDROMANA Age95
Mary Ann would have been born in about 1827.

EventDeath Event registration number10793 Registration year1900
Personal information
Family nameSHERLOCK Given namesSaml SexUnknown Father's nameSherlock Saml Mother's nameMary Ann (Wignall*) Place of birth Place of deathSnapper Pt Age64

*WIGNALL. Wignall Ford sponsored Frankston in the good old V.F.A. days and Sam Sherlock 3, (the Green Island pioneer's son born in 1861**) became a prominent citizen of Frankston after whom Samuel Sherlock Reserve (the site of Frankston's sensational new swimming pool) was named.Just a coincidence or was the car dealer related to the Sherlocks?

** EventBirth Event registration number19777 Registration year1861
Personal information
Family nameSHERLOCK Given namesSamuel SexUnknown Father's nameSamuel Mother's nameJennette (Mclellan) Place of birthSCHNAPPER

On Thursday last there passed away at his residence, Mornington, one of the oldest residents of the Peninsula
in the person of Mr Samuel Sherlock, senr. The deceased had suffered from asthma for many years past and about
a fortnight ago was confined to his bed. Dr Somers was called in, and by skilful treatment, he so far recovered as to be able to ride into Mornington and vote on polling day. However, on returning home, he again took ill, and despite all that medical aid could do, he expired about 6 p.m. on the evening abovementioned, the immediate cause of death being syncope, supervening on mitral valve disease.

The deceased was well-known and very highly respected throughout the whole of the Peninsula, and ample evidence of his popularity was given on Sunday, when 60 vehicles and over 40 horsemen followed his remains to their last resting place, the Moorooduc (Mornington) cemetery, where a most impressive burial service was read by the Rev. Jas. Caldwell, Presbyterian minister. He leaves a widow, two sons (Lieutenant Samuel Sherlock, Veterinary Surgeon with the Bushman's Contingent in South Africa, and Andrew*, who is a storekeeper at Mornington) and three daughters (Mrs W. Baxter, Sarah and Aggie) to mourn his loss, and the greatest sympathy is expressed on all sides for them.
(*Andrew would have been named after his maternal grandfather, Andrew McLellan.)

Mr Sherlock, who at the time of his death was 64 years of age, was born at Launceston, Tasmania, 1836, and came to Victoria in 1840, being then only 4 years old. His father had a small run at Yarraville, but died four years after he arrived. His sister and her husband (the late Mr Stenniken) then had charge and they stayed at Yarraville for another 4 years, when they purchased the late Mr Kenyon's property at Tootgoorook, now called
Rye, which was in those days good grazing country and not overgrown with ti-tree as it is now. They moved
their stock to this property in 1848,Mr Sherlock stopping with them as stockkeeper for a number of years.

He was afterwards with Mr Burrell, senr., of Arthur's Seat and Mr Barker,senr., of Cape Schanck (both of these
gentlemen being dead some years)stockriding, and he used to tell many amusing stories of that life in the early
days. The stockman's work at Arthur's seat in those days was to round up the wild cattle, shoot the bulls and brand the cows and calfs (sic). It was while he was at the latter station that he, along with Mr Robert Anderson (the only two there at the time) had to entertain the two notorious bushrangers, Brady and O'Connor, who had got away from Tasmania on a craft, and when off Cape Schanck tied up all hands, took two of the sailors and the boat, tried to sink the vessel, made for the shore, and landed safely through the surf with a broken boat. They then made the sailors walk in front of them up the cliff, to Mr.Barker's station, got some food, made a stock of bullets, gave Mr Sherlock a powder flask and the boat, and departed without doing any mischief. These two men were shortly afterwards captured and executed.

He was next with the late Mr A. B.Balcombe, of "The Briars" (who had a good portion of the now Shire of Mornington as his run, before there was any township) stockkeeping, horse-breeding, etc. From Mr Balcombe's
place he married a young lady named Janet McLellan* in April 1859, and settled down at Green Island. Before
the days of coaches, he used to carry the mail on horseback from Rye to Cheltenham and from King's Creek
(Hastings) to the same place. He was also a contractor for roads, bridges, etc,and carried on farming in a small way.

He was married, lived and died in the house he built for himself. Although for the last 20 years he suffered greatly from asthma, he always had a colt in hand, and, in fact, was never happy unless amongst horses, of which he was passionately fond. His last job was breaking in a pony, which he handled and rode himself, although very ill atthe time. (P.2, Mornington Standard, 6-9-1900.)

*Jeannette McLellan according to Sam 3's birth notice of 1861, immediately before the obituary, but Janet in the marriage notice.

EventMarriage Event registration number1263 Registration year1859
Personal information
Family nameSHERLOCK Given namesSamuel SexMale Spouse's family nameMCLELLAN Spouse's given namesJanet

Janet was a daughter of Andrew McLellan.
EventDeath Event registration number8929 Registration year1918
Personal information
Family nameSHERLOCK Given namesJanet SexUnknown Father's nameMclellan Andw Mother's nameMary (Stuart) Place of birth Place of deathFrankston Age84

Andrew McLellan was the grantee of crown allotments 1 and 2 in the parish of Moorooduc,bounded by Moorooduc ,Eramosa, Derril and Bungower Rds., his surname being wrongly written on the parish map as McLennan.…/simpleimages/…/1076739.html

The surveyor was not the only one to write the surname as McLennan. The journalist did so in his tribute despite starting and finishing with the correct spelling.

Ben Stenniken's land at Mt Eliza was probably across Moorooduc Rd from Andrew McLellan's grants. Stenniken's quarry has been mentioned in an article and I believe that Ben's land included at least part of today's Mt Eliza Regional Park.

The Moorooduc Quarry site was bought by the Shire of Frankston and Hastings in 1923*, so it was most likely the land Mary Ann Stenniken was referring to in 1919.

Mary Ann (STENNIKER!) was negotiating the sale of this land in 1919.
M. A. Stenniker, Dromana, asking for an early and definite reply as to whether Council intends to buy her property at Mt. Eliza, and stating that £4 per acre was never offered for the land in question.(P.3, Mornington Standard, 11-10-1919.)

In 1905, Andrew McLellan, who was leasing the Stenniken land which "contained a. mountain ridge, 1 1/2 miles long", successfully challenged an increased valuation on the property.

The main path traverses flat ground for some distance and after the graves of Cassie Williams on the left and Sidney Smith Crispo on the right commences to climb steeply. On the left, just before Cassie's grave, are the following graves.
2358/2359 STENNIKEN Benjamin 9/10/1897 82 Mary Ann buried with daughters Mary A Stenniken & Elizabeth PENLINGTON
2358/2359 STENNIKEN Mary Ann 7/6/1922 96 buried near daughter Rachel Patterson.
2358/2359 STENNIKEN Mary Jane 7/11/1934 70 buried with par Mary A & Benjamin Stenniken

2357 KENNEDY Mary Sarah 4/3/1910 35 buried with par Rachel & Ralph Patterson

Mary Ann Sarah Patterson had married in 1899. I suspect she had met her future husband in the parish of Fingal where much land was granted to MARY JANE STENNIKEN* and the Pattersons and where a James Kennedy had been assessed at one time.


EventMarriage Event registration number2423 Registration year1899
Personal information
Family namePATTERSON Given namesMary Ann Sarah SexUnknown Spouse's family nameKENNEDY Spouse's given namesJno Wm

This might be her husband's birth record.
EventBirth Event registration number17242 Registration year1874
Personal information
Family nameKENNEDY Given namesWilliam John SexUnknown Father's nameJames Mother's nameEllen (Ryan) Place of birthMELB NTH

* EventDeath Event registration number18132 Registration year1934
Personal information
Family nameSTENNIKEN Given namesMary Jane SexFemale Father's nameSTENNIKEN Benjamin Mother's nameMary Ann (Sherlock) Place of birth Place of deathDROMANA Age70

The heritage-listed Parkmore on the west corner of Parkmore Rd and Pt Nepean Rd, Rosebud was built by Albert "Bert" Holloway and occupied by his family for nine years before he left Rosebud in 1900. Bert also built the new Anglican church at Flinders during that time. By 1903, Parkmore was being used as a guest house and George Fountain's family spent its first Rosebud holiday there in 1904. In about 1908, the Clemengers bought the property, set on 10 acres, and introduced tented accommodation, years before camping on the foreshore was allowed at Rosebud.. The family soon became part of the community and by 1915 their son had married Ruby, the daughter of George Griffeth*, native of New York and a co-owner of the famed TWO BAYS NURSERY which was very close to Ben Stenniken's Mt Eliza land. That would account for J.(Stenniker!)being a groomsman at the wedding.
Ruby and Lily Clemenger were Ruby Griffeth's bridesmaids.

In 1929, their daughter, Cecilia became engaged to Geoff, only son of Edwin Wheeler,Rosebud's postmaster since 1923 and they later married.

In between,1922, Lily Clemenger married a Stenniken lad but it may have been a low-key affair because Ben Stenniken's widow also died in 1922. There was no wedding notice.

EventMarriage Event registration number10344 Registration year1922
Personal information
Family nameCLEMENGER Given namesLillian Alice SexUnknown Spouse's family nameSTENNIKEN Spouse's given namesJohn Benj Saml

Lily's husband was the son of Benjamin (born 1860), son of Benjamin Stenniken and Mary Ann, nee Sherlock.
EventBirth Event registration number15898 Registration year1893
Personal information
Family nameSTENNIKEN Given namesJohn Benjamin Sa SexMale Father's nameBenjamin Mother's nameSarah (Penlington) Place of birthMELB

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