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BLAXALL marriages New Zealand 1882 - 1928

Journal by ngairedith

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on 2011-02-13 21:25:30


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by ngairedith on 2013-01-23 08:43:54

Thank you to rob_rich for the message:

Subject: Blaxall family history
To: ngairedith
From: rob_rich1895
Date: 2013-01-23 07:38:00

As the great grand daughter of Edward Robert Scott Blaxall I was delighted to come upon your research. I'd been endeavouring to find out his date of death since I began my research last week. I imagined it to be years before 1938 but I checked with NZ records office and it turned out it's correct. This piece of info sheds light on a lot of family history.

by rob_rich1895 on 2013-01-25 08:33:27

Dear Ngaire,
There are a few minor mistakes on this page and I wonder if you'd mind correcting them. Blaxall is spelt 'all' not 'ell'. Emily Blaxall Ridsdale died in 1959 not 1951 as has been written in one place on this page. My great grand father's name was George Warningham NOt Warmingham
Pl rectify these errors.
Many thanks,

by rob_rich1895 on 2013-01-26 06:30:03

Dear Ngaire,
Thank you for rectifying errors. A few more points:My grand-mother's sister Emily Blaxall who married Alf Ridsdale was baptised as Emily Blaxall Blaxall to ensure that when she married the Blaxall name would remain. Sounds odd I know but people did things like that in those days. So could you list her as Emily Blaxall Blaxall as I'd like to see the family with their full names. She was 68 when she died not 67 as is written here. She was born 20 June 1891 and died late October 1959 , 25th or 27th, i think it was. I don't know Norris's second name but I'll find out. My uncle Edward Leslie Blaxall who was killed in action was always called Les not Edward so could you make a note that he was known by his middle name.
many thanks,

by ngairedith on 2013-01-26 06:56:21

Emily's death date & burial details are already listed. I will adjust others

by rob_rich1895 on 2013-04-12 21:03:33

Dear Ngaire,
As i progress with my family research i've spotted one glaring inaccuracy and one minor one in your research. These inaccuracies are under Madeline Ruby Blaxall who married Henry Martin Connor. Henry was son of George Warningham Connor and Maria Nokes NOT Maria Voker as you state. This mistake is due to a misreading on the part of NZ BDM of the name Nokes. As the writing on these original documents is barely legible at times it is easy for this sort of thing to occur. When i was told this I immediately knew it was wrong and have made this known to that department. In Maria's case the copper plate 'N' was read as a 'V' and the barely legible 's' at the end was interpreted as an 'r'. This is wrong, wrong, wrong. I have Maria's birth records from Ballarat Victoria and until her marriage she was never other than NOKES, spelt in this manner.
As for Henry's birth order in the Connor family I would say he was the fifth of 8 known sons. Born in 1893 he had 3 younger brothers: Richard (known as Dick) who married Jean and produced son Warnham and then came twins Charlie and Ernie born 1904. There was a girl who either died at birth or in infancy but no-one in my family ever knew her name. The rest were definitely all boys. I base this info on father George Warningham's death certificate. He died 8/2/1924 and 8 sons and their respective ages are listed. I'm about to contact distant family members to find out a name to match the age given.
I would appreciate it if you could make these adjustments as giving Maria the wrong surname is going to considerably frustrate any other family members interested in their origins.
Many thanks,

by rob_rich1895 on 2013-04-13 04:02:52

Thank you for correcting my great grand mother, Maria's maiden name so promptly.

You have her birth date as 1861. I have the records of her birth from BDM Victoria and her birth date is stated as being 22 November 1860. She died on 12 April ,1940, making her 79 at time of death. I have the printout from BDM NZ which you can check if you don't believe me. So could you please alter that?
I'm impressed at the information you've managed to dig up on George W's sons and brothers. You state that george was born in Waterford. From what i was told as a child it was always Cork. I've tried to chase up his origins but haven't had any luck. There's scarcely any info as to his origins on his various documents and not knowing the parish makes things doubly difficult. Would you mind telling me how you found out the place of birth was Waterford? I'd much appreciate it if you would tell me as I've been limiting my search to Cork. It's good to have the details of his brother john, maybe his docs will give more precise info as to the part of Ireland where they were all born.
thanking you for your attention to detail.

by ngairedith on 2013-04-13 04:42:03

hi robyn,

I saw above that you had the twins born in 1904. As they were born in Sep 1905 which is closer to 1906, I presumed you had very little info on this family and decided to do a bit of quick research to help

In a quick research the birth dates are usually based loosely on age at death to give an idea of birth year but don't take into account the actual month unless further research is done. I know she died aged 79 in 1940 so taking one from the other gave me a rough birth year to work with

I do not have to see any documents to believe you as this is not my family and is written only to help you with yours, so treat all info as a help and a guide only

Cork is about 120km south of Waterford. John was definitely born in Waterford but of course it is possible George was born in Cork. Because I didn't know if you knew he was from Ireland it was a guide to the country of their origin
OR maybe they were both born same small town close to the border and records show either (depending who was recording the births on the day :)

only looong hours (years) of research sorts these small details out

good luck in your search

by rob_rich1895 on 2013-04-14 03:11:02

Dear Ngaire,
Sorry if i got the year of the twins birth wrong. 1904 has been engraved on my memory through the tales my mother told me but she may have got it wrong.
Many thanks for your reply,
rob_rich 1895

by tonkin on 2013-04-14 04:56:14

Greetings Ngairedith.

Edward Robert Scott BLAXALL was born in Geelong, Victoria in 1857. His parents were Norris BLAXALL and Martha SCOTT. Norris and Martha were married in Victoria in 1859 and had seven children.

Lucy Maria BLAXALL.
Born: 1860 Chilwell, Victoria.

Emily Martha BLAXALL.
Born: 1861 Chilwell, Victoria.

William James Morris BLAXALL.
Born: 1864 Chilwell, Victoria.

Florence Mary BLAXALL.
Born: 1866 Geelong, Victoria.
Died: 1866 Victoria, aged 03 months.

Edward Robert Scott BLAXALL.
Born: 1867 Geelong, Victoria.

Arthur Royce BLAXALL.
Born: 1871 Geelong, Victoria.
Died: 1871 Victoria, aged 04 months.
Death recorded as Arthur Boyce BLAXALL.

Frederick Ernest BLAXALL.
Born: 1872 Geelong, Victoria.

May be of interest to our BLAXALL researchers.


by ngairedith on 2013-04-14 05:06:40

gee, thanks Tonkin, I'm sure they will be very happy to get this

by rob_rich1895 on 2013-04-16 20:38:02

Dear Ngaire,

Sorry to be nit-picky again but the town in Victoria where many of the Blaxalls were born is Chiltern not Chilwell.
It's beneficial for me to have info re Florence mary and Arthur Royce. great that some one else is on the Blaxall case.

by tonkin on 2013-04-17 05:20:04

I'm not standing corrected.

The BLAXALL births given to ngairedith above came from the Victorian Birth Records and the birth places are recorded as Geelong and Chilwell.

May I ask where you obtained your information from rob rich1895?

by ngairedith on 2013-04-17 05:49:40

hi Tonkin,

the information was given her by an Expert Internet Researcher 3 months ago

by tonkin on 2013-04-17 06:11:04

Just had a look and the Expert Internet Researcher gave birth places as Chilwell ... not Chiltern.
I'm happy now.

The deaths for Florence and Arthur are also included in my BLAXALL comment above.

How do you become an expert?

by ngairedith on 2013-04-17 06:33:37

I have also found 2 more children born to Norris & Martha in Westport, New Zealand and will be updating the above journal shortly

by tonkin on 2013-04-17 06:34:48

For rob rich1895.


Name: Florence Mary BLAXALL.
Died: 1866 Victoria. (Death place not recorded)
Age: 03 months.
Father: Norris BLAXALL.
Mother: Martha SCOTT.
Ref: VDI #8082.


Arthur Boyce BLAXALL. (Boyce should have been Royce)
Died: 1871 Victoria. (Death place not recorded)
Age: 04 months.
Father: Norris Edward BLAXALL.
Mother: Martha SCOTT.
Ref: VDI #3920.

by janilye on 2013-04-17 08:35:25

The word should probably be experienced tonkin.
Blaxall had a bakery in Fyans Street, Chilwell in 1869

by ngairedith on 2013-04-17 10:04:23

Mary Florence Blaxall aged 3 months (service date 12 Aug 1866), & Arthur Royce Blaxall, aged 4 months (service date 3 May 1871) are buried together in location COEO*X***X, Geelong Eastern Cemetery, 141 Ormond Road, Geelong East Victoria

by wgtnfamiltyrees on 2013-07-08 00:07:04

I am from the Norris Blaxall(II)/Ellen Garthwaite line. rob rich 1895, was 'Les' who was killed during WWI, your uncle? He was my great uncle.
Very interesting information, thank you ngaireedith.


by jessie1961 on 2014-08-02 02:23:40

Hi Rob Rich 1895,

ERS Blaxall was my great grandfather
My great uncle Alfred told me the same reason for why Emily was named Blaxall, Blaxall!

I spent a few years tracing the family tree both in NZ and England

Your descendent was Madeline Ruby Blaxall?

My grandfather Norris named his first daughter after her I think (Laurie Madeline - Born 1914)


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