New Feature: Genealogy Answers!

by Scott Jangro on May 20, 2010

A few weeks ago, I asked the newsletter readers a simple question in a survey, “If you could ask an expert genealogist one question (even if you are an expert), what would it be?”

I was blown away by the responses, in both quantity and quality.

“If you could ask an expert genealogist one question, what would it be?”

Then I found myself wishing I could answer all those questions.  But alas, I’m not an expert genealogist.

Though I am an expert web developer, so I did the next best thing.  I built a new tool here on FamilyTreeCircles to help folks get answers to their burning questions.

FamilyTreeCircles has always been a place to post virtually anything in a “journal” entry, including questions and other information.  But I think the way the site is laid out and instructions are worded, people pretty much focus on posting their family and surname information and queries.  That’s fine, of course, and we’ve now got over 20,000 of those types of posts.

I’ve added a new type of entry, in which people can post genealogy questions just like journals.  My hope is that the collective wisdom of the FamilyTreeCircles community will be able to answer just about any question that comes its way!

Introducing FamilyTreeCircles “Answers!”

The quick link to access the new feature is in the top navigation, it’s hard to miss!

Genealogy Answers.png

Click that and you’ll end up on the simple form to ask your own question.  Enter your own question there (you must be logged in) and your question will go straight to the bottom of the “Answers!” page and the “Active Posts” list.

Family Tree Circles __ Genealogy Journals.png

You’ll also notice a new color coding.  Now that there are two types of posts in the active list (and the homepage), I’ve made questions yellow and journals green.

This also means a number of other small changes, mostly cosmetic and semantic.  The “Active Journals” link in the top navigation is now called, “Active Posts”, etc.

I hope you enjoy the new feature.  I hope that it allows people to get a whole new kind of help here at FamilyTreeCircles.

Now go ask or answer a question and help us get this going!


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