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BORN AT SEA on their way to New Zealand

Journal by ngairedith

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BDMs and Burials at Sea
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Many births occurred at sea, and often the infant was named after the vessel, ship's surgeon, captain, arrival port, country or sea.


Nugent BEVAN born 6 January 1841 at sea on the Lady Nugent's voyage to New Zealand from England.

William Dawson WEBSTER was born 16th March 1841 on board the Amelia Thompson, Commander, William Dawson, on the voyage to New Plymouth, New Zealand.

Mary Ann Tyne SANSON was born in August 1841 at sea on the 'Tyne' to Robert and Ann Sanson.

William Bentinck HOWELL was born in the Bay of Biscay enroute to NZ on the ship Lord William Bentinck which arrived Wellington 22 May 1841. William was the 6th child of John Howell and his wife Ann (nee CORDERY) who were married at Teddington, England on 20 Jan 1829.

Thomas and Elizabeth Butler are the parents of Mary Ann Bentinck BUTLER born at sea 10 January 1841 on the Lord William Bentinck two days after the vessel left Gravesend. The ship arrived at Port Nicholson 19th May 1841.

Ann Arab WALKER was born aboard the Arab which left London on 3 June, & Dartmouth on 15 June 1841. Her DOB was 28 August 1841. Her father James Walker with his wife Helen, and their five other children arrived at Port Nicholson NZ on 16 October 1841. They lived in Fifeshire SCT before emigrating.

Emma Ridgway RENALL was born at sea in November 1841 on the Martha Ridgway to Emma and Alfred William Renall.

Ellen Jane DILON was the eldest daughter of Thomas Dillon & Eleanor NOWELL who came to NZ on the Fifeshire to Nelson arriving 1842 and on the Cornwall to Canterbury arriving 1851. Ellen Jane was on both voyages as was her brother Thomas Harford DILLON, the latter being born on the Fifeshire, December 21st 1841, halfway across the Indian Ocean, and named after the captain, Harford ARNOLD.

Charles Clifford SAXTON, born 18 Jan 1842 on the ship 'Clifford'in Atlantic Ocean, near the equator. He and his parents, Charles Waring Saxton and Mary (nee LAUGHLIN) arrived in Nelson 11 May 1842 but his mother died just three months after arrival and his father took him back to England. He served in the Royal Artillery in India, China etc, and died in London.

On the voyage out to New Plymouth on the Essex in 1843 Grace Harvey gave birth to a son, James Essex HARVEY.

Tom and Mary Cuddie bound for Otago on the 'Philip Laing' that arrived Port Chalmers 15 April 1848. Their son was born on board. He was baptised by Burns on 7 May, Alexander Thomas BURNS, after the Reverend Thomas Burns the Minister Free Church of Scotland who was also a passenger.

The bible of Rev. Thomas Dickson Nicholson, the first Presbyterian minister for the Nelson area, and his wife Alison, nee McWHIR, states their son, 'John Wickliffe McWhir Daly NICHOLSON. Born on board the ship 'John Wickliffe' at Port Chalmers, Otago, New Zealand, on the morning of Wednesday, 19th of April 1848. (Registered at Nelson, New Zealand, 8th July 1848.)' This was three weeks after the John Wickliffe anchored, and was baptised by Rev. Thomas Burns when the 'Philip Laing' arrived in April.

Eliza Larkins WRIGHT was born at sea in New Zealand waters on the 26 Oct. 1849 on the Larkins to Henrietta and Daniel Wright. Arrived Port Chalmers from London.

Charles Ocean THOMPSON s/o Robert Thompson was born at sea January 1868. Died 1940. Attended Christ's College H.S. in Christchurch and settled in the Napier/Hawkes Bay area around the 1890s. His father was a miner, Manawatu Gorge.

Cornwall McLEOD (nee MUIR) born on board the ship Cornwall during the voyage to Otago in 1849, was named after the ship. She resided with her husband and family near Palmerston.

Randolph Theodore CHANEY was born in the Bay of Biscay 10 September 1850 - died 6 Nov. 1928 and Randolph George HARPER were both born aboard the Randolph which arrived Lyttelton 16 Dec. 1850. Randolph was baptised aboard ship by the Rev. Charles Puckle. His father, William, was a mason; throughout his working life. Randolph built the first house in Randolph Street, Christchurch. Randolph was a labourer and a farmer and was buried at S. Peter's Anglican Church Upper Riccarton. There is also a Randolph Terrace in Christchurch named after the ship.

Elizabeth Dale WAGHORN born on voyage of the Randolph, under command of Captain Dale. Later Mrs HOWELL. She was living in Christchurch in 1900.

Alexander DERRY was born at sea 21 Nov. 1850 on the Charlotte Jane bound for Canterbury, NZ under the command of Captain Alexander Lawrence. The family a month before had lost a child 17 October 1850, buried at sea.

Seymour EATON, a twin, was born at sea aboard the Sir George Seymour in 1850

Henry "Harry" Lyttelton BRITTAN was baptized 20 July 1851 in Christchurch. The Sir George Seymour, weighed anchor at Plymouth, Sep. 8 1850. Arrived Lyttelton , Dec. 17, 1850. Attended Christ's College 1857 - 1858. Ob. Auckland, 21st July, 1929.

Henry Charles Graham's son, George Seymour GRAHAM, was 3 weeks old by the time he arrived in Lyttelton on Sept 8th 1850 aboard Sir George Seymour

Eleanor Cressy Mouldey born 20th December 1850

Arthur Zealand WRIGHT an infant on the Castle Eden in 1851 was named after the country he was going to.

Mary Elizabeth Bronte SAVILL was born at sea on 1st March 1853 the daughter of William and Jane Savill. The Duke of Bronte arrived at Port Lyttelton 5 June, 1851

Maria Draper Bronte SMITH was born May 1851 at sea aboard the Duke of Bronteone month out of Lyttelton. Draper was the ship's Surgeon Superintendent

Rosseta Harriet Bronte Gibbs NASH born at sea 27 May 1851 on the Duke of Bronte.

Caroline Labuan Wedge was born at sea in 1851.

Richard Canterbury MATHIAS came out to Lyttelton, Canterbury, NZ on the 'Dominion'in 1851. Attended Christ's College 1860 -1867

Eliza Steadfast Miller was born at sea in 1851

A birth occurred on the "Oriental", 27 November 1855 and the ocean child was named Ada Augusta Oriental GILES. On the 13 December, the Equator was crossed. Parents Launcelot and Rachel Giles. London to Auckland and on to Lyttelton.

George Howe COOK was born on 8 May 1855 on the whaling brig Independence off Lord Howe Island, according to family information

James Strathallan Buttars (BUTTERS) was born 24th December 1857 on the Strathallan. The family left Leith the 4th October 1857 and arrived at Port Chalmers 16th January 1858. The name Strathallan was used as a second name through the family line and the same family built and owned the first maternity nursing home in Opotiki (Bay of Plenty) and this facility was named Strathallan

Ann Wilson (Liverpool to Wellington 1857) "Thomas Wilson MORRIS" born on board on March 23rd 1857. Apparently his mother decided to name him for the ship. I guess without wanting to call him Ann she just used the Wilson part of the name.
Isaac Henzell Rutherford, master of the barque Ann Wilson which sailed from Liverpool for Wellington with emigrants on or about 29th November and came to anchor 29 March 1857.

On 25th Dec. 1858 two children were christened on board the 'Strathallan', bound for Timaru and Lyttelton, William Strathallan PADGET and the other Strathallan HAY.

A daughter was born to George Wilcock and his wife Elizabeth aboard the ship Edwin Fox and they named her Edwina Fox WILCOCK

Katherine Inchinnan PERCIVAL daughter of Richard & Anne Percival was born 1856 in the dock at Gravesend. The Inchinnan left Gravesend 13 January 1856 & arrived Nelson 19 May 1856. She was not actually at sea but on the way. The fiche of British overseas births (includes a sequence on births at sea) and the GRO births index was checked and this infant not found registered

Peter Bryce and his wife Isabella (nee FISHER) became the proud parents of Robert Henderson Cubitt BRYCE in 1858. The baby was born on the ship Robert Henderson, the captain's name was CUBITT.

A diary written on board the ship Indiana mentions the birth of a daughter to Mrs Robson on August 22nd 1858 who was christened Indiana McKirdy ROBSON. Unfortunately there were four Robson families on board so it is not possible at the moment to identify who the parents were. Maybe McKirdy was the maiden name of the mother but this is only an educated guess.

Louisa Thorpe BOOTH was born in 1859 on the Queen of the Avonon the voyage from London to Wellington. The ship's Surgeon Superintendent was Dr. THORPE. Her parents were John and Sarah Booth.

John Zealandia HILL son of Jacob Hill was born on the Zealandia on the way out to Lyttelton in 1859.

Sept. 11. 1859 Otago Witness - The Alpine, 1164 tons, R. Crawford, from, Glasgow. Passengers 460. There were four births during the voyage, the first born receiving the name of Alpine Crawford Cochrane BLACK, after the ship, the captain, the doctor, and the parents.
Otago Witness, 13 September 1905, Page 29 The Alpine, a newspaper published on board that vessel, which arrived here from Glasgow on September 9, 1859, edited by Mr James McINDOE who has just passed away, and by him, presented to Mr Dick, a fellow passenger, an early record of events on board was the birth of a son to Mrs John Black, to be named John Alpine Crawford Cochrane Black.

The "Regina" arrived in Lyttelton 4th Dec. 1859. Sarah Walker wrote incredible detailed letters back home to her mother and brother for twenty five years starting with her arrival in London and on 11th October 1859 wrote "We had two more births on board, but one was dead, and the one that has lived is called after the Captain, the sea and the ship. It is a boy and is called Thos. Thornton Regina Atlantic PEARCE, Pearce being his surname." His parents were Percival Pearce, age 32, and Eliza, age 28. There is a birth registered in 1860 in NZ - Thomas Reginald PEARCE.

Magna Bona, 1000 tons, Captain Tyson, sailed from London 29th July 1863, arrived Nelson 21st November. On the 5th November, Mrs. BRADSHAW, a steerage passenger, was confined of, a boy, who was subsequently christened Magna Bona BRADSHAW. The carpenter made the little stranger a cradle, on which his name was painted, and a subscription was raised for him among those on board, while Captain Tyson very considerately gave up a chief cabin for the use of Mrs. Bradshaw.

Annie Tybernia SANDERSON born in the Atlantic (appears in the IGI) by family lore she was born on the vessel Tybernia which was quarantined at Rangitoto on arrival in Auckland in Sept 1864

Clara Peace Christian FOOTE was born ashore in Melbourne on 19 May 1865 in enroute from New Foundland to Auckland. Named after the vessel Clara.

Eastern Empire arrived at Lyttelton 4 January 1865. Passengers included Thomas and Janet J. Jefcoate. Their son Thomas Eastern Empire JEFCOATE married in 1891 at Hook, South Canterbury. T.E.E. Jefcoate.

Agnes Caroline Coventry DALZELL - ex Belfast - was born on 19 April 1869 aboard the Caroline Coventry. She and her family later settled in Kaikoura

Oct. 26 1870 - James Nicol Fleming, ship, 992 tons, Logan, from Glasgow. On the 11th October, Mrs Alexander McPHERSON, a steerage passenger, gave birth to a male child and who will probably be named "The Fleming McPherson."

John and Margary Robb m. in Scotland in 1857 arrived on the Charlotte Gladstone 30th January 1871. Their 7th child William Fox Gladstone ROBB was born two weeks out from landing. The captain was James Fox.

Amelia Nicol Fleming BARNETT, third daughter of Robert and Sarah Barnett, was born on board the James Nicol Fleming on its voyage to Port Chalmers in 1875.

Mary Forfarshire THRUPP was born 18 Dec. 1872, to William Thomas and Mary Thrupp on the ship Forfarshire. Sailed London, England 16 Nov. 1872 - arrived Wellington, NZ 2 March 1873. Latitude 7 Deg. 20 Min. North, Longitude 25 Deg. 48 Min. West (North Atlantic Ocean) Signed James FOX, witness A.M. MacDONALD. Baptized C of E, Sunday, 5 January 1873 Latitude 26 Deg. 8 Min. South, Longitude 32 Deg. 13 Min. West (South Atlantic Ocean) Signed William SEWILL (acting Chaplain)

Oct 11 1873 - Otago, ship, 993 tons, Stuart, from Glasgow, 17th July. One birth took place on the 2nd inst, when Mrs McDonald was confined with a male child. On Friday the 10th, the child was christened by the Rev Mr BORRIE, a passenger, by the name of George Stuart McDONALD, the name being the Captain's.

Louisa Bouverie MARLOW date of birth is not recorded in the ship's log though she does have a birth cert in NZ. The ship arrived in Wellington on 18 Oct 1873 on the Edward P. Bouverie

Oceana Berar Cunningham FIRTH born on board the Berar, some time in 1873 and named after the sea, the ship & the ship's doctor

Annie Ballochmyle SMITH had the second name Ballochmyle because she was born on board the ship 1874 on the way out to Lyttelton

May 10 1874. : The wife of John HENNESEY of a son christened John Miltiades HENNESEY.

June 18: The wife of H W JENNINGS of a daughter, christened Jessie Miltiades Mar JENNINGS

June 26: The wife of Geo. TAYLOR of a son, christened Edward Miltiades TAYLOR

Tuapeka Times, 8 April 1896 he following inquiries as to missing friends are from 'Lloyd's "Weekly ' of February 2 and 9 : John Miltiades HENSEY was born at sea about 1874, on the ship Miltiades, going out to Auckland from Gravesend. Aunt Polly asks.

Henry Ballochmyle BARRETT, born on board the ship Ballochmyle1 2 March 1874, son of Jonathan Barrett b. 1834 Merther, Cornwall and Mary Ann GRIBBIN b. 1839, Cornwall. The Ballochmyle had left London 25th February 1874 and arrived Lyttelton 1st June 1874. Jonathon & Mary Ann Barrett and their eleven children settled in Christchurch. Henry died at an young age and is buried in the Barbadoes St Cemetery.

John & Isabella GUINAN arrived in Port Chalmers in 1874 aboard the Peter Denny. Their son was born aboard ship and was named Peter Denny GUINAN

From a diary. The Merope left Plymouth England dated June 27 1874. Sunday 19th. Light head winds rain all Saturday night wind varying 4 points 12 ct. in Lat 10. 11N Long 27.40 W Dist 92 miles. 2 Children Christened. The one that was Born on Board was named Elizabeth Merope the Ship's name Monday 20th 1874. Light Winds & Variable all day & night in Lat. 9.40 N Long 21.52W. Dist. 310 miles. Tuesday 21st Light Winds & Showers

John Thomas Parsee SCOTT, s/o Andrew Scott and Christina Moncrieff, born on 8th Aug 1874, on board the Parseeenroute to New Zealand, arrived Port Chalmers, 4th Sep 1874. John Thomas died 26 March 1949, and is buried in the Helensville Public Cemetery.

John Sea HAGUE was born to Thomas & Eliza Hague on board the Queen of the Age on its way to Auckland in 1874.

Charles Neil Alhambra CORNISH was born on 31 July 1875 aboard the ship Alhambra which sailed from the port of Bluff Harbour on 27 July. There are two entries in the ship's birth register: both contain the same details except one records the mother as being born in Scotland, aged 22. The births were registered in Melbourne and the places of birth are recorded as Lat S 41.16; Long E 150.28.30 (Tasman Sea)

James Nicol Fleming PAGE
Birth: 1876 in at sea around the area of Capetown
Death: 5 Sep 1954 in Kohika Valley Otaio, Canterbury, New Zealand
Burial: 6 Sep 1954 Waimate, South Canterbury, New Zealand
Occupation: Labourer, Farmer

George Inverness DURRANT, son of James Durrant & Sarah Foster. Born 25 Oct 1876 on the ship Inverness, which arrived at Hawkes Bay on 28 Oct 1876

Mary Zealandia SCUPHAM - her marriage certificate 19th Feb. 1896 states she was born "at sea" and her age as 19 which put her date of birth 1876/77. Took years to find which ship Zealandia. Found Mr & Mrs Scupham arriving in Sydney on 22nd June 1877 on the s.s. Zealandia. 23rd May departed San Francisco for Sydney via Hawaii and Auckland. Birth between 23rd May and 22nd June 1877. Parents: William and Mary Sophia Scupham. Never found her birth registered.

David Cowan Wellington McCOLL was named for the captain (Cowan) and the ship Wellington. DOB 29/01/1876. Arrived Port Chalmers on 17 March 1876

The Lady Jocelyn sailed 06 May - (20 May) - August 1878 from London to Belfast to Auckland and the passengers were bound for Katikati under Vesey Stewart's settlement scheme. Edward Jocelyn GEORGE was born 14 July 1878.

Henry and Elizabeth Fletcher arrived in New Zealand in 1879 - 1880 on the Western Monarch with one child Florence. A son was born on the voyage, Douglas Monarch FLETCHER was born 18 December 1879 and his death was the same day.

Robert 'Chalmers' ROBINSON was born on the ship Dunbritton outside Otago Heads on 13 June 1880. He was named after the nearest Port, which of course was Port Chalmers. He was christened at Port Chalmers on 9 July 1880 and was known by his second name.

The ship "Maraval" arrived in Wellington from London on 23 January 1880. Among the passengers was the son of a German couple, born, 11 Jan 1880, during the voyage and baptised Robert Maraval SCHROEDER. Robert was the first name of the Captain.

Captain John BOLLONS commanded the NZ Government steamers, the Tutanekai and the Hinemoa. He married Lilian Rose HUNTER, the daughter of a retired master mariner, John Hunter, and the couple's eldest son and eldest daughter received their middle names from ships that Bollons commanded, respectively.

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Indiana McKirdy ROBSON was born in 1858 on the ship Indiana to George Robson, carpenter and his wife Margaret nee Thompson. She was named Indiana after the ship, and McKirdy after the ship's captain.

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Alfred Ormond CHESHIRE was born on 4 February 1865 on the sailing ship 'Ganges', to John Henry CHESHIRE and his wife Mary Ann (nee LEES). He was born while the ship was off the Poor Knights Islands, 10 days before reaching the port of Auckland, New Zealand. His second name, Ormond, was a link with their last address in Birmingham. He was known as a 'Mother Carey's chicken' i.e. a child born on a sea voyage.

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