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BRANXHOLM CEMETERY - Tasmania - Australia

Journal by edmondsallan

Branxholm Cemetery- Tasmania

AH MOY, died 5 August 1908 (memorial in Chinese characters)
ALLEN, Edward Henry, who was accidentally killed, October 9, 1897, aged 46 years
ALLEN, James, dearly beloved husband of Nelly K. Allen, and fifth beloved son of the late Osborne and Elizabeth Allen of Penguin, accidentally killed Briseis Tin Mine, Derby, January 6, 1926, aged 47 years
ARMSTRONG, Olive, loving wife of Peter, died November 2, 1949, age 65
ARMSTRONG, Peter, beloved husband of above (Olive), died August 23, 1958, age 71
AUTON, Clyde Hamilton, 'Sam', 13.9.1921 - 4.7.2002, beloved son of Daisy and George, Branxholm, fondly remembered by his loving family, Ex RAAF, TX24002, niche wall
AUTON, Daisy Olivia, our beloved and devoted mother, fell asleep 7.3.1973
AUTON, Elizabeth Moore***, 4.9.1862 - 14.1.1893
AUTON, George Leonard, died 8 February 1956, aged 69 years
AUTON, James***, died 2.2.1911, and their children
AUTON, John, died 21 August 1919, aged 53 years
AUTON, Leonard James, 'Jimmy', 7.5.1920 - 1.3.1942, lost at sea with HMAS Perth, Sunda Strait, eldest son of George and Daisy, Branxholm, remembered with love and sadness, Able Seaman 23868, niche wall
AUTON, Louisa***, died 25.8.1901, and their children
AUTON, Margaret Clyde***, 7.11.1868 - 1894
AUTON, Mary Ann***, 29.1.1871 - 6.2.1892

BAKER, David Edward, beloved husband of Sarah J., died 28 January 1913, aged 57 years
BAKER, Edith Florence, died 1 April 1981, aged 74 years, loving mother of Betty, Elaine, Bill, Wilma and Nancy (with William)
BAKER, Sarah Jane, beloved wife of David E. Baker, died 6 January 1927, aged 65 years
BAKER, William John, died 20 September 1998, aged 91 years, loving father of Betty, Elaine, Bill, Wilma and Nancy (with Edith)
BARRET, Gwen, 1924 - 1971, beloved wife of Bill, loving mother of Dennis, Elaine and family
BARRETT, Jessie Munro, 20.11.1904 - 12.9.2000, loving mother of Bill, Don, Eileen, Noel, David, Allan, Shirley and Neville (with Thomas)
BARRETT, Thomas John, 19.3.1901 - 8.8.1958, loving father of Bill, Don, Eileen, Noel, David, Allan, Shirley and Neville (with Jessie)
BASTICK, John James, accidentally killed Briseis Mine Derby, 6 January 1926
BEAMISH, Lindsay Cope (Dear Duddie*), beloved son of W A and S Beamish, died 23 March 1912, aged 5 years
BENNETT, Amy Maud, nee LeFevre, 18.1.1912 - 15.10.2002, loved and loving mother of Audrey, Dell, Clare, Gay, Jenny (with Robert)
BENNETT, Barbara Mary, passed away 25 October 1970, in her 44th year
BENNETT, John Henry, passed away 6 August 1956, in his 82nd year (with Madeline)
BENNETT, Madeline Kate, passed away 20 September 1960, in her 80th year (with John)
BENNETT, Robert Neil, died 11 February 1987, aged 77 years + plaque [born] 2.8.1919*, loved and loving father of Audrey, Dell, Clare, Gay, Jenny, (with Amy)
BESWICK, Alfred Thomas, died 10 July 1930, aged 14 months
BESWICK, Allan McKinnley, passed away 27.3.62 (with Bertha)
BESWICK, Annie Sarah, died 20 January 1949, aged 84 years (with Richard and Ila)
BESWICK, Bertha, passed away 4.11.61, aged 56 years (with Allan)
BESWICK, Catherine, who departed this life 30 October 1908, aged 64 years (with Thomas)
BESWICK, Ila* May, daughter of the above (Richard and Annie), died 20 August 1981, aged 82 years
BESWICK, Kathleen, died 12 October 1993, (with Richard)
BESWICK, Richard David, died 22 November 1977, beloved husband of Kathleen
BESWICK, Richard Thomas, dearly beloved husband of Annie, died 8 March 1921, aged 58 years (with Annie and Ila)
BESWICK, Thomas, who departed this life 22 April 1905, aged 66 years (with Catherine)
BINNS, Elvie Kathleen, died 4 February 1975, aged 72 years (with Leonard)
BINNS, Leonard Joshua, died 15 August 1984, aged 91 years, + service plaque, Private, 2788, 40 Battalion
BOON, Albert James, 1904 - March 1964 (with Dulcie)
BOON, Albert Patrick, 1957 - 1988
BOON, Dulcie May, 1904 - September 1981 (with Albert)
BOON, Laura Isabel, d. 2000
BOUNDAY, Derrick Alfred, passed away 13.12.1996, aged 60 years
BROWN, Jemima, beloved wife of Joseph, died 10 December 1930, aged 88 years
BROWN, Joseph, husband of above (Jemima), 1854 - 1933
BROWN, Lindsay Reginald, 'Farmer', 31.8.1926 - 28.5.2002, loved husband of Daphne, loving father of Lynda and Leon, loved by all his grandchildren, niche wall
BRYANT, Leonard***, 25.7.1892 - 19.10.1892, baby son of Blanche
BULTE, Barbara Mary, 1995, 29 April 1944 - 5 January 1995, dearly loved wife of Peter, loved mother of Graeme and Daniel
BURLEY, Baby Reuben John, 4 October to 5 October 1992, loved son of Jonathan and Kathleen
BURNS, Terence, no details
BURT, Charles Cornelius, 6.3.1963 - 11.8.1988, result of accident
BURT, Geoffrey Thomas, died 9 July 1994, aged 55 years, loved husband of Maria, and father of Charles, Maryanne, Kathleen, Rosemaree* and Paul

CARLSSON, Arthur F., 3826, Private, 7 Field Ambulance, 28 September 1958, age 76; beloved husband of the late Beatrice
CARLSSON, Beatrice, died 15 September 1956, aged 80 years
CAVE, Samuel Brodley*, who lost his life in flood waters, Briseis Dam disaster, April 4, 1929; Erected by his loving wife Marion
CHILCOTT, Alice Pemily*, our mother, passed away 25 April 1970, aged 85 years (with John and Elsie)
CHILCOTT, Elsie, our sister, passed away 10 August 1938, aged 18 years (with Alice and John)
CHILCOTT, John, our father, passed away 6 April 1946, aged 70 years (with Alice and Elsie)
CHILCOTT, Shannon Robert, second son of Mervyn and Janice, fell asleep 24 May 1975, aged 10 weeks
CLARK, Albert Joseph, loved husband of Muriel May, died 2 January 1975, aged 76 years
CLARK, Michael Maurice, dearly loved eldest son of Jack and Rae, accidentally killed 7.7.56, aged 9= years
CLARK, Muriel May, loved wife of Albert Joseph, died 16 November 1979, aged 80 years. (widow WAGNER)Loved mother of Charles, Clarence, Dorothy, Bernard, Aileen, Alfred, Leonard, Lexie, John and Irene Wagner (buried with second husband, Albert Joseph Clark)
COATES, Allan James, died 11 January 1946, aged 3 years
COATES, Edgar Alfred, died 29 August 1960, aged 82 years (with Ethel)
COATES, Ethel, died 19 June 1959, aged 74 years (with Edgar)
COOKE, Alfred, dearly beloved husband of Emily A Cooke, died May 1, 1895, aged 27 years and 5 months
COUNSEL, Denis, died 13 July 1939, aged 93 years (with Lucy)
COUNSEL, Lucy Isabella, beloved wife of above (Denis), died 15 September 1944, aged 79 years
COURTNEY, Charles, died 12 October 1903, aged 66 years (with Sarah)
COURTNEY, Eva, beloved wife of George, died 30 September 1973, aged 91 years (with John)
COURTNEY, John Athol, beloved son of George and Eva, died 27 June 1967, aged 60 years (with Eva)
COURTNEY, Sarah J., his wife (Charles), died 28 September 1921, aged 86 years
COURTNEY, Thelma Alice, beloved daughter of George and Eva, died 11 June 1971, aged 57 years
COX, Croyden Cameron, 1878 - 1962, loved father of Gordon, Madge, Lyia and Wilfred, grandfather of Catherine and Carol (with Frances)
COX, Frances Catherine, 1880 - 1972, loved mother of Gordon, Madge, Lyia and Wilfred, grandmother of Catherine and Carol (with Croyden)
COX, Gordon Cameron, 1905 - 1974, loved son of Croyden and Frances (with Lyia)
COX, Lyia*, died May 1910, infant daughter of Croyden and Frances (with Gordon)
COX, Wilfred James, who died 25 August 1962, aged 61 years
CRICHTON, James Richard, beloved husband of Winifred Ethel, died 29 May 1981, aged 62 years
CRICHTON, Winifred Ethel, beloved wife of James Richard, died 1 May 1979, aged 60 years
CRIGHTON, Elizabeth, died 28 October 1933, in her 90th year (with James)
CRIGHTON, Elsie, loving wife of George, died 17 April 1955, aged 65 years
CRIGHTON, James, the beloved husband of Elizabeth, died 15 June 1918, aged 84 years
CRIGHTON, Jean, died 6 January 1900,
CRIGHTON, Richard George, died 25 September 1969, aged 83 years (with Elsie)
CROTHERS, Hilda Myrtle, beloved wife of A G Crothers, died 2 November 1936, aged 32 years
CROTHERS, John, beloved husband of Julia, died 7 July 1913, aged 67 years
CROTHERS, Julia Teresa, wife of above (John), departed this life 3 November 1920, in her 60th year
CROTHERS, Kathleen Ann, beloved baby of Violet and Kim, died 19 December 1939, aged 6 weeks
CROTHERS, Kim (Albert Leslie), beloved husband of Violet, died 26 December 1941, aged 37 years
CUNNINGHAM, Clara May, died 24.8.1997, in her 82nd year, loving mother of Richard, Margaret and Alec (with Clarence)
CUNNINGHAM, Clarence, died 15.6.77, beloved husband of Clara May, loving father of Richard, Margaret and Alec
CUNNINGHAM, George Russell, who departed this life in Derby, September 1916, aged 63 years and 1 month
CURTIS, Louisa Rebecca (Beck), died 6.6.79, aged 68 years, wife of Ellis (Tub), loved mother of Pauline and Kevin
CUTE, Ida Elsie, passed away 5 August 1975, aged 73 years, loved mother of Neenie*, Kit, Tom, Betty, Eileen, Fred and Marlene (with Thomas)
CUTE, Irene, died 1929, aged 9 months
CUTE, Thomas, passed away 1 December 1965, aged 69 years, loved father of Neenie, Kit, Tom, Betty, Eileen, Fred and Marlene (with Ida)

DAVENPORT, Sarah Marie, 21.4.1990 to 11.1.1997, loved daughter of Rosie and Alan, sister of Laura and Ryan
DAVIES, Esther Coralie, 1906 - 2004, loved wife of Jack, cherished mother of all her family, niche wall
DAVIES, Jack Telfer, 1902 - 1990, dearly loved husband of Esther, loving father of Brian, Rus*, Rex and John, niche wall
DILGER, Alfred William, died 23rd January 1942, aged 57 years (with Millicent)
DILGER, Millicent Leila, passed away 21 April 1958, aged 73 years (with Alfred)
DOYLE, Eliza Anne*, our dear mother, loved wife of John, died 29 June 1963, aged 89 years
DOYLE, John Joseph, beloved husband of Eliza Ann*, born 26 November 1871, died 17 February 1952
DOYLE, John, loved husband of Maisie, died 10 April 1970, aged 58 years
DOYLE, Lawrence Joseph, beloved husband of Rita, loved father of Michael, died 14 December 1986, aged 72 years
DOYLE, Maisie Lillian, loved wife of John, passed away 16 May 1983, aged 68 years, loved mother of all her children
DOYLE, Mary, beloved daughter of John Joseph and Eliza Ann*, died 14 March 1913, aged 11 months, 21 days
DOYLE, Veronica Dawn, infant daughter of John and Maisie, died 19 September 1949, aged 6 months

EAGER, Emily, who died 1940, age 50
EAGER, William.
EDDY, Anne Elizabeth, died 15 February 1944 (with William)
EDDY, William Lawrence, died 3 August 1948 (with Anne)
EDE, Henry, born 30.3.60, died 30.5.40 (with Sarah)
EDE, Sarah, born 4.9.62, died 1.9.43 (with Henry); erected by their daughters
EDWARDS, Alec Samuel, OAM, 19.12.1917 - 11.4.1996, loved husband of Dorothy, loving father of Geoff, Ivo*, Frank, niche wall

GOSS, Albert, beloved husband of above (Eva), died 3 October 1967, aged 73 years
GOSS, Eva May, beloved wife of Albert, died 6 April 1942, aged 46 years
GRACE, Emily E., died 2 May 1945, aged 87 years and 5 months (with Michael)
GRACE, Michael, died 19 August 1918, aged 61 years
GRACE, Pius John Francis, died 23 March 1909, aged 14 years
GRACE, Sebastian Michael Leo, died 10 March 1928, aged 38 years
GRAHAM, Louis, aged 11 (with Minnie)
GRAHAM, Minnie, aged 23 (with Louis)
GRAY, Hazel Veronica, 1904 - 1989, loved wife of Arthur Edward, devoted mother of Ted, Des, John, Myra
GREGORY, G. W., Gnr, 15223, 13F.A.B., 12.7.33
GREGSON, Francis Stephen, beloved husband of Alice, died 9 May 1938
GREGSON, Francis, my dear husband, died 31 August 1935, aged 82 years
GREGSON, Louise, died 11.8.39
GREGSON, May Christina, died 30 January 1936, aged 52 years
GUNTON, Alex, passed away 18 June 1959, aged 79 years
GUNTON, James Thomas, dear husband and father of Alma and family, died December 21, 1933
GUNTON, James, died 7 November 1897, aged 51 years [with Mona]
GUNTON, Mona Grace, beloved daughter of above [James], died 26 September 1896, aged 7 years 7 months

HARPER, Cheryle* Anne, beloved only daughter of Clarence and Dorrie, passed away 2 August 1969, aged 22 years
HARPER, Dorrie Alice, beloved wife of Clarence Boyd, loved mother of Kerry, Cheryl* and Gerald, died 28 October 1977, aged 56 years
HARPER, Edward George, died 1 November 1951, aged 70 (with Madeline)
HARPER, Kelly Anne, loved infant daughter of Gerald and Aileen, died 10 July 1975, aged 1 day
HARPER, Madeline, loved wife of the above (Edward), died 24 July 1973, aged 83
HARPER, Noel, no details
HARRINGTON, died 9 May 1924, aged 40 years
HAY, Ellen, loved wife of Carl and devoted mother of William, Elsie and Lorna, died 28.10.1935
HAY, Elsie Irene, loved daughter of Carl and Ellen, sister of William and Lorna, died 2.7.1934, aged 15 years
HAY, Leslie Carl, 1895 - 1976, loved husband of Ellen, loved father of William, Elsie, Lorna
HAY, William Leslie, loved husband of Alice, loving father of Carlene, Bary and Philip, 24.1.1914 - 27.9.1986, niche wall
HAYES, Hilda Margaret, died 4 June 1983 (with Norman)
HAYES, Norman Albert, died 15 September 1968, (with Hilda)
HEXTALL, Dennis Brian, 22.6.1948 - 4.6.2000, loved husband of Maree, cherished father of Tonia, Nathan, Melissa, Lea, Kylie and Kelly
HILLS, Arabel I. M., died August 10, 1899, aged 10 months and 3 weeks
HOLMES, Edward Akeroyd, of Bradford, Yorkshire, England, died 29 July 1900, in his 49th years
HOLMES, Emily, died 6 October 1958, aged 85 years
HOLMES, Fred, died 10 July 1957, in his 78th year (with Myrtle)
HOLMES, Jarrod William, Twin, born and died 18.6.89
HOLMES, Leonard David, 25.11.1911 - 29.4.1977, loving father of Jean, Alan, Maureen, Paul (with Patricia) + Len, in his 66 year
HOLMES, Leonard James, Twin, born and died 18.6.89
HOLMES, Myrtle, died 12 April 1979, in her 98th year (with Fred)
HOLMES, Patricia Gloria, 8.7.1923 - 3.1.2004, loving mother of Jean, Alan, Maureen, Paul (with Len)
HYDE, Millicent, my dear wife, died 26 June 1923, aged 62 years

JACKSON, Phillip Edgar, 16.2.1927 - 7.9.2004, loved husband of Nancy, loving father of Anne, David, Penny and Mark, niche wall
JAFFRAY, George Morris, passed away 12.4.48, in his 44th year, loved father of Albert, Arthur, William, Robert, Norma, Alwyn, Colin and Ken (with Vera)
JAFFRAY, Vera Gladys, passed away 21.5.85, in her 83rd year, lover mother of Albert, Arthur, William, Robert, Norma, Alwyn, Colin and Ken (with George)
JAFFRAY, William P., our dear husband and father, who departed this life February 26, 1921, aged 79 years
JAMES, Rone Lucas, 14 May 1982 - 22 December 2002, loved son and stepson of Ruth and Drew, loved brother of Emma, Darius and Nickolas*, niche wall
JARVIS, Graham, loved son of above (MacDonald and Joyce), accidentally killed 11 February 1973, aged 18 years
JARVIS, Joyce, loved wife of above (MacDonald), died 29 December 1997, aged 88 years (with Graham)
JARVIS, MacDonald, loved husband of Joyce, died 25 August 1978, aged 78 years (with Graham)
JENTZSCH, Catherine Florence, his (Freiderick) died 1 August 1943, aged 84 years
JENTZSCH, Freiderick August, died 16 December 1927, aged 74 years (with Catherine)
JOHNS, Mary, infant daughter of Charles and Caroline, died September 6, 1900, aged 15 months
JOHNSON, Albert Ernest, dearly beloved husband of Hilda Maud, died 14 February 1955, in his 78th year
JOHNSON, Edward, died 18 May 1914, aged 51 years
JOHNSON, Ern, beloved son of A E and H Johnson, accidentally killed March 3rd, 1943, aged 33 years
JOHNSON, Hilda Maud, dearly beloved wife of above (Albert), died 19 October 1968, in her 82nd year
JOHNSTON, William, died October 15, 1910, aged 66 years
JONES, Jessie Mabel, his (William) beloved wife, died 3 June 1911, aged 31 years
JONES, William, died 25 April 1909, aged 33 years (with Jessie)

KAYE, Trevor, (no details)
KEAN, Cecil Gay, our dear father, died 19 October 1932, in his 52nd year
KENNELLY, John, died 6 January 1898, aged 50 years
KERRISON, Edward Stephen, beloved husband of Kathleen, and father of Beatrice, Stephen, Shirley, died 9 December 1928, aged 35 years
KERRISON, Emily Jane, wife of above (Walter), died 10 July 1964, aged 84 years
KERRISON, Grace Elizabeth Rebecca, his (Stephen) beloved wife, passed away 22 May 1937
KERRISON, Stephen, passed away 9 July 1936, (with Grace)
KERRISON, Walter, loved husband of Emily, died 17 May 1945, age 66
KING, Ada May, died 5.12.49, aged 69 years (with Albert)
KING, Albert John, died 5.8.63, aged 83 years
KING, Amy.
KINCADE, Hypatia, our dear mother, passed away 26.3.81, aged 93 yrs (with Tasman)
KINCADE, Reginald Robert John, loved son of Tasman and Hypatia, 9.10.14 - 16.8.1995
KINCADE, Tasman, our dear father, passed away 21.5.43, aged 57 yrs (with Hypatia)
KLAJUMS, Jekabs* Alfred, accidentally killed July 19, 1950, aged 36 years
KOLOSOUE, Augustus, died 18 March 1933, aged 73 years
KRUSHKA, Chrissie, their (Margaret and Hugh) daughter, died 7.4.39, aged 22
KRUSHKA, Edna Jean, 1927 - 1989, loved wife of Max, loving mother of Graeme and Brenda
KRUSHKA, Esther, died 3 September 1924, aged 9 years, daughter of W and W Krushka (with Malcolm)
KRUSHKA, Ferdinant John, son of William and Helen, who died Sepotember 9, 1895, aged 4 years and 6 months, accidentally drowned
KRUSHKA, Gladys, dearly beloved wife of Roy, departed this life 18 April 1920, aged 30 years
KRUSHKA, Hugh, her (Margaret) loved husband, died Nigeria, 25.10.48, aged 65 (with Chrissie)
KRUSHKA, Jean Audrey, 1929 - 1991, loved wife of Ron, loved mother of Robert, Nancy, Barbara, Peter, Julie, Susan, Dorothy, Trevor, Wendy and Helen
KRUSHKA, Malcolm, died 28 July 1913, aged 2= years , son of W and W Krushka (with Esther)
KRUSHKA, Margaret, died 15.12.25, aged 43 (with Hugh and Chrissie)
KRUSHKA, Maxwell Henry, 1918 - 1998, loved husband of Edna Jean, loving father of Graeme and Brenda
KRUSHKA, Ronald Max, 1920 - 1994, loved husband of Jean, loved father of Robert, Nancy, Barabara, Peter, Julie, Susan, Dorothy, Trevor, Wendy and Helen
KRUSHKA, William John, died August 6, 1900, aged 54 years and 7 months

LAWRY, John, loved father of Emily and Mary, died 1 July 1937, aged 84
LE FEVRE, Abel George, loved husband of Noreen, born 1912, glorified 1989
LEBON, Annie, our dear mother, died 8 October 1943, in her 87th year; Erected by Jack, George, Hilda, Amy
LEFEVRE, Bob, son of J and E LeFevre, accidentally killed 22 July 1938, aged 20 years
LEFEVRE, Edward, "Deas", 1919 - 1996, loving husband of Mavis, adored father of Teddy, Marlene, Norma, Helen, Dianne and Jillian
LEFEVRE, Elizabeth Rebecca, died 6 May 1968, aged 85 years (with James)
LEFEVRE, James, who departed this life 17 December 1957 (with Elizabeth)
LEFEVRE, Mavis Pauline, 1921 - 2001, loving wife of Deas, adored mother of Teddy, Marlene, Norma, Helen, Dianne and Jillian
LEFEVRE, Timothy, stillborn son of Fay and Claude, died 12 May 1957
LETHBORG, Aileen, died 25 June 1930, aged 5 weeks
LETHBORG, Leonard Reeves, 10.7.1894 - 4.7.1969, (with Ruby)
LETHBORG, Rhoda, died 9 March 1931, aged 3= years
LETHBORG, Ruby Ida, 19.6.1892 - 9.8.1959 (with Leonard)
LIVINGSTONE, Ernest Lewis, my loving son, ??? result of accident, 15 June 1952, in his 18th year

MADDEN, Tearna* L.,
MCCLENAGHAN, Elizabeth Mabel, the beloved wife of Robert, who departed this life 12 May 1917, aged 28 years
MCCRAIL, Patrick, beloved son of Lcute* and A Pearce, died 1 June 1941, in his 80th year
MCKIMMIE, Roberta, died April 14, 1915, aged 62 years
MERIFIELD, Elizabeth Jane, our dear mother, the beloved wife of H. Merifield, died 17 May 1909, aged 53 years
MERIFIELD, Henry, 1854 - 1937
MERRITT, Clara Ann, wife of William, died 26 June 1946, aged 67 years
MERRITT, Robert, died whilst P O W, 15 March 1945, aged 23 years, the sons of W and G A Merritt (with Rueben)
MERRITT, Rueben*, died 7 March 1925, aged 12 years (with Robert)
MINEALL, Allen, in his 5th year, 1918
MONTGOMERY, Mary, passed away 31.7.1940, aged 86 yrs (with Robert)
MONTGOMERY, Robert, passed away 29.1.1923, aged 70 yrs (with Mary)
MOORE, Herbert Edward, 1900 - 1973
MOTT, Brian Courtney, 24.12.1942 - 4.3.2002, son of Jean and Jack, brother of Elaine, Geoff, Judith, Trevor and Shirley, father of Corey, Timothy and Louice* niche wall
MOTT, Geoffrey, loving husband of Noreen, devoted father of Dale and Tanya, 1940 - 1970
MOTT, John Cameron (Jack), died 12 March 1987, aged 75 years, loved father of Elaine, Geoffrey, Brian, Judith, Trevor and Shirley (with Olive)
MOTT, John, passed away 14.12.1948
MOTT, Olive Jean, beloved wife of Jack, died 13 August 1961, aged 45 years, loved mother of Elaine, Geoffrey, Brian, Judith, Trevor and Shirley
MOTT, Phoebe, passed away 24.10.1980
MOTT, Trevor A., 20.8.1950 - 31.7.1996, son of Jack and Jean, brother of Elaine, Geoff, Brian, Judith and Shirley, father of David and Theresa niche wall
MULHEARN, [no details]
MULLINS, D. L., Private, T101959, 12/50 Infantry Battalion, 5 September 2001, age 82
MULLINS, Perry James, died 11 July 1984, aged ?? Years
MULLINS, Ruby Pretoria, died 29 November 1971, aged 70 years

NAYLOR, J. M., Private, VX119252, 80 Australian General Hospital, 6 April 1991, age 77; John, loved husband of Thelma, loved father of Kay, Jan and Ken
NAYLOR, John James, died 22 January 1975, aged 93 years, loved father of Alice, Arch, Rebecca, John, Mavis and Audrey (with Louisa)
NAYLOR, Louisa, died 23 April 1969, aged 85 years, loved mother of Alice, Arch, Rebecca, John, Mavis and Audrey (with John)
NAYLOR, Thelma Jean, went to sleep April 25, 1992, aged 76 years, much loved wife of John (Jack), dearly loved mother of Kay, Jan and Ken
NEWMAN, Harry, beloved husband of Jean, died 15 June 1941
NICHOLS, Alfred W., died 25 November 1941, aged 83 years
NORTON, Rebecca, loving wife of the above (Sydney), died 5 December 1943, aged 88 years
NORTON, Sydney, beloved husband of Rebecca, who passed away 19 July 1915, aged 59 years

POVEY, Ella Frances May, 1915 - 1989, loving wife of Lyell, loved mother of Jean, Betty and Lynette (dec)
POVEY, Lyell Leslie, 1910 - 1985, loving husband of Ella, loved father of Jean, Betty and Lynette (dec)
PROBERT, Leslie Winfield, son of Thomas and Anne, died 28 November 1923, aged 1 month

RANSON, Frances Winfred (sic), 1900 - 1970
RANSON, Katherine Grace, 1897 - 1969 (with Francis)
RATTRAY, Arthur Herbert, beloved husband of Doris, died 5 March 1957, aged 67 years
RATTRAY, Bobby, beloved son of Nellie and Claud, aged 13 years
RATTRAY, Cyril, husband of Irene, loved father of Kath, Lyndsay* and Yvonne, 1909 - 1985
RATTRAY, Doris Florence Frances, beloved wife of Arthur Herbert, died 6 March 1977, aged 71 years
ROSE, Emma Elizabeth, died 3 February 1972 (with Frederick)
ROSE, Frederick Hugh, died 3 May 1955 (with Emma)
ROSEVEAR, Charles C., died 24 April 1924, aged 52 years
RUSSELL, Amy Lavinia, 1903 - 1977 (with Robert)
RUSSELL, Robert Clarence, 1894 - 1961(with Amy)
RYAN, the infant son of Cecil and Audrey, died 27 June 1910, aged 1 day

SAGE, Henry James, our dear husband and father, who died 10 March 1917, aged 52 years
SAGE, Rosanna, 1882 - 1963, loved wife of Henry, loved mother of Joseph
SCHELLER, John Wolfram, 1942 - 2002, loving father of Lorraine, loving brother of Ekkehard, niche wall
SHEEHAN, Francis Nicholas, husband of Theresa, loved father of Kathryn, died 21 June 1973, aged 51 years
SHELLEY, Arthur Edward Prince, beloved son of E P and E K Shelley, died 23 February 1918, aged 35 years
SHELLEY, Eleanor Kate, beloved wife of Rev. E. P. Shelley, died 17 November 1928, aged 70 years; erected by her son Jack and grandson Byron
SHELLEY, Rev Edward Prince, beloved husand of Eleanor Kate, died 14 December 1917, aged 67 years
SIMMONS, Herbert, our dearly loved father, died 27 September 1939, aged 49 years; Grace and John
SIMMONS, Margaret Grace, our dear daughter and grand daughter, died 7 September 1944, aged 10 months
STEVENS, Daisy, loved wife of Victor, died 8 November 1955, aged 59 years
STEVENS, Elaine Merle (nee Baker), 28.12.28 - 27.4.83, mother of Lawrence, Mathew, Brandon, Warren and William, grandmother of Brooke
STEVENS, Rex, Corporal, TX11860, Veterinary and Remounts S'ce, 11 August 1955, age 34
STEVENS, Victor, loved husband of Daisy, died 4 March 1965, aged 69 years
STEWART, Peter, died 12 August 1953, aged 74 years

THOMPSON, Henry William, 19.4.1898 - 31.8.1991, loved father of Peter, Judith, Michael and Naomi (with Roma), niche wall
THOMPSON, Roma Ruby, (nee Edwards), 12.5.1912 - 15.4.1995, loving mother of Peter, Judith, Michael and Naomi, (with Henry), niche wall
TILLEY, Joseph, who departed this life May 27th, 1900, aged 71 years
TORRENTS, Edith Maude, beloved wife of John, died 12 July 1945, aged 72 years
TORRENTS, Gwenneth Pauline, died 17 January 1949, in her 19th year
TORRENTS, Thomas Arnold, died 5 April, 1952, aged 55 years
TRELOGGAN, K. A., died 28.7.1979, loved Uncle Dick of Colin and Norma Rattray and family
TUCKER, Clyde Wellesley, beloved husband of Mai, died 21 August 1930, aged 44 years

WALKER, Bernard, died April 25, 1935, aged 27 years
WALKER, Bernice Evelyn, beloved wife of above ( Edward), died 27 December 1970, aged ?1 years, loved mother of Bernice, Peter and Rex
WALKER, Edward, beloved husband of Bernice, died 4 November 1944, aged 49 years, loved father of Bernice, Peter and Rex
WALKER, Rex, loved husband of Bev, passed away 21 October 1975, aged 38 years, loved parent of Roslyn, Jan, Cynthia, Graeme and Derek
WALSH, George Henry, died 28 January 1926, aged 76 years
WATSON, Amanda Jane, loved infant daughter of Helen and Alan, passed away 16 December 1972, in her 3rd year
WATSON, Arthur Norman, 1906 - 1995, loving husband of Mavis, beloved father of Denise and Alan
WATSON, Mavis Joan, 1917 - 1983, loving wife of Arthur, beloved mother of Denise and Alan
WEBB, A (Cornelius Andrew Albert) and M (Margaret Elizabeth).
WEIR, Joseph, who departed this life 4 July 1910, aged 69 years
WHEELER, Charles Maurice James, passed away 23 November 1968, aged 84 years (with Emily and Norman)
WHEELER, Cyril Maxwell (Sport), 1923 - 1990, devoted son of Charles and Emily, a kind and loving brother; RAN 1942 - 1946
WHEELER, Emily Annie, beloved wife of above (Charles), passed away 11 August 1977, in 87th year (with Norman)
WHEELER, Nella, (no details)
WHEELER, Norman Charles, loved son of the above (Charles and Emily), passed away 21 January 1969, aged 58 years, TX 5294, 2/14 Battalion, Late 2nd AIF
WHEELER, William, Beloved husband of Nella and father of Gail (dec, Darryl, Noel and Norman. Passed tragically of illness).
WHITMORE, Amy Elizabeth, wife of the late William, passed away 10 December 1952, aged 73 years
WHITMORE, William, beloved husband of Amy C. Whitmore, died 30 March 1941, in his 71st year
WILLIAMS, Annie, no details, just a concrete surround
WILLIAMS, Blanche Helen, beloved wife of Richard Edward, died 7 April 1942, aged 76 years
WILLIAMS, Edward, our dear father, passed away 7 November 1909, aged 84 years (with Grace)
WILLIAMS, Grace, our dear mother, passed away 3 April 1948, aged 100 years (with Edward)
WILLIAMS, John James, passed away 20.2.1962, aged 89 years (with Lavinia)
WILLIAMS, Lavinia Mary, passed away 16.2.1966, aged 81 years (with John)
WILLIAMS, Richard Edward, died 23 September 1947, aged 82 years (with Blanche)
WILLIAMS, Roderick Thomas, 24.12.1942 - 21.12.2002, loved son of Thomas and Elizabeth, brother of Joan and Stuart, niche wall
WILLSON, Harriett A., beloved wife of the above (Thomas), who departed this life 19 April 1920, in her 71st year
WILLSON, Thomas, died 13 march 1904, aged 62 years (with Harriett)
WISE, Lydia, loved daughter of Vivian and Alice, died 1918, aged 9 months
WOODS, Lucy Jane, who died 4 May 1942,
WORKER, Alfred George, who was accidentally killed, July 14, 1936, aged 59 years
WRIGHT, Reginald Edward, died 1919, aged 6 years, beloved son of William and Edwyna* Wright, brother of Thelma, Ashley and Geoffrey

YOUD, Athol John, 'John', 5.12.1939 - 1.4.2002, loving son of Ellen and Reg, loving brother of his brothers and sisters
YOUD, Ellen Mary, 13.6.1918 - 7.11.2000, beloved wife of Reg, loving mother of Carl, Edna, John, Stan, Bev, Kev, Darryl, Faye, loving grandmother
YOUD, Henry Carl, 'Carl', 28.4.1937 - 11.7.1971, loving son of Ellen and Reg, loving brother of all his brothers and sisters
YOUD, Reginald Carl, 19.12.1908 - 8.6.1994, loved husband of Ellen, loving father of Carl, Edna, John, Stan, Bev, Kev, Darryl, Faye, loving grandfather

Till we meet again - Regards -edmondsallan

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