Can anyone advise what ship, John Allen Lawton b1823 New Bedford USA came to Queensland on between 1847 and 1850. Also, does anyone know who whis parents were, his mother was a Fern and Father a Lawton from Boston, Massechusus. :: Genealogy
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Can anyone advise what ship, John Allen Lawton b1823 New Bedford USA came to Queensland on between 1847 and 1850. Also, does anyone know who whis parents were, his mother was a Fern and Father a Lawton from Boston, Massechusus.

Question by bwalker

Looking for any information on John Allen Lawton b1823 New Bedford USA came to Queensland on between 1847 and 1850. John married Sarah Higgins in Victoria Australia in 1851. I cannot find any information on his parents or siblings in New Bedford or Boston, USA.

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on 2011-06-20 03:54:51

bwalker , from Sydney, Australia., has been a Family Tree Circles member since Jun 2011. is researching the following names: LAWTON, PAYNE.

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by zan on 2012-02-18 04:02:08

Hello, The answer to your first queston regarding the name of the ship he sailed to Australia on: The story I was told was that he sailed on his own boat called Eliza Jemima.
I haven't been able to find out about his parents or siblings either. I know that he died in Geelong aged 66 in 1887 after falling from a horse and cart.
I hope this has been helpful for you.

by bwalker on 2012-02-22 19:37:41

Hi, I will see what I can find on the Eliza Jemima. Are you a descendant of his and do you live in Australia. Here is a note I have made about John Allen Lawton's death.
He worked as a Cab (taxi) Proprietor and died of fractured ribs, the result of an accident. The inquiry into his death on 4th April gives verdict of accidental. He died in the Geelong Hospital age 64. John is buried at the Eastern Cemetary Geelong.
The cause of death is listed as Delirium Tremens according to the Victorian Inquest Index 1840-1985 ID 445. The death certificate states cause of death as "Death from fracture of ribs, accidental"

by zan on 2012-03-03 03:44:48

Hello again, Yes, we do live in Sydney, Australia. My husband is a descendant of John Allen Lawton, I was told his name was Allen John Lawton and that the blood line was American Indian from the Sitting Bull Tribe. He came to Australia as a free settler and settled in South Australia, I don't know if it was for the Gold Rush.
My husband's father was Allen John McKell, his mother was Ivy Lawton, her father was
William Edward Lawton B1855. His father John Allen Lawton.
Sarah Higgins was the daughter of Sir Samuel & Lady Higgins who were sent out by Queen Victoria to govern the Aborigines in Victoria.

This information came from Betty White who was the daughter of Ivy Lawton. I only met her the once about 25 years ago but I was pregnant at the time and could not continue with my research. She also said that he was related to Lord Lawton in the House of Lords and he travelled to America on the Mayflower and married and Indian Chieftan's daughter. Just sounds like the Pocahontas story.

She did say that John Allen Lawton was related to Major General Henry Ware Lawton B1843 and D1899 in the Phillipines in the Spanish-American War, he was a war hero and is buried at Arlington National War Memorial in Washington DC.

I can't prove any of this because the dates do not gel, but I will keep trying. If I had a Birth Date or Certificate it would be a lot easier.
Look forward to hearing more of your research, if I find anymore information I will pass it on to you also.
The information above just could be stories passed down the generations.

by bwalker on 2012-03-04 00:55:51

Hi Zan,
I would love to meet with in reference to this information as I too was allways told that we were related to Cheif Sitting Bull by my Grandmother but have not been able to find out how.
The other information I have differs from yours, especially about the wife of John.
I have Ivy Lawton married to a Henry Roams but have no children for her, however, we may be talking about different people or my source could be incorrect.
If you would like to contact me regarding following through with this, my email is : [email protected]
I would love to meet with you.
Best regards

by ALV on 2012-03-04 19:45:04

Sitting Bull was born about 1831.

Sitting Bull's tribe is the Hunkpapa Lakota Sioux. At the time of John Allen Lawton's birth their territory covered both Dakotas and western Minnesota. They had migrated to this area around 1750 from the western end of the Great Lakes.

New Bedford, Massachusetts is a long way from where the Lakota were. It is a city that at that time of your ancestor's birth was one of the biggest whaling ports, if not the biggest, in the world.

Try to trace his parents ancestry. You can get their information off John Allen Lawton's death certificate.

I don't know if this helpful or useful but I'll keep looking through my information I have on Southern Massachusetts families. :)

by bwalker on 2012-03-04 20:43:17

John Allen Lawton's parents are unknown Lawton and unknown Fern according to his death certificate which does not help much.
His death certificate states he was born in Boston America, other documentation says New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA.
He was born 1823.
I am guessing that he may be related to, or descendant from John Lawton who married Rebecca Allen in Dartmouth Massachusetts who are listed in the "Index of Revolutionary War Pensioners" 1746.
At this stage, I have not been able to follow up on this line of enquiry but it could be where the Allen came from rather than Allan.
According to the note above,it was an ancestor of John Allen Lawton who married an ancestor of Sitting Bull.
Is there any way of checking Sitting Bull's ancestors.

by ALV on 2012-03-04 23:56:25

Having read the above

"...he was related to Lord Lawton in the House of Lords and he travelled to America on the Mayflower and married and Indian Chieftan's daughter. Just sounds like the Pocahontas story."

I have just checked the Mayflower lists and there is no Lawton listed. All the passengers fell into the categories of Leyden Congregation, Planters, Men hired for one year, Servants and George Kerr who was the ship's carpenter.

If he arrived in the Massachusetts area and married an Indian Chieftain's daughter it would definitely not be one of Sitting Bull's tribe but more likely to be of the WAMPANOAG tribe. The chiefly person in question was probably King Philip (Metacomet/Metacom/Pometacom). It may be one of his sisters as his only child was sold into slavery in Bermuda by the colonists.

I hope this helps.

by bwalker on 2012-03-05 23:02:06

You have saved me from searching the Mayflower travellors.
Personally, I thought we were related to Sitting Bull via a neice of Chief Sitting Bull as that is the story I was told and I thought it was through the Higgins connection but as I mentioned, I haven't found my connection but Sitting Bull is the Indian that we are said to be related to somewhere along the way.
Do you have any information on Sitting Bull's sister and brothers and their children.
I don't know at what stage my ancestors, the Lawton's, went to Massachusetts as I am still searching for John Allen Lawtons actual parents.
John's wife was Sarah Higgins from London who immigrated to Australia in 1849.
Thanks and regards

by ALV on 2012-03-06 00:32:32

I have done some looking into Sitting Bull's family and have found a great site run by descendants of Sitting Bull which has a family tree. I suggest you contact them as looking on the tree no marriages or offspring are listed for Sitting Bull's siblings.

by bwalker on 2012-03-06 21:27:24

Thanks for this information, I will follow through with it, the relationship could have been his mothers sister or brothers side.
By the way, according to the "Lawton Realm", there were two Lawton's on the Mayflower.
George Lawton and Thos Loiton (may not have been able to spell)

by ALV on 2012-03-06 23:22:30

I suggest you look at the Mayflower 1620 Passenger List as this the official list as provided by one of the original Pilgrims, William Bradford.

If you want more info suggest you contact the director of Pilgrim Hall - [email protected]

I am still looking into possibles for your John Allen Lawton. Need to look at alternatives like Laughton.

by bwalker on 2012-03-08 22:24:39

I will need to research this line further as like you say, nothing is n=mentioned about Lawton's in the passenger lists for the Mayflower.
I doubt that they were crew wither.
if there was ;more than one mayflower trip, perhaps it was a later journey.
I will go back to the lawton Realm to wee what else they say and if the other names match the actual mayflower listing.
Hopefully you may find something else on John Allen Lawtons's birth or parents. There are several Lawton's in Massachutess around the time he was born but I can't find any married to a Fern.

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