Can anyone help me please with information relating to the parents of Emma ATKINS, born in Tasmania in 1829 and died at Port Melbourne in 1894? All replies sincerely appreciate :: Genealogy
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Can anyone help me please with information relating to the parents of Emma ATKINS, born in Tasmania in 1829 and died at Port Melbourne in 1894? All replies sincerely appreciate

Question by ianmalik

She was married to Henry ALLENDER (1822-1900) at Hobart on 10th Feb, 1851.

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on 2017-04-20 02:49:04

ianmalik has been a Family Tree Circles member since Jan 2011. is researching the following names: HULL, FORREST, ALLENDER and 2 other(s).

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by tonkin on 2017-04-20 06:24:12


Name: Emma ALLENDER.
Died: 1894 Port Melbourne, Victoria.
Age: 65 years.
Father: William ALKINS. (Note spelling of surname)
Mother: unknown.
Ref: Registry of Deaths, Victoria. Reg. #10821.

ALKINS may be an index typo or informant error.

by tonkin on 2017-04-20 06:38:24


Died: 1892 Melbourne East, Victoria.
Age: 38 years.
Father: Henry ALLENDER.
Mother: Emma ATKINS.
Ref: Registry of Deaths, Victoria. Reg. #11173.

by tonkin on 2017-04-20 07:08:32

BIRTH for John above.

Name: John ALLENDER.
Born: 15 August 1857.
Father: Henry ALLENDER.
Mather: Emma ATKINSON. (Note spelling of Emma's maiden name)
Ref: Registry of Births, Tasmania. Reg. #243.

Henry and Emma had at least nine children in Tasmania and she was recorded under ATKINS for all births accept for this one.


Groom: Henry ALLENDER.
Age: 30 years.

Bride: Emma ATKINS.
Age: 20 years.

Date married: 10 February 1851.
Place: Tasmania.
Ref: Registry of Marriages, Tasmania. Reg. #131.

I have included marriage details to confirm marriage date and ages when married.

by ianmalik on 2017-04-20 08:46:02

All very much appreciated. Thank you tonkin....

by ianmalik on 2017-04-20 09:12:30

I think that the birth date of 15 Aug 1857 for John ALLENDER may be wrong because, wouldn't that mean that he would have been only 11 years of age when he married Mary Anne TURNER? And the fact that his mother's surname is different, wouldn't that tend to reinforce the suspicion that this information could apply to a different person?

by tonkin on 2017-04-20 23:49:56

You are correct Ian.
He's not the same John ALLENDER married to Mary Ann TURNER in 1868.
See Post: ALLENDER John married Mary TURNER 1868

This appears to be the marriage details for John TURNER (1857-1892).

Groom: John ALLENDER.
Birth place: Given as Hobart Town.

Bride: Mary Maria DAVIS.
Birth place: Given as St Kilda.

Year married: 1881.
Place: Victoria.
Ref: Registry of Marriages, Victoria. Reg. #4167.

Death of John's wife.

Name: Mary Maria ALLENDER.
Died: 1892 Fitzroy South, Victoria.
Age: 28 years.
Father: John DAVIS.
Mother: Mary RYAN.
Ref: Registry of Deaths, Victoria. Reg. #13793.

Remember, spelling errors are very common in the records. Surnames may appear under various spellings in the Birth, Death and Marriage records and can make record searches time consuming.

I expect John's mother named as 'Emma ATKINSON' in the birth records may be a simple spelling error.

You have Emma ATKINS born in Tasmania in 1829 but have not found a birth to date.

by ianmalik on 2017-04-21 02:59:45

.... all copied. Thank you tonkin. Any luck with Emma's parents?

by janilye on 2017-04-21 19:42:21

I half recall some story about Henry Allender but I really need to check it, and it might be a different Henry, so don't copy it yet;
I believe he was on the South Melbourne Council and lived up in Gladstone street. He was the eldest in the family and when his mother died she left him a penny and everything else to the second son.
I'll find the story and get back to you!

by janilye on 2017-04-21 19:59:55

Well, This article refers to it. I got 20% of the story right. it was a shilling! and he did end up in South Melbourne.
Allender and Evans Caveat

by ianmalik on 2017-04-22 01:56:39

Fascinating! Thank you for that janilye. I have saved those documents and linked them to Henry ALLENDER.

by janilye on 2017-04-22 14:48:39

The Cornwall Chronicle (Launceston, Tas.) Sat 23 April 1842
On Monday, at Kangaroo Point, Mr. Urias Allender, one of the oldest inhabitants of this island. He was 97 years of age, 30 of which he had served in the Royal Navy with gallantry and credit, having been Captain of the Foretop of Lord Rodney's ship, the Formidable, in the splendid victory of
the 12th of April, 1782. He made the adventurous passage to Sydney with despatches to Governor King in a whale-boat upon the formation of this colony, for which he was thanked in public orders. He died of the gradual decay of nature. -Murray's Review.
His death certificate gives his age as 90½.
He married Elizabeth HERLEY on 25 September 1825 she was 22 he was 50
Children were
James 1818-1825; Henry 1822-1900; George 1824; William 1830; Catherine 1832;
Harriett 1835-1835; Uriah 1836-1874;

by ianmalik on 2017-04-23 01:28:25

Thank you janilye! Would you be able to provide me please with a link to that newspaper article as I would like to save it as a source.

by janilye on 2017-04-23 01:34:24

I believe Elizabeth's maiden name was EARLY not HERLEY. Now, Elizabeth Early's mother was a convict on the First Fleet, her name was Rachel Early. Elizabeth Early was born on Norfolk Island.
Her and Urias had 10 children altogether; The first one was Sarah Louise in 1816. Then James, Henry, George, Edward in 1826 then William b.1830,
Catherine 1832, Harriet 1834, Uriah 1836, and lastly, Sarah Jane b.1837
The Mercury (Hobart, Tas.) Thursday 15 April 1875
On the 11th April, Elizabeth Evans (better known as Elizabeth Allender), in the 83rd year of her age ; one of the oldest residents of Kangaroo point. Her funeral will move to St. Mark's Church, at two o'clock THIS DAY. Melbourne paper please copy. 2892

I know you're looking for parents of Emma Atkins but I just wanted to clear that up. (Emma's father might be Charles Atkins, Henry went to NZ with a Charles Atkins could be a brother or father-in-law.) Anyway, I'll keep a look-out.

by ianmalik on 2017-04-23 01:43:24

janilye, previously we had Uria[s] and Elizabeth married on 25 Sep 1815 supported by marriage records, but your new date of 25 Sep 1825 would suggest that at least 3 of their children were born prior to their wedding?

by tonkin on 2017-04-23 02:25:14


Groom: Uriah ALLENDER.
Age: 50 years.

Bride: Elizabeth HERLEY.
Age: 22 years.

Date married: 25 September 1815.
Place: Tasmania.
Reg. #187.

Just confirming marriage details.

Still no luck finding the birth/baptism for Emma ATKINS.
I've been trying different spelling variations as well but cant even find a possible birth going with the details we have.

by ianmalik on 2017-04-23 02:57:14

Thank you for this confirmation. Assume HERELY should have read EARLY?

Thank you also for persisting with the parents of Emma ATKINS......

by janilye on 2017-04-23 10:42:55
by ianmalik on 2017-04-24 01:54:22

This is an amazing find janilye, and if true it means that I have a direct connection to a convict in the First Fleet!!

The link which you provided comprises no less than 10 conversations and links which I am now processing.

Thank you so much!

by janilye on 2017-04-24 18:50:05

So now! may we look forward to you joining the Fellowship of First Fleeters

by janilye on 2017-04-24 19:14:16


She was tried at Reading, Berkshire on 24 July 1786 for stealing tea and silk with a value of 3 shillings. She was sentenced to transportation for 7 years and left England on the Friendship aged about 25 at that time (May 1787). She had no occupation recorded. She died in 1842.

Notes: She spent time in irons on board the Friendship for “theft and dirtyness”. On 5 April 1791 she was ordered to receive 10 lashes for refusing to obey orders.Married John Price on 1 June 1788.

This year on the 13 May 2017 is 230 years since 11 ships carrying 1,420 persons set sail from Portsmouth.
There is a First Fleet Memorial at the Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park which is the only memorial which names every First Fleeter according to the ship they arrived on.

by janilye on 2017-04-24 19:28:57

a little more;
EARLY Rachel from “The Crimes of the First Fleet Convicts” by John Cobley TRANSPORT Friendship
PLACE AND DATE on TRIAL Berkshire Summer Assizes at Reading on 24 J
1786. ( 1 )
CRIME AND SENTENCE Rachel Earley [sic], late of the hamlet of Whitley in parish of St. Giles, spinster (2) : "For fely stealing 3 yards of silk Ribband 18d. one linnen Cap val. 6d. 1 ounce of Tea val. 3d. l ounce of Tobacco 4d. and 1 ounce of sugar val. 1d. goods of Jas. Pilgrim at the hamlet of Whitley in the parish. of St. Giles on 24 June 26 Geo: 3." (1)
To be transported beyond the seas for 7 years. (3)
OCCUPATION none (4) AGE 24 years (1787) (
APPEARS IN Order in Council No. 1, p. 6; Ross’s Returns, p. 248; Richard’s
Returns, p. 272; Clark’s List (Harley), p. 10.
REFERENCES (1) P.R.O. Assizes 2/25; (2) P.R.O. Assizes 5/ 106, Part 1;
(3) The Reading Mercury, 31 July 1786; (4) Clark, R., Journal, p. 10.

Note:\ Clark appears to have made two errors (in addition to mis-spelling the name). For Rachel Harley, he has the place of trial as London, when sources agree that she was tried in Reading on 24 July 1786. He also shows her as a Mercury mutineer, an impossibility if she was not tried till 1786.]

and John PRICE who Married Rachel Early on 1 June 1788, at St.Phillips C of E Sydney.
He was tried at Southwark, Surrey on 16 February 1785 for stealing livestock (a goose) of unknown value. He was sentenced to transportation for 7 years and left England on the Alexander aged about 22 at that time (May 1787). He had no occupation recorded. He left NSW in 1793(?). He could write; at least his signature is shown

by janilye on 2017-04-24 19:33:41
by ianmalik on 2017-04-25 03:19:24

Again, thank you so much janilye for your kind assistance in providing me with all this information regarding my ancestors.

I have downloaded the membership application forms for the Fellowship of First Fleeters, as suggested, and will now try to gather the required documentation.

by janilye on 2017-04-25 04:31:58

The name I have listed 'ARLLY' is what is written on the marriage certificate between Rachel and John Price; she made her X mark. So could not read or write. I assume that is the way she pronounced it. Price also made X his mark, so he must have learn't to sign his name later on.
So much depended on phonetics! But then we are so very lucky to have all these records available to us.

by ianmalik on 2017-04-27 05:14:31

According to The Fellowship of First Fleeters, they have already verified Uriah ALLENDER and Elizabeth EARLEY with their daughter Sarah (1816), but no other children. So I am now required to verify Henry ALLENDER's birth to Uriah and Elizabeth, and each generation up to myself.

I hope that I can now produce the required documentation......

by janilye on 2017-04-27 14:42:05

You shouldn't have any trouble. Elizabeth Evans death certificate might have her children's names listed.
Here is Rachel's death registration
Rachel Hirly died at Kangaroo Point, 25 April 1842. (The week after Urias Allender's death).
Kangaroo Point is now Bellerive. The Genealogical Society of Tasmania is housed at the Old Bellerive Post Office. They'd be only too happy to give you a helping hand.

by janilye on 2017-04-27 16:01:24

Here is proof you can't refute!
You will notice the informant on Rachel's death registration is William Folder.
He died on 3 March 1853.
Notice his informant? He was Henry Allender's brother-in-law
My advice is, when you research a person, whom you are not sure of. It pays to research everyone around them; and you know what! the in-laws always know more than the blood rellies. 'Spose they like to know who the little precious is marrying.
William FOLDER MARRIAGE to Sarah ALLENDER, 11 November 1835
William FOLDER, one of 168 convicts transported on the Mary, 15 December 1829
Date of Birth: c. 1812
Occupation: Seaman
Date of Death: 3rd March, 1853
Age: 37 years
Crime: Stealing
Convicted at: Southampton, Portsmouth Borough Quarter Session
Sentence term: 7 years
Ship: Mary
Departure date: 15th December, 1829
Arrival date: 10th April, 1830
Place of arrival Van Diemen's Land
Passenger manifest Travelled with 167 other convicts

After William FOLDER died Sarah FOLDER, nee ALLENDER married William Maule LEAKE

please note: some of the personal records for convict, William FOLDER were copied incorrectly by the Joint Copying Project with the State Library in Queensland. I have corrected the records, but they may take a couple of days to show online.
The records here, above, are correct.

by janilye on 2017-04-27 17:20:33

Oops! except for the age at death. Up there forgot to change it.> William Folder was 41 not 37. It shows 41 on his death certificate.
Now maybe we can move on to Emma Atkins!
I notice William FOLDER was witness at Emma and Henry Allender's wedding.
Now, remember I said I saw Henry Allender and a Charles Atkins, together on a schooner, going to NZ. up there somewhere!
Anyway here is Charles ATKINS marrying Isabella FOLDER
Now, maybe this Charles Atkins is Emma's older brother?
Have to do it tomorrow it's a bit late now.

by janilye on 2017-04-27 19:00:01

Henry Allender and Charles Atkins Left for Otago, NZ on the 19 October 1861 and returned from Otago, NZ on the 3 December 1861, aboard the schooner PICARD.
Okay tonkin, here's charles born around 1829, just need the Reg. Strong possibility he was born in Victoria. and I bet you 10 bob his father is William and his mother Emma
The Mercury (Hobart, Tas.)Tuesday 1 June 1880

Atkins.— On May 31, at his residence, Abernant,
Cambridge, Charles Atkins, after a long and painful
illness, aged 51 years. The funeral will leave for
Kangaroo Point Cemetery on 3rd Inst., at half-past 2.
Melbourne papers please copy.
The Mercury (Hobart, Tas)Wed 9 Jun 1880

Atkins.— On May 31, at his residence, Abernant, Cambridge Charles Atkins,
after a long and painful illness, aged 51 years.

by ianmalik on 2017-04-28 03:50:12

Thank you janilye for this additional information regarding my ALLENDER ancestry.

With respect to my application for Fellowship of First Fleeters, these are the ancestors which I am required to verify:

My parents were Male: Christon Herbert SMITH (b. 9 Jan 1909)
Female: Glenda May FORREST (b. 13 Apr 1918)

His parents were Male: Herbert Henry SMITH (b. 31 Mar 1875)
Female: Florence Hannah ALLENDER (b. 15 Aug 1879)

Her parents were Male: John ALLENDER (b. abt. 1844)
Female: Mary Anne TURNER (b. abt. 1849)

His parents were Male: Henry ALLENDER (b. 22 Feb 1822)
Female: Emma ATKINS (b.1829)

His parents were Male: Uriah ALLENDER (b. 15 Sep 1771)
Female: Elizabeth EARLY (b. 26 Jan 1794)

Her parents were Male: Samuel MARSDEN (b. 16 Sep 1769)
Female: Rachel EARLEY (b.1769)

by ianmalik on 2017-04-28 03:52:20

If I print copies of certificates from the web, is that acceptable?

by janilye on 2017-04-28 09:39:31

.. and your FULL birth certificate.
There must be enough FULL certificates to prove the trace back.

[A photocopy of the applicant's FULL Birth Certificate plus a photocopy of sufficient FULL Certificates or Transcripts (birth, death or marriage) is required to trace direct descent through each generation back to the First Fleeter to substantiate the claim.]
If you are unsure telephone 02 9360 3788

by ianmalik on 2017-04-28 12:06:14

OK, got that, thank you.....

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