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Can Genealogy Can Give Greater Meaning to Everyday Life?

Article by lindaFTC

By knowing some of your family history, you can appreciation the struggles, sacrifices, hardships, joys and achievements of those family members who came before you. Everyone may know through history courses of epidemics, wars, natural disasters in certain regions or locations, but not until you are aware of a real person, like a great grandfather, who experienced firsthand such events, do you truly value and better understand that history.

History is not just events, but rather the people who shape that history. What ones? ancestors did in their contributions may not have been high-profiled or made them famous, but just knowing they adapted and survived a life-time of historical moments can help us in the 21st century manage our own trials and tribulations, such as the tragedies of September 11th.

With DNA and genetic research, knowing one?s medical family history becomes essential. There is a high genetic factor with heart disease, stroke, cancers, diabetes, alcoholism, high cholesterol, kidney disease, glaucoma, high blood pressure and Alzheimer?s disease, just to name a few. One would need to see if there were patterns in family branches, for instance, all the males who died of heart disease, especially if they also smoked cigarettes and drank alcohol. The illnesses your ancestors suffered from and / or died from is vital for a complete medical history. Knowing when a relative had a certain disease, young, middle or old age, makes a difference. Adding the age at which they died is a big factor. Any information on ethnic background or race rounds out the medical history. Collect information also on uncles, aunts and cousins.

It is recommended having as much information for at least three generations for a thorough medical history. A selection of sources include: death certificates, obituaries, locating stored personal medical paperwork held by family members, talking with living relatives and seeing if the doctors who treated a relative have records.

By providing collected family medical history facts to doctors, you can make knowledgeable decisions for your own health care. Having the information, especially of certain health conditions for a line of ancestors, can help an individual improve their present-day lifestyle, eating healthier foods, not smoking and being more physically activity, etc.

Each day a person looks in a mirror and they may wonder if they look similar to anyone in their family. These would be inherited traits; such as eye color, hair color, curly hair, dimples, physical size, facial features, physical strength, even an aptitude for mathematics. Included would be inherited abilities or personality. Could it be that an ancestor was very much like your mother or a sister; whether that might include being an extrovert, a daredevil, exceptionally shy, a singer, a writer or a romantic carefree soul?

Your life today, as you know it has been greatly influenced by one?s heritage, their background. To view the journey our ancestors traveled, whether it was 30 years ago or 200, can be a great influence on your thinking today. Most people have relatives who moved from their traditional homeland to a new area. People moved within different sections of Europe, especially if national boundary lines were changed. Immerse immigration from Europe and other regions to new uncharted lands like Canada, South America, Australia and America can be figured in most people?s family trees. Opening one?s eyes to what really happened, when and where some ancestors chose to leave the homeland can offer you greater awareness of their determination. Discovering your roots can definitely give a person a stronger foundation for their present-day life.

By providing a legacy for future generations, especially if such a legacy had already been carried on by earlier relatives, can certainly be important to an individual today. There may be a collection of family documents, diaries, journals, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, receipts, papers, photos, etc. handed down through the generations. Keeping that tradition going and available to the next generations maintain that ancestral unity together.

Those individuals who were adopted, may feel a need even beyond medical reasons to know their birth family?s history. Seeking information on birth parents with its confidentiality and legal paperwork in itself can be a huge challenging task. However, the rewards for those adopted children who choose to find information on birth parents is just as important as any one else interested in genealogy. Each has a goal to satisfied their own curiosity in appearances, characteristics and personalities of their ancestors.

Genealogy can be an exciting, fulfilling and interesting hobby. Solving countless mysteries, putting certain pieces of an individual?s life together, just like a puzzle can be such a thrilling pastime.

Connection with the past is an interesting aspect of genealogy. It can be seen in locating a grandfather?s signature on a piece of paper, seeing a photo of your great grandparents, having a personal item of an ancestor and wanting to know more about that individual (where and when they lived, how long they were married). Visiting the town or a village or a neighborhood where your family lived for decades provides a sense of walking in their footsteps.

Assisting other researchers in their quest offers very personal satisfaction. Once you have had some experience gathering records and creating your own family tree, it is an excellent opportunity to share the facts you have collected. There can be distant cousins you are not aware of, who are also looking for their family branches. Linking up through various genealogical Internet sites will open new doors of information and a possible link with other family members.

As the old sayings suggest; ?Never forgotten, always remembered? and ?If you?re remembered, you live on forever.?

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