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Carradines of Hollywood, California

Journal by Dave Calladine

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on 2006-02-08 07:31:52

Dave Calladine , from Yeovil, Somerset, UK, has been a Family Tree Circles member since Jan 2006. is researching the following names: CALLADINE, LAUNCHBURY, FULLER and 22 other(s).

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by Dave Calladine on 2006-09-30 12:23:58

I have had some nice feedback concerning

8. Beverly Francis CARRADINE was born 1848, and died 1919.


9. Laura REID was born 1845.

The rev Beverley Carradine was born on the 4th April 1848 on the Altamont Plantation in Yazoo County MS. and married Laura Green Reed on the 4th July 1869.

William Reed was born 10 July 1871, in Dalton Georgia. In October 1874, the Rev Beverley started preaching at the 1st Baptist Church in Yazoo City.

by Dave Calladine on 2006-09-30 12:40:36

Beverly Carradine 1848-1931
was Educated at the University of Mississippi (attended 1865-67)
Occupation: Methodist elder, author

He served in the Confederate Army for the last five months of the Civil War.
and was buried at Vicksberg, Mississippi, in 1931, with the memorial 'May The Light perpetually Shine Upon Him' but no date of death on his gravestone.

His wifes tombstone is more ornate, and has the following inscription.

Laura, Wife of Rev B. Carradine
Born March 27 1852
Died March 1 1882

by CoZo on 2006-12-02 20:02:46

St. Pedro Carradegna's (FOUNDER of the Order of Our Lady of Mercy (Mercedarians) biography --

born Peter Nolasco of French nobility. A pious youth, his father died when Peter was fifteen, and he inherited a substantial fortune. When he came of age, he gave away his possessions and moved to Barcelona to avoid the Albigensian heretics. He later took part in the Crusades against the Albigensians in southern France. Tutor to King James I of Aragon. Settled in Barcelona, Spain. Was a friend of Saint Raymond Penyafort.

He used his large inheritence to ransom Christians held prisoner by the Moors. Founded the Order of Our Lady of Mercy (Mercedarians) beginning in 1218, an order devoted to ransoming Christians; the Order received papal approval in 1230. Peter twice served as a captive in Africa, winning the release of over 400 captives.

In 1249, Peter retired from the Order to spend his remaining days in quiet prayer.

Born in 1182 at Mas-des-Saintes-Puelles, near Castelnaudary, Languedoc, France

Died on 25 December 1258

Canonized on 30 September 1628 by Pope Urban VIII

by Dave Calladine on 2007-03-30 03:35:27

I stand corrected, St. Peter Claver
The son of a Catalonian farmer, was born at Verdu, in 1581; he died 8 September, 1654. He obtained his first degrees at the University of Barcelona. At the age of twenty he entered the Jesuit novitiate at Tarragona. While he was studying philosophy at Majorca in 1605, Alphonsus Rodriguez, encouraged him to set out to evangelize the Spanish possessions in America. Peter obeyed, and in 1610 landed at Cartagena, where for forty-four years he was the Apostle of the slaves. But He has nothing to do with the name Carradine!

by shicovianista on 2009-06-05 18:43:53

I only wish to ask a question. I was just muddling around, and found this site. You say the name, Carradine, is Irish, and originally spelled Calladine but pronounced with ls instead of rs.
I wonder how the name is pronounsed: is it
CarraDYNE or CarraDEEN? I had a memory that back when a voiceover would tell the audience who was in the cast of an upcoming movie John Carradine was pronounced as CarraDYNE, but now I hear it the other way? What do the Irish do with the last syllable?

by Amoreena on 2009-12-11 19:25:45

I know that this question was asked years ago, but I just have to respond.

First the author's name is Calladine. There is no connection to his name and the name of his subject.

Secondly, David Carradine and his family pronounced their named "CarraDEEN", according to his autobiography. He gave a lengthy explanation of how the name originally came from Italy, via Spain to Ireland. He said that, from Ireland, two Carradine brothers came to No. America. One settled in Canada, spelled his name "Caradine" and pronounced it "Karadyne". The other, his ancestor, settled in Tennessee. When John Carradine was introduced as "CaraDYNE", I'm guessing it is because the person doing it was ignorant of how he himself pronounced his name. It is sorta like to-may-to,to-mah-to.

by jsland on 2010-11-13 12:31:06

I'm interested in this Carradine account of the Carradine brothers who apparently came to N America from Italy, to Spain, to Ireland. Ireland seems a strange place for someone from Italy or Spain to go. Why not directly to the US? My mother says that Beverly Carradine said (her Grandfather via Josephine) the family name in Spain used to be "Carradino" with a sound like Carradinyo). Just a story. But I'm interested in the evangelical religious ideas that Beverly helped spread in the USA, and wonder whether tracing those ideas would help trace the family's origins in Europe. Extreme religious ideas can get passed down for many generations and have a huge influence on the children. I certainly know that they have passed along my portion of the Carradine family DNA to my mother's children and now our children's generation who are now in their early 20's. I know that there was a branch of Plymouth Brethren that began in Ireland called Extreme Brethren which left Ireland with some bands of "brothers" and began to have influence on the Methodists in Chicago and after a number of years actually hired Beverly Carradine to preach. Did they influence his ideas about the Holiness Church? Was one of those Extreme Brethren a Carradine?

by pcorradine on 2012-02-01 17:22:17

My name is Paul David Stjohn Corradine. My father John Corradine did alot of research into our family tree some years ago.He has since past away.
He led me to believe that the Carradines were an ofspring of our family many generations back when to distinguish between each other some family members used the name Carradine. There were records of one such brother heading for America.
Corradine is a common name in the south of Italy.The earliest reference he found was of a corradine walking down from Scotland, we think probably a mercenry from a ship lost during the Spanish armarda.
We prefer the corraDEEN.

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