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Caudry of Maldon Victoria

Journal by Scanlon

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on 2011-10-17 03:57:46

Scanlon has been a Family Tree Circles member since Oct 2011. is researching the following names: CAUDRY, SCANLON.

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by janilye on 2011-10-18 04:55:41

The CAUDRYs were miners and lived in Porcupine Rd Maldon in the early 1900s.
what is it about the Caudry family you wish to know?

by Scanlon on 2011-10-18 05:28:16

Thanks Janilye

You are very kind to respond

My name is Denis Scanlon my mother was Elsie Caudry and I lived in Maldon as very young child (5). Born 1941 and for many years visited with my parents, cousins and many others of my family during holidays.

When my uncle(Fred)died in a fire at the old homestead there was little contact and the family lost connection, which now to me seems very sad as there were many happy times I remember.

I guess like many I have wondered what happened and am just plain inquisitive of my past.

Thank you for your care
Best regards Denis

by janilye on 2011-10-18 06:07:55

oh Denis, Maldon hasn't changed very much at all, it is still one of the most charming places in Victoria. Elsie's parents lived in Morris St. Maldon. Your father would be James. I'll be in the district tomorrow the 19th for about a week. I'll be sure to ask around. Anything specific you want to find out just say.

by janilye on 2011-10-18 06:48:33

The children of George Caudry (born Coderoy) 1827-1888 and Ann Stevens (they married in Chewton).
Mary Jane Caudry 1855 1863
Elizabeth Anne Caudry 1856 1883 m. Almon KENT
William Stephens Coddery 1858 1937 m. Mary Ann TAYLOR
Rebecca Laura Caudry 1860 1863
Edward Charles Caudry 1862 1909 m. Mary GOULD
Rebecca Jane Caudry 1864 1930 m. William BUZZA
George Caudry 1866 1923 m. Evangeline MATTHEWS
Mary Laura Caudry 1868 1955 m. John MASLEN
Thomas Steavens Caudry 1870 1931 m Edith MORCUM
Frederick Edgar Caudry 1872 1876
Walter Ernest Caudry 1875 1875

by janilye on 2011-10-20 03:12:08

I went out to Maldon Cemetery today and took a photo of the Caudry headstone. As soon as I return home I'll download it and send it to you.
I also drove to the site of the old homestead on the corner of Morris and Caudry St. a new house has been built there now.

by Scanlon on 2011-10-20 08:45:27

Thanks Janilye
I have also found some old records which confirm Thomas Caudry married Edith Morcom in 1896 (No 1 in the Maldon registry book). His father was George who married Ann Stevens at Chewton.
When I have more time I'll look further into linking my past, this is a fascinating pastime. I certainly have appreciated your special assistance.

Best regards Denis TTFN

by lenton on 2011-10-25 05:25:08

Hello Denis,
I think you are my mother's cousin. Her name was Moira Caudry.
Edith Morcom was her grandmother. Harold Caudry her father.
I have recently started researching my family's past.
It is a very addictive pastime. I would appreciate the photo of the Caudry headstone at Maldon.
Thanks Tracey

by janilye on 2011-10-25 06:04:01

If you contact me through private messenger with your email address I will send the photograph to you. Jan

by Scanlon on 2011-10-25 06:28:34

Hi Tracy,
Moira was indeed my cousin and although she was older than me I do remember some good times with her younger brother Harold and their sister Louis ,during my happier times at Maldon. My uncle Harold was a very generous man as I recall, used to spoil his kids and me. Young Harold and myself used to get into all sorts of trouble during the various Easter and Christmas celebrations. Your mother would have remembered my Grandmother Edith Morcom better than I but nevertheless she was like all women of that time. Absolutely remarkable, she was very brave, kind and suffered much hardship. Yes looking into the past is very interesting. I will be pleased to send you any (?) interesting family memorabilia have (again not a lot) . Also, I do appreciate you having taken the time to corresponded Tracy. I have a postal address Box 25 Abbotsford 3067 , should you wish to write. Although I will say, Im not very good responding with letters. TTFN Denis Scanlon

by itellya on 2011-11-15 06:18:46

Great stuff,janilye. Family historians like you are fantastic in getting newcomers going. And good on Denis for starting the research. My interest is local history and the only reason I've written journals is because no member of the families concerned had done so. P.S. I have fond memories of Maldon. I played footy and cricket for Maldon and explored Carmel's Tunnel when the floor was covered with rocks and puddles and there were no lights etc.

by janilye on 2012-02-13 03:11:36

Yesterday I visited the Maldon Museum & Historic Research Centre If you are travelling around the Central Goldfields area searching for history, Maldon is the place to visit. Declared Australia's most notable town, by the National Trust in 1966, Maldon is today what it was yesterday. I was most surprised to learn that this beautiful little museum is run by just 5 volunteers. The Museum is packed with artifacts from the area and they have a research centre containing a very large number of indexes and documents of previously researched family histories. Yes! Scanlon the Caydry's are there ( 3 files) and the Morcums (a lovely photograph of them standing in front of their shop) also the Taylors and many other families.
Unfortunately Scanlon, nothing about Fred Caudry and the fire; but our man in the museum, Tom, a most knowledgable man on the workings of the old town,- is keeping an eye out.
The Tarrangower Times is, at the moment, being transcribed, but with so few volunteers the job will not be complete in our lifetime. Such a shame really that in a town where, if you haven't lived there for at least thirty years you are not a local, that they can't whip up some more volunteers to preserve their history; just a couple of hours a week would make a load of difference.

itellya, I noticed photographs of the past cricket teams on the walls of the pub, either The Grand or The Maldon - maybe both ( it was late in the day)- sorry I couldn't pick you out.

by janilye on 2012-02-13 03:16:11

Sorry Scanlan for the typo, CAUDRY, which by the way on some earlier documents Of George 1827-1888 was also spelt CODDERY and CODERY

by DB14 on 2012-02-23 22:22:56

I am connected to the Caudrys/ Gould/ Bells of Maldon. There was a piece in the paper about the fire I am sure.

by DB14 on 2012-02-24 19:32:36

I found the item in the front page of the Tarrangower Times 2 August 1972.'Tragic death of Local man Thomas Frederick Caudry.

Dave Bell

by Scanlon on 2012-02-24 22:02:02

Thank you Dave
I do remember the incident of my uncles death (Fred Caudry) very well. Although during the period leading up to this tragic accident he had lived many years alone.
My uncle Arthur and his caring wife regularly visited him over many years. They had attended, pretty much on a fortnightly basis. Taking food, clothing and supplies, they would groom him and care for him when he was sick. Of course my mother and another brother (Harold Caudry) all lived in Melbourne and were regular visitors when able.
Fred was very much a loner and did not look after himself at all well and he needed constant help prior to his death.
History, to my knowledge was that after the death of his mother (my grandmother) Edith (formally Morcom ) Fred almost lived reclusively. Although I feel the family was financially sound in those early days, prior the period of dark days before his death things were at a low ebb. All my uncles, aunts together with my mother gave generously of their time and money. Even so, although they did not always agree with everything, the family remained united and stuck together in these times.
Mystery and intrigue surrounded Freds life toward the end, I could never understand the whole story! Even the actual circumstances as to how he died! Also there were just so many different versions!
The family attended soon after the fire at the old homestead and although the fire destroyed much of the main cottage and buildings, the belongings were lost, damaged and stolen.
Sadly, it took years to windup the property/s and belongs and although there were many family members disappointed with the outcome. It demonstrated to me just how fragile family structures and values become when the ideals of individuals, lost communication and trust are set aside.
We all have our personal ideals in life! The casualty is they affect others!

Denis Scanlon

by DB14 on 2012-02-25 21:38:47

I do have a copy of the fire.
My connection is with Mary Gould who married Charles (Edward Charles)Caudry. Marys sister was Elizabeth Burness Gould and she married William Bell who is my Grand father. When I was young we saw Rita Sanderson and Win yearly. I was prompted to look at Caudry again by John Caudry writing to me. ( he is in George/ victor line.He said he thought George was the son of Edward Coderoy and Rebecca Clovelly from Wiltshire. He also said George was illiterate. He gave my a tree. Some time ago I have had a long letter from Bill Butler Charles/ Laura line)
There are school records I have for Caudrys in Maldon school,baptisms. i cannot see a passanger record at the moment and if they married at Chewton their arrival would be before the first child?? maybe.

by DB14 on 2012-02-28 05:46:34

I went to Castlemaine archive today and found George Coddery and Ann Stevens marriage at Forrest Creek on 16th of April 1853. There first daughter Mary Jane born 23 January 1855 and Baptised 30 Jan 1855.
Dave Bell

by Mugridge on 2012-08-10 16:18:34

Wow! David you have been busy. Hi, Denis, I'm David's(DB14)sister, Ann (Margaret Ann). David sent me the Caudry family tree last week and I have been sniffing around the cemeteries that are on line and found the last resting place for a few. David, at those Christmas/reunions at Auntie Hazel's place as well as Rita (Margaret Ann) Sanderson and Winn and Jim Pope, their sister, Bess and a cousin of theirs, Annie, she was older and blind, were there. I do have a photo of George and Ann, nee Stevens headstone with 4 of their children included that I took a few trips ago.
Welcome to the addictive world of family tree searching, Denis.
Annie Mugridge, Oscoda Michigan USA

by Scanlon on 2012-08-10 23:13:44

Gee Ann. Thank you so much for sending me the details its terrific to gain the knowledge and insight of my mothers side of the family. Particularly as a boy I remember many of her close friends like Winn and Jim Pope. When as a young kid I was taken (dragged sometimes) to family parties and reunions, where I remember many of the names you mention. Although I want to delve into the past a little further Im a little apprehensive about what can come of it too. Tracy and I have communicated by phone late last year and like most things to do with past family things Ive been slow to arrange that meeting. Joy (my wife) and me travelled to Maldon on a Sunday recently. We visited the old homestead (parked and took photographs) and messed around the town generally. Went and visited the cemetery and found many of the graves of family and friends. Although we had afternoon tea in the town centre and visited the church and school I remember attending , we missed out getting to the museum before it closed. Annie, it was great to hear from you and I imagine were all a bit addicted, albeit in your case, from afar!
Denis Scanlon, Malvern Vic

by Mugridge on 2012-09-25 20:42:06

Denis, David and I both were born in Glenhuntly and grew up in Carnegie. David went to Caulfied Tech and I attended the Malvern Girls Secondary School on Toronga (spelling?)Road. It is a small world. I really like the lay of the land around the Maldon Cemetery; the curvy road, the gum trees and the paddocks. It is a beautiful resting place. I have been working on the Mary Laura Caudry and John Maslen famliy this week. It seems like I have more luck finding attached/distant family members than the immediate families. David is a tea and cake kind of guy so we hit the tea shop in Maldon last January. Sorry for the delay in checking for a response. Annie

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