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Samuel AUSTIN & his wives Lavinia NEWPORT + Alice Ann ARNOLD

Journal by ngairedith

... with thanks to janilye who 'sat up' with me into the small hours as we researched in cyber space to compile this tree ...

- you are welcome to submit anything you might know of this family -
Thanks to CastleQueen's comment below correcting Samuel's birth date

- was born 4 June 1828 Tandragee, Armagh, Northern Ireland, a son of James AUSTIN & Hannah GREENAWAY

Samuel Austin was a Sergeant with H.M. 65th Regiment of foot, N.Z.C Wanganui Native Volunteer Contingent (established 1860)

He became recipient of the
NEW ZEALAND CROSS for his actions on 7 January 1866 at Putahi Pa when he rescued the seriously wounded Lieutenant-Colonel McDONNELL, and carried him to safety under heavy fire.

... back in 1866 there were no decorations for the men serving in New Zealand. It was not until March 1877 that Samuel got his Cross and the pension of ?10 per year that went with it.
(this is an equivalent in 2011 of about $1250 or $24 per week)

... of interest, Major Kepa Te RANGIHIWINUI (1823-1898) of the New Zealand Militia received his New Zealand Cross with Samuel, presented by the wife of the Wanganui Mayor, Mrs W. H. WATT



SAMUEL AUSTIN (1828-1903)
* first married:
Lavinia NEWPORT (1826-1870) of Hampden, England on 30 May 1851 in Putiki, Wanganui (just south of the river)

Lavinia Newport emigrated to New Zealand with:
- *her parents Stephen NEWPORT & Leah nee SANDHURST (see below),
- 2 uncles, Joseph & Samuel Newport & their families
- and her sisters Jane & Rosa on the Sir Charles Forbes which left London 1 May 1842, arriving in Nelson 22 August 1842

the 6 children of Samuel AUSTIN & Lavinia NEWPORT:

... 1
1852 - 1927 HANNAH LEAH Austin
- Hannah married Andrew CHRISTIE in 1876
- they had 6 children
... 1876 - 1959 Lavinia Christie
- Lavinia married Josiah Roland WAKELIN in 1906
... 1878 - 1965 Margaret Eliza Christie
- Margaret married Thomas NEWMAN in 1913
... 1879 - 1952 Lily Christie
- married Cecil Melhuish HAGGETT in 1912
... 1882 - 1957 Hector Christie
- Hector married Evelyn STOUPE (1882-1910) in 1908
- he next married Ethel May RANDAL in 1912
... 1886 - 1965 Norman Christie
- Norman married Rachel Emma ALLEN in 1915
... 1888 - 1959 Ettrick Christie
- Ettrick married Georgina Forbes COLLIE in 1913

... 2
1857 - Possibly MARY ANN Austin
- nothing known at this time

... 3
1859 - 1930 WILLIAM HENRY Austin
- Henry married Emily Jane FINER in 1885
- possibly had 4 sons

... 4
1861 - 1916 ELIZA JANE Austin
- Eliza married Robert John BURLTON-BENNET 11 March 1885, Wanganui
- Robert was an Attorney (amongst other things)
- they lived in Campbell Street, Wanganui
- their children were:
... 1889 - 1889 Victor Newton Burlton-Bennet
- Victor died aged 9 weeks
... 1896 - 1897 Reginald Robert Ausin Burlton-Bennet
- Reginald died aged 9 months

... 5 Nov 1886 ... NOTICE is hereby given that the partnership heretofore subsisting between us, the undersigned, Robert ATKINSON and Robert John BURLTON-BENNET, lately carrying on nusiness at Wanganui, in New Zealand, under the style or firm of "Atkinson, Burlton-Bennet, and CO.," as Publishers, Advertising and General Commission Agents, has been this day dissolved by mutual consent. Dated this 4th day of November, 1886 ROBT. ATKINSON, R.J. BURLTON-BENNET. Witness to signatures of the said Robert Atkinson and Robert John Burlton-Bennet, JAS. WATT, Solicitor, Wangnaui
... 25 July 1887 ... NOTICE - Having appointed Mr R. Burlton-Bennet to collect all long outstanding accounts due to me, customers will kindly take notice and pay at once, otherwise proceedings will be taken. A. J. McGREGOR, Storekeeper, River Bak, Wanganui
... 11 July 1888 ... The DRUID's 5th ANNIVERSARY ... Treasurer, R. J. Burlton-Bennet
... 4 Sep 1888 ... Mr Burlton-Bennet has been appointed local Wanganui agent for the Equiable Insurance Association of New Zealand. This office takes risks in life, fire, and marine, and under an energetic agent like Mr Bennet ought to do plenty of business
... 10 Nov 1905 ... PUBLIC NOTICE - James Robertson KENNEY is no longer in our employment and has nothing whatever to do with s.s. Energy or s.s. Marokopo. We have appointed Mr John B. Berry, Tauranga, Sole Agent for the Kaituna Steamship Co., and all freights are to be paid to him only, and no stores or goods of any descitption are to be supplied without his written order. BURLTON-BENNET & CO., Auckland
... 1 Sep 1906 ... APPLICATIONS FOR PATENTS - R. J. Burlton-Bennet, Auckland .. Cleaner for windows, walls etc. (see patent # 21631)

... 5
1864 - 1921 WALTER JAMES Austin
- In Nov 1874, when Walter was 10 he went into Mr WORGAN's garden and stole some apples. Miss Jane HALL saw him and made a statement to that effect. Mr BEZAR got involved by Walter's dad Samuel sending him a letter which Miss Hall said (as she stood in Samuel's garden crying) that the letter should have been sent to HER not him. The whole thing ended up in the Supreme Court (I kid you not) in front of a jury
- the whole court case can be read there.
It is very entertaining and nearly a comedy of errors:-
* Mr IZARD stood up for the defendant and said "I am friendly with the defendant; I have never had a misunderstanding worth speaking about; I had a quarrell with him about a war medal; I did not threaten to have revenge for his action with respect to he war medal ... "
* Jane Hall said she was the sister-in-law of Mr Bezar and she probably got it wrong and the boy may have been a son of Samuel's brother William or maybe Samuel's other son William ...
* Samuel Austin swore that he was the father of William Henry Austin who was fifteen last October. A discussion then took place as to whether a boy whose birthday had just passed was really 15 ...
- that aside, all the content of the case is very helpful for genealogy research as it describes who is related to who etc.
A must read ...
- Walter married Annie Veronica BRESNSHAM in 1892 (researching that name spelling)

... 6
1868 - 1868 SAMUEL Austin
- died as an infant

LAVINIA AUSTIN died 20 May 1870 in Wanganui aged 40

SAMUEL AUSTIN (1828-1903)
* next married:
Alice ARNOLD on 13 Feb 1879 in Wanganui

Alice Ann ARNOLD was born in Dec 1855 in Brentford, Oxford, England, 1 of 9 children of George ARNOLD (b.19 March 1833), Stroxton, Lincolnshire who married Anne CAMM on 1 November 1854 in St Pauls, Chichester, Sussex

- George Arnold was 1 of 8 children of Mark ARNOLD (1809-) & Elizabeth WARD (1807-) of Stroxton, Lincolnshire who married 1829 in Stroxton

George's order of birth & his siblings:
24 Jan 1830 - Thomas Arnold
10 Mar 1833 - George Arnold
22 Mar 1835 - Harriett Arnold
7 Feb 1838 - Ellen Arnold
1841 - Joseph Arnold
1843 - Mary Ann Arnold
1845 - Rebecca Arnold

the 1841 census of Mark & Elizabeth:
Mark Arnold 32 (b. 1809)
Elizabeth Arnold 34 (b. 1807)
Thomas Arnold 11 (b. 1830)
George Arnold 8 (b. 1833)
Harriett Arnold 6 (b. 1835)
Ellin Arnold 3 (b. 1838)
Joseph Arnold 4months (b. 1841)

George's wife Anne CAMM (b.18 Dec 1831), Hollywell, Lincolnshire was 1 of 8 children of Abel Gardener CAMM & Mary SMART Swinstead, Lincolnshire.

- the children of George ARNOLD & Ann CAMM were:
1855 - Alice Ann Arnold
- married Samuel Austin see children below

1857 - 1930 William Naylor Arnold
- in October 1878, aged about 21, William was incarcerated for being a "dangerous lunatic"
- he died aged 73 in New Zealand

1859 - Edward L. Arnold
- Edward married Kate HUNT (1860-1947) born Portskewett, Monmouthshire, Wales & died in Oxford
- Edward and Kate Arnold had 9 children

1862 - Arthur Arnold
- Arthur died before the 1871 census

1864 - George Arnold

1868 - 1943 Alfred Arnold

1870 - Mary Eliza Arnold

1874 - Emily Arnold

the 1871 census for George & Ann Arnold:
Registration district: Grantham
Sub-registration district: Denton
George Arnold 38
Ann Arnold 39
William Naylor Arnold 15
Edward Arnold 13
*Alice A. Arnold 11
George Arnold 7
Alfred Arnold 5
Mary Eliza Arnold 2

George Arnold died 12 June 1891 in Hawera aged 57
his wife Anne died 14 August 1902 in Hawera aged 70

the known children of Samuel AUSTIN & Alice Ann ARNOLD:
(all born in Wanganui)
... 1
28 March 1880 - 14 January 1948 SAMUEL ARNOLD Austin
- no spouse found at this time
- he died aged 67

... 2
1884 - 1965 ARTHUR NASSAU Austin
- Arthur married Helen HOGG in 1911

... 3
1887 - 1956 EMILY ALICE Austin
- Emily married Abel FLETCHER in 1908

... 4
1890 - 1952 CHRISTINA AGNES Austin
- born on 9 March
- Christina married Thomas ANDERSON (1885-1953) 9 March 1908
- Thomas was 1 of 10 children of George Halley ANDERSON from Kirkcaldie, Scotland & Julia LYNCH (1846-1934) from Auckland
- Thomas & Christina had at least 9 children

Samuel AUSTIN died 25 January 1903 in Wanganui aged 71
Alice Ann AUSTIN died 7 January 1919 in Wanganui aged 63

a bio appeared in the WANGANUI HERALD on 26 Jan 1903
... There passed away yesterday, at his residence, Ball Street, an old and sterling settler and distinguished soldier in the person of Mr Samuel Austin. The deceased, who was 74 years of age, was born on the 4th June, 1928, in the County of Armagh, Ireland, and, like his father before him (who served in the Peninsular War under the Duke of Wellington and others), enlisted in the Army at an early age. He joined the 65th Regiment when but a lad of 16, and after some exciting experiences at Home was ordered for foreign service. He embarked with a detachment of his regiment in January of 1846 on board the troopship China, in charge of 200 convicts bound for Norfolk Island, where they arrived after a voyage of 142 days.
Subsequently the 65th were ordered to New Zealand, abd tgey arrived in Wellington in July, 1846.
The deceasedd was with his regiment throughout their adventurous career in the colony, and greatly distinguished himself in several of the engagements.
The following is a record of the military service of the deceased:-
* He was a sergeant in the N.Z. Constabulary, 65th Regiment and Native Contingent
* In 1846 he was engaged in the various active operations against the rebel natives in the vicinity of Wellington - at Porirua, Pahautanu, and Horikiwi, under Major Last, .M. 99th Regiment
* and at Wanganui in 1847, under Sir George Grey, K.C.B., and Colonel McCieverty (65th Regiment)
* He was present at the taking of the Wereoa Pa in July, 1865, under His Excellency Sir George Grey, K.C.B.,
* and was present at the relief of Pipiriki in August, 1865, under Lieutenant-Colonel Rookes.
* He ws present at the taking of Opotiki on 11th September, 1865, also on the 14th September and 6th and 11th of October, under Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas McDonnell, N.Z.C., at Opotiki, East Coast
* On January 4th he was at Okotuku, with General Chute, K.C.B., on the east coast (north of Wanganui)
* On the 7th January, 1866, at the taking of the Putahi Pa, he carried Lieutenant-Colonel McDonnell off the field under a heavy fire, when the latter was seriously wounded
* He was again present at the taking of the Otapawa Pa, under General Chute, on 13th January, and again at Ketemaraea Pa, Ahipaipa and Mawhitiwhiti Pa
* On the 18th January he was in command of the friendly natives, and with a part of the 57th Regiment, under Lieutenant-Colonel Butler
* Assisted at the capture of Puketaratara, and on the 20th also assisted at the taking of Pungarehu
* He was in charge of the friendly natives, who alone were responsilbe for the capture of Wenuke, and on the 7th of February of the same year, under General Chute, at Pokaikai
* He was at Ketemaria on the 17th of September, and at Pungarehu (the second occasion) on the morning of the 3rd of October
* Was present on the 18th of October under Captain William Newland, and rescued Captain W. McDonnell under a gallant fire, when about to be tomahawked by the natives
For this gallant deed, and the same conspicuous bravery on the 7th of January, 1866, in rescuing Lieutenant-Colonel McDonnell, he was awarded the New Zealand Cross for distinguished conduct in the field
* Was present at Ahipaipa, and at Keteonitia on the 7th of November, with Lieutenant-Colonel McDonnell, at Tirotiramona, Sir George Grey being present on the occasion
* In 1868 he was at Tauranga Ika and Karaka Flat, and at Nukumaru and Waitotara
* In March of the following year he was at Otauto
These last two engagements were with Colonel Whitmore. The friendly natives, or Kupapas as they were called, were then sent to the East Coast and afterwards to Taupo.
* There in October, of 1869, he assisted at the fall of Paterangi, and again at Tapapa on the 24th of January, 1870
* The following day he was at Panetaeonga, one of Te Kooti's settlements, and was at Kuranui on the 28th of the same month
In these later engagements he was under the command of the late Major Keepa (Kemp), N.Z.C., who held Sergeant Austin in high estimation; indeed, he always referred to him as his "Pakeha Hoia"
The late Sergeant Austin was sent in charge of 100 men of the native contingent to a village called Waipuna Hakaria (of Fate Pa fame), also Tamata, who had charge of the schooner Rieman, as well as a notorious native named Hakepaka, lived there. These men and 17 others were killed, and some 306 prisoners were taken, 31 of which were sent to Wellington fo trial
Sergeant Austin was specially mentioned by both Kemp and Topia Turoa to the Hon. M. Gisborne, Sir William Fox, and Sir Donald McLean for his valuable services
Pressure on our space at present prevents a detailed reference to the interesting and exciting events in the early career of the deceased, but we will later on publish extracts from a journal he kept.
The deceased had been in failing health for some considerable time past, and nothing but a strong constitution warded off his last enemy for so long. To his sorrowing widow and relatives we extend our sincere sympathy
The funeral, which will be a military one, will take place to-morrow at 2.30 p.m. and officers of the N.Z. Militia and officers and members of all local Volunteer corps are invited to attend and assemble at the Drill Hall at the above mentioned hour.
The Wanganui Rifles will furnish the escort, and the Veterans will act as pall-bearers

a short bio appeared in the OBSERVER on 21 Feb 1903
... Sergeant Samuel Austin, N.Z.C., an old "Sixty-fifth" man, who was in the thick of the fighting in the Maori wars from 1846 onward, died at Wanganui a few days ago. The brave deeds that won Austin his New Zealand Cross were a dash in the face of heavy fire to rescue Captain W. McDonnell when he was in seemingly hopeless jeopardy from a galling Hauhau fire. The old fellow had an excellent record as a colonist, and Lord Ranfurly has made much of him as one of the worthiest among the veterans



* Leah SANDHURST was born in 1802 in Risby Parish, England
- a daughter of Edmund SANDHURST & Mary LACY
- Leah married first to ?? WADE
- she next married Stephen NEWPORT in 1828 in Risby
- Stephen was a 1 of 10 children of Samuel NEWPORT (1771-1839) of Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire & Caroline BRADLEY (1771-1839) of Edlesborough, Buckinghamshire

- the known children of Stephen & Leah were:
1830 - 1870 Lavina Newport
- Lavinia married Samuel Austin as above

1834 - 1917 Jane Newport
- Jane married John QUINN 14 April 1851 in Wanganui
- she married John JONES in 1874

1835 - 1917 Rosanna 'Rosa' Newport
- Rosanna married Edward BOND 28 Feb 1853 in Wanganui

1844 - 1912 Henry Newport
- Henry married Annie Giles HUBBARD 28 Aug 1869
- Annie died 29 Nov 1917 in Levin

1846 - 1933 Joshua Ansley Newport
- Joshua married Ellen Elizabeth POLGLASE 3 July 1868 in Takaka, Nelson
- NEWPORT - POLGLAZE, 3 July, at brides resid, by Rev J Crump, Mr Joshua Newport, of Takaka, to Miss Elizabeth Ellen, eldest daughter of Mrs Polglaze, Brook St, Valley
- they had 8 children
- 2 of their sons married the same girl:
their son Joseph Henry Newport (1870-1902) married Rose Emily CLIFFORD (1870-1951) in May 1902. Joseph died 6 weeks later. A son, Joseph Henry CLifford Newport was born Xmas Eve 1902 (5 months later). Rose next married William James Newport (1883-1962) in 1906 and had 3 children
...of interest Rose's mother was a GROOBY. The Grooby were also passengers of the Sir Charles Forbes which brought Stephen & Leah out to NZ (further research would reveal the connection)

1849 - 1887 William Newport
- nothing known about William
- he died aged 38

the DEATH NOTICE of Leah Newport in Brook St 1884

the EXTRAORDINARY CIRCUMSTANCES surrounding Stephen's death in August 1888


** Samuel Arnold had a brother William Arnold (1830-1904) who married Christina ADAIR and they had 6 children. One of their sons they named Samuel Austin (1856-1886) was a printer in Dublin St, Wanganui. He married Bessie Louisa KEIRNAN in Carterton in 1878. This Samuel & Bessie had 3 children: 1879 Richard William Stewart Austin, 1880 Kate Agnes Austin, & 1883 Alfred Thomas Austin. Samuel died at home in Bell St, Wanganui aged 29

Sergeant Samuel Austin, Wanganui Volunteer Contingent. - For gallant and distinguished conduct on the 7th January, 1866, when, at the capture of the Putahi Pa, Lieut.-Colonel McDonnell was severely wounded, Sergeant Austin carried him during a great part of the engagement under a raking fire, and finally off the field. Also on the 17th October, 1866, at the capture of the village of Keteonetea, Captain, William McDonnell, leading a small advance guard of Maoris, came upon an ambush, and fell severly wounded; his men leaving him, retired on the main body, who commenced to retreat, when Sergeant Austin, assisted by another man (since dead), returned to where Captain McDonnell lay, on the point of being tomahawked by the enemy, and all risks carried him off under a heavy fire.


photo submitted by janilye

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by 1bobbylee on 2011-07-20 21:56:27

Uhhh? How in the world did this "Apple" case make it to the Supreme Court? They should have given them all a test to see if their elevators went all the way to the top. I have never heard such confused double talk. The jurers should have all contributed a few pennis and paid for those apples. Did they keep the black mushy applies as evidence. As the song goes, "The worms crawled in, the worms crawled out." This is hilarious!

by 1bobbylee on 2011-07-20 22:16:14

My comments is not a negative relection toward the Samuel Austin and Alice Ann Arnold ancestry. The lower courts really did an injustice to the Austins. The lawyers evidently did not make sure that the relation to whomever was clear. Seems to me to be poorly prepared by the defense and prosecution. This could have been easily resolved at the very beginning by acceping payment for the apples. It is absurb that this traveled all the way to Supreme Court.

The Austin's have distinquished ancestors. Samuel Austin was a brave warrior when he rescued the seriously wounded Lt. Colonel McDonnell. He risked his life to save and carry a brother soldier to safety. The Austin's and the Arnold's have much to be proud of.

by ngairedith on 2011-07-21 00:48:17

thank you bobby,

I think the case went to court more over the slander by Miss Hall than the apples of Mr Worgan

by janilye on 2011-07-21 01:10:51

I guess it was just another case of not much happening across the ditch.

by 1bobbylee on 2011-07-21 01:14:35

Just think Ngairedith. Possiby, a lot of heartache, mental turmoil, possibly ulcers, headaches, acid reflux disease, court expenses, to have someone available to milk the cows, collect the chicken eggs would not have been necessary if that little towheaded youngster had left those apples on the tree! Thank you Ngairedith. She must have really went off! Just because she didn't get the letter. Boo Hoo Hoo. Really!

by janilye on 2011-07-21 01:19:33

remember the old saying, "stolen fruit is sweeter"

by 1bobbylee on 2011-07-21 01:20:39

Across the ditch? What does that mean?

by 1bobbylee on 2011-07-21 01:24:28

Oh Yes. I've heard that "stolen fruit is sweeter" But, only for a short season... Court Day!!!!!!!!!!

by 1bobbylee on 2011-07-21 01:38:59

Yeah, I remember. I stole turnips when I was just a wee kid. And, shortly, my Dad was giving me a licking. Court day arrived!!

by adam86 on 2011-09-14 23:19:16

I'm a decedent of Samuel Austin, from my recollection his first wife was named Julia or Julie, and he was born in England and was not permitted to marry her hence why they originally moved to nz, she was murdered by a Maori war party early in the marriage, he then re married after that.

by neilando67 on 2011-10-10 17:10:39


Samuel Austin was my great grandfather. On your tree, you mentioned Christina Agnes Austin as being his daughter, who married Thomas Anderson and they had at least nine children. That is correct. My father Basil Rex (Andy) Anderson (1934-2007) was the youngest of these nine children of Christina and Thomas.

His siblings were Kenneth (dec.), Eileen (dec.), Dorothy (dec.), Donald (dec.), Norma (still alive and in her late 80s), Gordon (dec.), Colin (dec.) and William (Bill), still alive and around 80.

Ken, the eldest was around 24 years older than Dad. I can find out more details for you if you wish on this arm of the family. Dad never talked a lot about his family but I think Aunty Norma and at least one of my cousins have a fair bit of information.

by CastleQueen on 2012-02-17 05:34:09

Hello. Lavinia NEWPORT and husband Samuel AUSTIN. They are my husband's 3-gts grandparents, down through their daughter Hannah Leah AUSTIN (m Andrew Hain CHRISTIE).

Your post contains a much info which I will need to some time to digest, thank you so very much for sharing.

I have researched my family history on and off over the past 15 years and due to a upcoming school school project that my son will be doing, the fire has been rekindled, ahh but trying to find the time.

I would love to get a high resolution photo if possible of Samuel's photo submitted by janilye.
Do you have any photos of Andrew CHRISTIE and Hannah Leah AUSTIN?
Do you have any photos/images of Lavinia NEWPORT?

I also recently found photos of Stephen NEWPORT and Leah SANDHURST/SAUNDERS?/WADE if interested. I have conflicting info on Leah's maiden name (passed on from others) which I have not verified. Did you get her maiden name from children's birth certs or marriage cert??

Birth date: I found this article which has a different birth for Samuel AUSTIN, date of 4 June 1828.
Have you been able to verify the date that you have? (8 June 1831 Tandragee, Armagh, Northern Ireland)

Look forward to hearing from you.

by janilye on 2012-02-17 07:46:44

CastleQueen, I'm away at the moment but I have arranged to have the photos forwarded to me.
Private message me your email address; there are 8 photos but until I see them again I can't describe them. I know Samuel and Hannah Leah and probably Andrew Christie.

by Playford on 2012-04-08 22:05:31

I have a photocopy of the original entry for the marriage of Stephen NEWPORT at the Parish of Princes Risborough in the County of Buckinghamshire, Diocse of Lincoln dated May 29th. 1828.
This was supplied from the Archives of the Bucks. C.C. at Aylesbury.
It reads as follows.
Stephen NEWPORT of this Parish and of Speen a Bachelor and Leah SAUNDERS of this Parish and the same place a SPINSTER were married in this Church by Banns this Twenty ninth Day of May in the year one thousand eight hundred and twenty eight by me H.T.Grace Rector of Jevington ? Sussex.
Stephen & Leah both made their Mark & Simon Norris ? & Benjamin Cartright signed their names.

by richardanderson on 2013-08-12 07:16:06

Thanks for this info.My name is Richard Anderson,My father is William Austin ANDERSON,My mother is Laura Hikutawatawa POTAKA,my father is son of CHRISTINA AGNES AUSTIN and Thomas ANDERSON,My father found the original journals written by Sergeant Samuel AUSTIN in Patea museum and has transcribed them.I also see a book:FOR GALLANT SERVICE RENDERED The Life and Times of Samuel Austin
Barbara Mabbett ISBN9781877577710,2012,available from:
Smith's Bookshop
[email protected]
03 3797976
Hi 2 the relies!

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