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hello - Website--> --> pilot search --> advanced search - Put in each time - full name -nothing else except Ohio US They are all their - except Johnnie is John --...
by edmondsallan 4 years ago
in Looking for Rosa,Ella,Louise and Johnnie Fillenger, brother and sisters. in IN,MO, OH
My family originally came from New London/Lyme, Connecticut area and migrated to Ohio about 1800. My Father's Y chromosome research shows ties to this area still. My ancestor was Erastus Levi...
by drichards 4 years ago
in Perkins
great . Do you think it possible to send us a Journal from this book so our over 65,000 members can peruse it. we would all appreciate it if it isn't to much . Thank you for letting us all Know...
by edmondsallan 4 years ago
in Research for PATE DAWSON (PATE family originating in Livorno Italy from 17th century)
hi - unfortuneately the information you seek comes under the official govt' 100 year time gap from daily date which wil become free in your case -( 2054 ) You are reliant on old census / electoral...
by edmondsallan 4 years ago
in Would anyone have knowlege of the Weir & Gillespie family from the South Island New Zealand?
Franklin Talbott was my maternal great-grandfather. He practiced medicine in Monticello, Missouri and in Texas, possibly Blossom Prairie, Honeygrove, or Bonham. He died about 1892. I have a partial...
by gardener1 4 years ago
in Looking for Talbotts in Lamar or Fannin county, Texas
I understand how to navigate the site from generation to generation.What I want to see are the actual records that were used to establish the correct lineage.I am decended from the Philip's and...
by cilla1946 4 years ago
in BROWN Family in Berks County Pennsylvania
Re James Punch - -b- 1809 Ireland // Might not have been but Hampshire Eng - b-1809- Christened -11th Mar 1810 Hampshire -eng F-Isaac Punch -b-1786 -m- 16th oct 1808 - Sarah (...
by edmondsallan 4 years ago
in Looking for James PUNCH born Ireland
excellent . Thank you for letting us view this journal . They are all hard work . well done -Regards
by edmondsallan 4 years ago
in A Family History -The SINCLAIRS 1664-1992
Website--> ( Helens'page ) research contents ) Re Hokitikia Passenger lists - also NZ National BDM Offical Records -Regards
by edmondsallan 4 years ago
in looking for connolly and Knapps
re Wilfred Roe - If he was born on April 12th 1945 he comes under the official 100 year Ban on official documentation from daily date yours will be ( 2045 ) when they are lifted , Some member may...
by edmondsallan 4 years ago
in I am looking for information on a Wilfred Roe of Carberry Mb. Could you send any information that you know about him. i know he died of lung cancer around the age of fourty two.
shouid read "
by edmondsallan 4 years ago
in looking for the Deckers of Virginia
Websites---> < --> Record search pilot --> advanced search - Decker ( 9 )1805 -- 1896 ( several trees with Decker ) some are locked - follow...
by edmondsallan 4 years ago
in looking for the Deckers of Virginia
Thank you both for your assistance :)
by mwilkie 4 years ago
in Looking for WILKIE or SINCLAIR from the War of 1812
oops!my apologies!as far as I know Anders Birger Strandquist was born on 1sy May 1865 in Lund Delarnas in Sweden,and died 8th July 1943 in Australia,he married a Sarah Pitt Jewkes. I also have...
by beccamoody 4 years ago
in decendants and family of Anders Birger Strandquist
Have a look in the website -Victoria Regristry of BDM's in Australia - regards
by edmondsallan 4 years ago
in Looking for FORD from Moyston, Victoria, Australia & Canterbury area, N.Z.
website - --> --> advanced search - Ankney - ohio ---> ( 1,697 + ) for you to research - Regards
by edmondsallan 4 years ago
in I would like to find out how the Ankney family settled in Defiance, Ohio
you have the names of the children of the family you are looing for and asking for furether info on them . Why dont you just research oregeon. BDM records or follow the names on websites in the...
by edmondsallan 4 years ago
in Looking for family of Catherine THORNBURG who married Charles Bonner MARSTERS in 1848
Hi Sandra, Thank you for your reply. Yes I will try and see your mum in due course. I have just spoken to her on the phone,we most likely be still on the phone if this person had not...
by Kawhio 4 years ago
in Family help wanted; Treaty of Waitangi claims with in Te Rohe Potae.2010.