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Paul have more information on Shipley family and photos you can contact me at this email address [email protected] Take Care Moira
by clinmor 5 years ago
in looking for shipley Warwick Queensland Australia
some other news new york county - united states Journal by edmondsallan Owner Edit Favorite I am at present researching ancestral records in the New york county . If any member wants some...
by edmondsallan 5 years ago
in Early settlers in Ragland , Waikato .NZ
I researched again for this person during the the following work on the canadian research while we were there - Below is what we covered Journal by edmondsallan Owner Edit Favorite Hello to...
by edmondsallan 5 years ago
in ANTOINE YANDO - Canada - 1838
I figured out the problem with the funny characters (no, not you Bob -- the typographical characters), so Jan, your posts should display properly now. Thanks to katmcghee1951 for unknowingly...
by Scott_J 5 years ago
in Announcing: New User Profiles on FamilyTreeCircles
Don't feel badly. Everyone of us, if honest, will admit to being on the wrong path at some point or another. So, we retrace our steps and set out in another direction. Believe me, YOU are NOT the...
by lindsidelass 5 years ago
in The Garnes Famiy: An Ammendment to Parts I and I I With Corrections.
on 30-11-2011 Elaine kindly wrote: ... I've just discovered your John Monk-Phoebe Owlett Family Tree... wow, all new information for me on my great, great, great grandparents! You listed Ellen...
by ngairedith 5 years ago
in the children of John MONK & Phoebe OWLETT - UK to NZ
well, hello, it's nice to meet another family member!! Yes, my grandfather would talk about his time at his grandparents in Ridgetown. Do you have any family tree information?
by Cor 5 years ago
in Wallaceburg,Ontario
Are you related? is this wall public? can I contact you off this wall?
by ecaftuobaesra 5 years ago
in OEMCKE marriages in New Zealand 1869 - 1929
Alice Pearl- birth not recorded until 1984- yes you read right. She was born dec 12th 1898- when her mother married Angus in 1899, the girls were put in an orphanage and Alice was adopted out.
by ecaftuobaesra 5 years ago
in OEMCKE marriages in New Zealand 1869 - 1929
hi there, Maud Ellen was also illegitimate. Born in 1896 to Ethel Oemcke what was your Nana's name ??
by ngairedith 5 years ago
in OEMCKE marriages in New Zealand 1869 - 1929
I just had a look at that census. It is Turk Street. Also this site is handy. The 1891 Census Transcription
by janilye 5 years ago
in Looking for DAVIS William - born about 1813 in Aldgate, Middlesex, England
margaret ellen pugh married alfred clemson barber and her sister married his brother edward armadale barber
by glernda123 5 years ago
in BARBER marriages 1840-1858 Victoria Australia
My Nana was an illegitimate Oemcke- her sister was Maud Ellen Melhuish- can you help me please?
by ecaftuobaesra 5 years ago
in OEMCKE marriages in New Zealand 1869 - 1929
good journal jan
by lola126 5 years ago
Hello Brian I am a grand daughter of Vera Emily LONDON I am just finding out information now through a cousin of mine on the Thompson line I am on facebook if you would like t6o converse with me...
by maruzza 5 years ago
in Vera Emily London - Richmond NSW
Hi, Sarah's maiden name was McKeown. William was William Herbert Barnett. I don't know who her parents were or where Sarah was born. I have been told Kihi Kihi but that has not been confirmed.
by cherylhb 5 years ago
in Looking for my family William and Sarah Barnett, New Zealand
my great grandfather was a cullen he was called james cullen he married margret dunne james cullen brother was called laurenc cullen we are not sure if he stayed in scotland there were 12 sibblings...
by amcevoy 5 years ago
in looking to find any history of the cullen family in glasgow early 20th
hello rach I am still trying to get results on this pair . Have another " crash down the brickwalls " every now and then . regards allan
by edmondsallan 5 years ago
REFERENCE: The Eldridge-Bawden Families; The Ancestry and Descendants of Duncan Campbell Eldridge and Stephen Bawden of Scott County, Iowa; Author-Compiler Alice Richardson Sloane, C.G. (dec...
by Bawden4 5 years ago
in ELDRIDGE - William's Will 1749-1823