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How about John David Gustafson or John Reuben Gustafson or John Chauncey Gustafson?
by gorgus 5 years ago
in Anyone connected to John Alfred Gustafson born 2/11/1855
If you are still looking for info on this family , please contact me and let me know.
by famtrekeeper 5 years ago
in searching for the Sperrys of Sparta, White Co., Tennessee
SALARY INCREASE One day an employee sends a letter to his boss to increase his salary. Dear Bo$$ In thi$, we all need $ome thing mo$t de$perately. I think you sh$uld be understanding of...
by 1bobbylee 5 years ago
in Off Topic (1)
Hello Shannon Thanks for responding to my journal on Family Tree Circles. I think we probably do share the same grandfather. I wonder if your family knew that Alfred had a daughter (my mother)...
by debbiemidson 5 years ago
in Looking for McDowell Family from Ballymena, County Antrim, Northern Ireland and New Zealand
This is a great place to ask that question. I wish I could answer you. I have taken the liberty to change the title of your post to better encourage people to notice and answer. When's your...
by Scott_J 5 years ago
in How to plan a Washington, DC Genealogy Trip?
Hey Lizzy, my family are descendants of Crocketts from Mansfield. Can't give you any details off the top of my head but when I get my hand on some info I'll write back. Cheers!
by CazC 5 years ago
in Looking for CROCKETT families of Mansfield Victoria Australia
Hi Dolina, Edward Hugh Norton was born 24 May 1874 in Taumarere, Northland, 7th of 7 children of Jeremiah Crowell NORTON (1819-1897) & his second wife, Ann Clara SIMONS (1847-1914) who...
by ngairedith 5 years ago
in Looking for Norton of Hukerenui NZ
I am Shannon Julius McDowell and I believe your talking about my grandfather. My Father is Brian Dennis McDowell son of Alfred Michael McDowell and Jean Mildred Tanner.
by ShannonMCD 5 years ago
in Looking for McDowell Family from Ballymena, County Antrim, Northern Ireland and New Zealand
Hi Bridgett was my great great grandmother, she married Nathaniel Lawrence an ex convict who had already server 20 years in penal colonies. He was 38 and she was 16. They proceeded to have 13...
by KarenLang 5 years ago
in Gaffney of County Cavan, Ireland.
Another very well known Hawkesbury family. I'm not directly related, however, they feature largely in my tree through Susannah and her marriage.
by janilye 5 years ago
in Sarah COBCROFT nee SMITH 1772-1857
Hi,No (My)Edward Rowley b.1852-d.1935 did have 12 children, his first born son was Edward John b.1884-d.1908 drowned, so he didn't have children.There were also a William Frederick b.1886,Newmyre...
by Dolina 5 years ago
in Looking for Norton of Hukerenui NZ
I'm still committed to addressing this issue, and while I still believe that the "flooding" issue can be addressed by improving the user interface, and primarily the "Active...
by Scott_J 5 years ago
in What to do about a member who is upsetting the community?
once you get started with your family, go to the oldest members of your family, once they have passed on what information they have is lost forever. good luck bryant
by bryfrench9 5 years ago
in I am interested in genealogy and wish to find out more about my ancestors. Where should I start looking and how do I go about doing so?
I am a direct descendant of George Cobcroft, Son of John Cobcroft and Sarah Smith. I am not sure how many generations. Heather Cobcroft
by liddycobby 5 years ago
in Sarah COBCROFT nee SMITH 1772-1857
BUS 54 An elderly farmer had just left his family farm in Missouri for the very first time. He was visiting Washington, D.C. He wanted to see the Capitol building. Unfortunately, he couldn't...
by 1bobbylee 5 years ago
in Off Topic (1)
mmm! None of my family unfortunately. I thinks there were 3 ranger families that came to NZ. Joan
by pomkee 5 years ago
in the RANGERs on PECK of TAITA (includes New Zealand settlers)
Thank You janile regards Frau
by frau 5 years ago
in How do I access Irish sites to find my ancestors?
Hi im looking for more information on james ashby and ellen stone as well I think i basicly got the same info as you (shmily)i do have a family tree but imnot really sure if its the same ashby...
by shell75 5 years ago
in Searching for information about my Ancestors James Ashby & Ellen Ashby (nee Stone)
Scott, I did quit before the 14 day free trial was over, however, I think they are still going to charge me for the first month anyway. So much for free trials! When asked why I...
by daneil2229 5 years ago
in lessons learned