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Let me make a point of clarification here. Part of genealogy is finding information elsewhere and sharing it, say, in response to someone else's inquiry. I'm not at all saying that is wrong....
by Scott_J 5 years ago
in Policy Reminder: Don't Post Other People's Content Publicly
No difference By -Shel Silverstein Small as a peanut, Big as a giant, We're all the same size when we turn off the light. Rich as a Sultan, Poor as a mite, We're all worth the same...
by 1bobbylee 5 years ago
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Sadly I am unable to find Jacob and Annie's marriage certificate, so I have hit a brick wall, but I won't give up. In the 1881 census living in the same house was Philip Graif from Prussia and his...
by panther1 5 years ago
in Looking for Jacob GRAF from Prussia 1857
You start with your parents and work backward from there, Birth,Marriage and Death Certificates, all have information on them which can help.
by Elainehee 5 years ago
in I am interested in genealogy and wish to find out more about my ancestors. Where should I start looking and how do I go about doing so?
Hi. I received the info about their arrivasl in Australia from a contact in australia and this is the info I received from him. He calls the Saldanha, Saldana but i dont think that ship existed,...
by tonysperrin 5 years ago
in Searching Zephaniah Sperrin 1850's in Victoria, Melbourne
Did a few more record searches today after reading your last comment and this is what I found. May be of some help. Victorian Deaths. Harriett Sperrin STEPHENSON. Died 1889 West Melbourne,...
by tonkin 5 years ago
in Searching Zephaniah Sperrin 1850's in Victoria, Melbourne
You could start by supplying the Australian members with a few more details including names and dates to work with. The more information you can supply the better, because Australia is such a...
by tonkin 5 years ago
in with little information how do you know why when and how family came to be in the
Judith would your husband's family be connected with the Hollyman's from Camberwell, Uk. My husband's grandfather was Alfred Edwin Hollyman who migrated to Australia via New Zealand
by swiftly 5 years ago
in Hollymans of Somerset UK
My great-grandfather was William Joseph Eldridge and grandmother his wife, Angelina Walker. Their son was was my grandfather.
by smithbilly 5 years ago
in Eldridge of Arkansas
Great ..thanks for the possible lead to early family photos....
by ChristopherH 5 years ago
in Obtaining rare photos of early family..where do you go ?
Roger-Go to and insert Helmick and WV. You will be amazed at the number of Helmicks originally from WV who are listed in the 1920 census. Seems like many of them left WV to...
by lindsidelass 5 years ago
in Looking for Helmick of West Viringa
OK,.... I may be the person you are looking for. My parents were Willie Escar and Wilma Camp Perkins. Would like to know who you are and more info about your search.
by Sperkins 5 years ago
in PERKINS ESCAR WILLIE from Tennesse or any other relatives.
Roy and Cora were married in 1928 in Logan County, WV. This info from Parent names were not mentioned. Hopes this helps...if you know other names in the family you may be able to...
by lindsidelass 5 years ago
in need to find the parents name of my great grand father Roy Lee Fletcher he married Cora o'dear in W.V
Try deadfreds. This is not a joke.Its a real site.
by treelover 5 years ago
in Obtaining rare photos of early family..where do you go ?
Hi again. A few weeks ago I searched your online newspapers. I found an entry from The Argus newspaper for 1889 which has the death notice for Harriett. She is entered as...
by tonysperrin 5 years ago
in Searching Zephaniah Sperrin 1850's in Victoria, Melbourne
Many thanks Jean, that all fits now. cheers Raynell
by raynellforrest 5 years ago
in Looking for Slade of New Zealand
John and Sarah's children were born at Mackieshillock, Fyvie. William and Janet produced 8 children. John the oldest and first son born 1818 second marriage to my great x 4 grandmother Agnus...
by u117068 5 years ago
in Looking for Shivas of Aberdeen Scotland & New Zealand
Joseph Forshee, who married Louisa Allen, was one of several children of John F Forshee 1770-1850 and Agness Weston 1773 - 1850. I am a descendant of John W. Forshee, a brother of your James...
by dfread 5 years ago
in Looking for FORSHEE of MO and TN
by poorone 5 years ago
in Found Halpin Ancestors