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Hi there, yes I'm still collecting this family. Do you have more info we could exchange and see if we could find other pieces that we don't have now. I was born and raised in New Glasgow Nova...
by bluenoser 5 years ago
in Marshall
Hi there Sandy it's Ina (Masina) from Brisbane, QLD. I hope things are going well for you. I am simply delighted reading all the responses and sharing of information relating to Julius...
by Masina 5 years ago
in Descendant of Julius Schwencke
by debmundy 5 years ago
in Passengers UK to Australia 1800's
Awesome - that was my uncle Sol who recently passed away - he married Diane nee Palmer from Matakana also deceased. My Koro's name was Sol Whakahoro Te Whata. If you are ever in Kerepehi (Hauraki...
by charlottereah 5 years ago
in TeWhata Whakahoro Sol
Hi I'm Nolene. My HOBSON'S are Mary Ann bc1825. Father John and mother Susannah (nee TARRY). Mary Ann was born Stretham, Cambridgshire. Do you have these names at all
by Nolene 5 years ago
in I have the largest HOBSON computer data base in existence. I will sea...
Hi. It seems I have some of this family in my tree also. In researching the BOWICK family, I've discovered that Frances Maud AMADIO born 1879 NZ married William Henry BOWICK. Small world...
by allycat 5 years ago
in GIUSEPPE AMADIO - Piedimonte d'Alife, Italy - Northampton - Wellington
It is wonderful alrite, it may be a coinsidence but a kare of mine had given me a number and a name,which was Sol Te Whata, and just as i gt the gauls to ring him i heard he had past away, i was...
by jmtewhata 5 years ago
in TeWhata Whakahoro Sol
I am doing family research for my brother-in-law, Veronia is his grandmother and I live in Paulding, OH where she is buried. I believe that Ernest was Frank and Veronica's son, he is buried with...
by jlcommers 5 years ago
in Chehi family from Hungary
I am looking for a little girl that was called "Bootsie" Pharr. My grandmother and great-uncle are in a picture with her in the middle. My grandmother always told a story that my aunt (her...
by MicheleFeja 5 years ago
in Looking for family of Jewel Sumner Pharr of Louisiana & Arkansas
Hello! I was so happy to see this information online. I am a direct descendant of Arent Paalman. Considering that Jenneken te Balst and Arent had no children together. I am a descendat of...
by bev_schuele 5 years ago
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I read somewhere that family research confuses the dead and irritates the living. Hmm... The name "Nancy" turned out to be "negotiable." This lovely lady was born Nelly Beattie Stewart...
by abigail2 5 years ago
MYSTERY SOLVED: Alexander Moffatt married Nellie Stewart 1912 QLD. Donald Stewart Moffat had 5 siblings: Helen Beattie Moffat born 1913 QLD Elizabeth Stewart Moffat born 1918...
by abigail2 5 years ago
Thank you to everyone who supplied me with information about Hannah Bodley and her family. Hannah married William Wilkinson at Tamworth NSW Australia in 1861. They had 11 children....
by abigail2 5 years ago
Sorry, not a direct connection, but for those who may read this post seeking more information: Isobel Gowan born at Bervie Kincardine Scotland on 1 Sep 1706 to John Gowan. Isobel married...
by abigail2 5 years ago
in surnames , Alexander, Gowan, Ritchie of Bervie, Kincardine
Michaeal Riordan was he from Tipperary Ireland. And his parents Rody ( Roger ) and Alice Riordan (O'Brien) and he had brothers Patrick, John,Rogie, Con, Michael, a sister Kate? If so i have a...
by dide 5 years ago
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Birth, Death and Marriage - Historical records of New Zealand William Hannah LAWRENCE married Christina JOHNSTONE in 1886 New Zealand, registration no.1886/3284. Christina LAWRENCE...
by allycat 5 years ago
in Looking for Lawrence around the Dunedin, NZ area
Where are your Carters from? My husband has a grandfather James Axon Woodard who married Docenia Elizabeth Carter in Kentucky.
by auntkitty5 5 years ago
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John and Joyce Te whata were my brother and sister-in-law. My children are now looking for their whanau. Their grandfather was Wiremu Te Whata. Any information would be great.Regards Chris.
by brucechriswhite 5 years ago
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