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COROMANDEL VALLEY cemetery ONKAPARINGA - South Australia ... 1 - 146

Journal by ngairedith

the CITY of ONKAPARINGA is located on the southern fringe of Adelaide, South Australia.
It is named after the Onkaparinga River, whose name comes from Ngangkiparinga, a Kaurna word meaning "The Women's River"

Kaurna Yerta (Kaurna country)

Bukkibukkiunangko Kaurna meyunna yaintya pangkarilla tikketti
(Since ancient times Kaurna people have occupied this country)

The Kaurna Aboriginal people were traditional owners of the land called Ngangkiparringa (city of Onkaparinga) for at least 40,000 years before the arrival of Europeans. For a map outlining their perception of the land, their relationship to it and some of the names they used, click here.

Linked to the land by spiritual and cultural bonds, their knowledge has been handed from generation to generation in stories and memories. The Dreaming contains many of these tales and describes the creation of the world by god-like, heroic beings. The Kaurna see themselves as steward of the environmenta world alive with social and spiritual meaning.

Before Europeans arrived, they moved through their land as the seasons and their tradition allowed. They traded in karko (ochre) and met together at significant places. Clothed in cured hidesoften prepared at a site near Rekarung (the Aldinga Scrub)they lived in wodli which were simple summer housings of branch and leaf and more substantial winter structures moulded of grass and earth. Their diet was rich and diverse, built from the flora and fauna surrounding them.

Revering their ancestors and having virtually no contact with the world beyond their own, the Kaurna people were forced to meet head-on the culture of the first Europeans who arrived on their land in the early 1800s.

The Suburbs of Onkaparinga are:

Aberfoyle Park
Aldinga Beach
Blewitt Springs
Chandlers Hill
Cherry Gardens
Christie Downs
Christies Beach
Coromandel East
* Coromandel Valley
Dorset Vale
Flagstaff Hill
Hackham West
Happy Valley
Huntfield Heights
Maslin Beach
McLaren Flat
McLaren Vale
Morphett Vale
Noarlunga Centre
Noarlunga Downs
O'Halloran Hill
O'Sullivan Beach
Old Noarlunga
Old Reynella
Onkaparinga Hill
Port Noarlunga
Port Noarlunga South
Port Willunga
Reynella East
Seaford Heights
Seaford Meadows
Seaford Rise
Sellicks Beach
Sellicks Hill
The Range
Whites Valley
Willunga South

* COROMANDEL VALLEY is a south-eastern suburb of Adelaide, South Australia. Part is in the City of Mitcham and the City of Onkaparinga with the Sturt River being the boundary between the two council areas.

Coromandel Valley (situated in the Adelaide Hills about eighteen kilometres from the Capital City) and its neighbouring suburb, Coromandel East, gained their name from the 662 tons, three-masted ship, the Coromandel, which arrived in Holdfast Bay from London on 17 January 1837 with 156 English settlers.
Amongst her mainly young married passengers were several who would become well known in the new colony during their time and are still well known today. Some of these were Charles MANN, James CHAMBERS and his wife Catherine and Robert NORTON and his wife Mary MARSH. They became pioneer settlers of Norton Summit where both are buried.

Others passengers included Edward STEPHENS and his wife Emma, the HOBBS family, Dr T.Y. COTTER and his wife Jane and Johannes MENGE. After disembarking at Holdfast Bay most of the passengers lived for some time at 'Coromandel Village', next to Buffalo Row.

After the ship reached the shore, some of its sailors deserted, intending to remain behind in South Australia and took refuge in the hills in the Coromandel Valley region.
Without a sufficient crew, Captain CHESSER was granted a warrant on 31 January for the arrest of his sailors. They included:
James BARRETT, John CONEND, Robert CRANSON, Richard JONES, James MARSHALL, John PARSONS, James POWELL, Edward REED and John WILLIAMS. None of them were apprehended but all, except Cranson, surrendered on 13 March. They were remanded for 3 days after which all were discharged. (read a lot more at the ship link above)

The Coromandel Valley Primary School, established in 1877, is one of the oldest in South Australia. Adjacent to the school is the original St John's Anglican Church, built with local stone.

The parish at various times in the last century included the rural areas from Meadows in the South to Belair in the north.

as at April 2011 there are 758 people interred in the

- clicking the cemetery link will reveal more information for every person, like their burial location and photos where available

1. ADAMS, Alfred
2. ADAMS, Mrs

3. ADDISON, William John

4. ADEY, Jeffrey Charles Dyer
5. ADEY, Mabel E

6. ALCOCK, Emily
7. ALCOCK, Violet Ruth

8. ALDEN, Albert

9. ALDRIDGE, George Arnold

10. ALLAN, Clement Davidson
11. ALLAN, Eileen Winifred Daphne

12. ANDREWS, Grace Winifred
13. ANDREWS, William Henry James

14. ANGLEY, Michael Joseph

15. ATKINSON, Gladys

16. BALL, Florence Alice

18. BARNARD, Nyna Gertrude

19. BARRINGER, Frederick
20. BARRINGER, Jane, Mrs

26. BARTLETT (see link for research suggestions on who these were)
27. BARTLETT, Elizabeth
28. BARTLETT, Gordon Samuel Philip
29. BARTLETT, James
30. BARTLETT, John
31. BARTLETT, John Henry
32. BARTLETT, Mary Ann
33. BARTLETT, Mary Elliot
34. BARTLETT, Robert
35. BARTLETT, Samuel

36. BATT, May
37. BATT, Roland Trevor William

38. BAUST, Albert Harold
39. BAUST, Hilda Augusta
40. BAUST, Johann Heinrich
41. BAUST, Wilhelmine Pauline
42. BAUST, William Henry

43. BAYLY, Bertha Marshall
44. BAYLY, Emma
45. BAYLY, George Phillips
46. BAYLY, Louisa Clara
47. BAYLY, Sidney F

48. BEAGLEHOLE, William C

49. BEE, Alfred Charles
50. BEE, Mabel

51. BILNEY, Alice

52. BIRCH, Priscilla Lucy
53. BIRCH, William V K

54. BOISEN, Gerald Cecil

55. BOURKE, Michael

56. BOYLE, James

57. BRABNER, J, Mrs
58. BRABNER, Jack

59. BRADEY, Marion Margaret

60. BRADFORD, Dean Kelvin

61. BREMNER, Ann
62. BREMNER, Donald

63. BRICE, Simeon Michael

64. BURFIELD, Robert

67. BURPEE, Norman Reginald

68. BUTTLE, Ada Ethel
69. BUTTLE, Frederick Alfred

70. CABOT, Agnes Mary
71. CABOT, George

72. CAMPBELL, Jessie R
73. CAMPBELL, William Darling

74. CARR, Anna
75. CARR, John


77. CHAPMAN, Alfred Robert
78. CHAPMAN, Elsie Jean

79. CHEETHAM, Catherine J
80. CHEETHAM, Esther
81. CHEETHAM, James Henry

82. CHENOWETH, Alfred Ross
83. CHENOWETH, Leon Ralph
84. CHENOWETH, Ruby Maud

85. CHRISTIE, Robinia

86. CLARE, James Joseph
87. CLARK, Edith Mary
88. CLARK, Hannah

89. CLAYTON, Alfred Douglas
90. CLAYTON, Kathleen Flora
91. CLAYTON, Robert Dean

92. COAD
93. COAD

94. COLEMAN, Arthur Charles
95. COLEMAN, Christine
96. COLEMAN, Dora Isabelle

97. COLMER, Albert
99. COLMER, Elizabeth Charlotte
100. COLMER, Frank Oliver
101. COLMER, Mary Ann
102. COLMER, Thomas
103. COLMER, William

105. CONSTABLE, Frank Clifford
106. CONSTABLE, Monte
107. CONSTABLE, Nora
108. CONSTABLE, Roland Grantley
109. CONSTABLE, William Henry

110. COOK, Cuthbert L
111. COOK, Fanny
112. COOK, Florence Winifred
113. COOK, Marie
114. COOK, Robert
115. COOK, Thomas Cuthbertson

116. COOMBE, Sarah Louise

118. COOMBS, A
119. COOMBS, Emily
120. COOMBS, Fanny Elizabeth
121. COOMBS, Hilda Jane
122. COOMBS, Isabella
123. COOMBS, Janet M
124. COOMBS, Kenneth S
125. COOMBS, Lilian Athley
126. COOMBS, Thomas
127. COOMBS, Tressilian Herbert
128. COOMBS, William A

129. COOPE, Sam
130. COOPE, Sheila Patricia

131. COUSINS, Elizabeth M

132. COX, Alice May
133. COX, Amy May
134. COX, Elizabeth Ann
135. COX, Eric Robertson
136. COX, Helen Marianne Florence
137. COX, James Bishop

138. CRANE, Ellen Jane
139. CRANE, Walter Arnold

140. CROSS, Walter A


143. CULLEN, Edward
144. CULLEN, Eliza
145. CULLEN, William Edward

146. CUMMING, Helen

147 - 447 DALL to McINTYRE

448 - 758 McKINNA to ZENI

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