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James CRALLAN & Elizabeth RICHARDSON - Dannevirke

Journal by ngairedith

JAMES CRALLAN (1832-1914)
was born in Appelby-in-Westmoreland, England
on 29 May 1854 in Bishop Wearmouth, Durham, England, James married:
...On May 29th, 1854, at Bishop Wearmouth, Sunderland, County of Durham, by the Rev Wallace, James Crallan, of Appelby, Westmoreland, youngest son of John Crallan, Appelby, to Elizabeth, second daughter of John Richardson, Sunderland

They had a daughter, Elizabeth Crallan, in England in 1858
John emigrated to New Zealand on the Regina which left London on 2 Sep 1859, arriving at Lyttelton on 4 Dec 1859 (he is listed as James Crollan). He was a pioneer of the Gabriel Gully gold rush of 1861, later moving to Dannevirke where he owned 2 Sawmills
Elizabeth arrived 3 years later (29 Jan 1863), on the Chariot of Fame with 5 year old daughter Elizabeth

the known children of JAMES & ELIZABETH
... 1
1858 - 1894 Elizabeth Crallan
- born in England
- Elizabeth was 2nd in Class at Oxford School in Feb 1868
- she married Harry MARSH (1853-1883) in 1875
- they lived at West Oxford, North Canterbury and St Albans, Christchurch
their known children:
* 1876 - 1955 Louisa Margaret Marsh
* 1878 - 1959 William Henderson Marsh
* 1880 - ? Alice May Marsh
* 1881 - 1882 Henry James Marsh (aged 15 months, buried Addington)
* 1883 - 1963 Henry Selwyn 'Harry' Marsh
HARRY died 11 Dec 1883 at Clare Rd., St Albans, Christchurch aged 30
ELIZABETH was burnt to death 27 March 1894 aged 36
her father-in-law, Isaac Marsh, died of his burns 2 days later

... 2
1864 - 1951 John Richardson Crallan
- married Jane Elizabeth GARDNER (1867-1928) in Mangatainoka 26 April 1893
- daughter of George & Rebecca Gardner of Hukanui
Wairarapa Daily Times, 1 May 1893
... A very interesting event took place on Wednesday, the 28th day of April, says the Examiner; at the residence of Mr G. Gardner, of Mangatainoka, when Mr J. R. Crallan, of Danevirke, was married to Miss Gardner, by the Rev C. Penny. Miss A. Gardner and Miss Crallan, sisters of the bride and bridegroom, were the bridesmaids. A large company was present at the wedding, invitations being sent to many friends. After the ceremony the happy party sat down to a sumptuous breakfast. Amid the hearty congratulations of all, the wedded pair left for their new abode in Danevirke on the afternoon of the same day
John was a Sawmiller with his father for more than 20 years
their known children (born in Dannevirke):
* 1893 - 1967 Amy Crallan
* 1895 - 1965 Ida Crallan
* 1899 - 1958 Mervin James Crallan (died Umawera)
* 1905 - 1975 Roy John Ian Crallan (in 1945 he was living at Mangamuka Bridge, halfway between Okaihau & Kaitaia, with his brother Mervyn)
* 1908 - 1976 Rob Richardson Crallan

... 3
1867 - 1944 Jane Eliza Crallan
- married Thomas Mander Mills (1867-1945) in 1894
their known children:
* 1895 - 1972 Kenneth Mander Mills
... married Rachel MacDairmid White in 1922
* 1900 - 1980 Edna Elizabeth Mills
... married Jack Eaton in 1922
* 1906 - 1971 Clifford Crallan Mills

... 4
1870 - 1907 Harriett Wharton 'Topsy' Crallan
- married Alfred Samuel Henderson in 1891
Bush Advocate, 16 June 1891 Mr Alf Henderson is to be married to-morrow to Miss Harriet Crallan. We wish the young couple every happiness
Bush Advocate, 18 June 1891 HENDERSON-CRALLAN - On 17th June, at St John's Church, Danevirke, by Rev E. Robertshawe, Alfred Samuel, third son of John Henderson, to Harriett Wharton (Topsy), youngest daughter of James Crallan, late of West Oxford, Canterbury
the known children of HARRIETT & ALFRED:
* 1892 - Alice May Maude Henderson
... married John Bart Rasmussen in 1913
* 1893 - 1985 Ivy Charles Henderson
... married Ivor Morgan Raymond Price (1890-1953) in 1917
* 1896 - 1968 John Alfred Henderson
HARRIET died in Dannevirke April 1907 (see timeline)

... 5
1876 - James Wharton Crallan
- James possibly died young, not mentioned anywhere, not in either parents' bio

TIMELINE of James Crallan & family
Press, 5 July 1882
... It was resolved to put an extra twenty-two yards of metal to the chain where required on Crallan's road, Mr Crallan agreeing to pay half the cost

Press, 11 October 1884

DRUNK and DISORDERLY - James Crallan was fined 5s for this offence

Press, 11 October 1884

Prohibition orders were made in the cases of J. Crallan and J. Clolus under the Licensing Act

Press, 27 March 1886

Mr G. A. White asked about the dangerous state of the bridge over Crallan's drain and asking that the broken metal might be removed from the front of the house he was building on the Depot road

Hawke's Bay Herald, 13 December 1888

At the Ormondville R.M. Court to-day James Allardice and James Crallan severally pleaded guilty to permitting cattle and horses to wander on the railway and were each fined 10s and costs 7s

Bush Advocate, 19 February 1891

Mrs Callan was a witness at the enquiry into the death of Ada Baker, infant daughter of Albert BAKER & Elizabeth RUSBATCH

Bush Advocate, 29 December 1891

Handicapper: Messrs M. Henderson & B. Dennehy
Judges: Messrs John Louden & J. C. Fraser
Judges of Wrestling: Messrs Dennehy & J. Bargh
Referee: Mr James Crallan
Starter: Mr M. Lyons
Ground Committee: Messrs Illingworth, N. McPhee & F. C. Shugar
Secretary: Mr S. Athy jnr

Hawke's Bay Herald, 17 January 1894

The following nominations were made yesterday for the coming election of Councillors of the Danevirke Borough:-
CENTRAL WARD: Charles Baddeley, Bartholomew Dennehey, J. L. Kimbell, Neil McPhee, George Wratt and George Wright
SOUTH WARD: Simon Athy jnr., Frederick Badley John Richardson Crallan & John Drummond
NORTH WARD: Olaf Carlson, Jeremiah Hayes & E. A. Ransom

Oxford Observer, 31 March 1894

We grieve to say that we have very sad news to present to our readers, in this issue. We may truly say that the mourning is universal not only in our own locality but far and wide hearts of sympathy have been touched and all testify their deep sorrow for the bereaved family
... She was the oldest daughter of James and Elizabeth Crallan and was married to Harry the eldest son of the late Mr Isaac Marsh; by his second wife. Harry, after carrying on business for some years in West Oxford, removed to Papanui where he died about 10 years since and his body lies in our own cemetery and the same grave is now open to receive his widow

Hawke's Bay Herald, 18 March 1899

A number of old age pension claims have been heard at Ormondville. Elizabeth Crallan (aged 67) was the only one to whom a pension certificate was granted at to-day's sitting of the Court

Bush Advocate, 4 July 1899,

The Woodlands Hunt Club will hold a meet at Crallan's mill, Tahoraite, to-morrow. To-morrow's hunt was to have been held at Woodville, but the arrangements were altered owing to other fixtures at that town

Bush Advocate, 29 November 1901

At the Police Court this morning, before Messrs A. Mackay and G. Wright, J.P.'s., on the application of Mr W. F. Knight, a prohibition order was granted against James Crallan, to have effect in the Waipawa licensing district

Bush Advocate, 2 December 1901

On Saturday evening a stack of timber at Mr Crallan's mill, on the Oringi estate, was destroyed by fire. About ?100 worth of timber was destroyed (2013 equivalent of $17,200). There was no insurance on it

Bush Advocate, 6 December 1901

Cr Smith reported that the bridge on the Matahiwi-Oringi road was in a dangerous state. He had ordered 1300ft of timber for decking, and Mr Crallan had promised to give about 300ft of timber. The bridge required "staying" to make it safe

Bush Advocate, 23 January 1902

James Crallan, a prohibited person, for inducing William Howes to procure liquor for him, was fined 40s and costs 10s. He was also charged with inducing C. Harrigan to procure liquor for him, As he was fined in the first case he was convicted and discharged in the latter. An alternative of 14 days imprisonment was fixed

Bush Advocate, 27 December 1902

We regret to learn that Mrs Caley (Weber) and Mrs Crallan (Dannevirke) are in bad health, and have been compelled to enter the Waipawa district hospital for treatment

Bush Advocate, 30 May 1904

A pleasant family gathering took place yesterday, at the residence of Mr and Mrs Crallan, senr., the occasion being the celebration of Mr and Mrs Crallan's golden wedding. Mr Crallan came to New Zealand in the year 1859, in the good ship "Regina," landing at Lyttelton on December 16th, that day being the 9th anniversary of the Canterbury Province; Mrs Crallan joined her husband three years later, having come to the colony in the ship "Chariot of Fame." They spent about three years at the Church Bush, near Kaiapoi, Mr Crallan being at that time engaged in pit sawing. Some time afterwards be shifted to Oxford, in North Canterbury, where he remained for twenty years. Mr Crallan's next shift was to Dannevirke, where he and his son are well known in sawmilling circles. We regret to say that Mrs Crallan's health has not been good for some years, but fortunately Mr Crallan is still hale and hearty. Mr and Mrs Crallan's descendants at present-living are one son, three daughters, and twelve grandchildren; with whom we join in wishing Mr and Mrs Crallan long life and good health

ELIZABETH CRALLAN died 2 Feb 1906 aged 73
Bush Advocate, 3 February 1906 DEATH OF ELIZABETH
CRALLAN - At her residence, London-street, on February 2nd, 1906, Elizabeth, beloved wife of James Crallan, aged 73 years, after a long illness. Her end was Peace.

Bush Advocate, 2 February 1907 IN MEMORIAM
CRALLAN - At her residence, London-street, on February 2nd, 1906, Elizabeth, beloved wife of James Crallan, 73.
... One less at home!
...... The charmed circle broken, a dear face
...... Missed day by day from its accustomed place;
...... But cleansed, and saved, and perfected by grace
... One more in Heaven
... One less on earth!
...... Its pain, its sorrow, and its toil to share;
...... One less the pilgrim's daily cross to bear;
...... One more the crown of ransomed saints to weat
... At home in Heaven
Inserted by her husband and family

Bush Advocate, 10 April 1907
(see child 4)
HENDERSON - On the 10th inst., at the residence, Miller's Road, Harriet Wharton, dearly beloved wife of Alfred Henderson, and daughter of James Crallan; aged 37 years
... It is with much regret that we to-day record the death of Mrs Alfred Henderson, which has occurred whilst the deceased was in the prime of life. The late Mrs Henderson had only been ill for about a fortnight, and her death will come as a painful shock to her many friends. The deceased, who was the daughter of Mr James Crallan, arrived in Dannevirke with her parents from Oxford (North Canterbury) in 1885, and she was deservedly popular, and held in high esteem by her many friends. She leaves her husband with three children - two daughters and one son - to mourn their great loss. The interment will take place to-morrow afternoon
- she is buried Grave 33, Block F at Settlers Cemetery, Dannevirke
her HEADSTONE reads: In loving memory of Harriet Wharton, beloved wife of Alfred Henderson. who died 10th April 1907, aged 37. "So loved, so mourned"

Bush Advocate, 10 September 1907

David Pearson was charged with procuring liquor for a prohibited person, to wit, James Crallan
David Pearson, aged 18, stableman, deposed he had never known Crallan before. Crallan came to the stable and asked for Mr Prenter, who was not at the stable. Crallan then asked accused to get him 1s worth of brandy.
The Sergeant stated that there was a good deal of liquor supplied to prohibited persons at this stable. Accused had only been at the stable for about three weeks.
Mr James, addressing accused, said he had been guilty of a serious offence, and was liable to a fine of ?10. He would, however, take into consideration his youth, and he would be fined 20s and costs, but if he came up again he would not get off so lightly.
James Crallan was charged with procuring liquor during the currency of a prohibition order. Accused pleaded guilty and stated that he got the lad to procure the liquor because he was very ill. He was 75 years of age.
His Worship remarked that he was old enough to know better. Accused was convicted and discharged

JAMES CRALLAN died 6 Sep 1914 aged 82
Otago Daily Times, 11 September 1914

A respected resident of Dannevirke, Mr James Crallan, has passed away at the age of 82 (says the News). Mr Crallan came to New Zealand 55 years ago in the ship Regina, and was a pioneer of the Gabriel Gully gold rush in 1861. Afterwards he took up fret-sawing and sawmilling at Woodend and Oxford, North Canterbury, and in 1885 he moved to Dannevirke, where he had resided ever since. He leaves one daughter and one son

JAMES & ELIZABETH are buried Grave 34, Block F at Settlers Cemetery, Dannevirke

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