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CUMMOCK in New Zealand

Journal by ngairedith

the known CUMMOCK in New Zealand
compiled for the query from ollie52 on 2014-01-13

* indicates see notes at end
indicates person has own bio (in alphabetical order)

AGNES CAMPBELL Cummock (1883-1918)
born in Dunedin to William Smith CUMMOCK (1845-1920) & Mary SAUNDERS
granddaughter of James Cummock (1811-1847) & Elizabeth CONNELL
great granddaughter of John CUMMOCK (1787-) & Agnes CAMPBELL of Paisley
Agnes married John Henry THOMAS (1879-1934) in 1902
- John was born in Invercargill. He was a Poultry Farmer
...the known children of AGNES & JOHN:
* 1902 - 1976 Matthew Edward Thomas
* 1903 - 1980 Mary Eliza Thomas
* 1905 - 1977 Violet Agnes Thomas (+Cecil George LAURIE 1928)
* 1906 - 1944 John Henry Thomas
* 1911 - 1971 William Allan Thomas
AGNES died 28 Feb 1918 aged 34, last address was 214 King street, Dunedin
Otago Daily Times, 1 March 1918
- On February 28 1918, at her residence, 214 King street, Dunedin (after a long and painful illness), Agnes, the dearly-beloved wife of John Henry Thomas; in her thirty-fifth year. "At rest"
Otago Daily Times, 2 March 1918
The Friends of JOHN HENRY THOMAS are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of his late WIFE, which will leave 214 King street, Dunedin, to-morrow (Sunday), the 3rd inst., at 2.30 o'clock. for the Southern cemetery
JAMES HENRY Thomas died 26 June 1934 aged 54 at Talboys Home, Dunedin
- they are buried Plot 9, Block 109 Southern cemetery, Dunedin
buried with them is:
1876 - Margaret THOMAS aged 26 (born Scotland, married woman)
1892 - Mary Jane THOMAS aged 36 (born Cornwall)
1895 - Eliza THOMAS aged 30 (born Tuapeka)
1896 - Elizabeth Ann NELSON (nee THOMAS) aged 39
(Elizabeth was born in England, she married Andrew Nelson in 1894)
1908 - Maria THOMAS aged 77 (born Cornwall, arrived 1874)

ALLAN Cummock (1881-1933)
born 27 Sep 1881 in Dunedin to William Smith CUMMOCK & Mary SAUNDERS
He served in the South African Boer War, Serial number 5904
Allan married Isabella Mary BUCKLEY (1885-1915) in 1906
Isabella was born in Port Chalmers to John BUCKLEY & Mary FLETCHER
...the known children of ALLAN & ISABELLA:
* 1908 - 1919 *Emily Isabel Cummock (aged 10)
* 1911 - 1956 William John Cummock (died Christchurch)
* 1915 - 1915 Allan Gordon Cummock (died aged 7 weeks at Papatupu)
Isabella Mary Cummock died 27 May 1915 in Owaka, Caitlins aged 30, 7 weeks after her baby Allan Gordon Cummock
Otago Daily Times, 28 May 1917
CUMMOCK - In loving memory of Allan Gordon, dearly-beloved son of Allan Cummock, Clarendon, who departed this life at Tawanui on April 4, 1915
...And a little child shall lead them
Inserted by his loving father, sister and brother
CUMMOCK - In loving memory of Isabella Mary (Ella), dearly-beloved wife of Allan Cummock, Clarendon, who departed this life at Owaka on May 27, 1915
...She bore her pain, she bore it well;
...What she suffered none can tell.
...Peacefully sleeping, resting at last,
...Life's weary trouble and sufferings past.
...The weary hours and days of pain,
...The troubled, sleepless nights are past.
...The ever-patient, worn-out frame
...Has gained sweet rest at last.
...Two years have gone. We love her still,
...And in our hearts none her place can ever fill.
Inserted by her loving husband and two children
Allan next married Ellen Jane COLEMAN (1895-1962) in 1927
Ellen was a daughter of John William COLEMAN & Matilda COOKER
...the known children of ALLAN & ELLEN:
* 1932 - Helen Cummock (twin born 15 Jan)
* 1932 - Margaret Lorraine Cummock (twin born 15 Jan)
ALLAN Cummock died 11 September 1933 in Christchurch aged 51
ELLEN JANE Cummock died 15 June 1962 aged 67
they are buried together Plot 64, Block 21A at Sydenham cemetery, Christchurch
* Emily Isabel Cummock died suddenly aged 10.8 at the Dunedin Hospital (lived at Nottingham Crescent, Caversham). She is buried Block 41, Plot 118 Andersons Bay cemetery. Buried with her is:
1935 - William Alexander JOHNSTON aged 67 (born Scotland)
1942 - Jane Forrest JOHNSTON aged 46 (spinster born Dunedin)
1946 - Mary JOHNSTON aged 74 (nee Cummock, married William 1894)

ANDREW WATSON Cummock (1853-1932)
born in Glasgow, Scotland to John CUMMOCK & Jane WATSON
Andrew married Elizabeth HARRINGTON in 1879
Elizabeth was born 1858 in London, England
...the known children of ANDREW & ELIZABETH:
*1879 - Elizabeth Harrington Cummock
- born 4 November 1879 at Andersons Bay, Dunedin, 4 months after her father started his 9 year prison term

Southland Times, 27 June 1879
... We hear that Andrew Watson Cummock, late sub-librarian of the Dunedin Athenaeum (and Mechanics' Institute), was arrested late last night at the Bluff by Constable Coffee. He was charged with incendiarism and removed to Dunedin.
The circumstances

Andrew received 12 months hard labour for larceny and 8 years penal servitude for arson, the sentences to be cumulative. He started the sentence in Dunedin Gaol on 7 July 1879, was transferred to Lyttelton in Dec 1882 and by 1883 he had been transferred to Wellington prison after evidence of harsh treatment and his complaints that "they are trying to kill me"...

Evening Post, 15 May 1880
... The reward of 300 is to be distributed among the witnesses who secured Cummock's conviction (Jan 2014 equivalent of $48,200)
Press, 23 June 1883
Otago Daily Times, 17 July 1883
... Andrew gives evidence against the gaol and warders

parents unknown at this time
Elizabeth married Robert Edward SPINKS (1879-1956) in 1902 (possibly Petone)
...the known children of ELIZABETH & ROBERT:
* 1903 - Hilda May Spinks (+Alfred WHITLOW (1906-1941) in 1925)
* 1905 - 1990 Robert Edward 'Cecil' Spinks
* 1907 - 2001 Elizabeth Victoria 'Betty' Spinks (+John Charles McCORMICK 1926)
* ???? - John Spinks (see Elizabeth's death notice)
* 1912 - Laurel M. Spinks (born Burwood, NSW)
Evening Post, 4 August 1944
- On July 13, 1944, At Newcastle. N.S.W., Elizabeth, loved wife of R. E. Spinks, of Petone, and mother of Hilda, Betty, Laurel, Cecil and John; aged 73 years

born in Dunedin to William Smith CUMMOCK & Mary SAUNDERS
Elizabeth Christina Saunders Cummock had 2 children:
* 1890 - Walter Begg Cummock
* 1895 - 1895 Christina Cummock (aged 6 weeks)
Christina died 2 March 1895 & buried Block 63, Plot 2 at Northern cemetery
buried with her is:
1873 - John McLEOD aged 44
1894 - John SPENCE aged 48
1897 - William McVIE aged 3 hours
Elizabeth Christina Saunders Cummock married 11 June 1902 to:
William George BEKER (1863-1934)
Otago Daily Times, 25 August 1902 BAKER(sic) - CUMMOCK - On the 11th June, at Dunedin, George William Baker, miner, Blackstone Hill, late North Canterbury, to Elizabeth Christina, eldest daughter of William Smith Cummock, engineer. Alexandra Herald please copy
- William was born in England to Frederick BEKER (1840-1916 born Hamburg, Germany-died Kaiapoi) & Bridget STARK (1840-1919 born Limerick, Ireland-died Kaiapoi)
William had first married Jessie Christina RICE (1863-1899) in 1883 & had 7 children
...the known children of ELIZABETH & WILLIAM:
* 1906 - William George Beker
WILLIAM GEORGE Beker died 23 Oct 1934 in Dunedin aged 71
- he is buried Plot 115, Block 133 Andersons Bay cemetery
ELIZABETH CHRISTINA Beker died 24 Sep 1941 in Dunedin
- she is buried Plot 6C, Block 43 Andersons Bay cemetery
buried with her is:
1938 - Donald McARTHUR aged 64 (born Scotland, died 20 Aug)
1938 - Ellen Mason MENZIES aged 74 (spinster born Glasgow, died 15 Nov)
1939 - John Stanley HARRIS aged 26 (born Australia)

ELIZABETH CONNELL Cummock (1861-1912)
born in Scotland to John CUMMOCK & Jane Howie WATSON
Elizabeth married Andrew Watson McLEAN (1853-1932) in Dunedin 28 July 1882
- Andrew was born in Glasgow, arrived in NZ c1878. He was a Carpenter
...the known children of ELIZABETH & ANDREW:
* 1885 - 1885 *Jane Howie Watson McLean
* 1886 - 1891 *Alexander McLean
* 1888 - 1964 John Cummock McLean (+Rose Lillian Hannah BEARD 1917)
* 1891 - 1960 Charles Andrew McLean (+Lucy Barlow COLLETT 1914)
* 1894 - 1971 *Pearl Margaret McLean
* 1896 - Ruby McLean
ELIZABETH CONNELL McLean died 21 June 1912 in Dunedin aged 51
ANDREW WATSON McLean died 25 June 1932 aged 79
- they are buried *Plot 17, Block 33 at Northern Cemetery

JAMES Cummock (1868-1947)
son of William Smith CUMMOCK & Mary SAUNDERS
married Ellen BIRNIE (1878-1952) in 1903
...the known children of JAMES & ELLEN:
* 1904 - 1904 Mary Katherine Elizabeth Cummock (aged 7 months at Earnscleugh)
* 1906 - 1956 Leslie James Cummock (died Alexandra)
* 1907 - 1970 John Joseph Cummock (buried Dannevirke with Dorothy (1910-1985)
* 1909 - 1991 Eileen Margaret Cummock
* 1911 - 1993 James Alexander Cummock (+Vera Lillian MATHIAS (1911-2007)
* 1912 - 1981 Frances Cecelia Cummock
* 1914 - 1942 William Smith Anthony Cummock
... WILLIAM SERVED in WWII as Lance Bombardier 25538 with the Second New Zealand Expeditionary Force. He was Killed In Action in the Western Desert Campaign 31 Oct 1942 aged 28. He is buried El Alamein War Cemetery, Egypt
* 1917 - 1942 Vincent Patrick Cummock
... VINCENT SERVED in WWII as Flight Sergeant NZ41574 with the Royal New Zealand Air Force. He was Killed In Action 3 June 1942 in Germany aged 25. He is buried 24 D, Reichswald Forest War Cemetery, Kleve, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
JAMES Cummock died 29 Nov 1947 in Alexandra aged 78
ELLEN died 31 December in Alexandra 1972 aged 75

JAMES CUMMOCK (1811-1847)
born 1811 in Paisley, Scotland to John CUMMOCK & Agnes CAMPBELL
James married Elizabeth CONNELL (1811-1892) in Scotland 10 May 1830
...the known children of JAMES & ELIZABETH:
* 1831 - 1892 John Cummock
* 1833 - 1928 Margaret Cummock
* 1835 - Agnes Cummock, born in Renfrew
Agnes married John PENDER in Paisley, Renfrew in 1858 (not found in NZ)
* 1837 - Elizabeth Cummock, born in Glasgow (not found in NZ)
* James Cummock 1841 - 1912 born in Paisley 1841 and arrived in New Zealand about 1872. He was a Miner & the Caversham Electoral Rolls 1905-1911 list him as a Seaman of Alexandra St. James died 5 March 1912 in Caversham and is buried Block 20, Plot 158 at Andersons Bay cemetery
* 1843 - 1903 Mary Cummock (+Edward DOWNES)
* 1843 - Janet Cummock (not found in NZ)
* 1845 - 1920 William Smith Cummock (+Mary SAUNDERS)
* 1851 - 1933 Allan Cummock (+BUCKLEY +COLEMAN)

JANE Cummock (1864-)
born 5 April 1863 Paisley, Scotland to John CUMMOCK & Jane Howie WATSON
Jane married Henry GUY (1863-1897)? in Dunedin 15 April 1895
(Jane was recorded as 31 and Henry was 32)
- Henry was born in County Armagh, Ireland
no children found
A number of Henry Guy were around at the same time as the one I am looking for, i.e., the husband of Jane Cummock. The following articles are possibilities only.
(Windsor is 125km north of Dunedin)
As always your input is welcome

North Otago Times, 7 June 1880 INQUEST AT WINDSOR
On Saturday afternoon, before Mr George Sumpter, Acting-Coroner, an inquest was held in the Railway Hotel, Windsor, to inquire into the cause of the death of THOMAS GUY. Mr Alexander Copland was foreman of the jury. Inspector Thompson watched the progress of the case on behalf of the police, and Mr Hannay, Traffic Manager, attended on behalf of the railway authorities.
HENRY GUY, brother of the deceased, and horse-driver on the Livingstone line, deposed; Mr brother was 22 years of age in January last; was unmarried; was born in Armagh, Ireland. He was nine years in New Zealand. Friday was pay-day, and the men were, therefore, not at work. I last saw my brother alive at 6 o'clock on Friday evening in the Railway Hotel, Windsor. He was then a little under the influence of drink. There was a sort of row in the house, and a constable put deceased and others out. He went round to the back. Five minutes afterwards I went round. Seeing nothing of him, I went down to the platform and inquired for him from several persons, but heard nothing. On the train's arrival, I heard that a man had been killed on the line, and on my going there I found the body of my brother. It was then about 20 minutes to 7 o'clock. The evening was dark. A man named James Reid told me that my brother had quarrelled about a bottle of brandy and that my brother had been kicked ... more
- Thomas is buried Plot 17, Block 29 at Old Anglican cemetery Oamaru
Bay Of Plenty Times, 6 October 1897 FATAL ACCIDENT
... Dunedin, Tuesday - Henry Guy, aged 39, was killed at the Upper Junction through a dray capsizing and falling on him. The body was found on the Port Chalmers road on Sunday morning. He was on his way home to his father's farm at Mount Cargill on Saturday night, and he called at a hotel and procured some beer, being then apparently sober
Newspapers have 39, 38 & 37, BDM has 38, cemetery database has 37
... A man named Henry Guy, 38 years of age, residing on Dr Martin's farm, near the Upper Junction, met with his death under distressing circumstances some time during Saturday night or early on Sunday morning. On Saturday night he was driving a horse and cart along the Valley road, and called at the Botanical Gardens Hotel, where he purchased three bottles of beer. He left about 9 o'clock, and the licensee stated that he then appeared all right. The following morning he was found dead, lying underneath his cart on the Upper Port Chalmers road, by Mr J. E. Macky, a dairyman. Two boys traveled with him to within about a mile of where the body was found. One of them stated that Guy appeared to be drunk, and was rolling about in his seat. He said, however, he was all right and would find his way home. Deceased worked on Dr Martin's farm. He was married, and his parents live at Woodlands. An inquest will be held to-day.
- Henry is buried Plot 13, Block 160 at Northern cemetery, Dunedin
buried with him is:
1891 - William GUY, aged 26 (born 1865)
1909 - Margaret GUY, aged 75 (born 1836)
1910 - William GUY, aged 85 (born 1825)
1927 - Thomas Francis GUY, aged 50 (born 1877 Dunedin)
1935 - Elizabeth GLEESON, aged 73 (born 1862 Ireland)

JANE HOWIE WATSON Cummock (1870-1926)
daughter of William Smith CUMMOCK & Mary SAUNDERS
married John Joseph 'Jack' McCONNELL 17 June 1895 in Dunedin
Otago Daily Times, 23 July 1895 McCONNELL-CUMMOCK - On the 17th June, at St Joseph's Cathedral, by the Very Rec Father Lynch, John Joseph McConnell, to Jane, second daughter of William Cummock, Mosgiel. - Liverpool papers please copy
... the known children of JANE & JACK:
(born in Dunedin they later moved to Australia))
* 1896 - Mary Catherine McConnell
* 1898 - Charles Blaney McConnell
CHARLES BLANEY McCONNELL served in WWI with the AIF as Private 41903. He enlisted 2 Feb 1916 from Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. His parents signed the consent form. His medical exam of March 1916 stated he was: 18 years old, 5' 5", 126lbs (57.15kg), dark complexion, grey eyes, brown hair. His permanent address was with his father at Tongala, Victoria. He was discharged 3 months later as medically unfit due to a weak back said to be strained about 1906 in New Zealand and made worse 9 months previously through lifting hay & heavy milk cans. He re-enlisted in Sep 1918. His parents then had the Marine Hotel at Port Melbourne. His parents signed the consent form which listed there were 5 sons in the family, none serving. Charles's medical exam of Oct 1918 stated he was: 20 years 6 months, 5' 6", 177lbs (80.28kg), dark complexion, blue eyes & that he was a Farmer. His company was demobilised 24 Dec 1918. On 19 April 1945 he requested a copy of his discharge certificate stating the original had been lost. His address was then Old Fernshaw road Healesville Victoria (temporary address Kingston Hotel, Canberra)
* 1900 - John Rowe McConnell (born in Cromwell 26 May 1900)
JOHN ROWE McCONNELL served in WWI as Private V81424. He enlisted Sept 1918. His medical exam on 31 Oct 1918 stated he was: 18 years 5 months, 5' 6", 120lbs (54.43kg), dark complexion, blue eyes, dark hair & that he was a Farm hand
* 1902 - Margaret Jean McConnell
* 1903 - Patrick McConnell
* 1905 - Bridge Blaney McConnell
- Bridge was in Melbourne electoral rolls 1931-1972, the last 23 years in Henty

JESSIE BUCHANAN Cummock (1879-1934)
born 30 June 1879 in Dunedin to William Smith CUMMOCK & Mary SAUNDERS
Jessie married Frederick Wallace CHAPMAN (1878-1946) in 1902
- Frederick was born 10 July 1878 in New Plymouth to Jabez & Emma CHAPMAN
... the known children of JESSIE & FREDERICK:
* 1903 - 1934 Jabez Wallace Cummock Chapman (+Inez Alene ROBERTS in 1929)
* 1904 - 1952 Charles William Chapman
JABEZ WALLACE CUMMOCK Chapman (Electrician) died 27 February 1934 in Oamaru
JESSIE BUCHANAN Chapman died 5 March 1934 262 Kaikoura Valley Road, Dunedin
FREDERICK WALLACE Chapman (Constable) died 7 Dec 1946 in Highcliff, Dunedin
CHARLES WILLIAM Chapman (Labourer) died 12 Sep 1952 in Dunedin
- they are all buried together in Plot 1A, Block 8 at Andersons Bay cemetery

JESSIE CAMPBELL Cummock (1883-1956)
born in New Zealand. Parents not known at this time
Jessie married John LOCKHART (1870-1938) in 1901
John was born in New Zealand. He was a Corp Employee
... the known children of JESSIE & JOHN:
* 1904 - 1955 Charles Alexander Lockhart (buried with parents)
* 1906 - Jessie Florence Lockhart
JOHN died 20 June 1938 in Dunedin aged 68
JESSIE died 2 Feb 1956 at 74 King street, Taradale, Napier aged 73
- they are buried Plot 36, Block 146 at Andersons Bay cemetery, Dunedin

JOHN Cummock (1831-1892)
born in Glasgow, Scotland to James CUMMOCK & Elizabeth CONNELL
He married Jane Howie WATSON (1832-) in Scotland c1854. They had 4 known children then arrived in New Zealand about 1864. He was an Engine Driver
... the known children of JOHN & JANE:
* 1855 - Jane Cummock, born Paisley, Scotland
* 1856 - Mary Dewar Cummock, born Renfrew, Scotland
* 1858 - Andrew Watson Cummock, born Glasgow, Scotland
* 1861 - 1912 Elizabeth Connell Cummock, born Scotland
They appear to have emigrated separately to New Zealand. Jane arrived into Port Chalmers 21 Sep 1864 on the 'Hamilla Mitchell'. She had been sponsored by John Cummock & Peter Lindsay (possibly the Peter Lindsay who was the Superintendent of the Province in 1860s)
The following children were born in Dunedin
* 1866 - John Cummock, (married Elizabeth Stafford in NSW 1886)
* 1868 - 1948 George Gibson Cummock
* 1870 - 1898 Alexander Watson McLean Cummock (aged 27)
* 1876 - 1876 *William Smith Cummock (aged 9 months see notes above)

Southland Times, 29 October 1892
Whilst climbing about on a rocky bank of Deep Stream today two young ladies discovered the remains of a man lying face downwards on a ledge about eight feet above the river. He had evidently met his death by falling over the cliff as the rock above had been stripped of grass, The body had evidently been in there for some months as hawks and rats had completely denuded the body of flesh. The body is supposed to be that of Cummock, an engineer who left the quartz reef in the locality some months ago and has not since been heard of. In the absence of the police the pockets were not examined. At the inquest on the body the relatives failed to identify it as Cummock, the engineer, who has been missing for some months

Otago Daily Times, 3 November 1892
TO THE EDITOR. Sir, There are three reasons why we (my uncle and myself) failed to identify the body found at Deep Stream. In the first place John Cummock lost the first joint of the second finger of the right hand when he was eight years of age; secondly, he has been bald-headed these last 15 years; thirdly, the boots that Cummock wore when he went missing were watertights. Now the man that was found at Deep Stream, had all the fingers on the right hand. He also had brown hair on the crown of his head to the length of over two inches, and in the third place this man had Balmoral boots on. Now how a coroner's jury came to give such a verdict after knowning these facts we cannot understand. We are, &c., GEORGE CUMMOCK, JAMES CUMMOCK

Otago Daily Times, 7 November 1892
TO THE EDITOR. Sir, The Messrs Cummock gave three reasons why they failed to identify the body found on Excursion Day as that of their father ... more
JOHN Cummock is buried Block 3, Plot 1 at Middlemarch cemetery

JOHN STAFFORD Cummock (1887-1953)
born in Granville, New South Wales
1st of 6 children of John CUMMOCK (1866-1901) & Elizabeth Victoria STAFFORD (1868-1944)
grandson of John CUMMOCK (1831-1892) & Jane Howie WATSON
John married Mary Ella WHITING (1886-) in 1918
Mary was a daughter of Thomas & Sarah Jane WHITING
Evening Post, 6 May 1929 WHITING - On the 5th May 1929, at 18 Fitzherbert street, Petone, Sarah Jane, relict of the late Thomas Whiting and beloved mother of Mrs J. Cummock and Thomas Whiting of Petone; aged 69 years. At rest
... a known son of JOHN & MARY:
* 1918 - 1987 Maxton John Cummock, born Petone 22 July 1918
(named after his brother, Maxton C. Cummock, (1888-1962) born in Burwood, NSW)
In November 1930 John Cummock received a decree nisi in the Wellington Supreme Court in an undefended adultery divorce case against Mary Ella Cummock
JOHN STAFFORD Cummock died 16 April 1953 in Lower Hutt

MARGARET Cummock (1833-1928)
born in Glasgow to James CUMMOCK (1811-1947) & Elizabeth CONNELL
she married William DOWNES (1833-1905) 9 Nov 1866 Knox Church, Dunedin
son of Thomas DOWNES & Elizabeth TURNER. His brother Edward (1846-1906) married Margaret's sister, Mary Cummock (1843-1903)
... the known children of MARGARET & WILLIAM:
(born Silver Peaks, Otago)
* 1867 - 1942 Edward Downes
- Edward married Lucy Harriet CLARK (1868-1937) in 1891 & died in Wellington
* 1869 - 1954 Jane Elizabeth 'Win' Downes
Jane married Andrew Douglas DAVYS (1859-1938) in 1893. He was an engineer in Dunedin, they later moved to Gisborne)
* 1870 - 1957 William Downes (+Dorothea FRANKLIN in 1893, died Napier)
* 1872 - 1929 Benjamin Downes (+Elizabeth MACKIE in 1897)
* 1874 - 1934 Alice May Downes (+John Morrison RODGER in 1903)
* 1876 - 1876 Charles Downes (aged 18 days at The Kilmog, Otago)
WILLIAM Downes died 4 October 1905 in Warrington, Otago
MARGARET Downes died 29 Dec 1928 in Dunedin
- they are buried Plot 1, Block 91 at Northern cemetery, Dunedin
buried with them is:
1905 - Joyce Morrison RODGER, their granddaughter, aged 2 months
1930 - John Morrison RODGER, their son-in-law aged 53
1824 - Alice May RODGER, their daughter, aged 59

MARY Cummock (1843-1903)
born in Rentfordshire to James CUMMOCK (1811-1847) & Elizabeth CONNELL
she married Edward DOWNES (1846-1906) 21 Feb 1868 in Knox Church, Dunedin
son of Thomas DOWNES & Elizabeth TURNER. His brother William (1844-1905) married Mary's sister, Margaret Cummock (1833-1928)
... the known children of MARY & EDWARD:
* 1868 - 1957 Edward Henry Downes (11 Sep 1957, 8 months after his twin)
- Edward is buried Anderson's Bay with wife Mary Grace HAIGH (1868-1960)
* 1868 - 1957 James Thomas Downes (11 Jan 1957)
- James is buried Anderson's Bay with his wife Rachel Pollock FOGO (1869-1947)
* 1870 - 1957 William Downes (24 June 1957)
* 1871 - John Downes
* 1873 - Elizabeth Jane Downes
* 1875 - 1965 Louis Downes
* 1878 - Levina Downes
* 1880 - 1957 Benjamin Downes (3 June 1957)
* 1882 - Margaret Downes
MARY Downes died 8 October 1903 in Warrington, Otago aged 60
EDWARD Downes died 3 June 1906 in Warrington, Otago aged 59

MARY Cummock (1871-1946)
daughter of William Smith CUMMOCK & Mary SAUNDERS
Mary married William Alexander JOHNSTON (1868-1935) in 1894
- William was born in Scotland
... the known children of MARY & WILLIAM:
* 1894 - 1976 Annie Johnston (died Awapuni Hospital)
* 1896 - 1942 Jane Forrest Johnston (didn't marry)
* 1897 - 1976 James Johnston
* 1904 - 1959 William Allan Johnston (died in Wellington)

MAXTON JOHN Cummock (1918-1987)
born 22 July 1918 in Petone to John Stafford CUMMOCK & Mary Ella WHITING
* in Nov 1930 (aged 12) his parents divorced
* In Nov 1932 (aged 14) he was the junior boy champion at the Petone Technical High School sports day. He came 1st in the Junior 880 yards, 440yds, 220 yards, 100 yards. 2nd in the Junior High Jump of 4'5" (134.62cm)
* In December 1933 (aged 15) Maxton was an evening student at the Petone Technical College. After the end of year examinations he was awarded a senior free place entitling him to further free education
* on 8 June 1936 (aged 16) he arrived into Wellington from Sydney on the 'Maunganui' after a 'fine trip across the Tasman'
* from 1934 he played Hutt Valley cricket for the Gear Company Cricket Club. In April 1934 he was awarded a trophy for the most improved batsman during the season
* In October 1935 (aged 17) the Hutt Valley Cricket Association said he was unavailable to play for Gear United as he had gone to Australia
* In Nov 1936 (aged 18) he played A grade cricket for Gear United taking 4 wickets for 18 runs, beating Meadows 126 - 117
* In October 1937 (aged 19) the teams to represent the Hutt Valley Cricket Association against the Hutt District Club at the Hutt Recreation Ground on Labour Day was announced. The B team was: A. C. Edwards (Y.M.C.A.), captain, F. Law (Gracefield), L. Searle (Taita), A. Jarvie (Central), B. Cottle (Taita), M. Cummock (Gear United). A. Bramley (Meadows), F. Fox (General Motors), G. Baylis (Gracefield), Jack McGurk (Metters United), T. Sherlock (Empire) & twelfth man was K. Bates (Y.M.C.A.)
* In August 1942 (aged 24) he was at war and was listed wounded. His next of kin was his father at 34 Victoria Street, Petone
Maxton married Helen ADAM (1914-1986), year not known

SARAH STEEL Cummock (1877-1962)
born 14 Dec 1877 in Dunedin to William Smith CUMMOCK & Mary SAUNDERS
married Thomas HARTLEY in 1903
Otago Witness, 21 October 1903 HARTLEY-CUMMOCK - On the 23rd September, at Alexandra South, by the Rev J. Mackie, Thomas Hartley, Oamaru, to Sarah Steel Cummock, Dunedin
... the known children of SARAH & THOMAS:
* 1903 - 1903 William Thomas Hartley (aged 3 weeks)
* 1905 - 1983 Allan Hartley
* 1906 - 1956 John Thomas Hartley

SUSAN Cummock
married James FOSTER in 1922
... nothing else known

WALTER BEGG Cummock (1890-)
born 3 Aug 1890 in Dunedin to Elizabeth Christina Saunders CUMMOCK
Otago Daily Times, 23 December 1909
... Breaches of Prohibition Orders - Walter Begg Cummock, who pleaded 'Guilty' to two charges of entering licensed premises and to a further charge of procuring liquir during the currency of a prohibition order against him, was fined 20s on each of the first two charges, and 40s and costs, in default 14 days, on the remaining charge
NZ Truth, 7 May 1910
... Ever since the end of January the names of Arthur Patrick McKay and Walter Begg Cummock have figured frequently on the Dunedin Police Court charge sheet, Cummock being charged with entering the law Courts Hotel while prohibited ... more
Timaru Herald, 26 June 1914
... William Begg Cummock pleaded guilty to the theft of an overcoat valued at 2 from the hall of the Timaru hotel. He asked to give evidence on oath, and in doing so said he was only a young man, twenty-seven years of age, but had had very little chance in life. His home had broken by when he was a lad, and he had been handed about from pillar to post ever since. He admitted that he had a pretty bad record for drunkenness and obscene language but this, he said, was the first time he had been guilty of dishonesty. He was only discharged from prison the previous day, after "doing" a fortnight for obscene language, and his stomach was not in very good order after it. He met some people he knew, who "shouted" for him, but would do nothing more. He was absolutely destitute, and with the drink he did not know what he was doing. He had a job to fo to if he got a chance. He had a letter to that effect.
Sub-Inspector Cruickshank asked if it was not a friend, of much the same character as accused, who had written him.
Accused said it was a friend of his, but he was not of the same character.
The Magistrate sentenced accused to one month's imprisonment and on a fine being asked for, fixed it at 40s. Time to pay was asked for, but refused.
Otago Daily Times, 16 March 1915
... Walter was fined 5s and witness's expenses of 6s for drunkenness in Filleul street, at the Dunedin City Police Court. In default, 48 hours imprisonment
13 June 1915
... Walter embarked from Wellington for WWI as Driver 2/1610 with the 5th Reinforcements, Otago District. He enlisted from CLinton listing his next of kin as his mother, Mrs William Cummock of Woodhaugh, Dunedin

NOTE William Begg Cummock married a Agnes May ?? possibly in Kent, England. The deaths of William & Agnes are not recorded in NZ. They had a son, Bernard George Cummock (1923-1942) who was Able Seaman in WWII on the British HMS Fidelity which was attached and sunk, (UK - Capetown - Colombo, India), by the U-435, Siegfried Strelow on 30 Dec 1942. The U-boat reported a surprising high number of survivors on overcrowded rafts and swimming in the water, none of them were rescued and all drowned in the worsening weather. 274 crew members, 51 Royal Marines and the 44 survivors were lost.
Bernard was one of these. He was 19 years old.

WILLIAM SMITH Cummock (1845-1920)
born Renfrew, Scotland to James CUMMOCK (1811-) & Elizabeth CONNELL
he arrived in New Zealand about 1864
William married Mary SAUNDERS (1842-1886) in Dunedin 19 June 1868
Mary was born in Scotland & also arrived in NZ about 1864
... the known children of WILLIAM & MARY:
1867 - 1941 Elizabeth Christina Saunders Cummock
- in 1878 aged 10, Elizabeth was employed by Mrs Smith as a nursegirl
* 1868 - 1947 James Cummock
* 1870 - 1926 Jane Howie Watson Cummock
* 1871 - 1946 Mary Cummock
* 1873 - 1923 William Smith Cummock (hospital attendant at Seacliff)
* 1875 - John Cummock
* 1877 - 1962 Sarah Steel Cummock
* 1879 - 1935 Jessie Buchanan Cummock
* 1881 - 1933 Allan Cummock
* 1883 - 1956 Agnes Campbell Cummock
MARY Cummock died 2 May 1886 in Queen Street, Dunedin aged 44
WILLIAM SMITH Cummock died 12 Aug 1920 in Alexandra aged 74
Otago Daily Times, 14 August 1920 CUMMOCK - On August 12, 1920, at Dunedin, William Smith, husband of the late Mary Cummock (late of Alexandra); aged 74 years. Deeply mourned. Private interment
- they are buried Block 42. Plot 9A at Northern Cemetery, Dunedin

WILLIAM SMITH Cummock (1873-1923)
married Annie Isabella Hunter RIVERS (nee SANDERSON 1866-1948) in 1906
Annie had first married Peter Rivers (1863-1895) on 8 Nov 1888 at Andersons Bay
William & Annie married in St James Parish, South Dunedin
Otago Witness, 7 November 1906 CAMMOCK-RIVERS - On the 10th October, at Calder House, Musselburgh, by the Rev R. Mackie, William S. Cummock, to Annie I. H. Rivers, fourth daughter of the late William Sanderson, of Anderson's Bay
In April 1908 William was eligible to Register as a mental Hospital nurse or attendant having undergone the three years and over of necessary training by attendance at lectures and clinical demonstrations
WILLIAM SMITH Cummock died 12 Nov 1923 aged 50 at Seacliff (attendant there)
ANNIE ISABELLA HUNTER Cummock died 20 April 1948 aged 82 in Waitati
they are buried Block 52, Plots 17 & 18 at Waitati cemetery

those buried together in Block 33, Plot 17 at Northern Cemetery, Dunedin:
1875 - William Smith Cummock, 4 Sep 1875 aged 9 months
1885 - Jane Howie Watson McLEAN aged 7 Weeks
1891 - Alexander MCLEAN aged 4 (born 1887)
1892 - Elizabeth CUMMOCK aged 81 (born 1811)
1893 - Jane CUMMOCK aged 61 (1832-1893 wife of John below)
1898 - Alexander Watson McLean CUMMOCK aged 28 (born 1870 to John & Jane)
1912 - Elizabeth Connell MCLEAN aged 51 (born 1861, wife of Andrew)
1918 - Stella MCLEAN aged 4 days
1932 - Andrew Watson MCLEAN aged 79 (born Glasgow 1853)
1936 - John FRASER aged 41 (lived with Andrew at 67 Maitland St)
1964 - John Cummock MCLEAN aged 76 (born 1888)
1971 - Pearl Margaret FRASER aged 77 (born 1894)

Flight Sergeant NZ41574, Vincent Patrick Cummock
son of James CUMMOCK & Ellen BIRNIE

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