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Descendants of EDWARD BOBY - 1827 Suffolk to 1869 Canterbury, New Zealand

Journal by ngairedith

Edward Boby was born in Bury St, Edmunds, Suffolk, England in 1827.

He emigrated to New Zealand on the RANDOLPH which left Plymouth on the night of Saturday September 7th 1850 and arrived into Lyttelton in January 1851, making it one of the First Four Ships to Lyttelton

Edward married Hannah PLEACE (1825-1908) in Lyttelton, Christchurch in 1851

the known children
... 1
1852 - Charles William Edward BOBY
- Charles married Ann Jane BURROWS in 1875
- he ran the Bealey Hotel from 1878 to 1880 and from 1882 to 1885 he was a cab owner in Nursery Road, Linwood
- In 1890 Charles was sentenced to ten weeks imprisonment for deserting his three children Louisa, Edward and Anna about 8 years previously. Their mother, Ann had died over 2 years earlier and the children had been living with their grandmother Mrs Burrows. Edward had been in New South Wales
? 1876 - 1918 Mary Louisa Boby
- Mary married Thomas CLARK
? 1878 - 1950 Edward Alexander Boby
- Edward married Annie Lilly Elizabeth HODGSON
? 1880 - 1939 Annie Wilson Boby
- Annie married Samuel Charles WRIGHT

... 2
1854 - 1863 Walter Humphrey BOBY
- Walter died aged 8 in 1863

... 3
1856 - 1885 Ernest Linton BOBY
- he married Elizabeth Ellen McKASKELL in 1881
their known children were:
? 1882 - 1960 Mabel Jane Boby
- she married James Andrew COMRIE
? 1883 - 1894 Ernest William 'Willie' Boby
- Ernest died from flu complications aged 11
- 2 months later his grandfather and 3 others were killed in a boating accident
? 1884 - 1918 Arthur Edward Boby
- Arthur died aged 34 during the flu pandemic
ERNEST LINTON BOBY died in 1885 aged 30
his widow Elizabeth Ellen remarried in 1893 to Henry Samuel CATHER

... 4
1858 - Manfred BOBY
- he died in childhood

... 5
1860 Maria Hannah BOBY
- Maria married William PARK in 1878
they had 11 children:
- the first 3 were born in Timaru/Hokitika then they moved to Palmerston North
? 1878 - 1958 Anita Maria Park
- buried in Christchurch
? 1880 - 1960 William Edward Park
- William married Ann Emily TASKER in 1901
- they had 9 known children:
1901 - 1988 Myrie Wanaka Park
- Myrie married Walter WOODS in 1921
1903 - 1904 Ina Phyllis Park
- Ina died aged 10 months in Palmerston North
1905 - 1907 Russell Edward Park
- Russell died aged 2 in Palmerston North
1907 - 1903 Moya Doreen Park
- Moya died aged 3 months in Palmerston North
1908 - 1993 Edna 'Tui' Park
- Edna married twice and died in Hamilton
1909 - 1970 Anau Reginald Park
- Anau married Vera Ray EDWARDS in 1937 in Palmerston North
- Vera was a daughter of Arthur William EDWARDS & Alice Maud MABEY
1911 - 1980 Reina Iwa Park
- Reina married William Ernest BYERS
1912 - 1979 Zelma Doreen Park
- Zelma married ? IRLAND
1913 - 1985 Roy Raymond Park
- Roy married Queenie May BLACKBOURN in 1935 & died in Hawera
? 1882 - 1882 Walter Boby Park
- Walter died aged 3 months
? 1884 - 1935 Florence Boby Park
- Florence married Gerald TRELEAVEN in 1911
? 1886- 1962 Manfred Nigil Park
- Manfred married Christina FERGUSON in 1916
? 1887 - 1968 Douglas McIntyre Park
- Douglas married Hilda Kate WOOD in 1917
? 1889 - 1950 Myrtle Dorothy Park
- Myrtle married Ivie GIBSON
? 1890 - 1968 Piata Heni Park
- Piata moved to Christchurch, never married
? 1892 - 1916 John Joseph Park
- John died of wounds in France
- he also served in Gallipoli
? 1893 - 1947 Lorna Park 1893-1947
- Lorna married Gordon Stewart JACKSON in 1916
? 1895 - 1969 Frank Palmerston Park
- Frank married Zelma RICHES in 1920

Their mother, Maria Boby, died in 1895 aged 35
- possibly giving birth to Frank (he was born 30th December 1895)
their father William Park remarried in 1897 to Jane TORY
- their known children were:
? 1897 - 1961 Annie Jane Park
- Annie married Clarence Richard Moyle DALE (1893-1958) in 1923
- she died 28 June 1961
? 1898 - 1976 William James Park
- born 2 November 1898
- William married Ethel Florence DALEY (1898-1981) in 1920
? 1898 - 1945 Eileen Norah Park
- Eileen married Ronald Robert MENTIPLAY (1902-1974) in 1930
- Ronald was a son of James Hay MENTIPLAY (1858-1936) & his 2nd wife Mary Sarah FERRIS (1872-1924)
? 1901 - Gavin Fry Park
- nothing known
? 1902 - 1973 Stanley Nelson Park
- POSSIBLY married Violet Maud JOHNSON
? 1910 - 1989 Kathleen Irene Park

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by Jocelynlenoel on 2012-02-09 04:22:14

Hello, my name is Jocelyn Le Noel (nee de Silva). My great great grandfather was William Park who married Jane Tory (2nd wife) in 1897. According to my records William and Jane's children were:- Eileen Norah born 31/12/1897, Gavin Tory born 28/11/1900, Stanley Nelson born 28/5/1902, Kathleen Irene born 20/7/1910.

Myrie Wanaka Park was my grandmother. Her father was William Edward Park.

I have to hand information of research, dated 1984, conducted by Kathleen Irene Eaton (nee Park), on the Park family. I also have a letter written by Kathleen, dated 17/12/1988, signed by Kathy Eaton. This is contrary to other records which state that Kathleen Eaton died 21/5/1961.

Therefore, it would be appreciated if any one who has further information on the Park family to contact me. email address:- [email protected]
Thank you.

Jocelyn Le Noel

by ngairedith on 2012-02-09 04:52:01

hi Jocelyn,

Kathleen Irene Eaton (nee PARK)
- was born on 20 July 1910
- she died 9 June 1989 aged 78

by Jocelynlenoel on 2012-05-15 18:45:31

Hello, many thanks for your reply and sorry for taking so long to reply back.

Which part of the Park family are you related.

Kathleen Eaton and Jocelyn Donkin wrote to each other and researching the Park family.

I am researching Robert Stewart Park and have seem to come to a dead end after he married Clara Hannah (Hutton) Hurley. Also, I cannot seem to find where Gavin McIntyre Park and Grace Jane Stobie Park are buried. Do you have any info that you could help with.

Look forward to hearing from You.

Jocelyn Le Noel
Email: [email protected]

by ngairedith on 2012-05-16 07:29:33

Gavin Mcintyre PARK (1823-1903) married Grace Jane STOBIE (1827-1894) (both from Scotland) on 3 April 1848 on board the Philip Laing which left Greenock 23 Nov 1847, arriving Port Chalmers, Otago on 15 April 1848

Grace Jane Park died 24 Oct 1894 aged 67
- she is buried Plot 395, Block 28 at Linwood Cemetery
Gavin McIntyre Park died 4 Sep 1903 in Christchurch aged 79
- he is buried with Grace

... a son, also Gavin Mcintyre Park (born 1886), died in Wellington 10 Jan 1967 aged 80 and was cremated at Karori

Robert Stewart Park is rather more complicated !!
do you know the story???
Clara Hannah had some children with Robert, then she married Charles William Hurley and had a daughter. Charles died in 1883 aged 35. Clara then MARRIED Robert and they had more children. Then Clara had 2 base born children she gave the surname Hurley to ???...
I can research all this and write it up if you want or you tell me what you have so far and what you need

by cherylfazzini on 2012-06-01 10:35:28

That Gavin Mcintyre Park (1886), is not their son, he is the grandson.He is the son Gavin who was born in 185. Their son Gavin-1851 took off for the goldrush in Alaska in 1898 and then died in Washington State. I have a copy of the birth cert. Infact I have over 600 Park family photos, documents and emails. I do my research with Jocelyn Le Noel. She is the GGG granddaughter of Gavin and Grace and I'm the GG grand of them.

The first two girls of Rob Stew(my nickname- to many roberts) went to live with their grandparents. It was written in a family tree that my great grand father had done. James was a lawyer in Hokitika.

I had asked my mom's cousin(born 1920 in Hokitika) about Rob Stew and she said he was not liked in the family. He was a near do well. Lucy and Charlotte were raised with their grandparents. Lucy, his daughter went to Christchurch and lived with Charlotte(Poppy) Eliza Park Russell, her aunt as a housekeeper. Poppy's husband was a MP and they had 16 children. Lucy was a plumb woman.

My mom's cousin remained friendly with Charlotte Ginders until her death 1968.

The cousin knew nothing about the other 6 kids at all! She never even heard of them. She didn't know anything about young Gavin drowning.

Send me your email and I will send you some files. Who are you researching for?

Cheryl Fazzini , Loveland Colorado USA

by Jocelynlenoel on 2012-06-01 19:42:43

Hello Ngairedith, Thank you for your reply.I do have some information on Robert Stewart Park and Clara Hannah Hutton. They had four children, Beatrice Lucy, Gavin McIntyre, Charlotte Eliza an Grace Jane.

At what point did Robert and Clara separate after these kids were born?? And why did they separate?? At what age did Lucy and Jane go to live with their Grandparents??

Gavin McIntyre drowned in a boating accident.

I would also like to know where did Charlotte Eliza go to live and with whom??

What happened to their marriage and why did they separate for the 2nd time after having two more kids.

Did Clara have the last two kids to someone else?

What was the actual story behind their relationship. And where did Robert go to after they split up........What kind of work did he do??

To know Robert's life story would be much appreciated and I will be able to put a closure to the mystery.

Many thanks
Jocelyn Le Noel
[email protected]
2nd June 2012

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