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did james mcindoe born 1800 barony scotland married to charlotte craig was he also married to a barbara mccallum

Question by marg123

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on 2012-07-16 10:59:27

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by silverday on 2012-07-18 05:20:14

Unfortunately, the Scottish records are not readily able to be accessed.
James is living with Charlotte in the 1851 census, he died 1869. Could not find a reference to barbara, sorry.

by marg123 on 2012-07-18 06:05:22

Thank you,
Really trying to find the parent's of James Mcindoe born 1834, married to Ann Millen
came to live in Liverpool from glasgow, I thought that he may be connected to James mcindoe 1800 from barony glasgow, but try as I may I dont seem to be able to locate the parent's of james 1834.

Many thanks for your help

Kind Regards Marg123

by asheppard on 2012-07-18 20:11:51

The Scottish records are available on http://www.scotlandspeople.gov.uk it is a pay per view site.

Do you know when and where James & Ann Millen married? and when they arrived in Liverpool

Do you have any other details for James b1834 and Ann, Census, child's birth certificate etc. it may help narrow the search field.

by marg123 on 2012-07-20 09:59:04

I will try the site that you recommended I have no further information on james and ann very hard to track.
thank you

by colmacro on 2012-08-15 11:50:48

I can tell you that James married Ann Mullin (this is the way it was recorded)on Oct 6 1852 at St Mary's RC Chapel Glasgow. Ann was born in Tyrone Ireland. Census records show James to have been a potter; he was born in Calton Glasgow.
James and Ann are direct descendants of mine but I too can only resort to guesswork before this date.
Maybe this little snippet will help you to piece together something of use to both of us. I hope so!
Best wishes

by marg123 on 2012-08-15 13:49:15

thank you for your message, have managed to find out that james 1833 potter was the son of barbara mccallum and james mcindoe 1800 to 1869 he married twice second marriage to charlotte bryson craig his parents were archibald mcindoe 1770 and agnus mcmillan, james 1800 was a handloom weaver and apparently he died in the poor house, I am descended from james and ann mullin to james 1855 decorator and sign writer who married ann cosgrove there son was william mcindoe 1882 who married ellen corrin the were my grandparents.
hope this information is of some help. would like to know where you fit in
kind regards marg123

by colmacro on 2012-08-16 03:40:27

Well we are obviosly closely related! William 1882 was my GF too. My father was his son William. Trying to recall the names of my father's siblings: there was a Lily who lived in Standish and Nellie who lived in Ford. There was also Jessie who still lived with "ninnie" (nellie corrin) when I was a child. To the best of my knowledge the others were dead.
I recall Nellie had a large family. Is that your mother? I seem to recall a cousin a couple of years older than ne; was her name Margaret? Not sure. Eager to hear more!
Best wishes Col Mac Crosby

by marg123 on 2012-08-16 08:38:01

omg you are my cousin,was your mother called nancy I visited you house many times,remember you father who was my mothers brother not being in the best of health,was your mum called nancy, yes the cousin margaret is me, my mum was nellie hanlon and I was one of seven children,do you have a sister called janet, mum was quite friendly with your mum,there seemed to be a bit of a rift at some time, jessie had an illigitimate son walter, jessie promised her bedroom furniture to me when she died also promised it to janet,and again to june who was walter's daughter jessie's grandaughter, when she died wally took the furniture and your mum didnt keep in touch after that, that was the story I was told, siblings of your dad were lily,jessie,violet who was william's daughter but did not have the same mother she was half sibling to the others no idea who her mother was, also marie, and rose who died aged one nellie, william and donald who died at see aged 21years. so smuch to catch up on if you send me your e mail I have a photo of gran ellen corrin and violet,sadly there is no one left of there generation,im so excited to have contact with a long lost relative hope to hear from you soon
cousin margaretx

by marg123 on 2012-08-16 17:54:22

hi colin,
family tree archibald mcindoe 1770 married agnus mcmillan children james 1800-1869 he died in the poor house in glasgow other children,
helen 1804 archibald 1807 robertson 1808 mary 1809.
james 1800 married barbara mccallum they had one child james 1833 dont know if barbara died but he then married a charlotte bryson craig and they had ten children but our line is from james and barbara, son james 1833 potter married ann millen and they had james 1855 decorator sign writer who married ann cosgrove from which was our grandfather william 1882 house painter,siblings james 1881 and annie 1887.
my mother was helen mcindoe (nell)who married thomas hanlon teacher at st mary's college crosby, children thomas 1935-2005, pat 1941, me 1946, peter 1951-2012 stephen 1953, john 1955 and philip 1961. best wishes marg

by colmacro on 2012-08-17 04:22:00

Hi Margaret

Thanks for your two posts.

I remember your mum clearly but do not think I ever met your dad though I knew he taught sciences at St Mary's. From your second post it sounds as if you have lost two brothers including Peter who I just about recall; very sorry to hear that.
I am glad to say all my siblings are still with us: Jean, William, David, me (well obviously!) and Janet.
Are you still living in the Liverpool area? I am in Crosby but spent some time living elsewhere in the UK. I have 2 sons and now a grandaughter too.

Back to genealogy! You have obviously been very busy with this and I am sure like me you have found it trickier as you have travelled further back. On more than one occasion I have just put it down and forgotten about it all for six months or more.
Re James, Cotton Loom Weaver: I have him living with his son James in Glasgow in 1841 Census. James snr(41) and son aged 8. Did he after this time remarry and have a family of ten? Not impossible I suppose but I would take my hat off to his stamina! I did not find James snr in the 1851 Census (though I might have missed him) but James jnr turns up in lodgings (alone) a year before his marriage.
Back to James HLW: there were (annoyingly!) a few James marriages about the right time including the Barbara McCallum one, most in the Glasgow area. You have obviously managed to eliminate the others. I ran out of steam!

Best wishes
Keep in touch

by marg123 on 2012-08-17 07:31:57

Hi again,
Yes Peter died in Brunei where he had lived for over thirty years, he worked for the sultan at his private airport, he was in charge of ordering parts for the planes he was a civil engineer, sadly we had not seen him since mum's funeral in 2ooo,tom also passed away in 2005, only five years after mum. I now live in ashton in makerfield situated half way between billinge and wigan, I am married to john and have a son and a daughter and four grandchildren, I didnt realise that thier were 5 siblings only remember you and janet.It was very difficult trying to trace the family tree so many James in the family like you I kept going back to it as I began to lose the plot, I am having the same trouble with the hanlon family, so many Mary's.
Have james married barbara mcallum in 1827,not sure what happened to barbara must do some futher research, the 1851 cencus has james aged 51 and charlotte 26, of all the children from marriage to charlotte most of them died very young, two of them george and robinson emigrated to america and set up a shoe shop so we have relation's in america be it that they were only half siblings to james 1800. Dont how he ended up finishing his days in the poor house,but considering his age when he was married to charlotte, she perhaps fancied a younger model. The sister of our grandad annie had a son called charlie who used to be with the orange lodge do you ever remember him leading the procession in his kilt and swinging his mace, as children it was a big event to go and see uncle charlie. Are you still working I am retired two years after working for social services in st helens for over twenty years. I dont think you would ever track down all the mcindoe relatives there are so many branches, do you remember douglas and ken ford sons of violet(connie) who died in 1949 aged 39, doug emigrated to australia sadly died in 2007, but by chance like with you I had contact from his wife linda and we keep in touch, any how colin I could rattle on all day, my email address is [email protected] I have some photo's I could send to you, one is of james the potter and james the signwriter, not an expert on computer but my son will help me.
lovely to hear from you
kind regards margaret

by dougmc on 2012-08-23 21:06:00

Hi Colin and Margaret!

I think, Margaret, that we have had a recent conversation on Ancestry.

It's nice to meet you Colin!

James McIndoe (born ca 1800) was my great great grandfather.
My side of the family has come down thorugh James marrying Charlotte Craig.
One of their children was George McIndoe a shoemaker, Glasgow.
It was George who had the ten children.....one of them being another George my Grandfather who was a builder and along with his brother Robinson, emigrated to Melbourne in 1907 and set up a building business.

Very happy to share our family tree and information that we have obtained from the Poor Law records etc .

by dougmc on 2012-08-23 21:07:21

how do we get in touch I wonder?

very exciting!

best regards

DougMc Australia

by marg123 on 2012-08-24 00:28:03

Hi Doug,
Lovely to hear from you again, since our last conversation I have been in touch with colin a long lost cousin, Colin like myself knew very little regarding family history, Colin's father was brother to my mum,it was lovely to share childhood memories with him, found out through colin that grandfather william lost a brother aged 3 years drowned in the leeds liverpool canal,I was able to send the photo's that you sent to me of james the potter and william his son,it would be really fantastic to share your family tree, you can e mail me, [email protected] which might be a bit easier and I can put you in touch with Colin,we now e mail each other.
I will let colin know that it was george that had ten children not charlotte,must read messages properly, Colin was only able to trace the family line back to james 1833 and Ann Millen so the information from you was so helpful.
Hope you are well, look forward to hearing from you soon.
bye for now doug best wishes to my extended family love marg.

by colmacro on 2012-08-28 05:24:13

Hi Doug
Good to meet you!
Getting a wee bit confused; nothing new for me! Is this James HLW marrying Charlotte? I have James HLW living with a son aged 8 in 1841 but no mother on the scene. So far I have not been able to pin down a record of James (jnr) birth. Not sure of his mother either. So James HLW married or remarried Charlotte and had a second family after 1841?

Kind regards


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