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Don't be afraid of the cemetery.......

Article by AncestrySisters

Dont be afraid of the cemetery..

Have you ever just walked around a cemetery? If not, you should! And, no, we are not ghost busters, devil worshipers or into being scared silly.

Heres the thing; it will be what you make it. For us, its almost always a peaceful, thought-provoking, spiritual, educational and beautiful place to wander about.

Every year around my birthday, I go visit a friend who passed away shortly before his 40th birthday. Im now well over 40. Cemeteries also provide perspective..lots and lots of perspective! Suddenly, things like your slow internet connection or having a bad hair day dont really seem like such a big deal.

The real estate for almost every cemetery we have been to, is usually the best in town, with the best views to boot. Your relatives final resting place may have expansive ocean views and sweeping mountain views, or even 360 city views.

You can wander about and see actual pictures of the deceased (thank goodness for modern conveniences, i.e. hair dryers, curling irons, lip waxing, etc.), very interesting names, entry gates with incredibly ornate detail, decades- old magnificent shade trees, and sometimes, if you are lucky, you may even learn a little something from a headstone. At one particular cemetery, we even saw a bullet hole shot straight into the face of the deceased, the picture of which was on the headstone. What the heck is the story behind that?!

If you havent visited your relatives final resting place, get going! Of course, its understandable if this is a hard thing emotionally for you to do, but it doesnt have to be a sad, morose place to visit. You can make your visit a happy and spiritual trip, believe it or not! Mother Nature is really the only thing that should keep you from visiting.

Where is the most beautiful cemetery you have ever visited? Share with us your stories.

Ancestry Sisters

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on 2012-07-02 19:52:01

Ancestry Sisters are the youngest daughters of 10 kids from a small town in Central Illinois. Yes, we are part Irish. Yes, we are catholic. And so much more. The so much more part includes Bohemian, French Canadian, German, Quakers, Mayflower Descendants, English Nobility, poor, rich, troubled, etc. You get the picture. In our quest to figure out the so much more part, we stumbled into a deep passion for family history.

Family Surnames include Driscoll, Dempsey, Wagner, Benz, Brozicek, Slansky, O'Connor, Heffernan, Anderson, Cook, Barron, Hicks, Hester.

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by poorone on 2012-07-04 17:02:43

Hi Ancestry Sisters,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences from cemeteries. They sure
can be intesting to go through.

When I was in high school we used to have cross country running and we used
to cut through this one cemetery that was near the high school. It just did'nt
feel right running across the burial plots, atleast that was how I felt.

Years later, I have more interest in the names of those tomb stones and knowing
more about any relatives that are there.

Life is an interesting journey, and if you get into researching your familyhistory
it certainly is endless. These are just my thoughts and opinions. I am certain
other familytreecircles friends have theirs too.

Best wishes in your family research.

from poorone.

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