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DUTTON Deaths (males) Victoria Australia 1905-1946

Journal by tonkin

Victoria Australia 1905-1946


Rupert DUTTON.
Died: 1905 Prahran Hospital, Victoria.
Age: 64 years.
Parents: Thomas DUTTON & Josephine LETT.
More details about Rupert in comments section below from Morgan2409

William DUTTON.
Died: 1905 Bairnsdale, Victoria.
Age: 87 years.
Parents: Not recorded.

Arthur James DUTTON.
Died: 1906 Carlton, Victoria.
Age: 13 years.
Parents: James DUTTON & Margaret PETERS.

Robert DUTTON.
Died: 1908 Geelong, Victoria.
Age: 72 years.
Parents: William DUTTON & Mary Ann JOY.

George DUTTON.
Born: 1910 Hopetoun, Victoria.
Mother recorded as Gerte Agnes Daisy ROWNEY.
Died: 1910 Hopetoun, Victoria.
Age: Days.
Parents: John DUTTON & Gerte Agnes Daisy ROUNEY.

Charles DUTTON.
Died: 1914 Northcote, Victoria.
Age: 58 years.
Parents: Henry DUTTON & Elizabeth MAYFIELD.

Edward DUTTON.
Born: 1855 Broadmeadows, Victoria.
Died: 1915 Wangaratta, Victoria.
Age: 60 years.
Parents: Thomas DUTTON & Frances MOORE.

William DUTTON.
Died: 1917 Geelong, Victoria.
Age: 86 years.
Parents: George DUTTON & unknown.

Died: 1918 Portland, Victoria.
Age: 71 years.
Parents: Not recorded.

Clarence DUTTON.
Died: 1919 Melbourne East, Victoria.
Age: 67 years.
Parents: Joshua DUTTON & unknown.

Percy Selwyn DUTTON.
Born: 1874 Kyneton, Victoria.
Father recorded as George DUTTON.
Mother recorded as Fanny AUSTIN.
Died: 1921 Kew, Victoria.
Age: 46 years.
Parents: Not recorded.

Charles DUTTON.
Died: 1922 Cheltenham, Victoria.
Age: 76 years.
Parents: Henry DUTTON & Janet unknown.

Born: 1853 Broadmeadows, Victoria.
Mother recorded as Fanny unknown.
Died: 1922 Elmore, Victoria.
Age: 68 years.
Parents: Thomas DUTTON & Fanny MOORE.

Arthur Victor DUTTON.
Died: 1924 Talbot, Victoria.
Age: 47 years.
Parents: Rupert Berton Waller DUTTON & Agnes DIXON.

Died: 1924 Inglewood, Victoria.
Age: 01 year.
Parents: Edward William DUTTON & Elsie Elizabeth R LEA.

Walter DUTTON.
Died: 1925 Coburg, Victoria.
Age: 56 years.
Parents: Not recorded.

Kevin Laurence DUTTON.
Died: 1926 Hopetoun, Victoria.
Age: 01 year.
Parents: Albert Arthur James DUTTON & Hazel Pearl POULTON.

Walter Robert DUTTON.
Born: 1854 Williamstown, Victoria.
Father recorded as Robert Samuel DUTTON.
Mother recorded as Mary Ann unknown.
Died: 1926 Moonee Ponds, Victoria.
Age: 70 years.
Parents: Robert DUTTON & Mary HOLLIS.

Arthur Albert DUTTON.
Born: 1863 Broadmeadows, Victoria.
Died: 1928 Brighton, Victoria.
Age: 64 years.
Parents: Thomas DUTTON & Frances MOORE.

Edward Charles DUTTON.
Died: 1928 Hopetoun, Victoria.
Age: 01 year.
Parents: John DUTTON & Gerte Agnes Daisy ROWNEY.

Charlie Harris DUTTON.
Born: 1882 Corop, Victoria.
Died: 1931 Elmore, Victoria.
Age: 50 years.
Parents: James DUTTON & Sarah HARRIS.

Thomas Henry DUTTON.
Died: 1931 Moonee Ponds, Victoria.
Age: 81 years.
Parents: Thomas DUTTON & Frances MOORE.

Frederick Henry DUTTON.
Died: 1935 Castlemaine, Victoria.
Age: 76 years.
Parents: Not recorded.

Charles DUTTON.
Born: 1883 Collingwood, Victoria.
Mother recorded as Miriam COHEN.
Died: 1938 north Fitzroy, Victoria.
Age: 54 years.
Parents: Charles DUTTON & Miriam COBEN.

George DUTTON.
Died: 1941 East Melvern, Victoria.
Age: 83 years.
Parents: William DUTTON & Emma DUTTON.

James Stelefox DUTTON.
Died: 1942 Richmond, Victoria.
Age: 77 years.
Parents: James DUTTON & Mary JOHNSON.

Cyril Francis DUTTON.
Died: 1943 Fitzroy, Victoria.
Age: 43 years.
Parents: Arthur Victor DUTTON & Vera Elizabeth DURRANT.

Died: 1943 Melbourne, Victoria.
Age: 70 years.
Parents: Not recorded.

Francis Austin Leigh DUTTON.
Born: 1866 Kyneton, Victoria.
Died: 1945 Caulfield, Victoria.
Age: 79 years.
Parents: George DUTTON & Fanny AUSTIN.

James Vernon DUTTON.
Died: 1945 Inglewood, Victoria.
Age: Not recorded.
Parents: Arthur Charles DUTTON & Ella TOWNSEND.

Ernest Adophus DUTTON.
Born: 1865 Ashby, Victoria.
Death recorded as Ernest Adolpis DUTTON.
Age: 78 years.
Parents: Robert DUTTON & Mary Ann HOLLIS.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth & Death Indexes to assist others researching the DUTTON lines.

Please remember information supplied by informants was not always correct.
Errors may include the wrong given names, age at death and parents names
of the deceased.

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TONKIN lives in Victoria, Australia.
Please note.
Journals are intended to assist new researchers locate family lines in Australia and should only be used as a guide for follow up research and record searches as intended.
Due to spelling and informant errors appearing in the records, typo errors and my misreading of the records mistakes must be expected. Errors will be corrected when detected.

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by Morgan2409 on 2015-03-23 04:38:44

Rupert Dutton that died 1905, is buried at Springvale Botanical Cemetery.

Many of his children and grandchildren are also buried or cremated in the same cemetery. This Dutton line came from Tasmania

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