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Article by edmondsallan

edmondsallan - Good morning to everyone - In general the " Edmonds" mental & physical condition , thro out our known world is rated very highly. Some of the reasons for this is their diet . I always mean't for this notation to be placed in the " Edmonds " family book
"A Good Keen Man " when it was being compilied . Unfortuneately , everybody was busy,busy, busy and got missed . Here it is now - To set the mental scene - the Questions are being asked by one of our studious - uni taught, married , with (2 ) children ( aged 24 )seeking Health / diet advice .In his own educated way he was endeavouring to change some of his fathers - eating habits. The answers were being given by 1/2 maori - 1/2 pakeha male in his late fifties ,His Father -- with (14 mokapunas ) sitting in his favourite chair, knocking the top off a beer , after a feed of pork , roast potatoes Etc' ( the works ) Both of them had the surname of Edmonds . This is how a lot of good advice is passed on down in our huge multiplying tribe . Having set the scene, we'll make a start .

Q - Should I eat meat or be a vegeterian ?
A - Yes . Grass is a veggy . meat animals eat grass & change it to
meat. Therefore meat is from Vegetables

Q - To be healthy should I drink wine , spirits or beer ?
A - Yes. We humans have bodies that are made up of 90 Percent
water. When they make wine ,spirits , beer - the makers add to
the ingredients 90 % water , so really we are just replacing
water with nearly all water

Q - Should I eat Choclate, as it makes me chubby, ( looking at his
father's belly ) large & round and lose my body shape ?
A - Yes. Choclate Pods are grown like veggies in a market garden .
They must be a veggy , Chubby -large and round is a shape - so
shape cannot be lost. People who have seen whales say they
are large , chubby & round and they like whales . Not eat
choclate ? are you mad !!!

Q - Should I keep up the dieting & fitness work outs , to stay
healthy ?
A - If you want pain & hunger, go ahead.

Q - By doing all these things will I live Longer ( A dig at the old
man ) ?
A - No.Only sleep and rest will do that .

Q - Will all these things , dieting etc', running flat out up
hills , long distances , making my heart work harder and
faster make me live Longer ??? ( the father is onto his son
now !! )
A - Ask yourself this question. If you drive your car hard as hard ,
flat out up a hill or mountain over long periods, how long will
the engine last !!!

Q - By increasing the heart beating rate ( this son isn't going to
give in on making his old man more healthy ) over a period of
time ,will this make my heart stronger and will I live longer ?
A - No. ( father is sensing this son of his , has been over-educated
and decides to show his son how well educated his father is )
Just like a car engine , a frig, and many other things you use
it has a built in deteriation rate . A heart is designed so many
times.each person has been given a different number of heart
beats , otherwise everyone would pass out at the same time.
What a catastrophe that would be . If you use your total heart
beats sooner than later, you have to expect to pass on earlier.
The slower the heart beat in a given period of time the longer
you Live .
Q - By practising and actually doing all these healthy things for my
mind & body -- that I read about ( really getting at the old man
now & driving in the final killer punch ) will I live longer,
or put off my passing away ???
A - Can't you understand what I have just been telling you !! ( his
father has had enough of this no all son , his cold beer is
getting warm !! & he is missing the race on T V )
The answer is No !!!!! and besides that , who wants to die
looking like a scarecrow , and have a dull life doing it !!!.

I hope you all enjoyed this bit of humour on Dieting . The father
was right.I fully agree with that last sentence.what about you !! ?
Ok - till we meet again - regards - edmondsallan

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by kathleenc on 2011-01-01 12:22:28

Love your philosophy!

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