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Edwards and McKinnon's have common Royal ancestry

Journal by Harney

I am(Dale MCKINNON)the 27th great grandson of Robert de Brus (1071-1141) on both my mother and my fathers sides of the the family. Thus my mother and father are distant cousins. I have always assumed I was Scottish only on my father's side of the family. Basically this is true. However, when you are dealing with royalty the chances of ethnic change are greatly enhanced. The de Brus family has their roots in Normandy per Wikipedia following:

Clan Bruce (Scottish Gaelic: Clann Brus) is a Scottish clan from Kincardine in Scotland. It was a Royal House in the 14th century, producing two kings of Scotland

The surname Bruce comes from the French de Brus or de Bruis, derived from the lands now called Brix, situated between Cherbourg and Valognes in Normandy, France. The first of this family on record, in Great Britain, was Robert de Brus, 1st Lord of Annandale who came to England with King Henry I after his victory at Tinchebray in 1106. He was given 80 manors in Yorkshire, and later 13 manors around Skelton. He received the Lordship of Annandale from King David I of Scotland shortly after his accession in 1124. Robert founded a priory at Gysburn.

Both the English and Scots lines descend from this Robert.

It has long been written that the ancestor of the family was Robert de Brus, a knight of Normandy who came to England with William the Conqueror. But this was an invention taken from totally unreliable medieval lists of those who fought at Hastings.

Soon after the accession of David I of Scotland to the throne, Robert visited the monarch and obtained from him the lordship of Annandale. Robert de Brus (known as Robert le Meschin, or 'the Cadet') was the first of the family to be connected with Scotland. He came from Normandy with Henry I around 1100, and by 1103 had acquired some or all of the family's holdings in Yorkshire, which he increased over the following years. When David I of Scotland invaded England in 1138 Brus was sent to negotiate by the English. He was however accused of being a traitor and was dismissed from the Scottish camp. The Scots were later defeated at the Battle of the Standard where Robert's grandson Robert was taken prisoner. Robert died on 11 May 1141 and was buried at Gysburn.

In continuation of the male line a later Robert Bruce married Isabel, daughter of King William I of Scotland (William the Lion) and died before 1191. He was succeeded by his brother William who in turn died in 1215 and was succeeded by his son, Robert de Brus who married Isabel, daughter of the Earl of Huntingdon, brother of William the Lion.

Both the English and Scots lines descend from this Robert.

Just as Wikipedia says, both the English and Scottish lines go through Robert de Brus (1071-1141) In my case the English line goes to my grandmother Mary Evalyn EDWARDS and the Scottish line goes to my father Clarence Roy MCKINNON.

Following are the respective lineages, the first is the English lineage that travels to my grandmother Mary Evalyn EDWARDS followed by the Scottish lineage going to my father Clarence Roy MCKINNON. Both lines will begin with Robert DE Brus (1071-1141)

The EDWARDS line

Generation 1:
Robert DE BRUS 1st Lord of Annandale
Birth 1071 in Skelton in Cleveland, North Riding, Yorkshire, England
Death 11 May 1141 in Skelton in Cleveland, North Riding, Yorkshire, England
Married to:
Birth 1092 in Dudley, Staffordshire, England
Death After 1155
Issue of Robert and Agnes:
Adam De Brus II Lord of Skelton
1113 1143
Robert de Brus
1132 1189

Generation 2:
Adam DE BRUS II Lord Of Skelton
Birth 1113 in Cleveland, Durham, England
Death 1143 in Skelton Castle, Yorkshire, England
Married to:
Birth ABT 1115 in Holderness, North Riding, Yorkshire, England
Death AFT 1151
Issue of Adam and Agnes:
Lucy de Brus
Adam De Brus III
1143 1196

Generation 3:
Adam De BRUS III Lord of Skelton
Birth 1143 in Skelton, Yorkshire, England
Death 1196 in Skelton, Yorkshire, England
Married to:
Juetta Ivetta DE ARCHES
Birth 1137 in Newton Kyme, Yorkshire, England
Death 1206 in Skelton, Yorkshire, England
Issue of Adam and Juetta:
Isabel De Brus
1160 1230
Peter de Brus I
1170 1222

Generation 4:
Peter DE BRUS I Lord of Skelton
Birth 1170 in Skelton, Yorkshire, England
Death 12 Feb 1222 in Cleveland, Yorkshire, England
Married to :
Birth 1160 in West Riding, Yorkshire, England
Death 1230 in Skelton, Yorkshire, England
Issue of Peter and Joan:
Peter II de Brus Lord of Skelton and Darby
1181 1241
Agnes De Brus

Generation 5:
Peter DE BRUS II Lord of Skelton and Darby
Birth 1181 in Skelton, Yorkshire, England
Death 7 Sep 1241 in Marseilles, Bouches-du-Rhone, Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur, France
Married to:
Birth 20 Jul 1189 in Kendal, Westmorland, England
Death 1226 in Kendal, Westmorland, England
Issue of Peter and Hawise:
Peter III de Brus
1221 1272
Joan de Brus
1225 1243

Generation 6:
Peter DE BRUS III Baron of Skelton
Birth 1221 in Skelton Castle, Yorkshire, England
Death 18 Sep 1272
Married to:
Birth Apr 1220 in Runcorn, Cheshire, England
Death in England
Issue of Peter and Hilaria:
Laderana de Brus
1225 1264
Peter de Brus IV
1245 1272
Agnes de Brus
Lucia de Brus
1249 1292
Margaret de Brus
Hugh de Brus

Generation 7:
Laderana DE BRUS
Birth 1225 in Skelton, Yorkshire, England
Death 1264 in Skelton, Yorkshire, England
Married to:
Birth 1235 in Carlton Hall, West Riding, Yorkshire, England
Death 1301 in Kirklington, Northamptonshire, England
Issue of Laderana and John:
Sybil de Beaulieu
1260 1314

Generation 8:
Birth 1260 in Yorkshire, England
Death 1314 in Yorkshire, England
Married to:
Birth 1260 in Shropshire, England
Death 1314 in Battle of Bannockburn, England
Issue of Sybil and Miles:
Nicholas de Stapleton
1280 1343
Thomas DeStapleton
Bryan DeStapleton
Roger DeStapleton
1287 1314
Sir Miles DeStapleton
1290 1364
Johanna DeStapleton
1292 1327
Elizabeth DeStapleton
1295 1317
Sir Thomas DeStapleton
1296 1343
Gilbert de Stapleton Sir 2nd Baron
1297 1324
Emma DeStapleton
1298 1317
William DeStapleton
1300 1362

Generation 9:
Sir Baron Gilbert DE STAPLETON
Birth 1297 in North Riding, Yorkshire, England
Death 23 Jun 1324 in Bedale, Yorkshire, England
Married to:
Birth 1298 in Bedale, Yorkshire, England
Death 3 Nov 1348 in Bedale, Yorkshire, England
Issue of Gilbert and Agnes:
Miles de Stapleton
1318 1364
Nicholas Stapleton
Sir Bryan de Stapleton, Knight of the Garter
1322 1394
Katherine Stapleton
1324 1360
Avicia Stapleton
John Stapleton

Generation 10:
Sir Miles DE STAPLETON 1st Lord Ingham
Birth 1318 in Bedale, Yorkshire, England
Death 4 Dec 1364 in Ingham, Norfolk, England
Married to:
Lady Joan INGHAM Baroness of Ingham
Birth 1320 in Ellesmere, Shropshire, England
Death 1344 in Ingham, Norfolk, England
Issue of Miles and Joan:
Miles Stapleton
1357 1419

Generation 11:
Sir Miles De Stapleton Knight and 2nd Lord of Ingham
Birth 23 Jun 1357 in Bedale, Yorkshire, England
Death 10 Apr 1419 in Ingham, Norfolk, England
Married to:
Birth 1360 in Suffolk, England
Death 1400 in Bedale, Yorkshire, England
Issue of Miles and Eva:
Brian Stapleton Sheriff of Norfolk
1379 1438

Generation 12:
Brian STAPLETON Sheriff of Norfolk
Birth 1379 in Ingham, Norfolk, England
Death 17 Aug 1438 in Ingham Priory, Norfolk, England
Married to:
Birth 1371 in Birling, Sussex, England
Death 29 Sep 1432 in Bedale, Yorkshire, England
Issue of Brian and Cecily:
Miles Stapelton Sir Knight
1400 1466

Generation 13:
Sir Knight Miles Stapleton
Birth About 1400 in Ingham, Norfolk, England
Death 1 Oct 1466 in Ingham, Norfolk, England
Married to:
Catherine DE LAPOLE
Birth 1416 in Cotton, Suffolk, England
Death 13 Oct 1489 in Rowley Abbey, Staffordshire, England
Issue of Miles and Catherine:
Joan Stapelton
1423 1519
Mary Stapelton
1434 1504
Elizabeth Stapelton
1438 1504

Generation 14:
Birth 1423 in Yorkshire, England
Death 13 May 1519 in Hailes Abbey, Winchcombe, Goustershire, England
Married to:
Birth 1440 in Millom, Cumberland, England
Death 1512 in Hailes Abbey, Winchcombe, Gloustershire, England
Issue of Joan and John:
Ann Huddleston

Generation 15:
Birth 1452 in Millom, Cumberland, England
Death in France
Married to:
Sir Thomas Christianson CURWEN
Birth 1452 in Cumberland, England
Death 1522 in Cumberland, England
Issue of Ann and Thomas:
Alice Curwen
Christopher Curwen Sir
1472 1535
John Curwen
Robert Giles Curwen Sir
1492 1531
Ellen Curwen
1502 1530
Edmund Curwen

Generation 16:
Sir Christopher CURWEN Sheriff of Cumberland
Birth 1472 in Burneshead, Kendal, Westmoreland, England
Death 1535 in Cumberland, England
Married to:
Birth 1478 in Burneshead, Kendal, Westmoreland, England
Death 1493 in Workington, Cumberland, England
Issue of Christopher and Margaret:
Thomas Christopher Curwen Sir
1485 1557

Generation 17:
Sir Thomas CURWEN Sheriff of Cumberland
Birth 1485 in Workington Hall, Cumberland, England
Death 1557 in Sibbertoft, Northamptonshire, England
Married to:
Agnes STRICKLAND Lady Workington Cumberland
Birth 1499 in Cumberland, England
Death 19 May 1557 in Syzergh Castle, England
Issue of Thomas and Agnes:
Joan Curwen
William Curwen
Lucy Curwen
1537 1553
Margaret Curwen
1539 1589
Henry Curwen
1540 1592
Agnes Curwen
Mabel Curwen
Thomas Curwen
1545 1544

Generation 18:
Margaret CURWEN Lady of Workington Hall Cumberland
Birth About 1539 in Workington Hall, Cumberland, England
Death 1589 in Furness, Lancashire, England
Married to:
Sir Thomas INGRAM of Stretten Staffordshire
Birth 1524 in Stretton, Staffordshire, England
Death 1573 in Penkridge, Staffordshire, England
Issue of Margaret and Thomas:
John Ingram
1554 1607

Generation 19:
Birth 1554 in Penkridge, Shropshire, England
Death 3 Feb 1607 in Penkridge, Staffordshire, England
Married to:
Elizabeth PRESTON
Birth 1560 in Penkridge, Shropshire, England
Death 8 Aug 1602 in Penkridge, Staffordshire, England
Issue of John and Elizabeth:
John Ingram
1581 1650
Alice Ingram
William Ingram
Sampson Ingram
1592 1650

Generation 20:
Birth 10 May 1581 in Penkridge, Staffordshire, England
Death 7 Jul 1650 in Sherriff Hales, Shropshire, England
Married to:
Isabell POOLE
Birth 1595 in Stretton, Cheshire, England
Death ??
Issue of John and Isabell
Abell Ingram
1615 1658
Robert Ingram
1626 1627
Thomas Ingram
Mary Ingram
1628 1628

Generation 21:
Birth 1615 in North Mundham, Sussex, England
Death 1658 in North Mundham, Sussex, England
Married to:
Birth 1615 in , Sussex, , England
Death 1639 in No, Sussex, , England
Issue of Abell and Miriam:
Isaac Ingram
1637 1639
Miriam Ingram
1642 1682

Generation 22:
Miriam INGRAM (The immigrant)
Birth 1642 in Catton, Sussex, , England
Death 26 Aug 1682 in Welcome, Charles, Maryland, United States
Married to:
Adam SHORT (The immigrant)
Birth Mar 25 1642 in Walberton Sussex England
Death 15 Apr 1674 in Pennsylvania United States
Issue of Miriam and Adam:
Ann Short
1661 1731
Miriam Short
1665 1709
Adam Short
1666 1748

Generation 23:
Ann SHORT (The immigrant)
Birth 1661 in Wirksworth Derbyshire England
Death Dec 9 1731 in Acton, Chester, Pennsylvania, United States
Married to:
Joel BAILY (The immigrant)
Birth 29 January 1658 in Bromhill, Wiltshire, England
Death Dec 10 1728 in Lancaster, Lancaster Pennsylvania
Issue of Ann and Joel:
Mary Baily
1688 1741
Ann Baily
1691 1774
Daniel Baily
1693 1783
Isaac Baily
1695 1732
Joel Baily
1697 1775
John Baily
1699 1775
Thomas Baily
1700 1764
Josiah Baily
1701 1783

Generation 24:
Birth 17 Dec 1697 in Marlborough, Chester, Pennsylvania, United States
Death 19 Dec 1775 in West Marlborough, Chester, Pennsylvania, United States
Married to:
Elizabeth MARSHALL
Birth May 6 1732 in West Bradford, Chester, Pennsylvania, USA
Death Oct 28 1797 in West Bradford, Chester, Pennsylvania
Issue of Joel and Eliazabeth:
Abraham Baily Dr.
1760 1825
Hannah Baily
1763 1834
Emmor Baily
1767 1848
Jacob Baily
1770 1799
Rachel Baily
1774 1853

Generation 25:
Birth 28 Mar 1770 in Kennett, Chester, Pennsylvania, United States
Death 15 Apr 1799 in Kennett, Chester, Pennsylvania, United State
Married to:
Elizabeth WEBB
Birth 10 Sep 1773 in Kennett, Chester, Pennsylvania, United States
Death 24 Feb 1853 in Centreville, New Castle, DE, USA
Issue of Jacob and Elizabeth:
Mary Baily
1791 1815
Ezekiel Baily
1793 1858
Elizabeth Baily
1795 1846
Marshall Baily
1798 1820

Generation 26:
Elizabeth BAILY
Birth Mar 22 1795 in Chester County, Pennsylvania, USA
Death Sep 11 1846 in Champaign, Ohio, United States
Married to:
Birth Jul 7 1786 in Wilmington, Ohio, USA
Death Oct 17 1844 in Champaign, Ohio, United States
Issue of Elizabeth and Ezra:
Sarah Lamborn
1816 1816
Margaretta Lamborn
Marshall B Lamborn
1819 1852
Rebecca Pearce Lamborn
1822 1903
Nathan Lamborn
Ezekiel Lamborn
Elizabeth Ann Lamborn
1832 1842

Generation 27:
Rebecca Pearce LAMBORN
Birth Jan 18 1822 in New Castle, Lawrence, Pennsylvania, United States
Death 13 Jul 1903 in Pueblo, Pueblo, Colorado, United States
Married to:
David Hale EDWARDS
Birth Sep 13 1815 in Marietta, Ohio, USA
Death jun 19 1888 in Belle Plaine, Benton, Iowa, United States
Issue of Rebecca and David:
Mary Elizabeth Edwards
1841 1845
Fidelia Adelaide Edwards
Ezra L Edwards
1847 1847
David Hale Edwards
1848 1849
Margaretta "Rhettie" Edwards
1852 1942
Hamilton Bell Edwards
1857 1937
Mary Evalyn Edwards
1858 1950

Generation 28:
Mary Evalyn EDWARDS
Birth Nov 1 1858 in Iowa
Death 05 Jan 1950 in Lebanon, Oregon, USA
Married to:
Theodore Fred PRILL
Birth Jul 10 1850 in Dayton Ohio, USA
Death Jan 1 1941 in Casper, Wyoming, USA
Issue of Mary and Theodore:
Lewis Merton Prill
1882 1970
Margaretta Lula Prill
1887 1982
Charles Otis Prill
1894 1954
Mamie Veda Prill
1901 1998
Fred Laverne Prill
1904 1960

Generation 29:
Mamie Veda PRILL
Birth Jan 26 1901 in Belle Plaine, Iowa, USA
Death Jun 12 1998 in Corvallis, Oregon, USA
Married to:
Clarence Roy MCKINNON
Birth Jul 30 1889 in Coffee Pot, Oregon, USA
Death Nov 25 1959 in Carlton Yamhill Oregon USA

The MCKINNON Lineage

Generation 1:
Robert DE BRUS 1st Lord of Annandale
Birth 1071 in Skelton in Cleveland, North Riding, Yorkshire, England
Death 11 May 1141 in Skelton in Cleveland, North Riding, Yorkshire, England
Married to:
Birth 1092 in Dudley, Staffordshire, England
Death After 1155
Issue of Robert and Agnes:
Adam De Brus II Lord of Skelton
1113 1143
Robert de Brus
1132 1189

Generation 2:
Robert DE BRUS The Cadet and 2nd Lord of Annandale
Birth abt 1132 in Annandale, Dumfries-shire, Scotland
Death abt 1189 in Skelton, Yorkshire, England
Married to:
Euphemia DE AUMALE
Birth 1130 in Carrick, Scotland
Death 1165 in Annandale, Scotland
Issue of Robert and Euphemia:
William de Brus "The Lion - 3rd Lord Annandale"
1142 1212

Generation 3:
William DE BRUS The Lion and 3rd Lord of Annandale
Birth 1142 in Annandale, Dumfriesshire, Scotland
Death 16 Jul 1212 in Castle Annandale Dumfrieshire Scotland
Married to:
Beatrice Christina DE TEYDEN
Birth 1144 in Annandale, Dumfrieshire, Scotland
Death 1170 in Annandale, Dumfrieshire, Scotland
Issue of William and Beatrice:
Robert De Bruce 4th Lord of Annandale
1195 1245

Generation 4:
Robert DE BRUCE 4th Lord of Annandale
Birth 1195 in Annandale, Scotland
Death 1245 in Lochmaben, Dumfries-shire, Scotland
Married to:
Isobel of Huntingdon
Birth 2 Nov 1226 in Gloucestershire, England
Death 10 May 1275 in Cleveland, Yorkshire, Scotland
Issue of Robert and Isabel:
William De Bruce
Robert de Bruce
1243 1304
Bernard De Bruce
1247 1264
Isabel De Bruce

Generation 5:
Robert DE BRUS The Competitor and 5th Lord of Annandale
Birth Jul 1243 in of, Annandale, Dumfrieshire, Scotland
Death 4 Apr 1304 in Holme, Cultram, Cumberland, England
Married to:
Birth About 1200-
Death ??
Issue of Robert and Isabella:
Robert de Bruce
1243 1304
Bernard De Bruce
1247 1264
William De Bruce
Isabel De Bruce
Richard De Bruce
1249 1287
Constance De Bruce

Generation 6:
William DE BRUCE
Birth 1248 in Annandale, Dumfries-shire, Scotland
Death ??
Married to:
Elizabeth De SULLEY
Birth ??
Death ??
Issue of William and Elizabeth:
Richard De Bruce
1249 1287
Constance De Bruce

Generation 5:
Robert DE BRUCE The Competitor and 5th Lord of Annandale
Birth Jul 1243 in of, Annandale, Dumfrieshire, Scotland
Death 4 Apr 1304 in Holme, Cultram, Cumberland, England
Married to:
Isabella DE CLARE Lady of Gloucester and Hertford
Birth 8 Nov 1226 in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Death 10 Jul 1264 in Cleveland, Yorkshire, Engl
Issue of Robert and Isabella:
Bernard de Bruce
Richard de Bruce
William de Bruce
Robert de Bruce 6th Lord of Annandale
1243 1304
Isabel de Bruce
1249 1284
Constance de Bruce

Generation 6:
Robert DE BRUCE6th Lord of Annandale
Birth Jul 1243 in Annandale, Scotland
Death 4 Apr 1304 in Holme, Cumberland, England
Married to:
Marjorie Countess of of Carrick
Birth 1256 in Galloway, Wigtownshire, Scotland
Death 27 Oct 1292 in Carrick, Ayrshire, Scotland
Issue of Robert and Marjorie:
Christiana Bruce
Mary Clarissa deBruce
Isabel DeBrus
1272 1358
Christina deBruce
1273 1357
Robert I De Brus
1274 1329
Edward de Bruce
1276 1318
Margaret De Bruce
Neil de Bruce
1279 1306
Alexander de Bruce
1285 1307
Elizabeth de Bruce
Matilda Margery de Bruce

Generation 7:
Robert I DE BRUS
Birth 11 Jul 1274 in Turnberry Castle, Ayrshire, , Scotland
Death 7 Jun 1329 in Cardross, Dunbartonshire, , Scotland
Married to:
Isabella MAR
Birth 1278 in Kildrummy, Aberdeenshire, , Scotland
Death 1320 in Dumbarton, Dunbartonshire, , Scotland
Issue of Robert and Isabella:
Robert De Brus Sir
1216 1295
Nigel de Bruce of Carrick
Matilda (Maud) de Bruce
1304 1353
Marjorie de Bruce
1306 1316
Christina De Brus of Carrick
Margaret De Brus
1312 1346
Elizabeth De Brus
Walter De Brus
David De Brus II
1324 1371
John De Brus
Margaret De Brus

Generation 8:
Marjorie DE BRUCE
Birth 1306
Death 19 Mar 1316
Married to:
Walter (6th High Steward of Scotland) STEWART
Birth 1292 in Dundonald Kyle Argyll Scotland
Death Apr 9 1326 in Bathgate Castle Scoitland
Issue of Marjorie and Walter:
Robert Stewart II, King of Scotland
1316 1390

Generation 9:
Robert STEWART II, King of Scotland
Birth 2 Mar 1316 in Rosyth Castle, Scotland
Death 19 Apr 1390 in Dundonald, Ayrshire, , Scotland
Married to:
Elizabeth MURE of Rowallan
Birth May 1355 in Rowallon Castle Scotland
Death Abt 1409 in Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Issue of Robert and Elizabeth:
Katherine Stewart
Margaret Stewart
Isabella Stewart
John Stewart Earl of Carrick
1337 1406
Robert III (King of Scotland) Stewart
1337 1406
Walter Stewart
1338 1363
Robert Stewart 1st Duke of Albany
1339 1420
Elizabeth Stewart
1346 1389
Alexander Stewart 1st Earl of Buchan
1350 1405
Johanna Stewart
1350 1404
Marjory Stewart
1388 1432

Robert II of Scotland
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Robert II

King of Scots
Reign 22 February 1371 19 April 1390
Coronation 26 March 1371
Predecessor David II
Successor Robert III
Earl of Strathearn
Title held 1357-1390
Spouse Elizabeth Mure
Euphemia de Ross

Robert II (2 March 1316 19 April 1390) became King of Scots in 1371 as the first monarch of the House of Stewart. He was the son of Walter Stewart, hereditary High Steward of Scotland and of Marjorie Bruce, daughter of Robert I and of his first wife Isabella of Mar. (The marriage of princess Marjorie took place in 1315, making Robert's probable birth date early in 1316.)
Robert I had made his brother Edward his heir ahead of Marjorie, but following Edward's death without issue on 3 December 1318 at the Battle of Dundalk in Ireland, Robert Stewart became heir presumptive to his grandfather. His mother Marjorie died in 1317 following a fall from a horse. Robert Stewart's rights as heir to the throne lapsed on the birth of a son, afterwards David II, to Robert I and his second wife Elizabeth de Burgh on 5 March 1324.
Robert Stewart became High Steward following his father's death on 9 April 1326, and the parliament held in July 1326 confirmed him as heir presumptive should Prince David die without issue. In 1329 Robert I died and the six year-old David succeeded him on the throne. Sir Thomas Randolph, earl of Moray became the designated Guardian of Scotland, and the young Steward passed into the care of his uncle Sir James Stewart of Durrisdeer.
Edward Balliol, son of King John Balliol, assisted by English and Scottish nobles disinherited by Robert I, invaded Scotland and he and his supporters inflicted heavy defeats on the Bruce party at Dupplin Moor on 11 August 1332 and at Halidon Hill on 10 July 1333. The Steward fought at Halidon, where his uncle, Sir James Stewart, was killed. Following this battle, Balliol provided his supporter David Strathbogie, the titular earl of Atholl, with the Steward's lands and estates in the west, forcing Robert to escape to the fortress of Dumbarton Castle on the Clyde estuary, which also sheltered David II. In May 1334 David II escaped to France - leaving the Steward and John Randolph, earl of Moray as joint guardians of the kingdom. The Steward succeeded in regaining his lands, but his relationship with Randolph disintegrated. Randolph was taken prisoner by the English in July 1335 and in September the Steward's possessions were once again targeted by Edward III's forces. This may have caused the Steward to submit to Edward Balliol and the English kinghe certainly was no longer guardian of the kingdom by September 1335. Robert who had lost his position to Sir Andrew Murray of Bothwell, was once again guardian following Murray's death in 1338 and retained the office until David II returned from France in June 1341. The Steward accompanied David II into battle at Neville's Cross on 17 October 1346 but he and Patrick Dunbar, earl of March escaped or fled the field while David was taken prisoner.
The Steward married Elizabeth Mure c.1348, legitimising his four sons and five daughters. His subsequent marriage to Euphemia de Ross in 1355 produced two sons and two surviving daughters and became the basis of a dispute as to the line of succession.
Robert joined a rebellion against David in 1363, but submitted to him under threat that any further defiance would mean the end of his rights in the line of succession. In 1364 the Scots Parliament dismissed David's proposal to write off the remaining amounts due to England under the terms of his ransom in return for naming a Plantagenet as his heir should he remain childless. On David's unexpected death in 1371, Robert succeeded to the throne at the age of 55. The English still controlled large sectors in the Lothians and in the border country. Robert II allowed his southern earls to engage in conflicts in the English zones to regain their territories, halted trade with England and renewed treaties with France. By 1384 the Scots had re-taken most of the foreign-occupied lands, but following an Anglo-French truce, Robert proved reluctant to commit Scotland to all-out war and obtained inclusion in the peace talks being conducted by England and France. Following a palace coup in 1384 he lost control of the country, first to his eldest son, John, Earl of Carrick, afterwards King Robert III, and then from 1388 to John's younger brother, Robert, Earl of Fife, afterwards 1st Duke of Albany. Robert II died in Dundonald Castle in 1390 and lies buried at Scone Abbey.

Generation 10:
Robert STEWART III, King of Scotland
Birth 1337 in Dundonald, Ayrshire, , Scotland
Death 4 Apr 1406 in Dundonald, Ayrshire, , Scotland
Married to:
Annabelle DRUMMOND
Birth 1350 in Perth, Perthshire, , Scotland
Death Oct 1401 in Perth, Perthshire, , Scotland
Issue of Robert and Annabelle:
Robert Stewart Died in infamcy
Margaret Stewart
1370 1456
David Stewart Duke of Rothesay
1378 1402
Mary Stewart Princess of Scotland
1380 1458
Elizabeth Stewart
1387 1411
Egida Stewart
1390 1431
James I Stewart King of Scots
1394 1437
Robert III of Scotland
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Robert III

King of Scots
Reign 1390 4 April 1406

Robert III (c. 1337April 1406) was King of Scots from 1390 to his death. His given name was John Stewart, and he was known primarily as the Earl of Carrick before ascending the throne at age 53. He was the eldest son of Robert II and Elizabeth Mure and was legitimated with the marriage of his parents in 1347.
John joined his father and other magnates in a rebellion against his grand-uncle, David II early in 1363 but submitted to him soon afterwards. He married Anabella Drummond, daughter of Sir John Drummond of Stobhall before 31 May 1367 when the Steward ceded to him the earldom of Atholl. In 1368 David created him Earl of Carrick. His father became king in 1371 after the unexpected death of the childless King David. In the succeeding years Carrick was influential in the government of the kingdom but became progressively more impatient at his father's longevity. In 1384 Carrick was appointed the king's lieutenant after having influenced the general council to remove Robert II from direct rule. Carrick's administration saw a renewal of the conflict with England. In 1388 the Scots defeated the English at the Battle of Otterburn where the Scots' commander, James, Earl of Douglas, was killed. By this time Carrick had been badly injured by a horse-kick but the loss of his powerful ally, Douglas, saw a turnaround in magnate support in favour of his younger brother Robert, Earl of Fife and in December 1388 the council transferred the lieutenancy to Fife.
In 1390, Robert II died and Carrick ascended the throne as Robert III but without authority to rule directly. Fife continued as lieutenant until February 1393 when power was returned to the king in conjunction with his son David. At a council in 1399 owing to the king's 'sickness of his person', David, now Duke of Rothesay, became lieutenant of the kingdom in his own right but supervised by a special parliamentary group dominated by Fife, now styled Duke of Albany. After this, Robert III withdrew to his lands in the west and for a time played little or no part in affairs of state. He was powerless to interfere when a dispute between Albany and Rothesay arose in 1401 which led to Rothesay's arrest and imprisonment at Albany's Falkland Castle where Rothesay died in March 1402. The general council absolved Albany from blame and reappointed him as lieutenant. The only impediment now remaining to an Albany Stewart monarchy was the king's only surviving son, James, Earl of Carrick. In February 1406 the 11 year-old James and a powerful group of followers clashed with Albany's Douglas allies resulting in the death of the king's counsellor Sir David Fleming of Cumbernauld. James escaped to the Bass Rock in the Firth of Forth accompanied by Henry Sinclair, Earl of Orkney and remained there for a month before boarding a ship bound for France. The vessel was intercepted near Flamborough Head and James became the prisoner of Henry IV of England and would remain captive for the next 18 years. Robert III died in Rothesay Castle on 4 April 1406 shortly after learning of his son's imprisonment and was buried at Paisley Abbe.

Generation 11:
Mary STEWART Princess of Scotland
Birth 1380 in Dunfermline, Fife, , Scotland
Death Sept 1458 in Strathblane, Stirlingshire, , Scotland
Married to:
Birth 1376 in Maybole, Ayrshire, , Scotland
Death 8 Nov 1408 in Dunure, , , Scotland
Issue of Mary and James:
Gilbert Kennedy 1st Lord of Kennedy
1396 1478
Mary Kennedy
1405 1430
John Kennedy
1407 1434
James Kennedy
1408 1465

Generation 12:
Gilbert KENNEDY 1st Lord of Kennedy
Birth 1396 in Maybole Castle, Ayrshire, Scotland
Death 6 Mar 1478 in Maybole Castle, Ayrshire, Scotland
Married to:
Catherine MAXWELL
Birth 1408 in Linlithgow, Scotland
Death 1484 in Dunure Ayrshire Scotland
Issue of Gilbert and Catherine:
John Kennedy 2nd Lord of Kennedy
1436 1508

Generation 13:
John KENNEDY 2nd Lord of Kennedy
Birth 12 Oct 1436 in Maybole, Ayrshire, , Scotland
Death 24 Jul 1508 in Maybole, Ayrshire, , Scotland
Married to:
Elizabeth SETON Lady
Birth 1444 in Huntly, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Death 17 Apr 1500 in Cupar, Fife, Scotland
Issue of John and Elizabeth:
Mary Margaret Kennedy
Alexander Kennedy of Girvinmains
1462 1578
Elizabeth Kennedy
1473 1573
Janet Kennedy Mistress
1483 154

Generation 14:
Mary Margaret KENNEDY
Birth in Maybole, Ayrshire, Scotland
Death 1510 in Avondale, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Married to:
Patrick VANS Sir
Birth 1469 in Wigtown, Wigtownshire, Scotland
Death 1528 in Barnbarrock, Scotland
Issue of Mary and Patrick:
Alexander Vans
John Vans
1480 1547
Patrick Vans

Generation 15:
Alexander VANS
Birth About 1480 in Barnbarroch,Wigtown,,Scotland
Death in Barnbarrock,,,Scotland
Married to:
Birth About 1480 in Scotland
Death ??
Issue of Alexander and Jannett:
John Vans Sir
1510 1547

Generation 16:
John VANS Sir
Birth 1510 in Barnbarrach, , , Scotland
Death 1547 in Wigtown, Wigtownshire, , Scotland
Married to:
Janet MCCULLOCH Of Myrtown
1507 1561
Issue of John and Janet:
Patrick Vans Sir
1550 1568

Generation 17:
Patrick VANS Sir
Birth 1550 in Lybrack, , , Ireland
Death 1568
Married to:
Catherine KENNEDY Lady
Birth 1543 in Culzean Castle, Maybole, Ayrshire, Scotland
Death 1593 in Ireland
Issue of Patrick and Catherine:
John Vans Sir
1575 1642

Generation 18:
John VANS Sir
Birth 1575 in Wigtown, Wigtownshire, , Scotland
Death 1642 in , , , Ireland
Married to:
Margaret MCDOWALL Of Gartland
Birth 1580 in Wigtown, Wigtownshire, , Scotland
Death 1659 in , , , Ireland
Issue of John and Margaret:
Patrick Vans Sir
1589 1673
Andrew Vans
1591 1661
John Vans Rector of Kilmacreenan
1593 1662
John Vans
1596 1662
Florence Vans
1599 1641
Joseph Vans
1616 1642
Lancelot Francis Vans
1620 1680

Generation 19:
John VANS Rector of Kilmacreenan
Birth 1593 in Barnbarroch, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland
Death 1662 in Londonderry, Londonderry, Northern Ireland
Married to:
Elizabeth SHAW
Birth Abt 1570 in Cough Ireland
Death 1662 in Hingham, Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Issue of John and Elizabeth:
Lancelot Vans Doctor
1630 1688

Generation 20:
Lancelot VANS Doctor
Birth 1630 in Tyrone, Tyrone, , Ireland
Death 1688 in Londonderry, Londonderry, , Ireland
Married to:
Euphemia BAINEY
Birth 1630 in Londonderry,,,Ireland
Death 1690 in ,,,Ireland
Issue of Lancelot and Euphemia:
Margaret Vance
John Vance
1650 1710
Sarah Vance
Alexander Vance
Andrew Vance
1660 1754
Elizabeth Vance

Generation 21:
Birth 1650 in Coagh,Tyrone,,Ireland
Death 1710 in ,,,Ireland
Married to:
Birth 1646 in Antrim, Ireland
Death 1710 in Ireland
Issue of John and Mary:
Andrew Vance
1666 1740

Generation 22:(The Immigrant:)
Andrew VANCE
Birth 1666 in County Tyrone, Ireland
Death 1740 in Frederick, Virginia, USA
Married to:
Jane HOGE (The Immigrant)
Birth 1660 in Ireland
Death 1730 in Frederick Virginia
Issue of Andrew and Jane:
Rebecca Vance
Samuel Vance
1692 1778
John Sr. Vance
1693 1760
Andrew II Vance
Robert Vance
1698 1760
Ann Vance
1700 1770
James Vance
David Vance
Alexander Vance
1714 1756
William Vance
1718 1788

Generation 23:
John Sr. VANCE
Birth 1693 in Frederick, Virginia, United States
Death 7 Oct 1760 in Frederick, Virginia, United States
Married to:
Elizabeth COLVILLE
Birth 1700 in Frederick Virginia USA
Death 1760
Issue of John and Elizabeth:
Elizabeth Vance
Hannah Vance
1732 1817
Alexander Vance
1732 1810
John Jr. Vance
1770 1834

Generation 24:
Hannah VANCE
Birth 11 Apr 1732 in Valley of the Shenendoah Virginia USA
Death 1817 in New Haven, Fayette, Pennsylvania, United States
Married to:
William CRAWFORD Colonel
Birth 2 Sep 1722 in Berkeley County, Virginia, USA
Death 11 Jun 1782 in Tymochtee Cr, Wyandotte, Ohio, USA
Ann Crawford
1743 1783
John Vance Crawford
1744 1816
Sarah Sally Crawford
1748 1838
Orphelia Effie Crawford
1751 1821
Nancy Crawford
1767 1842

William Crawford (soldier)
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Colonel William Crawford
William Crawford (1732 11 June 1782) was an American soldier and surveyor who worked as a western land agent for George Washington. Crawford fought in the French and Indian War and the American Revolutionary War. He was tortured and burned at the stake by American Indians in retaliation for the Gnadenhutten massacre, a notorious incident near the end of the American Revolution.

In 1732, Crawford was born in Orange County, Virginia, at a location which is now in Berkeley County, West Virginia.[1] He was a son of William Crawford and his wife Honora Grimes,[2] who were Scots-Irish farmers. After his father's death in 1736, his mother married Richard Stephenson. Crawford had a younger brother, Valentine Crawford, plus five half-brothers and one half-sister from his mother's second marriage.[3]
In 1749, Col. William Crawford became acquainted with George Washington, then a young surveyor the same age as Crawford. He accompanied Washington on surveying trips and learned the trade. In 1755, Crawford served in the Braddock expedition with the rank of ensign. Like Washington, he survived the disastrous Battle of the Monongahela. During the French and Indian War, he served in Washington's Virginia Regiment, guarding the Virginia frontier against Native American raiding parties. In 1758, Crawford was a member of General John Forbes's army which captured Fort Duquesne, where Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania now stands. He continued to serve in the military, taking part in Pontiac's War in 1763.
In 1765 Crawford built a cabin on the Braddock Road along the Youghiogheny River in what is now Connellsville, Fayette County, Pennsylvania. His wife and three children joined him there the following year. Crawford supported himself as a farmer and fur trader. When the 1768 Treaty of Fort Stanwix with the Iroquois opened up additional land for settlement, Crawford worked again as a surveyor, locating lands for settlers and speculators. Governor Robert Dinwiddie had promised bounty land to the men of the Washington's Virginia Regiment for their service in the French and Indian War. In 1770 Crawford and Washington travelled down the Ohio River to choose the land to be given to the regiment's veterans. The area selected was near what is now Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Crawford also made a western scouting trip in 1773 with Lord Dunmore, Governor of Virginia. Washington could not accompany them because of the sudden death of his stepdaughter.[4]
At the outbreak of Dunmore's War in 1774, Crawford received a major's commission from Lord Dunmore. He built Fort Fincastle at present Wheeling, West Virginia.[5] He also led an expedition which destroyed two Mingo villages (near present Steubenville, Ohio) in retaliation for Chief Logan's raids into Virginia.[6] During the expedition, Crawford's men rescued two captives held by American Indians, killing six and capturing 14 Indians.[2]
Crawford's service to Virginia in Dumore's War was controversial in Pennsylvania, since the colonies were engaged in a bitter dispute over their borders near Fort Pitt. Crawford had been a justice of the peace in Pennsylvania since 1771, first for Bedford County, then for Westmoreland County when it was established in 1773. Arthur St. Clair, another Pennsylvania official, called for Crawford to be removed from his office, which was done in January 1775. Beginning in 1776, Crawford served as a surveyor and justice for Virginia's short-lived Yohogania County.[7]
[edit]American Revolution

When the American Revolutionary War began, Crawford recruited a regiment for the Virginia Line of the Continental Army. On 11 October 1776, the Continental Congress appointed him colonel of the 7th Virginia Regiment. Crawford led his regiment in the Battle of Long Island and the retreat across New Jersey. He crossed the Delaware with Washington and fought at the battles of Trenton and Princeton. During the Philadelphia campaign, he commanded a scouting detachment for Washington's army.[8]
After the war on the western frontier intensified in 1777, Crawford was transferred to the Western Department of the Continental Army. He served at Fort Pitt under Generals Edward Hand and Lachlan McIntosh. Crawford was present at the Treaty of Fort Pitt in 1778, and helped to build Fort Laurens and Fort McIntosh that year. Resources were scarce on the frontier, however, and Fort Laurens was abandoned in 1779. In 1780, Crawford visited Congress to appeal for more funds for the western frontier. In 1781, he retired from military service.

The Ohio Historical Society's marker at the Colonel Crawford Burn Site Monument in Wyandot County, Ohio.
[edit]Crawford expedition
Main article: Crawford expedition
In 1782, General William Irvine persuaded Crawford to come out of retirement and lead an expedition against enemy Indian villages along the Sandusky River. Before leaving, on 16 May he made out his will and testament.[9] His son John Crawford, his son-in-law William Harrison, and his nephew and namesake William Crawford also joined the expedition.

Execution of Crawford
After his election as commander of the expedition, Crawford led about 500 volunteers deep into American Indian territory with the hope of surprising them. However, the Indians and their British allies at Detroit had learned about the expedition in advance, and brought about 440 men to the Sandusky to oppose the Americans. After a day of indecisive fighting, the Americans found themselves surrounded. During a confused retreat, Crawford and dozens of his men were captured. The Indians executed many of them in retaliation for the Gnadenhtten massacre earlier in the year, in which about 100 peaceful Christian Indian men, women, and children had been murdered by Pennsylvania militiamen. Crawford's execution was brutal; he was tortured for at least two hours before he was burned at the stake. His nephew and son-in-law were also captured and executed. The war ended shortly thereafter, but Crawford's horrific execution was widely publicized in the United States, worsening the already strained relationship between Native Americans and European Americans.
Crawfords torture and execution by the Indians is described in graphic detail by Allan W. Eckert in The Frontiersman.

Generation 25:
Sarah Sally CRAWFORD
Birth About 1748 in Fayette Co. Pa. USA
Death Nov 10 1838 in Fayette Co Pennsylvania
Married to:
William HARRISON Captain
Birth About 1740 in Orange Virginia USA
Death Jan 11 1782 in Sandusky Erie Ohio USA (Killed alongside his father in law William Crawford)
Issue of Sarah and William:
Sally Harrison
Nancy Harrison
1772 1856
Harriet Harrison
Battle Harrison
John Harrison
1778 1850
Mary Polly Harrison

Generation 26:
Birth Dec 30 1772 in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, United States
Death 6 Dec 1856 in Moore Twp.Logan, Ohio, United States
Married to:
Birth Apr 9 1767 in Fayette City, Fayette, Pennsylvania, United States
Death 25 Aug 1837 in Moorefield, Clark, Ohio, United States
Issue of Nancy and Daniel:
William Harrison "Judge" McKinnon
1789 1861
Daniel McKinnon
1791 1864
Theophelus McKinnon
John Benjamin McKinnon
1796 1850
Catherine "Katie" McKinnon
1797 1849
Uriah McKinnon
1797 1849
Josiah McKinnon
1804 1837
Sarah McKinnon
1806 1894
Thomas Dillow McKinnon
1809 1882

Generation 27:
Thomas Dillow MCKINNON
Birth 1809 in Boone County Kentucky, USA
Death 28 Oct 1882 in Lowell,Iowa
Married to:
Elizabeth SMITH
Birth Feb 5 1814 in ,Washington,Virginia,USA
Death May 1880 in Lee, Virginia
Issue of Thomas and Elizabeth:
Mary McKinnon
Theophalis Addison McKinnon
1834 1907
Thomas Jefferson McKinnon
1835 1904
Robert Jackson, SR. McKinnon
1837 1920
Josephine McKinnon
1838 1918
Daniel S McKinnon
1840 1914
James Monroe McKinnon
1844 1925
Isabella McKinnon
1846 1937
Ann Eliza McKinnon
1849 1918
John Quincy McKinnon
1850 1931
Lillian Sarah McKinnon
William A McKinnon
Baby Girl McKinnon
Stephen Samuel McKinnon
1859 1905
Turtullus McKinnon

Generation 28:
Robert Jackson, SR. MCKINNON
Birth Jan 22 1837 in Indiana, United States
Death 13 Apr 1920 in Harney, Harney, Oregon, United States
Married to:
Emily Harriet LONG
Birth 24 Mar 1843 in Indiana, United States
Death 18 Jul 1911 in Burns Harney Oregon USA
Issue of Robert and Emily:
John E McKinnon
Ida May McKinnon
1861 1950
Robert Jackson Jr, McKinnon
1863 1932
Andrew Johnson McKinnon
1866 1903
Lucy Jane McKinnon
1868 1957
Belle Dora McKinnon
Harriet E McKinnon
1871 1871
Thomas Daniel McKinnon
1872 1948
Emma Alice McKinnon
Elsie Ollie McKinnon
William E McKinnon
1883 1898
Essie Geneva McKinnon

Generation 28:
Robert Jackson Jr, MCKINNON
Birth 12 Sep 1863 in Iowa
Death 3 Nov 1932 in Burns, Harney, Oregon, United States
Married to:
Birth Mar 15 1868 in Elk City Benton Oregon USA
Death Jun 21 1915 in Burns Harney Oregon USA
Issue of Robert and Laura:
Clarence Roy McKinnon
1889 1959
Eula Lea McKinnon
1891 1973
Ralph Earl McKinnon
1898 1961
Gladys Delta McKinnon
Otho Walter McKinnon
1903 1975
Cleo Addison McKinnon
Leo Addis McKinnon

Generation 29:
Clarence Roy MCKINNON
Birth Jul 30 1889 in Coffee Pot, Oregon, USA
Death Nov 25 1959 in Carlton Yamhill Oregon USA
Married to:
Mamie Veda PRILL
Birth Jan 26 1901 in Belle Plaine, Iowa, USA
Death Jun 12 1998 in Corvallis, Oregon, USA

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