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Elizabeth 'Lizzie' nee MARKS (married ALbert COHEN & Henry BENJAMIN) 1848-1896 - Auckland & Dunedin

Journal by ngairedith

ELIZABETH 'Lizzie' MARKS was born about 1848
- a daughter of MORRIS MARKS (1823-1907) & REBECCA MOSES (1828-1883)


Rebecca's father was Emanuel MOSES (1780-1841), the landlord of the Black Lion Vinegar Lane near Drury Lane Covent Garden, who was sent to Hobart Town, Australia as a convict on the "Lord Lyndoch" on the 11 Sep 1840 from Plymouth, arriving 5 Feb 1841
- her mother was Sarah JOSEPH (1776-1864).

Emanuel's (aka Money Moses) crime was a 'gold dust robbery' which took place in 1839 in Falmouth, Cornwall. According to the New Newgate Calendar, "The extraordinary robbery to which these persons were parties involved circumstances probably more singular than any other which ever came before a court of justice".

... From the convict description list of the Lord Lyndoch
NAME - Moses, Emanuel
TRADE - Labourer
AGE - 60 years
HEAD - Round
HAIR - Black to Grey
VISAGE - Round
EYES - ? Brown
NOSE - Prominent
MOUTH - Wide
CHIN - " "
REMARKS - Small ? over left eye. Northampshire

Emanuel's wife Sarah and several children later sailed to Tasmania to be with him
- he was sentenced to 14 years Transportatin to Van Dieman's Land in 1839 and sailed the following year. However he died in the New Norfolk Hospital 5 July 1841 aged 61, just 5 months after arriving
- from the gold dust robbery link above ... It may be added that prison life did not agree with "Money Moses"; a striking change came over his appearance while in Newgate. Before his confinement he had been a sleek round person, addicted obviously to the pleasures of the table. He did not thrive on prison fare, now more strictly meagre, thanks to the inspectors and the more stringent discipline, and before he embarked for Australia to undergo his fourteen years, he was reported to have fallen away to a shadow

21 JUNE 1864
... DIED - On the 18th May, at her residence, Warrington street, Hobart Town, after a long and painful illness, Mrs Sarah Moses, in her 89th year, the beloved mother of Mrs Morris Marks, Rattray street, Dunedin

Lizzie's PARENTS

Morris MARKS married Rebecca MOSES in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia on 30 June 1847. They were in Auckland by 1852. It has been said that Rebecca died in Melbourne and is buried in the Melbourne General Cemetery Jewish section. I have yet to find her and verify death date and cemetery
Morris MARKS remarried to Annie COOPER (probably formerly, not nee) in New Zealand in 1891

... VICTORIA LUNCHEON ROOMS - Mr MARKS wishes to inform the Public tht, from This Day, he will supply them with a Hot Steak or Chop, including a Glass of Good Ale, for 1s., - ready from 11 to 4 o'clock Every Day

18 MAY 1852 - AUCKLAND
... VICTORIA HOTEL - M. MARKS begs to returne his most sincere thanks to his friends and the public generally, for the very liberal patronage he has received since he has commenced Business in the above Hotel, and begs also to assure them that nothing shall be wanting on his prt to merit a continuance of the same by keeping a Choice Stock of the best Wines, Spirits, English Ales and Porter that can be procured in the London market.
VICTORIA LUNCHEON ROOMS Mr MARKS wishes to inform the Public that, from This Day, he will supply them with a HOT STEAK or CHOP with POTATOES, including either SPIRITS or ALE, for 1s., (10 cents) - ready from 11 to 4 o'clock, Every Day. Soups as usual during the Season. Private Entrance to the Luncheon Rooms, Victoria Lane

... The Undersigned begs to announce to the Public that he has still on Sale a good Stock of, Bass' Burton Ale and Truman's London Porter ex late arrivals.MORRIS MARKS, Victoria Hotel.N.B. - Luncheons and Soups as usual

... On the list of Electors of the Province of Auckland to Lieutenan-Colonel Wynyard, C.B., MORRIS MARKS was living in Fort-street

26 MAY 1853 - AUCKLAND
... EX "CASHMERE" On sale by the Undersigned,
2 HHDS. MARTEL'S BRANDY, 20 Cases Geneva, 5 Ilhds. Taylor's London Stout, 10 Casks Bottled Ale and Porter, 1 Hhd. Booth's Old Tom. EX "SIR EDWARD PAGET" 3 Hhds. Bass' Burton Ale. MORRIS MARKS, Victoria Hotel

... WANTED - a Pofessed COOK. Apply to MORRIS MARKS, Victoria Hotel

... NOTICE. All demands against the undersigned to be sent in on or before the 1st March. All indebted are respectfully requsted to pay the same on or before the above date.MORRIS MARKS, Victoria Hotel

... Morris Marks appeared to answer a charge of assault preferred by Alfred J.Betts. The assault aroseout of an altercation about the payment of an account

... the "Margaretha Roesner, from Newcastle arrived at Port Chalmers. Amongst the cargo was 5 cases of matches for Morris Marks

... in the Dunedin Magistate's Court on Tuesday 23 Sep, Morris Marks appeared along with 14 others, when Constable Nimon reported that they were stated as 'nuisances' (no other details)

... NOTICE - An Adjounred Meeting of the TOwn Board of Dunedin will be held, at the Board Room, this day, Saturday, at 12.30 p.m. when the following Appeals against the Assessment will be considered:-
... and ...
* Morris MARKS

21 JUNE 1864 - DUNEDIN
... DIED - On the 18th May, at her residence, Warrington street, Hobart Town, after a long and painful illness, Mrs Sarah Moses, in her 89th year, the beloved mother of Mrs Morris Marks, Rattray street, Dunedin

... Mr MORRIS MARKS, late of the Bedford House, returns his sincere THANKS to his friends for their kindness towards him in ASSISTING and helping him in saving his property in the late fire.

... LOST at the late fire at Marks's Bedford House, a LADIES' POCKET, containing a CHEQUE on the Bank of Australasia for 50, drawn by Henry Fugate in favour of M. Marks; also some GOLD COINS, &c, &c. Any person bringing the same to Mr Morris marks, Clothier, Queen-street, three doors from the Savings Bank, will be rewarded

... MORRIS MARKS, Successor to Herbert Ashton, begs to announce to the public of Auckland and suburbs that he has bought the greater portion of Mr ASHTON'S STOCK of TAILORS and LADIES TRIMMINGS, &C., Fifty percent under Englishcostprice, and is thereforein a porition to sell the above Trimmings at half Mr Ashton's former prices.
M. M. has also, in addition, a large and varied Stock of DRAPERY and CLOTHING at equally low prices. NOTE THE ADDRESS - MORRIS MARKS, DRAPER, HABERDASHER, and OUTFITT, LONDON HOUSE, Queen-street. Opposite S. H. SMITH'S

WANTED, a General Female SERVANT. - Apply to Mrs M. MARKS, London HOuse, Queen-street

C. Stichbury has been favoured with instruction from Mr Morris Marks to hod a Clearing-out Sale, on the premises lately occupied by Miss Douglas, Queen-street, two doors from the Odd Fellows' Hall, at 11 o'clock, on the above date, consisting of:
Hats, Bonnets, Shawls, Ribbons, Ladies Underclothing, Embroidery, Flannels, Velvets, Black Silk, Alpacas Gossets, Black and Coloured Coburgs, Cottons, Kerosene Lamps, Shop Fittings, Fixtures, &c., &c., &c.

... POLICE COURT, Monday. Frederick Marshall, alias William Henry Hawkins, was charged with stealing from the house of William Payne, Graftn Road, a gold watch, two gold seals, and a locket ... There were two seals, a key, and a locket attache to the chain. Witness next saw her watch at the shop of Mr Marks. - Rebecca Marks, wife of Morris Marks, deposed that her husband kept a loan-office in Queen-street. On the 16th of March, between eight and nine o'clock in the evening, prisoner came to her shop, and brought the watch which had been produced. He wanted a loan of 2 uponit, but wirness would only give him 1. - Mr Commissioner Naughton said that he should like to state to the Bench that Mr Marks had acred very straght-forwardly in the matter. Mrs Payne had asked for a Geneva watch, anMr Marks stated that he had not one. Mr Marks afterwards came to him (the COmmissioner), and stated that he had a verge watch answering Mrs Payne's description, which had got placed amongst some others. The watch was not a Geneva

MONEY! MONEY! MONEY!. MONEY LENT on Diamonds, Plate, Watch Jewellery, Clothing, Gus, Mathematics and Surgical Instruments, Books, Furniture, &c &c., in sins from 1s to L100. The greatest secrecy oberved.MORRIS MARKS & CO., 213, Queen-street, Four doors above Wellesley-street. Unredeemed Pledges for sale cheap.The highest price given for Old Gold and Silver

30 MAY 1867
... POLICE COURT - WEDNEDAY. John Ward was charged with the theft of a number of articles of jewellery, the property of Captain Wilson of the 3rd Waikato Regiment, residing at Cambridge. Morris Marks deposed: I keep a loan office in Queen-street. The prsoner came to my shop about ten days ago, and offered me for sale the locket and opera glass now produced. I purchased the locket for 3s., but refused to buy the oera glass. There was a likness in the locket, which prisoner said was his sister's.

... PAWNBROKERS' LICENSES - Mr Hesketh applied for a pawnbroker's license for Morris Marks, of Vulcan-lane - No objections were offered by the police, and the license was accordingly granted. Mr Leary applied for a similar license for Mr David marks, of Queen-street - Granted. Licenses were also graned to L. H. Neumegan, Isaac Moses and Andrew Heavy

... Morris was one of those who signed the petition to nominate the Hon Daniel Pollen to the Office of Superitenden of the Province

... RESIDENT MAGISTRATE'S COURT. APPLICATION FOR PAWNBROKERS' LICENSES - Licenses were granted to the following applicant:- Morris Marks, Daid marks, Andrew Heavey and Neumegen and Moses

... POLICE COURT, Friday - ROBBERY, John Norris was charged by Robert Brownie with stealing from him a gold breast-pin, value at ?3 (about $400 in 2011). Robert Brownie deposed: I was in St Paul's Church on the 18th May.Whilst standing at the door I lost the breast-pin. Morris Marks, pawnbroker, sworn, said: The prisoner brought the pin to my place to be pawned, I believed th pin to be one that I had been informed by the police had been lost, andtherefore took it to the Police-office. The prisoner accompanied me. - The prisoner was sentenced to 10 days' imprisonment with hard labour

... BREACH OF LICENSING ACT - Morris Marks was charged with a breach of the Pawnbrokers Act by receiving 10d in excess of the rate of interest authorised. The case was adjurned till Monday next

... CALAMITOUS FIRE in AUCKLAND burns down half of central Queen-street including th pawnbrokers shop of Morris Marks

11 MAY 1875 - AUCKLAND
... THE subscribers have received instructions from Mr MORRIS MARKS, who is leaving the province, to sell at his residence, Hobson-street, on Thursday next, 13th inst., at 11 o'clock. The WHOLE of his VALUABLE HOUSEOLD FURNITURE - Elegant Drawing-room Suite of nine pieces and walnut upholstered in green amask; Walnut Cheffonier mounted in marble and plate glass; Walnut Centre and Chess Tables; Valuable Timepiece, thirty-day, strikes hours and half hours; Brussels Carpets; handsome Crystl Chandeller; Walnut Davenport; Vases and Ornaments; Maghogany Dining Table; Maghogany Couch and 6 chairs (hair seated); Rimu Cheffonier; Glassware; Table cutlery; Green and old hand-painted Breakfast Service; Hall Table and Chairs; Spanish Mahogany Wardrobe; marble-top Washstands and Ware; Double Iron Bedsteads and Bedding; Large Toilet Mirror; Carpets; Kitchen Utensils, &c.; 2 Iron Tanks complete. NOW ON VIEW - Samuel Cochrane & Son, Auctioneers

... PRESENTATION - At the vestry rooms of the Synagogue on Sunday last, a presentation was made by Mr Maurice JOEL, President, on behalf of the congregation, of a testimonial to Mr Julius HYMAN, prior to his departure fro Europe. The testimonial, which was handsomely engraved, was as follows:-
Dunedin Jewish Congregation.
Maurice JOEL, President
George HARRIS, Treasurer
J. BENJAMIN, Secretary

DEATH of Lizzie's dad
... Mr Morris Marks died at Dunedin on Monday 17 June 1907 at the home of his daughter (Mrs S. Jacobs) (Rachel) in London street. The deceased gentleman was eighty-four years of age, and was one of the oldest members of the Jewish congregation in Dunedin. He came out from London in 1859 (sic, he was in Auckand in 1852)
- he is buried PLOT 143, BLOCK 111 Southern Cemetery, Dunedin (see photo)

... a possible brother of Morris was William James Marks
- born in 1826 he died in 1884
- He was a plumber in Chapel-street Auckland and in Dec 1866 bought the Kemp's Gardens (late Marston's estate), consisting of 13 lots, frontin Argyle, Prospect and Clifton-streets and containing about 6 acreslaid out as a pleasure ground, with eight-roomed house for ?835

circa 1880 MORRIS MARKS issue aBrass One Penny Token
... minted by Thomas Stokes, Melbourne. Issued by Morris Marks, Auckland, circa 1880. Morris Marks ran a pawnbroking and general store business in Auckland. Marks? tokens were made of brass rather than copper, and were smaller than a standard penny. As a result, they were not popular with the public. Part of the basis for the acceptability of trade tokens was the fact that they were made from copper, and so had value regardless of their utility as instruments of exchange. Marks issued his tokens circa 1880, making him one of the last of the Australasian token-issuers. Description:- A round brass token (31 mm diameter) featuring the name, address and business of the firm that issued it: Morris Marks, corner Queen St and Wellington St., Auckland, Pawnbroker and salesman. The reverse features the three balls of a pawnbroker.


1850 - 1897 Emanuel Morris Marks
- born in Australia
PRESS - On March 26th 1884, at the Synagogue, Gloucester street, by the Rev. J. Zachariah, Emanuel Morris, elest son of Morris Marks, Esq., to Lillie, third daughter of Maurice HARRIS, Esq., of Christchurch
- they had 1 daughter, Netta Lizzie Marks in 1885 who died aged 5 months
OTAGO DAILY TIMES - On the 10th November 1897, at his residence, Upper Duncan stret, Emanuel Morris Marks, beloved husband of Lillie Marks; aged 47

1853 - 1934 Rachel Marks
- born in Auckland
... On the 15th November, at the residence of the bride's parents, 4 Zabulon terrace, Drummond street, Carlton, Victoria, Australia, by the Rev. Datnor Jacobson, Samuel JACOBS, of Dunedin, New Zealand, to Rachael, youngest daughter of Morris MARKS, Esq.
- Samuel (1848-1923) was a widower with 2 children (and 1 deceased)
- Rachel died in Dunedin 9 Dec 1934. She had been living at 131 London st
- her ashes were scattered

1854 - ? Marks
- On the 2 Feb 1854, at her residence, Victoria Hotel, Mrs M. Marks, of a son

1856 - ? Moses Montague
- born in Melbourne ?

... The annual distribution of prizes to the pupils attending the above school took place on Thursday, march 19, in the Oddfellows Hll, Cook-street. The hall was well filled by the pupils and their friends...
Junior Class No. 2, Miss Philips, teacher:-
* 1st prize - progress in reading - Master M. Marks
Junior Class No. 1, Miss Elkin, teacher
* 2nd prize - Master Samuel Marks

Lizzie's 1st HUSBAND

Lizzie married ALBERT EPHRAIM COHEN (1847-1871, a Commission Agent in Auckland) on 23 Feb 1870 at the original Orthodox Synagogue in Emily St Auckland
... COHEN-MARKS - On the 23rd February, 1870, by the Rev. M. Elkin, at the Synagogue, Emily Place, A. E. Cohen, Esq., to Miss Elizabeth Marks, eldest daughter of Morris Marks, Esq., both of this city. Australiam and home papers please copy

2 JUNE 1871
... RE ALBERT E. COHEN - Mr MacCormick appeared for the bankrupt. Mr Sheehan, in the absence of Mr Hesketh, appeared for the trustees of Lipstine's estate, who opposed the discharge. At the last sitting Mr Gunn, accountant, who had investigated the bankrupt's accounts, was examined, and made certain statements to the effect that the books had been tampered with in a variety of ways.
- read more here

17 OCTOBER 1871
- Albert Ephraim Cohen suicided on 17 Oct 1871 aged 24 and is buried in Symonds St, Auckland. The headstone, in the Jewish section W 53, has after 5 lines in Hebrew "He came forth like a flower and was cut down he fled like a shadow" and "In memory of Albert Ephraim Cohen who departed this life 17 October 1871 aged 24 years, may his soul rest in peace, ... is the compassion O eternal quicken in thy judgement ..."

11 NOVEMBER 1871
... His Honor the Chief Justice sat in Bankruptcy until a late hour yesterday evening.
One case was adjourned until the next Courtday in consequence of the severe illness of the insolvent's wife, which prevented him from being present.
One insolvent received his final discharge.
In the matter of ALBERT. E. COHEN, Mr Morris Marks, who was to have appeared as a witness, did not attend, as no opportunity had occurred to allow the summon to be served on him. Mrs Cohen and other witnesses were in attendance, but on the application of Mr Hesketh the examination of the witnesses and the further hearing of the case was adjourned until the next sitting of the Court

- 3 months after the death of her husband Lizzie and her mum sailed to Melbourne, Australia

Lizzie's 2nd HUSBAND

4 years after the death of her fist husband, Elizabeth married Henry BENJAMIN
... BENJAMIN-COHEN On the 15th February 1874, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. M. Elkin, Henry, eldest son of Benjamin BENJAMIN Esq., Melbourne, to Lizzie Cohen, eldest daughter of Mr Morris MARKS, of this city. No cards. Melbourne and Sydney papers please copy.

... In June 1890, Henry BENJAMIN and Samuel JACOBS of Dunedin, Money-Lenders and proprietors of the London Discount Company filed petitions in bankruptcy (was this her sister Rachel's husband)

the 10 known children of HENRY & LIZZIE:

1875 - 1943 Ethel Rebecca Benjamin
- born in Dunedin, Ethel was New Zealand's first woman lawyer
- Ethel married Alfred Mark Ralph De Costa in 1907
- her father moved to England with some of his children in the late 1890s
- Ethel and her husband joined them in 1910
- during World War I Ethel De Costa managed a bank in Sheffield. Between the wars, the De Costas lived in southern France and Italy. Ethel was accidentally struck by a motor vehicle, and died of a fractured skull in Mount Vernon Hospital at Northwood, Middlesex, England, on 14 October 1943.

1877 - Ida Julia Benjamin

1878 - Percy Morris Benjamin

1879 - Netta Rachel Benjamin

1881 - Vera Bessie Benjamin

1883 - Leslie Benjamin

1886 - Cyril Henry Benjamin

1887 - Edgar Emanuel Benjamn

1890 - Doris Rita Benjamin

1894 - Nada Viola Benjamin

Elizabeth died in Dunedin on 20 February 1896 aged 47
... BENJAMIN - On the 20th February, Lizzie, the dearly beloved wife of Henry Benjamin, and daughter of Morris Marks, of this city
- she is buried PLOT 141 - BLOCK 111 at Southern Cemetery Dunedin (2 graves up from her father Morris who died in 1907 aged 84)
sometime after her death Henry and some of their children moved to England

GRAVE of MORRIS MARKS (Lizzie's dad) at Southern Cemetery Dunedin
for Lizzie's Grave see HENRY Benjamin

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