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edmondsallan , Hi everyone , I thought that we might try & find some answers in this - extra early hour - we now have . Someone out their in our" Edmonds Family Ancestry " must have something that tells us , when " Erana ( Edmonds - Mihaka - Poole - Kaire - Kareariki- Pehiriri )died " under what name - where she is buried - and what date .
The reason for doing so, is to assist us all in our family tree..
Since last saying hello ,I have put on the jug, & had a cuppa . I have researched very thoroughly , the Official NZ govt registrar - for all - Births - Deaths - Marriages for all- NZ, since 1840 - 1960 . I have also researched " Waldo Heap's" , nz collection held in the nz museum . dated from 1818- 1941 for Auckland and all Northland .by Area's ( Even the LDS - have gathered a huge amount of people facts- BDM- from " Waldo's )I don't know of any Genealogists who doesn't admire the research he did ' in volume & detail . " Pearl" & " Kim " websites state openly and add regularly to the collection mentioned as well as using it for their own Knowledge for Auckland - Northland NZ. After she left Arthur ( as no death record can be found ) she must of taken up with another & changed her name again . This must have been - if she did - some time after 1860 or if she died sometime before 1877 when " Arthur married Annie " Legally . So the puzzle deepens . " Bruce Calkin " said he knew of the three ( 3 )Men she had been with . Poole- Mihaka - Edmonds I have already told you all, that I have reseached from 1818 to 1941 - 3 days of 5 hours = 15 hours = yet no sign of her . Where is this woman !!! ? Did she change her name Again !!! ? The years I searched very thoroughly covers a range of 123 years - so she isn't still alive . Our personal Records , say " Arthur died at his sisters place ( Goffe's)at Haruru falls even tho' he is buried in kaikohe However thats another story .Could do with some help from one & all on - the missing - " Erana " till we meet again - regards - edmondsallan

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on 2010-09-25 17:10:45

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by Aust75 on 2012-02-22 02:53:36

I wonder if this person is the same person I am looking for. I am looking for Erina Kelly/Ferguson or some other last name. Born around 1823 - married 3 times. Died in 1931 and buried at Mt Wesley. If you email me I can send you more information as I have spent hours looking for her and can't find anything about her despite her having 15 children!


by edmondsallan on 2012-02-22 12:39:32

hello this person is distantly related as mmany world wide ancestors are and I have not followed her particular ancestry at all. sorry regards edmondsallan

by Aust75 on 2012-02-22 14:45:48

Did you ever find where Erana ( Edmonds - Mihaka - Poole - Kaire - Kareariki- Pehiriri) was buried and also what happened to her following her marriage to Arthur? It seems such a coincidence that the dates etc are the same. Regards,

by edmondsallan on 2012-02-22 16:33:44

yes . I refer you to the "edmonds" book on the copied and handed out at the reunion,( also held in the national library of NZ ) and burials,kaikohe and the ( 30 )odd journals I did in 2010 on parts of the edmonds ancestry includes ( arthur ) Our private library collection handed down,and started by " Samuel "and still being added to /catalogued / copyright ect ,and goes back to the middle east before BC is not available to the public . sorry - your answers are all in Kaikohe NZ .I refer you to the committee that organized the reunion and copied the The edmonds Book for the occasion ---- kind regards - allan

by Aust75 on 2012-02-22 18:22:39

Thanks Allan, I am often in Kaikohe so thanks for the information!

by edmondsallan on 2012-02-23 14:11:25

here are a few things you may not know -
( a )26 years ago I completed two books of over 200 pags on NZ the first book went right back to when & how ,New Zealand land mass formed over 12,000,000 years ago . they contained also many myths and sayings among the early maori people .
( b ) they also contained all the maori exploreres from waiiki . there travel records their journies in Nz and in some cases their return .and the tribes they started in nz
( c ) how the main tribes started from auckland north and their descendants up to the 1986 and leaders .including Rahiri , include also was tribal maps for all the tribal boundaries in the whole of NZ ( the rivers the stones , mountains and much more and approx'the size of each tribe back then (all this info is a vailable at our national library now also )( PS >some talk among my personnal family of when I go offering the national Library of Nz our personal maori records and perhaps more eventually ??????
( d ) the northland historical trust has a shed ( I cant disclose the area ) where all the research material found and smaller articles with metal detectors at the
" Edmonds "ruins . special permission is needed to see them and accompanied by a staff member many , many have never seen or heard of these ancestral treasures .

The biggest problem we have with the Edmonds ancestry is the pakehas have difficulty in accepting ,that many of them have some Maori ancestry in their veins and many Maoris likewise . that is why in the " Edmonds" book in many cases I went to the 6th & more generations of all races that were descendants from " John Samuel Edmonds" to let people see how we are mixed with each other in NZ and world wide
from that point on that was printed, it is pretty easy to find future generations of all . How ever , in general neither wants to cross the invisible line .
Finally I am the oldest living male as a direct descent from Samuel who set much of this all up to be carried on into the future as he was the eldest son . and the first of our new generation in NZ to keep records of way way back and the "Edmonds "full tribal association of Maori and Pakeha and other races - regards allan

by Aust75 on 2012-02-25 00:47:59

Wow - what an amazing amount of work you have done! The Edmonds are very lucky to have a person with such a talent! Thanks for the all the comments!

by edmondsallan on 2012-02-25 14:13:54

I have just remembered the name of that Kaikohe marare. " erana " had a whare there . on the " Te Ahuahu " marae built by Honeheke & Kawhiti on the hill a few mile out of Kaikohe. With respect , you should read one of my earlier Journals titled
" Arthur Edmonds "- ( b 1825 ) His wild youth . = 9/10/2011 - page views 231 . It will give you a better understanding on how he met " Erana " and how it all happened.
Regards allan edmonds

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