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on 2014-02-04 03:53:22

Itellya is researching local history on the Mornington Peninsula and is willing to help family historians with information about the area between Somerville and Blairgowrie. He has extensive information about Henry Gomm of Somerville, Joseph Porta (Victoria's first bellows manufacturer) and Captain Adams of Rosebud.

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by itellya on 2014-02-06 04:47:24

The following illustrates that Broadmeadows and Bulla pioneers often acted together. The Presbyterians in both places faced a long trip to attend worship on Sundays, with Scots Church at Campbellfield probably being the closest venue. The Essendon Presbytrians worshipped at James Robertson's Spring Hill (now Aberfeldie) which was leased by Dugald McPhail. Coiler Robertson (of today's Pascoe Vale South)probably planned to worship with his daughter,Mrs Peter McCracken,of Stewarton (which adjoined Broadmeadows Township at Forman St.)

At a meeting of the Presbyterians in and around Broadmeadows, and of those resident in the vicinity of the Deep Creek, held on Wednesday, the 19th day of March, 1851, at the house of William Coghill, Senior, Esquire, Moonee Ponds. On the motion of Mr P. Young, seconded by Mr.P. M'Cracken, William Coghill, Esq. was unanimously called to the chair. After prayer for the Divine blessing, the Chairman read the requisition calling the meeting:- The following resolutions were then submitted to the meeting :

Moved by Mr Young, seconded by Mr Collyer Robertson, and carried unanimously,
" That this meeting impressed with the necessity which exists for the establishment of a Presbyterian Church in the district, resolve to raise by subscription a fund for the purpose of building two churches, and a manse, and for tho sustentation of a minister.

Moved by Mr Oswald, seconded by Mr Young,and carried unanimously,-" That this meeting
is of opinion that the church and churches to be established in consequence of the foregoing resolution, ought to be unconnected with the State.

Moved by Mr Mc'Dougal, seconded by Mr Collyer Robertson, and carried unanimously.
"That this meeting having been informed that Messrs Riddell and Hamilton have kindly offered a grant of land on their estate, on the Moonee Ponds, for the site of a church suitable to the wishes of the Presbyterians in that neighbourhood, record their willingness to accept the same, and desire to convey to these gentlemen
their grateful thanks for the said munificent offer."

Moved by Mr M'Cracken, seconded by Mr Duncan, and carried unanimously, " That George Annand, Esq. be appointed interim treasurer, and that Messrs Young, Williamson, M'Cracken, A. E. M'Cracken, M'Dougall, Cameron, Oswald, and Sloan be appointed as a committee (with power to add to their number), three to be a quorum. Mr M'Dougall convener, for the purpose of carrying out the foregoing resolutions, and obtaining a suitable site for a church somewhere in the neighbourhood of Bulla Village, and also to collect subscriptions, the said committee to report their proceedings to a general meeting to be called by them for that purpose.

- On the motion of Mr, McCracken, seconded by Mr. Crow, the meeting- unanimously tender their thanks to Mr. Coghill, senior, for his excellent conduct in the chair.
D. H. MACDONALD, Clerk. (P.2, Argus, 21-3-1851.)

William Coghill....Cumberland.... WWR........Section 7........5 C1. (house)
Peter Young........Nairn.......Bulla Bulla..Section 8, 7B..384 F-J 9-12; E10,D-E11.
Peter McCracken...Stewarton....Tullamarine...Section 5....... 6 B8 (house)
Coiler Robertson..La Rose ...Jika Jika .... Section 141....29 B1 (Wentworth House)
John Oswald ......Madderday...Bulla Bulla.....c/a 7c.........384 bottom half C-E9.
David Duncan.....Gowrie Park..Tullamarine..560 acres of Section 14..4 K4 (centre.)
Alex.Earle McCracken.Butzbach.Doutta Galla....13AB........ 28 B2 (homestead.)
Robert McDougall..Cona (Glenroy).W.W.R....Part section 1 or 6..6 J12(Estate centre.)
John Crowe...Mount Yuroke (Crowe's Hill)..Yuroke..20 CD.....385 F-G 3-4,F 5-6.

Donald,Angus and John McDonald were North Bourke electors in 1853 (P.11,Argus, 20-6-1853) but as the electors were from the future Broadmeadows and Bulla road districts, this does not help to determine their rough locations.
J.Sloan was a co-grantee with John Oswald on 7C, Bulla Bulla.
Riddell and Hamilton-See my journal about the Camieston Estate.
George Annand-granted Annandale, section 2 Tullamarine; probably didn't live there.
Cameron could have been Glenroy, Ruthven (east of Broady Station site), Ruthvenfield (Roxburgh Park), or McDougall's future Warlaby (384 J8.)
Mr Williamson might have been R.Williamson,the co-grantee with T.McVea on section 10 Bulla Bulla on 1-11-1848. This was Oaklands, east (across Oaklands Rd) of Warlaby and south (across Craigieburn Rd) of Harpsdale. McVea was granted the next property east,in the parish of Yuroke, and the two grants seemed to have been farmed as one farm.

The Bulla and Broadmeadows Presbyterians moved to build their churches before Dugald McPhail's lot decided to build a church in Doutta Galla (St John's at the corner of Mt Alexander Rd and Buckley St in Essendon.) i.e.

THE Presbyterian Church.-A meeting was held on Friday evening last, the 25th inst, at the residence of Mr Thos Armstrong, Coalville, to consider upon the best means of erecting a place of public worship in the parish of Doutta Galla, in connexion with the Established Church of Scotland.(P.4, Argus,1-7-1852.)

However Peter Young's group was in favour of Free Presbyterianism and the arrival of Rev. Chapman of the United Presbyterian Church threw a spanner in the works, as detailed on pages 28-9 of BROADMEADOWS:A FORGOTTEN HISTORY.

by itellya on 2014-02-07 23:17:39


The following, re John Bryan's will, has been written in comments to avoid having to repeat the same information in several entries. The surname of John Bryan, owner of the Victoria Hotel in Broadmeadows Township was often wrongly rendered as Bryant. George Gordon Cameron was on the Glenroy estate when his neighbour condemned him for spreading rumours about Johnston becoming a Papist during the North Bourke election campaign, and with Angus,received the grant for Ruthven, north east of the future Broadmeadows Station.John Dick* must have done well in his store and was involved in land on the south side of Keilor Rd (section 17 or 18 Doutta Galla; about which title information can be supplied.)
(*The storekeeper may have been the son or nephew of the Keilor Rd farmer who had a clearing sale on Fairview (Kilburn* grants), advertised on 24-10-1861(P.2), and died in 1868 at Hotham (North Melbourne), notice also in the Argus,21-10-1868 (P.8.)

(*Kilburns were also landowners at Keilor Park, Strathmore (bisected by Kilburn St), "Fairfield" (400 acres of section 3 Tullamarine north of Sharps Rd and west of Broadmeadows Rd) and land that included Robert McCracken's Ailsa.)

I assumed that Dick and McPhee had a store each; not so.

NOTICE is hereby given that the PARTNERSHIP hitherto existing between the under-
slgned as storekeepers, at Broadmeadows was on the 3rd day of January instant, DISSOLVED, by mutual consent. All debts due to and by said late firm will be received and paid by Donald McPhee at Broadmeadows. Dated this 12th day of January, 1859.
JOHN DICK. DONALD MACPHEE. Witness-Philip Jones.(P.7, Argus, 13-1-1860.

John Dick and Donald McPhee's store would have been in Ardlie St on the uphill side of the Broadmeadows Hotel and the Victoria Hotel was just north of the store which was later run for many years by George Couser, who ran the post office there for a great number of years as well as acting as registrar.

IN SUPREME COURT of the COLONY of VICTORIA: In Its Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction.-In
the WILL of JOHN BRYAN, late of Broadmeadows, In the Colony of Victoria,Licensed Victualler, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given, that after the expiration of fourteen days from the publication of this advertisement application will be made to the Supreme Court of the colony of Victoria, In its Ecclesiastical jurisdiction, that PROBATE of tho WILL of the said John Bryan, deceased, may be granted to George Gordon Cameron, of Broadmeadows, aforesaid, farmer, John Dick, of Broadmeadows, aforesaid, storekeeper, and Donald Macphee, of Broadmeadows, aforesaid, storekeeper, the executors named in and appointed by the said will. Dated the 21st day of June, A.D. 1859.
THOMAS BELLAR, Eldon-chambers, Bank-place, Melbourne, proctor for the said George Gordon Cameron, John Dick, and Donald Macphee. (P.3, Argus, 22-6-1859.)

N.B. I suspect that the lawyer was actually Thomas Bellair, a councillor after whom Bellair St, Kensington was named. i.e.
On the motion of Cr. Taylor*, Messrs. Robert McCracken of Ailsa House,Flemington; Mr. Thomas S. Bellair, Moonee Ponds, and Mr. Dugald McPhail, of Esssendon, were appointed
returning officers for Ascot Vale, Moonee Ponds, and Essendon Wards, respectively.
(P.3, North Melbourne Advertiser, 6-7-1883.)

*Cr Taylor bought the part of Peter McCracken's Ardmillan Estate east of the railway line. Taylor St would have been part of Peter's long driveway (Ardmillan Rd)to the Ardmillan mansion which was due north of Coilsfield (Essendon hospital site) and connected to it by Smith's Lane.

by itellya on 2014-02-07 23:34:01

As the surname list capacity has almost been reached,that's it for this journal, but look out for MORE PIONEERS OF THE BROADMEADOWS AREA, VIC., AUST.

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