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After purchasing three lots of the section 13 subdivision,if William Trotman and his wife Kezia lived at
Tullamarine,however it was not for long as they moved to Springvale.By 1867, Mrs. Trotman was widowed,and she sold a total of seven lots (another four had since been purchased, a total of 42 acres) to Walter Clark
of Glenara (Moloney & Johnson, 1998)
(Historic Sites Assessment - Department of the Environment

Now I don't list every one of my sources as professional historians do, but if I do make an error,such as calling Peter Blom "Percy",I will correct it. The following is fact.

William Trotman was the purchaser of lots 1-4 in John Pascoe Fawkner's land co-operative's subdivision of the southern half of crown allotment 13A, Tullamarine. These FOUR blocks,bought on 1-10-1853 (Volume 171 folio 346) front the south side of the east-west runway and extend south about a third of the way to the bottom of Melway 4 G3. SPRINGFIELD, not Springvale,was the longstanding name of the farm in Euroke/Yuroke between Glenarthur and Mickleham Rd,of which the northern half later became the Gamble family's "Brocklands" (purchased recently for Aitken College)and the southern half,as French Rd indicates, Wal. French's dairy farm.

TROTMAN -On the 1st inst, at Tullamarine, Mrs Joseph Trotman of a daughter; both doing well.
(P.4, Argus,4-2-1862.)

TROTMAN.--On the 15th inst, at Tullamarine, after a long and painful illness, William T. Trotman, aged
fifty-seven years. Gloucestershire papers please copy. (P.4, Argus,24-3-1864.)

SWANNELL-TROTMAN -On the 1st inst, at St Peter's Church, by the Rev. H. H. P. Handfield, James Swannell, of Essendon, to Sarah, second daughter of the late William Trotman, of Bulla Bulla. Gloucestershire papers please copy.P.4, Argus,25-11-1865.)

If I remember I.W.Symonds' BULLA BULLA correctly one of the Swannells married a Dean and people with both surnames were buried at St Mary's at the south west corner of Woodlands. When Walter V."Major" Murphy relocated the church (crumbling because of aircraft-caused vibrations) to Bulla circa 1971,their remains were reinterred in the Bulla Cemetery. OOPS,IT WAS STANDEN,NOT SWANNELL!

Let's have a squiz for TROTMAN burials.

2134 TROTMAN Aubrey Horace 3Y2M 00/00/1877 05/08/1880 07/08/1880 Meth. 1 1 Son of Joseph Trotman & Elizabeth Celia Stanlake. Born in Broadmeadows, Victoria, Australia.
2135 TROTMAN Clifford John 33Y 00/00/1911 00/00/1944 00/00/1944 Meth. 1 22 Son of Leonard Robert Trotman & Ida Mary Vincent. Born in Essendon, Victoria, Australia. Memorial only - buried in Germany.
2136 TROTMAN Edmund Atholstan 'Athol' 79Y 00/00/1890 09/10/1969 13/10/1969 C of E 8 21 Son of Thomas Robert Trotman & Elizabeth Bethell. Born in Greenvale, died in Brunswick, Victoria, Australia.
2137 TROTMAN Egbert William 4Y 00/00/1884 25/08/1888 28/08/1888 C of E 8 28 Son of Thomas Robert Trotman & Elizabeth Bethell. Died in Moonee Ponds, Victoria, Australia.
2138 TROTMAN Enoch 26Y 00/00/1840 05/03/1867 19/07/1972 C of E 8 20 Son of William Timbrel Trotman & Emma Keziah Williams. Died in Bulla, Victoria, Australia. Enoch was first buried in the grounds of St. Mary's Church of England, Bulla and was transferred to the Bulla Cemetery when St. Mary's was relocated.
2139 TROTMAN Ethel 11W 00/03/1873 28/06/1873 29/06/1873 Meth. 1 1 Daughter of Joseph Trotman & Elizabeth Celia Stanlake. Born in Yuroke, Victoria, Australia.
2140 TROTMAN Leonard Robert 53Y 00/00/1882 30/04/1936 02/05/1936 Meth. 1 22 Son of Thomas Robert Trotman & Elizabeth Bethell. Born in Greenvale, died in Richmond, Victoria, Australia.
2141 TROTMAN Maud Sylvia 4Y 00/00/1896 00/02/1901 05/02/1901 Meth. 1 2 Daughter of Arthur Bertram Trotman & Josine Augusta Fredda Vonerx. Born in Broadmeadows, died in Melbourne South, Victoria, Australia. Name not recorded on grave.
2142 TROTMAN Thomas Robert 80Y 00/10/1857 04/06/1938 06/06/1938 C of E 8 27 Son of William Timbrel Trotman & Emma Keziah Williams. Born in Bulla, died in Canterbury, Victoria, Australia.
2143 TROTMAN Wilfrid Robert 52Y 00/00/1910 00/03/1962 27/03/1962 Meth. 1 22 Son of Leonard Robert Trotman & Ida Mary Vincent. Born in Broadmeadows, died in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
2144 TROTMAN William Timbrel 57Y 00/00/1806 13/03/1864 19/07/1972 C of E 8 20 Son of William Trotman & Unknown. Died in Bulla, Victoria, Australia. William was first buried in the grounds of St. Mary's Church of England, Bulla and was transferred to the Bulla Cemetery when St. Mary's was relocated.
2145 TROTMAN (nee ?) Ida 79Y 00/00/1885 01/03/1964 00/03/1964 Meth. 1 22 Daughter of John Turner Vincent & Sarah Anne Dunstan. Born in Coburg, died in Kew, Victoria, Australia.
2146 TROTMAN (nee BETHELL) Elizabeth 77Y 22/04/1858 16/12/1935 17/12/1935 C of E 8 27 Daughter of William Bethell & Frances Barker. Born in Bulla, died in Camberwell, Victoria, Australia.
2147 TROTMAN (nee FROST) Irene May 97Y 00/00/1888 13/01/1985 17/01/1985 C of E 8 21 Daughter of Raymond Nicholl Frost & Emma Jane Collings. Born in Sandhurst, died in Essendon, Victoria, Australia.
2148 TROTMAN (nee VONARX) Josephine Augusta Fredaricka 33Y 00/00/1870 14/05/1903 15/05/1903 C of E 9 28 Daughter of John Michael Vonarx & Ann Grossmein, wife of Arthur Bertram Trotman. Died in Broadmeadows, Victoria, Australia. VEI incorrecly records death under surname 'FREDRICKA'.


TROTMAN.---On the 5th inst., at his residence, Springfield Farm, Broadmeadows, Enoch, second son of
the late William Trotman, of Bulla Bulla aged twenty-six. Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord.
(P.4, Argus,23-3-1867.)

Before Joseph Trotman decided to trot, man,he was a successful farmer on Peter McArthur's grant, Glenarthur, now covered by the western half of today's Greenvale reservoir (Melway 179 B-C 5-7.)

A summons was issued yesterday by Mr Call, P M , against C R Smith, the manager of the National Labour Exchange, 40 Lonsdale street east, charging him with having obtained the sum of 12s 6d from a man named Thomas Harigan by menus of false pretences. It appears that Hangan arrived in the colony by the s s John Elder, and was engaged by Smith to go to Broadmeadows, to work on a farm at 17s 6d per week, and for doing this Smith charged 12s 6d. He gave the man the following memo addressed to Mr Joseph Trotman, Broadmeadows -

'The bearer, Thomas Harigan, is a competent farm hand, and is engaged for you by your orders to bag chaff and fork hay, "c , wages 17a fld per week He has paid his fee, so be sure and give him a fair trial -C li. SMITH "
Harigun went out by train to Broadmeadows, and walked to Mr Trotman's farm, when he found be was not required Mr Trotman endorsed on the memo , "I do not require a man just now. I did not tell you to send anyone." Hangan returned to town yesterday morning, and reported tho affair to Mr Cull, who granted the summons, and the case
will be heard in the City Police Court tomorrow. (P.6, Argus, 18-10-1883.)

My apologies regarding correction of digitisation. The article was actually on a following page and there was no FIX THIS TEXT link. Why did Joseph Trotman not require a worker? He was hot to trot!

Mr Henry Stevenson reports the sale to Mr Joseph Trotman, of Broadmeadows, of Mr John Jones's estate, Wangaratta, consisting of 1,335 acres, having a frontage of six miles to the Ovens River, at 5 15s. per acre-7,078.(P.6, Argus, 11-10-1883.)

This John Jones was most likely related to Joseph by a recent marriage.

JONES-TROTMAN -On the 11th March last, Harry,eldest son of H. B. Jones, Esq., of Fitzroy, to Ada,eldest daughter of J. Trotman, Esq., of Glenarthur,Broadmeadows. (The Australasian (Melbourne, Vic. : 1864 - 1946) Saturday 24 June 1882 p 7 Family Notices)

MACFARLANETROTMAN.On the 9th inst., at Waldara, Wangaratta, by the Rev. J. H. Macfarlane, B.A., Archibald Martin Macfarlane, M.B.,youngest son of the late J. A. Macfarlane, Brighton, to Alice, third daughter of J. Trotman, J.P. (P.1, Argus,26-9-1885.)

TROTMAN. On the 14th ult., at Glen Arthur, Yuroke, the wife of Mr J. Trotman, farmer, of twin sons. All doing well.(Illustrated Australian News for Home Readers (Melbourne, Vic. : 1867 - 1875) Saturday 12 September 1868 p 14 Family Notices)

TROTMAN. On the 20th September, at 316 Lygon street, Carlton, tho wife of Mr. Joseph Trotman, of Glen Arthur, Euroke, of a daughter.(Illustrated Australian News for Home Readers (Melbourne, Vic. : 1867 - 1875) Wednesday 6 October 1875 p 159 )

At the ordinary meeting of the council of the shire of Broadmeadows yesterday, Mr.Stevenson, of Tulloch, was elected president for the ensuing year by a unanimous vote.Mr. Stevenson, having briefly acknowledged the compliment, proposed a vote of thanks to Mr. Trotman, the retiring president after two years' service. The motion was unanimously adopted. (P.6, Argus, 26-8-1876.)

Just in case you're wondering,the above was referring to Joseph.(The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) Wednesday 4 August 1875 p 8 Advertising JOSEPH TROTMAN, President. Glenarthur, August 3 1875, SHIRE of BROADMEADOWS) Later,other members of the Trotman kept up the tradition of municipal service.
TROTMAN.-- On the 13th May, at her residence "Latch Wood," Glenroy, Josephine Augusta Freda, the dearly loved wife of Councillor Arthur B.Trotman, aged 33 years 10 months.(P.1, Argus,15-5-1903.)

TROTMAN -On the 6th Inst, at Glen Arthur, Broadmeadows, Aubrey Horace, beloved son of Joseph and Celia Trotman, aged three years and two months.(P.1, Argus, 7-9-1880.)

TROTMAN. On the 4th inst., at Waldara, Wangaratta,Osmond Ernest, twin son of Joseph and Celia Trotman, aged 24 years.
" Though Thou hast called me to resign
What most I prized, it ne'er was mine ;
I have but yielded what was Thine.
Thy will be done."
(P.1, Argus,7-6-1893.)

TROTMAN.- -On the 10th June at Waldara, Wangaratta, the wife of Joseph Trotman Esq JP,and mother of Mrs.Seymour Fergie of Mon Sejour, Brunswick street, Fitzroy, after a severe illness. (P.1, Argus,11-6-1897.)

TROTMANKERR. On the 25th October, at the Parsonage, Lonsdale street, by the Rev. A. R.Edgar, Joseph Trotman J.P., of Waldara, Wangaratta to Margaret Grace, widow of the late John Kerr, J.P., of Kerrsland, Broadmeadows,
and only daughter of the late Rev. John Currie. (P.1, Argus,6-11-1897.)

TROTMAN.-On the 7th April, at his mother's residence, St Helen' s, Boomahnoomoonah, result of an accident, William Trotman, aged 43 years. (P.1, Argus,11-4-1900.)

TROTMAN.-On the 15th September, at her late residence, St. Hellens, Boomahnoomoonah, Kezia Trotman, beloved mother of Joseph Trotman, Waldara; Robert Trotman, Broadmeadows; Helen Trotman, and Emma Kingston, of Boomahnoomoonah, aged 83 years. A colonial of 60 years. (P.1, Argus, 18-9-1901.)

MOORE - TROTMAN. -- On the 9th December, at St.John's Church, Fremantle, by the Rev. George Wheately, William James Moore, W.A., to Ethel May Trotman, fifth daughter of Joseph Trotman, J.P., Waldura, Wangaratta.
(P.1,Argus, 1-1-1902.)

John Kerr's widow had children to whom Joseph Trotman became stepfather.
SCOTT-KERR.-On the 24th April, 1902, at "Waldara," Wangaratta, the residence of Mr. Joseph Trotman, J. P., step-father of the bride, by the Rev. L. T. Copeland, of Chiltern, Fred J. Scott,youngest son of the late William Scott, of Kongwak, Gippsland, to Jessie M. Kerr,youngest daughter of the late John Kerr, of
"Kerrsland," Broadmeadows. (P.9, Argus,10-5-1902.)

A brief report of the wedding (The Australasian (Melbourne, Vic. : 1864 - 1946) Saturday 10 May 1902 p 47 Family Notices-actually P. 48) shows that R.O.Peck was best man; unless my memory is playing tricks, this was Richard Peck, son of John Murray Peck of Lebanon and brother of Harry (author of MEMOIRS OF A STOCKMAN)of Hiawatha, both in today's Strathmore. My guess is that the Scotts were stock and station agents like Harry and his father but I think Richard Peck was an architect.

SLOAN-TROTMAN. - On the 27th June at Claremont, WA, in Presbyterian Church James Macome Sloan, eldest son of James Sloan, Esq., Wangaratta, Vic, to Celia Gertrude,daughter of Jos. Trotman, Esq. J.P.,"Waldara", Wangaratta, Victoria.(P.1, Argus, 23-8-1906.)

Who needs it when you've got Neil Hamilton Mansfield's magnificent THE DAVID MANSFIELD STORY. As soon as I saw the Bethell/ Trotman connection in the cemetery records,I was reminded of Neil's staggering genealogy.

P.85. Elizabeth Bethell was the fourth of eight children to William Bethell and Frances (nee Barker). She married Thomas Robert Trotman at Tullamarine in 1880. Thomas was born in 1957 on lots 1-4 (on the south side of the future e-w runway)at Tullamarine,the last of seven children to William Timbrel Trotman and Emma Kezia(nee Williams). Details re the children of Elizabeth and Thomas (Edith Maude, Leonard Robert, Egbert William,Edmond Atholson)are available on request.

Surnames: TROTMAN
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Itellya is researching local history on the Mornington Peninsula and is willing to help family historians with information about the area between Somerville and Blairgowrie. He has extensive information about Henry Gomm of Somerville, Joseph Porta (Victoria's first bellows manufacturer) and Captain Adams of Rosebud.

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by itellya on 2014-07-20 01:52:56

Granted to Peter McAthur, Glenarthur (8N, Yuroke) originally consisted of 338 acres 1 rood. The line of Somerton Rd was the southern boundary but as the road did not exist at the time, 3 acres 1 rood must have been required for the one chain wide road. If the surveyor had used a calculator,he would have realised the original acreage was actually 336.96 acres (8100x 4160 links.) As 4.16 acres would have been required for the road, 2.08 from Glenarthur and 2.08 acres from 3E (which I assume was John Bond's "Fairview")to the south. Therefore, Glenarthur would have consisted of 334.88 acres, fairly close to the stated 335 acres.

Glenarthur is now the western half of Greenvale Reservoir,its south east corner just east of the entrance road, but not including the northern arms (Melway 179 BC3 and D3,part 4) which extend into Dunhelen land. To the east was Waltham which was two Shankland paddocks with Trotman land in between, all now covered by the eastern half of the Reservoir. To the west was Springfield, by now split into halves with Desmond Gamble on the northern half, which he'd renamed "Brocklands" after an ancestor, (John Brock who was a pioneer near Mt.Macedon and then Bundoora); it was purchased as a site for Aitken College. The southern half was Wal.French's dairy farm.

W.S. Keast, Stock and Station Agent, "Queen's House," Queen street; Melbourne, has received in instructions from Mr. Trotman, to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, at SCOTT'S HOTEL, as above,that particularly GOOD FARM, known as "Glen Arthur," containing 335 acres, situated about 13 miles from Melbourne, and two miles from Somerton railway station.

The land is very rich volcanic black banks on the greater portion of the property, and the remainder is good grazing country, and is particularly suited for a DAIRY FARM or STUD FARM. It is nicely watered by permanent creek and springs. Subdivided into convenient paddocks. Some of the fences will require to be repaired, but the other portion is particularly good.

The improvements consist of a dwelling of six (6) rooms, weatherboard kitchen, and men's dining room, chaff shed, cow shed, buggy shed, dairy and machinery shed. Water laid on to the premises. Buyers can therefore attend the sale with the utmost confidence, knowing that the property is to be sold. (P.3, Argus, 3-2-1923.)

by itellya on 2014-09-01 07:09:55

CHIG might not mean much to you but it certainly does to me. This is the CRAIGIEBURN HISTORICAL INTEREST GROUP and Yvonne Kernan and her colleagues do a fantastic job preserving the history of the area. They badly need a museum to store and display their collection but few historical groups would match their publication of historical information online.


The Trotman Family

Many thanks to Barbara Edwards (nee Trotman) of Wangaratta for material on the family.

More info at http://home.vicnet.net.au/~pioneers/pppg5e.htm

The S.S.Strathfieldsaye reached Australian shores in 1841, after a voyage of five months and among the passengers on board were William and Kezia Trotman, new settlers from Glouchestershire, with their three small children, Joseph 3 years, Ann 2 years and Enoch 6 months. As unassisted passengers, this trip had cost the family 48 pounds.

On arrival in the community of Port Phillip, only 6 years after John Pascoe Fawkners first landing party had ventured from Launceston, the family settled for a short time in Yarra Yarra, then to Collingwood and into Melbourne, residing in a cottage in Collins Street within yards of Westby & Company Timber Merchants.

They saw Melbournes population obtain its water supply from barrels driven from house to house, they joined in demonstrations which celebrated the creation of Victoria and its separation from New South Wales and watched the departure of the Burke and Wills expedition set out on its ill fated journey to the interior of the continent.

With the discovery of gold in 1851, William and his two elder sons left for the gold fields and worked several claims in the area of Ballarat and the following year found them in the Bendigo district.

On his return William took up land within the parish of Yuroke, where, although he had lived on a farm at home in England, was apparently not used to doing farm work himself and consequently found conditions in Australia harder than he expected.

Five more children had been born to William and Kezia during these years, Sarah, Helen, Emma, William and Robert the last child having been born in 1857. The property on which the family lived was leased from Captain Hutton and Captain James Pearson (absentee owners).

William senior died in 1864 and Enoch three years later and both are buried in the Bulla Cemetery. Kezia lived until aged 83 and died at Yarrawonga, living the last years of her life with her daughter Helen.

Joseph Trotman

Joseph took on the responsibility of the property and in 1869 purchased Glen Arthur at the price of 13 pounds 10 shillings an acre. The property was situated at the entrance to the present day Greenvale reservoir. Married to Celia Stanlake and with a family of 15 children, Joseph was deeply involved with the Primitive Methodist Church at Providence Place.

He acted as Justice of Peace, sworn in 1875 and served as Shire President of Broadmeadows in 1874, 1875 and 1876.

1883 found the family moving north and settling to Wangaratta where Joseph died in 1932, aged 93 years. His family was scattered as wide as Vancouver, Gippsland, New South Wales and Western Australia. One of his sons, Hubert Trotman, was an explorer and was instrumental in the establishment of the Canning Stock route across Western Australia. Another son, Arthur, remained in the Broadmeadows area where he followed in his fathers footsteps as a farmer and councilor.

Robert Trotman

Robert Trotman, the youngest son of William and Kezia, also farmed on a property named Springfield adjacent to Glen Arthur. Robert married Elizabeth Bethel, whose family operated the Post Office in Bulla Township. Springfield was bounded by Somerton and Mickleham Roads and the small creek to the north (present Hillview, French and Brenden Roads area). A mixed farm with emphasis on growing and harvesting hay for sale at Haymarket. The farmhouse still remains, although altered by cladding and aluminum windows, frames and minus veranda, looking out towards Mickleham Road among old pine and peppercorn trees.

Also on the northern boundary of the property is the cottage known as North Springfield, occupied for a time by the McKerchars and also thought to be the home of William and Kezia Trotman. The cottage is still situated to the rear of Gambles property Rocklands.

Robert and Elizabeths children, Len, Robert and Maud attended the local Greenvale School and the family traveled by horse and cart each Sunday along the rough tracks to attend services at the Bulla Presbyterian Church. Maud Trotman (Mrs.Vincent) who reached the grand age of 100 years in 1980, remembers well her childhood years at Greenvale.

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