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Provisions for the First Fleet bound for New South Wales.

Journal by janilye

The First Fleet of ships to carry convicts from England to Botany Bay sailed from Portsmouth, England, at 3 am on 13 May 1787. It arrived at Botany Bay on 18 January 1788. When that place proved unsuitable for a settlement the fleet made its way a short distance up the coast and on 25 January 1788 entered what is now known as Sydney Harbour and anchored in Sydney Cove.
There were eleven ships of the FIRST FLEET Two, the Sirius and Supply were naval warships to guard the fleet six were transports for the convicts and three were storeships.
The six transports and three storeships were supplied by shipping contractor William RICHARDS. In addition to the ships the contractor supplied, the sailors, all food and water and medicines for both soldiers and convicts. This charter cost the government £49,487.

List of Livestock and Provisions taken to the Colony of New South Wales on the First Fleet.
10 Forges
175 Steel Hand Saws
700 Iron Shovels
700 Garden Hoes
700 West Indian Hoes
700 Grubbing Hoes
700 Felling Axes
700 Hatchets
700 Helves for Felling Axes
747,000 Nails
100 Pairs of Hinges and Hooks
10 Sets of Cooper's Tools
40 Corn Mills
40 Wheel Barrows
12 Ploughs
12 Smith's Bellows
30 Grindstones
330 Iron Pots
6 Carts
4 Timber Carriages
14 Fishing Nets
14 Chains for Timber Carriages
5,448 Squares of Crown Glass
200 Canvas Beds
62 Chauldrons of Coal
80 Carpenter's Axes
20 Shipwright's Axes
600 lbs of Coarse Sugar
1001 lbs of Indian Sago
1 Small Cask of Raisins
61 lbs of Spices
3 Hogsheads of Vinegar
2 Barrels of Tar
1 Dozen Tin Saucepans
1 Printing Press
Type Fonts for printing press
3 Dozen Flat Irons
3 Snuffers
48 Spinning Brasses
7 Dozen Razors
Bible Prayer Book etc.
6 Bullet Moulds
9 Hackies for Flax
9 Hackies Pins
3 Flax Dresser Brushes
127 Dozen Combs
18 Coils of Whale line
6 Harpoons
12 Lances
Shoe Leather
305 Pairs of Women's Shoes
40 Tents for Women Convicts
6 Bundles of Ridge Poles
11 Bundles of Stand Poles
2 Chests of Pins ans Mallets
1 Portable Canvas House (Gov. Philip)
18 Turkeys
29 Geese
35 Ducks
122 Fowls
87 Chickens
4 Mares
2 Stallions
4 Cows
1 Bull
1 Bull Calf
44 Sheep
19 Goats
32 Hogs
5 Rabbits
Gov. Philip's Greyhounds
Rev. Johnson's Cats
Mill Spindles with 4 Crosses
2 Cases of Mill Bills and Picks
1 Case of Mill Brashes
589 Womens Petticoats
606 Womens Jackets
121 Womens Caps
327 Pairs of Womens Stockings
250 Womens Handkerchiefs
700 Steel Spades
175 Claw Hammers
140 Augurs
700 Gimlets
504 Saw Files
300 Chisels
6 Butchers Knives
100 Pairs of Scissors
30 Box Rules
100 Plain Measures
50 Pickaxes
50 Helves for pickaxes
700 Wooden Bowls
700 Wooden Platters
5 Sets of Smith's Tools
20 Pit Saws
700 Clasp Knives
500 Tin Plates
60 Padlocks
50 Hay Forks
42 Splitting Wedges
8,000 Fish Hooks
48 Dozen Lines
8 Dozen lbs of Sewing Twine
12 Brick Moulds
36 Masons Chisels
6 Harness for Horses
12 Ox-Bows
3 Sets of Ox Furniture
20 Bushels of Seed Barley
1 Piano
10 Bushels of India Seed Corn
12 Baskets of Garden Seed
Coarse Thread (Blue/White)
Transport Jack
Ventilators for Water and Wine
24 Spinning Whorls
1 Set of Candlestick Makers
Marines Clothes
Fig Trees
Sugar Cane
Oak and Myrtle Trees
135 Tierces of Beef
165 Tierces of Pork
50 Puncheons of Bread
116 Casks of Pease
110 Firkins of Butter
8 Bram of Rice
10 Pairs of Handcuffs and Tools
1 Chest of Books
5 Puncheons of Rum
300 Gallons of Brandy
15 Tons of Drinking Water
5 Casks of Oatmeal
12 Bags of Rice
140 Women's Hats
1 Machine for Dress Flax
252 Dozen lbs of Cotton Candles
168 Dozen lbs of Mould Candles
44 Tons of Tallow
2 Millstones Spindles etc.
800 Sets of Bedding
1 Loom for Weaving Canvas
2,780 Woolen Jackets
5,440 Drawers
26 Marquees for Married Officers
200 Wood Canteens
40 Camp Kettles
448 Barrels of Flour
60 Bushels of Seed Wheat
381 Women's Shifts
Vegetables, like beans and cress were grown on the ships on wet cloth

What they forgot
Convict Ships, Entitlements and a little bit of trivia 1790
some of the above words are no longer in use.
Hogshead before 1824, a unit of liquid capacity, about 119.24 liters.
Helves or helvers are handles
1 Tierce (tirs) equals 159 liters or 42 gallons.
1 Firkin equals 34 liters or 9 gallons.
1 Puncheon equals 304 liters or 80 gallons

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janilye - 7th generation, Convict stock. Born in New South Wales now living in Victoria, carrying, with pride 'The Birthstain'.

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by allycat on 2011-05-14 17:35:27

Interesting Jan, have never seen an actual list before. My 4 convict forbears arrived downunder after the Third Fleet. Still wonder how many Rattus rattus were aboard the hulks.

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