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Fletcher - Stewart Connection in Limestone AL

Journal by stewart7730

I am a decendant of Nancy Fletcher and Matthew Stewart of Limestone AL. Nancy's parents were John and Susannah Fletcher (b. Virginia,d. Limestone, AL) Stories say Matthew and Nancey were born in Virginia and traveled together to AL around 1800. Married about 1810. I am searching for any information about Matthew's family and how he got to Limestone county. Matthew is like a ghost. He just appears out of nowhere? Any help would be relished.

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on 2009-09-19 07:29:07

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by grannie on 2010-04-17 19:31:46

I am a decendant also and cannot find any more information on Matthew's history.

by grannie on 2010-04-17 19:37:06

I looked in "Family Search.Org" - Morman website - the Matthew Stewart listed there is "Matt Stewart" race - N

by maxine06 on 2010-04-17 21:42:25

In my search for the Fletcher in my tree, mine connect to the Selix family, & McKinney family. Have you searched any Native American forums, in the Choctaw area? I guess it is listed as American Indian instead of N/A.


by stewart7730 on 2010-04-19 10:44:35

Hi Maxine06 and Ms Grannie,

I am Danny Stewart, the originator of this querie. I am a descendant of Matthew through his son Thomas. Welcome to the mystery of "Where did Matthew Come From" Club!!?? It is good to find other people from our line that is interested in this mystery. We have many of Matthew's descendants tring to figure this out. There was a Matthew who was a free black from Georgia during the lifetime of our Matthew that shows up in many search databases. He was not related to us. Many of our relatives swear Matthew is the son of Alexander from Kershaw County, SC. They have pulled this idea from records found in the Stewart Clan Magazine. I was sure the Stewart Clan Magazine was correct too about Matthew coming from Kershaw Co for a long time. Then I had my DNA tested. It proved we were related to a different Stewart line out of Virginia. Matthew and Nancy's marriage records say they were both born in VA. Alexander (from Kersahw Co.) and his one male child (Allen) were both born in Kershaw County, SC. I have seen Alexander Stewart / Mary Bradley in several family trees and they all say Matthew was from that Kershaw County family but I believe that to be wrong.

Here is my line:

Matthew Stewart - GGG Grandfather
Thomas Stewart - GG Grandfather
Henry Stewart - G Grandfather
Forest Stewart - Grandfather
Robert Stewart - Father
Danny Stewart

My DNA was a perfect match for this line out of Virginia at a 37 marke level. That means that there is a 99% probability that I have a common relative 7 generations back. THat mean Matthew's grandfather had to be John Stuart below. I just haven't found documentation for which of John's sons was Matthew's father yet.
John Stewart b1725 Virginia (father)
Nathaniel Stewart b. 1745 Virginia (son)
Edward Stewart b 1754 Virginia (son)
Joseph Stewart b. 1778 Virginia (son)

This Stewart line also had a connection with John Fletcher. Here is the John Fletcher connection:
John Fletcher (Nancy's father) was born in 1760 in Brunswick County VA. He lived in Surry CO NC during 1784-1795, and then moved to Greenville CO SC. In 1801, John Fletcher, then living in Greenville CO SC sold his property in Surry CO NC and 2 of the above Stewarts witnessed the deed for Fletcher. Edward and Nathaniel (John's sons) stayed in NC for a while. This is the first place Matthew shows up with this line. Matthew and Nathaniel were together in Buncombe County NC in 1804. Both were on the insolvent tax payers list there in Buncombe County. Edward and Nathaniel Stewart then moved to Greenville, SC and were listed as John Fletcher's neighbors there.

By 1810 Matthew marries Nancy Fletcher and shows up in the Mississippi Territory with John Fletcher. Nathaniel and Edward stayed behind. By 1812 John Fletcher, Matthew, and Nancy are in Madison County AL and shortly after that they are in Limestone Co, AL.

I know I am related to the John Stewart line above because my DNA matches them perfectly and DNA doesn't lie. That's why it is used in court. Although Matthew's father could have been a cousin (A son of one of John's brothers) I believe Matthew was John Stewart's Grandson. I just don't which son was his father.

Let me hear from you,....who are you descended from in our line?


by grannie on 2010-05-13 21:48:55

My cousin, Judy Stewart has done a lot of research on the family line. We have Matthew Stewart - BIRTH: about 1781 Limestone Al.
DEATH: Aug. 1822 Limestone, Al. MARRIED: Nancy Fletcher abt 1801 Nancy Born about 1785 Died about 1875 Limestone Al.
She was the daughter of John & Sussanah Fletcher

CHILDREN OF MATTHEW AND NANCY:(all born in Athens, Limestone Co., Al.

Sally H Stewart
John Fletcher Stewart - 1810
BORN ABOUT 1811 Limestone Al.

HIRAM married Susan Robinson BORN: about 1811 in Va.

Children: (all born in Athens, Limestone co. Al.)
John F. Stewart 1835
Thomas Stewart 1837
Elizabeth Stewart 1839
Mary Stewart 1841
Matthew Stewart 1843
***JAMES MADISON STEWART -10/02/1844 - 01/13/1926
Martha Stewart 1847
William Mc Donald Stewart 01/17/1850 - 03/12/1920 Married:Millie Houk 07/28/1875 Millie Houk - BIRTH 07/28/1857 - 10/05/1942
Rebecca Stewart 1852
Joseph Stewart 1854
George Stewart 1856
JAMES MADISON STEWART BORN 10/02/1844 Athens, Limestone co., al.
DIED: 01/13/1926 Woodville, Jackson Co., Al
WIFE: Sarah Tabitha Manning BIRTH 01/23/1850 Woodville, Jackson
Co. Al. Died 02/09/1929 Scottsboro, Jackson Co. Al
CHILDREN: all born at Woodville, Jackson Co. Al.
Richard Mc Donald Stewart 0709/1871 - 11/22/1958
Henrietta Lawing 11/1878
Joseph Mathis Stewart 01/12/1874
Louis Edward Stewart 08/18/1876
MORGAN LAFAYETTE STEWART 11/28/1878 - 08/25/1940

Morgan Lafayette Stewart was my grandfather. He married Martha Elizabeth Jarrell in Shelbyville, Coffee co., Tn. They moved to Nashville so that my mother could get better medical attention for ear problems. My mother Jessie Pearl Stewart was their 6th child.

My name is Joy Johnson Peeples. I don't know if any of this has helped.


by grannie on 2010-05-13 21:59:49

P.S. Danny, I forgot to mention that the names that are capotialized are our line, ie. HIRAM LEWIS STEWART.
We think that Nancy Fletcher was also born in Limestone,Al.as the Mormon website has her listed.


by stewart7730 on 2010-05-13 23:08:26

Hi Joy, It's great tp hear from you!!

Everybody has been working hard trying to figure out the Matthew connection. Who was his father and where did he really come from? Matthew was not born in Limestone County in 1781. Limestone county did not exsit in 1781. The Mormans are great, but just like the Stewart Clan Magazine, they are not perfect. It is a great place to start, but be careful and don't believe it all.

Census and tax records show John Fletcher's movements from Virginia, to NC, to SC, and then to the Mississippi territory, part of which later became Limestone County in 1818. Alabama became a state the same year. The Fletchers and Matthew all moved together we think and were in the Mississippi Territory by 1810 living around the adjacent county called Madison.

Since you are a decendant of Matthew, if you were to have a brother test his DNA, you would find that we are all related to John Fletcher's friend, John Stewart, b 1725 in Brunswick County, VA. Matthew and all of us are decendants of John Stewart.

We have a cousin who lives in San Salvador in Central America who is a decendant of the John Stewart line but not through our Matthew. Our DNA matches them perfectly too. John Stewart, his 3 sons, and John Fletcher all lived in Brunswick County, VA when Matthew was born. We just have to find out which one of John's sons is Matthew's father.

Please stay in touch.

Your Friend,

by RebeccaE on 2010-10-17 15:15:40

Hello Cousins,

Matthew Stewart
James Calvin Stewart
Edward LaFayette (Ed Lee) Stewart
Robert Edward Stewart
James Edward Stewart

This is my line. I have been researching for about 11 years. My mother visited her father's, James Edward Stewart, grave a couple of years ago. She could not remember where he was buried. She was 11 at the time of his death. My mother remembers playing with some of her Stewart cousins when she lived in Alabama. They have all lost touch. She later moved to California for a while than to New Orleans. We all currently live in different parts of Mississippi.


by stewart7730 on 2010-10-17 15:34:05

Hi Rebecca,
Welcome cousin. I still don't have any idea who Matthew's father is, but I do know we are related to a Stewart Line out of Virginia. I know that Matthew's Grandfather is John Stewart because of my DNA match. Just don't know if Matthew father is. I see there are a lot of Edwards in your line. John had a son named Edward. There is no record of Edward having a son named Matthew, but it just might be.....stay in touch and maybe we can figure this out.


by Jwaysmith on 2012-06-22 12:21:05

Hi Danny,

If I had to guess Matthew's father, I would eliminate Joseph as too young. Edward would be my guess, he's around the same age as John Fletcher. Just a guess though. More Edward's in the family although there is a Nathaniel in the Gooch line through another of the Litzy sisters (unrelated to the Stewarts). My line:

Matthew Stewart
Calvin Stewart
Mary Eliza Jones Stewart
John Robert Hardiman

by SJTN51 on 2012-12-27 18:06:23

My father was James A. Stewart born 1920 im Limrock, Jackson County Alabama, his father was Jarrett T. Stewart+ b. 6 Sep 1876, d. 22 Apr 1936, his father was Thomas F. Stewart+ b. c 1834, d. b 1900, he was the son of Hiram Lewis Stewart+ b. Sep 1811, d. 11 Aug 1863, who's father was Matthew Stewart and Nancy Fletcher. does anyone know who Matthew's father and grandfather?

by kstewart12 on 2013-02-04 00:09:49

Hi everyone!
So I just married into this line of Stewarts!

Matthew Stewart
James Calvin Stewart
Edward LaFayette Stewart
Robert Edward Stewart
Johnny Olson Stewart
Thomas Edward Stewart (my husband)

I am so excited to find this forum because I am so interested in genealogy! I'm a Pepper and we have been tracing our family history my whole life! Thomas doesn't know anyone on his dad's side because they have mostly passed, so if anyone has any information about his family I would love to know!!

by Stewart2854 on 2013-10-06 14:29:49

Hello! I too am a descendant of Matthew Stewart and Nancy Fletcher my line is as follows:
Matthew b. 1783 Virginia m. Nancy Fletcher ant. 1805
Hiram Lewis Stewart b 9/1811. D.11 August. 1863 limestone co. Alabama m.Susan Robinson b. 1811
Thomas Fletcher Stewart b1837 limestone co. Al m.Martha j. Sanders
Jarrett Stewart b.9/6/1876 m. Nancy Dulaney who died from complications from childbirth with her only child Thomas Fletcher Stewart
Thomas Fletcher Stewart 1897 d. 9/9/1975m. Martha Cordelia Pace
Harrison Virgil Stewart b.12/18/1922 d. July 2005 m. Kathleen Cooley 6/13/1942

I too was under the assumption that Matthew was a descendent of Robert Stewart son of Alexander but I may be on the wrong track. My info has him coming from Camden South Carolina but there again I. Old be wrong. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

by Stewart2854 on 2013-10-06 14:36:50

I also forgot to post that Matthew died in 1822 in limestone county Alabama and his children were in orphans court in limestone county Athens Alabama his wife Nancy along with her were made guardians of the children. John Fletcher and his wife Susannah lived near Matthew and Nancy at the time of his death. According to probate court records his estate was sold with Nancy as the executor.

by stewart7730 on 2013-10-08 07:48:35

Don't discount rumors and assumptions. Nobody knows who Matthews father was. We only know we are descendants of the John Stuart (b 1729) line out of Virginia. We can't find the son who was Matthew's father. We don't know for sure who our John Stuart's father was. It is not the John Stuart/Mary Bowman line. Our John's father may have had another son who was the Alexander line. Has anyone had their Y-DNA tested from the Robert Stewart line? It would tell us if Matthew came from Camden. The Stewart Clan Magizine said a copyh of Matthew's orphan court records were found in Camden....nobody knows why.

by kbsnyder on 2014-09-03 16:04:48

Hi Cousins! I also have reached a dead end for Mathew's father. Here is my genealogy.
Matthew Stewart
Calvin Stewart and Mary Litzy
John Stewart and Malissa Shelton
Sallie Nona Stewart and Samuel Benjamin King
Maddolon King and Alexander Ferguson
Josephine Ferguson and Walter McDonald Weaver
Karen Beth Weaver Snyder

I found lots of info at the Limestone Co AL archives. Linda Smith also a Stewart cousin has done a lot of the Stewart Genealogy.

by shortstuff8319 on 2015-08-13 14:27:17

Hi, I too am trying to find a connection.
My line is:
Matthew Stewart
William James Stewart
Sarah Frances Stewart
John Wesley Collier
Elizabeth Collier
Donald Horton
April Carter- Me
I"m just trying to make sure this is the right line. I did a dna test and I know I'm related to William James Stewart's wife's side but didnt get a dna hit on his side. Just wanted to make sure that Matthew is jis father. I do know William is from Limestone, Alabama.

by stewajam1018 on 2015-12-03 11:52:16

Not sure if this string is the best place to start but giving it a go. For 40 yrs my dad has researched my Ggrandfather, Charles Henry(Henery) Stewart, out of AL, we have some docs but nothing supporting his family. All information follows. Any help would be appreciated, Jim Stewart

Looking for info on Charles Henry Stewart b. 1881 d. 1924:

Marriage License...Texarkana, Miller County, Texas
To: Katherine Ward Baker
8 Jan 1919
Living in Atlanta, Cass County, Texas
He was 37 She was 27 (actually 29) license says 27

1920 Census...January 1920
Head of household
Garland, Miller County, Arkansas

Article in Texarkana Gazette:
Charles Henry stewart was killed in an auto-train collision @ Queen City, Texas on 19 Oct 1924. A stripped down roadster was hit by Texas and Pacific Passenger Train No.6, due in Texarkana @ 4:30 o'clock.

Taped conversation with Bill Smith:
Bill smith was riding with Charles Henry when the auto was hit by the train, Smith's leg was severed. Charles Henry was killed.

Charles Henry and Katherine had three children:
Thomas E.born Sept 4, 1922
Died Mar2, 1923
Joseph M.Born Sept 4, 1922
DiedDec 2, 1922
Charles Curtright b.1920 d.1996
Charles Henry, Thomas E. and Joseph M. are burried @ Queen City, Tx.

Katherine sued the Texas and Pacific Railroad. Her attorneys were Malone and Patman, Attorneys @ Law, Broadway Steet, Texarkana, She waon a $3000.00 settlement.

1918 World War I Draft Registration Card
Age: 37
Born 8 Aug 1881
Living in Atlanta, Texas
Working @ City Garage as a mechanic
Closest living relative: Mother, Mattie, living in Crump, Alabama

He is thought to have been a ferryman for some time. He ran the ferry across the Red River @ Buzzard Bluff, Arkansas.

Hear Say:
Charles Henry's father was E. E. or Edward E. Stewart
Charles Henry's mother was Isabell or Isabella COOPER Stewart
However, both of those facts appear on his birth certificate which was not files until 1946 by Irene BAKER, his mother in law, Katherine's mother.
Charles Henry had two sisters livung somewhere in south Texas. They were thought to be in Galveston. They could not be contacted,
Charles Henry is believed to have left home @ age 17

by SJTN51 on 2015-12-22 20:25:15

Looking for any CONTACTS of the Stewart Family in the Jackson County Alabama area, I'm a descendent of Matthew Stewart also, Jarrett Stewart of Limrock, Jackson County Alabama was my Grandfather, email me anytime at [email protected]

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