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folk of CAMBRIDGE, Waikato 1900

Journal by ngairedith

the overview of the following people was taken from the NZETC site of
It is on the town of Cambridge and its people in about 1900 and there are lots of wonderful old photos
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CAMBRIDGE is on the Waikato river at its navigable termination. It is one of the most picturesquely situated country towns in New Zealand, with wide, clean, well-formed streets, and well cultivated lands around it. There is an extensive stretch of agricultural country of the best quality in the district, and the farms and runs exhibit every evidence of substantial success. Cambridge is 101 miles from Auckland by rail. It saw some exciting times during the Waikato war, when it was an important military outpost. The town is the natural centre for the fertile districts of Hautapu and Tamahere and Fencourt, on the one hand, and Karapiro and Taotaoroa, on the other, and also for Pukerimu and Pukekura. It stands on an elevated plateau lying between the Waikato river, Lake Te Koutou, and the Karapiro stream, and medical men frequently recommend their patients to visit the town on account of its dry and bracing climate. The natural drainage is perfect, and the roads, being metalled with fine gravel, are never muddy. In the early days of settlement Cambridge was the terminus of the river steamers, which plied regularly to and from the township of Mercer, then known as Point Russell. According to the census of April, 1901, the population of the borough was 988. The local industries include a flourmill, a brewery, and a cheese factory.

* His Worship The Mayor,Mr. W. F. Buckland, is a solicitor by profession. He has for many years taken an exceptionally active and intelligent interest in public affairs, and represented Franklin North in 1884?87, and Manukau in the Parliament of 1890?93.

* Councillor Charles William Arnold, who has been a Member of the Cambridge Borough Council since 1892, was born in Cambridge in 1866. He was brought up to the trade of a butcher by his father, Mr. J. Arnold, and took over the business on his own account in 1891

* Councillor George Edward Clark, a Member of the Cambridge Borough Council, is referred to on another page as one of the business men of Cambridge.

* Councillor Richard Davies , Member of the Cambridge Borough Council, was born in Shropshire, England, in 1845, and learned the saddlery trade at Munslow.

* Councillor William Escott, who served five years prior to 1898 as a member of the Cambridge Borough Council, and who was again elected in 1901, was born in England. He came out to New Zealand in 1883, and has been in business as a storekeeper in Victoria Street, Cambridge, since 1892.

* Councillor John Ferguson, who is a Member of the Cambridge Borough Council, is noticed on another page as a coachbuilder and wheelwright.

* Councillor John Ramsay Stewart Richardson, who is a Member of the Cambridge Borough Council, was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1846

* Councillor Thomas Wells, J.P., who holds a seat on the Cambridge Borough Council, is referred to in other articles as chairman of the Cambridge Domain Board, and as a merchant.

* Mr. Thomas Hartly, Town Clerk and Clerk of the Domain Board, Cambridge, came to this Colony in 1885 and entered into business in Cambridge as a general commission agent

* Mr. Arthur Bach, formerly Mayor of Cambridge, but now (1901) manager of the Palace Hotel. Rotorua, was born at Munslow, Shropshire, in 1855. He came to New Zealand in 1878, and after residing in Auckland a few weeks went to Cambridge, and was employed in the Criterion Hotel until 1882, when he went to Hamilton and took over the Royal Hotel, carrying it on for four years.

* Mr. James Hally, who served for about eight years as a Member of the Cambridge Borough Council, and was Mayor of the borough in 1888, is a well known settler in the Waikato. He is a barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court, and was admitted in 1887, under Sir George Grey's Act.

* Mr. Henry Kerr, formerly a member of the Cambridge Borough Council, was born at Howick, near Auckland, in 1856, and after leaving school at the age of thirteen years, was employed in agricultural pursuits.

* Mr. James King Peirce, who served for three years as a Member of the Cambridge Borough Council, was born in Lancashire, England, in 1837, and is a butcher by trade. He arrived in Auckland by the ship ?Alumbagh? in 1875, and commenced business in his trade at Alexandra, where he resided for three years, and was a member of the Alexandra Road Board and school committee.

* Mr. John Robertson, who served as a Member of the Cambridge Borough Council for some time, was born in 1826 in Stepney, London, and is a baker by trade. In 1852 he arrived in Victoria, and two years later came to Auckland, where he established himself in business in Wakefield Street.

* Mr. James Young, who served for three years as a Member of the Cambridge Borough Council, and was elected a member of the local school committee in 1900, was born in Belfast, Ireland, where he was apprenticed to his trade as blacksmith and wheelwright and arrived in Auckland in 1859 by the ship ?Northern Bride.?

* Mr. Thomas Wells, J.P., Chairman of the Cambridge Domain Board, has always taken a leading part in public affairs. In early life he served in the Royal Navy and came to New Zealand in 1860 in H.M.S. ?Harrier,? and served in the naval brigade until the close of the Waikato war.

* Mr. James Taylor, who has for many years been Chairman of the Cambridge Road Board, was born at West Tamaki in 1856, and was educated at St. John's College and at Mr. McRae's High School. He is the second son of the late Mr. W. I. Taylor, was brought up to country pursuits, and after being for a short time in the Bank of New Zealand, he settled in Cambridge in 1875

* Lieutenant William Wallace, who is the Senior Lieutenant of No. 3 Company, Waikato Mounted Rifles, is a son of Mr. Archibald Wallace, and was born near Otahuhu in 1868.

* Mr. Henry Jeffries, Postmaster at Cambridge, was born in Norfolk, England, in 1848. He came to Nelson in 1863 by the ship ?Magnum Bonum,? joined the staff of the post office at Blenheim in 1872, was removed fifteen months later to Waipu where he continued for six years, and was afterwards successively at Port Albert, Kihikihi, Mercer, Helensville, and Kawakawa. Mr. Jeffries was appointed to Cambridge in February, 1900.

* Mr. Thomas Francis Roskruge, Stationmaster in charge at Cambridge, was born in Cornwall, England, in 1833. He arrived in Victoria in 1852, and engaged in quartz mining for seven years. After that he returned to England and came out to Otago in 1862 and became a general storekeeper at Tokomairiro.

* Mr. Robert Coates Dyer, Headmaster of the Cambridge Public School, holds a D1 certificate. He was born in India and was educated at Cheltenham College, England. In 1853 he came to Auckland by the ship ?Joseph Fletcher,?

* The Venerable Archdeacon William Newcombe De Laval Willis, Vicar of St. Andrew's Cambridge, and Archdeacon of Waikato, is a member of a clerical family, his grandfather, his father, and five uncles all being clergymen of the Church of England. He was born in Limerick, Ireland, in 1846, and was educated by his father. After leaving home he spent two years in London in the service of the Great Northern Railway Company. He came to New Zealand in 1866, and in 1872 began to prepare for ordination.

* The Rev. John Erwin, B.A., Minister of Trinity Presbyterian Church, Cambridge, was born in Belfast, Ireland. He was educated at Queen's College, Belfast, and at the Royal University of Ireland, where he graduated. Mr. Erwin was ordained in Ireland in 1899, and appointed to his present charge on the 20th of December in the same year.

* The Rev. W. Evans, a retired Presbyterian Minister, was born in 1817, in Pembroke, Wales, and was ordained to the ministry in 1840.

* The Rev. Samuel John Gibson is the Minister in charge of the Cambridge Circuit, to which he was appointed by the Conference of 1900. He was born at Woollongong, New South Wales, in 1859, and was educated there and at Stanmore College, Sydney. After three years' probationery work in New South Wales, he was ordained in 1884, when he went to Fiji as a missionary and spent six years in the Islands. In 1899 he was transferred to Hokitika, and thence to Gisborne and Greytown

* Mr. Martin Butler, Secretary and Treasurer of the Waikato Agricultural and Pastoral Association, also of the Waikato Farmers' Club, was born in Somersetshire, England, in 1864, and after receiving a good education, entered the service of a large mercantile firm in Bristol, remaining with it about five years. He came out to New Zealand in the ship ?Sydenham,? in 1881, remaining only a few months in Auckland, when he removed to Cambridge, and engaged in agricultural pursuits.

* Mr. John Henry Edwards, Conductor of the Cambridge Orchestral Society, was born in Oxford, England, in 1860. He landed in Auckland from the ship ?Famenoth? in 1883, and settled in Hamilton in 1896, as sub-editor of the ?Waikato Times.? Mr. Edwards afterwards removed to Cambridge, where he now has a stationery business.

* Mr. George Dickenson, Chairman of the Cambridge Public Library Committee, was born in Auckland in 1858. He was for twenty years a traveller, and was afterwards in business as a bookseller, and was afterward in business as a bookseller in Cambridge and Hamilton. Mr. Dickenson was previously chairman of the library committee, during the years 1894?96.

* Major Charles Goring Minnitt, Librarian of the Cambridge Library, was born in Tipperary, Ireland, in 1836. He joined the Militia Regiment as ensign in 1855, afterwards served in the 3rd Lancashire Militia, and joined the 18th Royal Irish in April, 1858, as an ensign. In 1860 he became lieutenant, in 1873, captain, and brevet-major on his retirement in 1878. Major Minnitt served with his regiment in New Zealand from July, 1863, to February, 1870

* Mr. Alexander McGilp, Constable-in-Charge at Cambridge, was born in Scotland in 1855, and spent several years at shepherding, and was afterwards employed in a bonded store in Glasgow for nearly five years. In 1876, Mr. McGilp came to New Zealand per ship ?Orari? and the day after landing joined the police force, doing duty in Auckland city till 1881, when he was transferred to Russell, at which station he remained eleven years, when he was removed to Rawene to succeed the local constable who was drowned in the harbour. From Rawene he was transferred to Cambridge.

* Cave, Charles White, Barrister and Solicitor, Victoria Street, Cambridge. Mr. Cave was born in Surrey, England, in 1842, and was educated at Totteridge, Herts, England. Having studied for the law, he was admitted in England, and commenced practice as a solicitor in 1863. He practised his profession in the Home and Midland Counties till 1880, when he emigrated to New Zealand with his family, arriving in Wellington by the ship ?Rakaia.?

* Roberts, Edward Evan, Surgeon, M.B., C.M., (Edin.), Cambridge, Dr. Roberts was born at Manchester, England, in 1863, and is the third son of the Rev. R. J. Roberts, of the Welsh Church. He was educated at Dumfries, Scotland, received his medical training at the University of Edinburgh, and afterwards became assistant to his brother, Dr. J. B. Roberts, of Nottingham. In 1891 he arrived in Auckland

* Poole, Robert Shand, Surgeon Dentist, Duke Street, Cambridge. Mr. Poole was born in Edinburgh, in 1838, and was educated in Aberdeen. He is the son of an Edinburgh physician, and served an apprenticeship to Dr. Dewar, of Aberdeen, and qualified as a dentist in 1878, after which he practised for several years at Montrose. In 1894 Mr. Poole settled at Cambridge

* Little, Walter, Chemist and Druggist, Duke Street, Cambridge. This business was established about 1880 by Mr. Tennent, of Waitekauri, and has been conducted by the present proprietor since 1898.

* Clark, George Edwards, Commission Agent, Cambridge. Mr. Clark came to New Zealand in 1864 in the ship ?Jumua? with the intention of farming, but not securing the land he desired he embarked in mercantile pursuits at Auckland.

* Mr. George Fenton McCullagh, Auctioneer for Messrs McNicol and Co., was born in County Leitrim, Ireland, in 1860. He was brought up to country pursuits, came to Auckland in 1879, and settled in the Waikato district

* Saulbrey, Thomas Lewis, Baker and Confectioner, Cambridge Bakery, Duke Street, Cambridge. Private residence, Alpha Street. This business was established in 1892. Mr. Saulbrey was born in 1865 in London, where he was educated and apprenticed to his trade. In 1887 he arrived in Auckland by the s.s. ?Kaikoura,?

* Ferguson, John, Coachbuilder, Wheelwright, etc., Cambridge. Mr. Ferguson was born in Glasgow in 1846, and there he learned the trade of carpenter. In 1864, he came out to New Zealand per ship ?Helenslea,? and resided near Pokeno with his father

* Walker, Thomas, Wheelwright, Chapel Street, Cambridge. Mr. Walker was born in 1873 in Pukekohe, where he was brought up. He learned his trade in Auckland, and after completing his apprenticeship, worked for six years as a journeyman. In 1892 he came to Cambridge

* Hally, George Jacque, Cordial and Aerated Water Manufacturer, and Fruit Evaporator, Brewery Street, Cambridge. Private residence, Alpha Street. Mr. Hally was born in 1837 at Auchterarder, Perthshire, Scotland. His father was a woollen manufacturer, and Mr. Hally gained experience of wool sorting in connection with that business. In 1862 he landed in Auckland by the ship ?Hanover,?

* Craig, Charles, Tailor, Duke Street, Cambridge. Mr. Craig, who was born at Coolaney, County Sligo, Ireland, in 1858, was educated and apprenticed in his native place. He arrived in Port Chalmers by the ship ?Napier,? in 1879,

* Riley, William, Tailor, Victoria Street, Cambridge; private residence, River View Cottage. Mr. Riley entered business on his own account in 1874. His shop in Victoria Street is erected on his own freehold, and also his nine-roomed residence. Mr. Riley was born at Uiverston, Lancashire, England, in 1830, and learned his trade in Liverpool. He joined the 99th Regiment, and came out to Tasmania, in 1851. Five years later he volunteered to join the 65th Regiment in New Zealand, where he served till July, 1863

* Mr. Victor Cornaga, the Proprietor, is a native of Malta, where he was born in 1857. He came to New Zealand in 1881, and had the Britomart Hotel in Auckland for seven years.

* Bell, Henry, Horseshoer and General Blacksmith, Victoria Street, Cambridge; private residence, Duke Street. Mr. Bell was born in 1864 at Woodend, Canterbury. He was apprenticed to Mr. T. Gemmill, of Cambridge, by whom he was employed for twenty-one years, and established a business on his own account in August, 1900

* Gemmill, Thomas, Blacksmith, Cambridge. Mr. Gemmill was born at Fenwick, Ayrshire, Scotland, in 1838. After learning the trade of a blacksmith, he came to New Zealand per s.s. ?Lord Ashley? in 1857

* Wells, Thomas, Merchant, Cambridge. The large business conducted by Mr. Wells was established in 1866 by Mr. W. Johns. It was afterwards purchased by Mr. James Hally, who sold out to Messrs Tuck and Steward, who in turn re-sold to Mr. Hally, from whom Mr. Wells purchased the business in 1878

* Neal, George Jesse, Seedsman, Cambridge. Mr. Neal was born near Biggleswade, Bedford, England, in 1840, came to New Zealand in 1864 in the ship ?Ulcoates,? landing at Auckland

* Sharp, John, Nurseryman and Florist, Cambridge. Mr. Sharp's very fine farm and nursery consists of about fifty acres, planted with the best and most popular varieties of fruit trees and plants.

* Popple, Frederick, Storekeeper, Phoenix Store, Cambridge. Mr. Popple was born in Nottingham, England, in 1853, and came to Auckland by the ship ?Flying Foam,? in 1864.

* Mr. Henry Edwin Davys was born in Hamilton on the 2nd of July, 1879, and was brought up at first to country pursuits by his father, and has since become a builder. He became a member of the firm on its establishment in 1899.

* Allwill, Jared, Farmer ?Redwood,? Cambridge. This settler's farm contains about 240 acres, on which the usual operations with sheep cattle, and crops are conducted. Mr. Allwill is a large supplier of the local creamery. He is a native of the North of Ireland, where he was born in 1843. Coming to the Colony in 1862

* Arnold, John, Farmer, Cambridge. Mr. Arnold is a settler of many years' standing, having resided on his present farm for about the third of a century. He was born in Eccleston, Lancashire, England, in 1833, and went out to Australia in 1852. After eight years on the goldfields, he was attracted to New Zealand and was for about three years on the Otago fields with varied success

* Banks, Norman, Farmer, ?Gwynnelands,? Cambridge, ?Gwynnelands? consists of about 500 acres and carries a large and well bred stock of sheep, cattle, etc., whilst a considerable portion of the land is under cultivation. About 1000 lambs are taken off the place each season. This farm is generally regarded as one of the best in the Waikato.

* Croxford, William, Farmer, ?Littlegreen,? Cambridge. Mr. Croxford was born in Hampshire, England, in 1873. After leaving school he engaged in farming pursuits for several years in the Old Country. He came to this Colony for the benefit of his health, arriving in Lyttelton in 1893

* Day, Cornelius Gabriel Stafford, Farming Contractor, Cambridge. Mr. Day was born in Kent, England, in 1858, and arrived in Auckland with his parents in 1860.

* Douglas, William Muir, Farmer, ?Bruntwood,? Cambridge. Mr. Douglas came to New Zealand in 1873, and purchased his present farm of 713 acres in partnership with his brother, Mr. J. A. Douglas.

* Gray, William, Farmer, Cambridge. Mr. Gray was born in Belfast, Ireland, in 1861, and came to this Colony with his parents in 1866, landing in Auckland per ship ?Columbus,?

* Mr. William Thornton, the Proprietor, was born in Auckland in 1870 and was educated in England. He was married, in 1895, to a daughter of Captain H. E. Worsp, of Auckland, and has one son.

* Mr. William Grice Park, the Manager of Roto-o-Rangi Estate, is a native of Cumberland and cousin to the owners. He was born in that county and educated at Lancaster and Birkenhead, trained to practical farming in England and Wales for a few years. He came out to Australia in the early eighties and spent a short time in Victoria and South Australia. Crossing to New Zealand in 1882

* Mr. Elijah Beere, one of the Old Settlers in the Waikato, was born in Cornwall, England, in 1839, and arrived in Auckland by the ship ?Devonshire? in 1863.

* Mr. Benjamin Bland Booth, A very Old Settler in the Waikato, was born in Boston, Lincolnshire, England, in 1835, and arrived in Auckland by the ship ?William Miles.?

* Mr. Stephen Lodder is an Old Colonist, and still carries on business as a wheelwright and undertaker. He was born in Dorsetshire, England, in 1823, and came out to Auckland by the ship ?Ashmore? in 1856

* Mr. John William Merrick is an Old Colonist, who was born in 1827, at Halifax, Nova Scotia, educated in Canada, and brought up to the soft goods trade. He came to Victoria in 1852 and was for several years at Bathurst, New South Wales.

* Rout, William, J. P., Old Settler, Cambridge. Mr. Rout was born in Essex County, England, in 1830, and after leaving school, his mother being a widow, managed a large furniture and carpet business that she owned. He came to New Zealand early in 1853, in the ship ?Maori,? landing at Nelson

* Mr. Archibald Wallace, Cambridge. Mr. Wallace is a native of Ayrshire, where he was born in 1812, and came to Auckland per ship ?Duchess of Argyle.?


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