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JACOBY -I am arranging to have details of David Aitken Campbell's death, second marriage certificate and one or two other documents emIled to you ASAP. Hopefully you are able to forward them on to Jacoby-Campbell.

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on 2013-02-25 02:50:59

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by janilye on 2013-02-25 08:31:47

I'm not related Aileen. I do remember researching that family in here for somebody a couple of years ago. Was that you? I remember she was the daughter of Albert Goldburg who lived in Moubray Street just around the corner from where I live now. It's all coming back to me now. Didn't David skip off after the war and go to Sydney. I think I was looking for him. Did you find out where he ended up? Now I'm curious. Yes! I would like to know.

by aileencampbell on 2013-02-25 09:12:47

Sorry Janilye, this email came in after your last one. Sorry my reply makes no sense. No it was not me in the past. The Goldburg Family is still new to me. I am David Aitken's Granddaughter. It was taken me a long time but now have so much info. Where do you fit in to all this? Regards Aileen

by janilye on 2013-02-25 09:28:02

Ahh well the person I was researching for was a decendent of Amy Constance Goldberg-Jacoby and either David or Constance's second husband. If I could find her journal in here it would explain all. I did send her all David Aitken Campbell's records from the army. She explained that David had married Constance in Melbourne then disappeared. I'll have to go through his records again to jog my memory....I'll get back to you

by aileencampbell on 2013-02-26 07:13:18

Hi Janilye, do not know Amy Constance (David's first wife was Alice Constance Goldberg-Jacoby (maiden name). I cannot believe that you are willing to go to all this trouble to help other people out. This is all I have left of my Family so am eternally grateful for any help I can get.
Warmest Regards Aileen

by janilye on 2013-02-26 15:54:55

It was Alice Constance I mean't to type. His other wife in Sydney, she wrote to the Army requesting another war service medal because he had lost his (not the first time) well she signed her name Mrs. M Campbell. The army refused to send her one and David had to forward a stat dec. himself to get the medal that was about 1938.
The person I researched for in the past was a relative of Alice Constance, I remember that because the point of the inquiry was that they did not know what became of David after about 1920.
Perhaps she will see all this and come forward again.

by janilye on 2013-02-26 16:55:21

by aileencampbell on 2013-02-27 22:23:53

Hi My friend, do you happen to remember who the relative of Alice Constance was? I would love to get in touch. Regards Aileen

by janilye on 2013-02-28 02:43:17

If I remembered I would certainly give you the link. Constance had a sister called Aileen, that's why, initially, I thought it had been you as one of her decendents.
No I think it was a decendent of the child, or one of Constance's sisters.
Somewhere in the back of my mind is the name 'Patricia' but it may be nothing.
My research into family history is up somewhere in the thousands and my memory is not what it used to be.

by aileencampbell on 2013-03-02 07:18:25

Yes Aileen was her Sister my Namesake. But the Patricia means nothing. I would just love to link up with any other Family as they are few and far between these days. Ailewen

by aileencampbell on 2013-03-13 01:54:35

Janilye, have not heard from you for so long are you o.k.? Aileen

by aileencampbell on 2013-03-24 01:34:16

Janilye, thank you for putting Robyn Campbell in touch with me. My journey is now almost complete. Aileen

by janilye on 2013-03-24 03:43:37

Hello Aileen, I've been away up till the last couple of days. I'm glad you have things sorted. I have a photo of the house, number 42 Moubray Street 'Ail-Con' named after Aileen and Constance. The house has been virtually unchanged over the years, apart from an extension at the back and a garage. The name has been removed. The photo is of a block of five or six houses in the street but I can point out to you which one it is, because I pass it regularly. private message me your contact email address if you are interested.

by aileencampbell on 2013-03-24 04:10:20

How lovely to hear from you. Hope you had a good time. Did you go away anywhere exciting? Up until my email earlier I thought I was on top of things. Turns out Robyn is not a member of the Family. So must start my search again. My email address is [email protected] but I can also give you my street address. You have no idea how good it is to have you back. Regards Aileen

by janilye on 2013-03-24 05:24:20

I don't know Robyn Campbell. I didn't contact her. She must have read this journal.
I went to Bendigo, Maldon and Castlemaine. It was very, very hot. So hot I cut my trip short and will go back next month. I'm glad to be home.
Thanks for your email address Aileen. You shouldn't put it in here, you might get lots of spam and invitations to do things your mother told you not to do.
I'll send you the photo now with a description of which house it is.

by aileencampbell on 2013-03-24 23:22:36

Thank you for the photo. Looking at it sent chills down my spine.Janilye, Our Mum was born in Maldon and we used to love visiting there. It is a place that gets into your blood. Thank you for just being there for me. Aileen

by aileencampbell on 2013-03-27 08:01:54

Hi Janilye, what did you go to Maldon for? What an incredible coincidence you would be going there. Have a happy Easter withal, Gods blessings. Aileen and Tracey

by janilye on 2013-03-27 08:30:44

I went to visit the dead Aileen and collect a bit of history.
Happy Easter to you too.

by aileencampbell on 2013-03-27 09:23:53

I don't understand. I though Aileen was buried in the old cemetary down here and I did not realise any Jacoby member was buried up there I thought only the Rerden family were. Are you doing this for anyone? If not, may I ask why?

by janilye on 2013-03-27 09:51:12

you're a victim of my lack of punctuation, Aileen
I should have written; "I went to visit the dead, Aileen"
It had nothing to do with your family, Aileen.

by aileencampbell on 2013-03-27 10:00:17

Thank you Janilye, do you know how that made me laugh and today I needed to. What about Maldon? Any connection for you? Aileen

by janilye on 2013-03-27 10:02:47

No, none at all.

by aileencampbell on 2013-03-27 22:43:38

You cannot imagine how this sent goose bumps down my spine. Half my family was born in Maldon, I am lucky enough to find you to help with my family tree and low and behold you go to Maldon and surround. Must admit it is unreal. Aileen

by aileencampbell on 2013-03-29 02:25:27

Hi Janilye, what did you go to Maldon for? What an incredible coincidence you would be going there. Have a happy Easter withal, Gods blessings. Aileen and Tracey

by aileencampbell on 2013-03-29 05:01:50

by aileencampbell on 2013-03-30 07:38:21

May The Lord bless you and yours during this very special time. Love Aileen and Tracey

by aileencampbell on 2013-04-04 09:20:48

Hi Janilye, again it has been so long since we heard from you. Is all well? Have you been back to Maldon yet and if so did you see the Rerden name anywhere? Hope to ghear soon. Aileen and Tracey

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