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Fotheringham from Taree/Wingham area in NSW, Australia

Query by dkj

My Great Great Grandfather married twice. The first family is located in the Taree/Wingham areas of NSW, Australia. He was Alexander Fotheringham married to a Mary Covey or Cavey. Would like to contact anyone who knew them.


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by barandda on 2013-04-19 21:06:52

Hi, my husbands G. G. Grandfather was Alexander Fotheringham who was married to
Jane Pinkerton. Their son John married Mary Ann Hayes and their son Frederick Charles married Vera Stepto/Steptoe...I guess same ship, different navigator. If interested...more than welcome....B

by dkj on 2013-04-20 04:38:11

Hi Barandda, I think perhaps we are on the same track. Alexander James Fotheringham had I believe 3 sons and a daughter while in the Taree/Wingham area. There names were Alexander - no more info; William who I believe Married Hannah Payne; George who married Margaret McDonald and then on her death a Sarah Lee and then Sarah, who married a John Helmich. Alexander moved to Sydney when Mary Cavey died in 1848 and Married Jean Ross, having another family from which I come from. Most of the Sydney people were unaware of the Taree/Wingham connection. Are we on the same wavelength .... dkj

by barandda on 2013-04-21 03:33:30

The other side of the family you spoke of appears to be my hubbys side. Alexander had a son John who married Mary Hayes. They had a son Frederick Charles who is my husbands grand father. Frederick married Vera Steptoe who remarried after Frederick left the family and all their children had a name change. I am just starting on the Fotheringham family so I hope I don't open a can of worms or worse. My husband didn't know anything about the Taree/Wingham side as his father didn't speak about the family especially his junior years. Interesting though....B

by dkj on 2013-04-21 04:17:10

I find it interesting that both families were reluctant to talk about their connection to Taree/Wingham. As far as I can make out, Alexander James, must have left his children behind also, as the Sydney family didn't know of them. I can only assume that your husbands GG grandfather was the son of my GG grandfather, so we seem to be on the same wavelength. My father's siblings denied any knowledge of any relationship, and don't think they knew that their great grandfather had married twice. The name Alexander comes down through our family in varies ways. ie James Alexander, and Alexander James and I notice that John and Robert are used a lot also. It is gets very interesting .... D

by barandda on 2013-04-22 23:28:16

Guess I'll never find out what happened with father-in-laws family as he passed away some years ago and all the skeletons died with him. I know there wasn't much love lost for what his dad did. As for Robert, F-I-Law had a brother Robert and my hubby has a brother Robert. We have a Jack but not sure if he was a James or John.

by dkj on 2013-04-23 02:24:24

Thanks - it appears that we may be connected way back, but I have not had much luck myself finding out anything. Do you know if Frederick Charles was born in the Ashfield District of Sydney? D.

by barandda on 2013-04-23 20:40:21

I found info BDM he was born Ashfield in 1895 and died Concord 1980.

by dkj on 2013-04-24 21:37:30

I think he is my g grndfathers newphew, as John Fotheringham his father was Robert Fotheringham's brother as far as I can ascertain. Our family is all around the Ash
field, Enfield, Burwood areas.

by barandda on 2013-04-25 03:58:19

From what I have gathered Alexander and Mary Cavey had Alexander, William, George and Sarah, Alexander and Jane had John Agnes, Mary and Margaret. There is still a lot of the family I need to track down. My information is very incomplete. FILaw
did say his family in that area but never made contact.

by dkj on 2013-04-25 06:41:07

What you have gathered so far is correct. However, from my research, Alexander and Jane had a son John, who married Mary Ann Hayes, and they also had a son Robert, as well as Mary, Margaret and Agnes. Robert is my G Grandfather and he was born in 1850 and died in 1936. Whereas John was born in 1854. This side of the family were all born in the Sydney area. Alexander who married Jane Pinkerton, is not your John's father, he is his uncle. I am still having trouble tracing their family. But can assure you it is not the same Alexander. The Alexander who's son was John is married to Jane (Jean) Ross. I have their marriage certificate and on it she is Jean, known as Jane - very confusing and I think that is where the confusion with Jane Pinkerton, comes in. If you need more info you can reach me at [email protected]

by dkj on 2013-04-26 19:31:41

Hi Barandda,

Have just reread my previous message and decided it was confusing also. Alexander who was married to Mary Cavey, is the same Alexander married to Jane (Jean) Ross. Mary died in Wingham in 1848 at the age of 33 years. So his first family is in the Wingham area, and the second family is in the Sydney area, around Ashfield, Burwood, Enfield, etc. I note that Frederick is John and Mary's son and was born in 1895. When going through there is two John's, one is John married to Mary A (your John I preume) and John D married to Mary. John and Mary A, had John RE; George W; Alfred H; Ada E and Frederick C all born in the Canterbury/Ashfield area. I believe John RE was known as Robert. Hope this helps - Dkj.

by barandda on 2013-04-26 19:34:33

my problem is I get confused with all the relos with the same name...I have Alexanders only not the middle names which make a big difference.
Not knowing the family and not having anyone to check with is a problem also.
I'll check my info with the facts you have included and get back to you....many thanks.....have noted your e-mail address....regards...B

by janilye on 2013-04-26 21:13:09

Alexander Fotheringham 1810-1883, Shipwright.
The Sydney Morning Herald,Monday 24 September 1883
The FRIENDS of the late Mr. ALEXANDER FOTHERINGHAM, Shipwright, are respectfully invited to attend his Funeral, to move from his residence, Liverpool-road, Ashfield, THIS DAY, Monday, at 2 o'clock, by Funeral Train, for Haslem's Creek Cemetery. HENRY HART, Undertaker.
are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of her deceased FATHER, Mr. Alexander Fotheringham; to move from his residence, Liverpool-road, Ashfield, THIS DAY, Monday, at 2 o'clock, by Funeral Train, for Haslem's Creek Cemetery. HENRY HART, Undertaker.

are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of their deceased FATHER, Mr. Alexander Fotheringham, to move from his residence, Liverpool-Road, Ashfield, THIS DAY, Monday, at 2 o'clock, by the Funeral Train, for Haslem's Creek Cemetery. HENRY HART, Undertaker.

are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of the deceased FATHER, Mr. Alexander Fotheringham , to move from his residence, Liverpool-road, Ashfield, THIS DAY, Monday, at 2 o'clock, by the Funeral Train, for Haslem's Creek Cemetery. HENRY HART, Undertaker.

are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of their deceased FATHER-IN-LAW, Mr. Alexander Fotheringham, to move from his residence, Liverpool-road, Ashfield, THIS DAY, Monday, at 2 o'clock, by the Funeral Train, for Haslem's Creek Cemetery. HENRY HART, Undertaker

by dkj on 2013-04-26 21:25:27

Thank you Janilye. This is the first confirmation I have had of his burial place. Much appreciated. Are you related at all? Do you have any further bits that I can use as it would also be of interest and appreciated. dkj

by maxfot on 2015-09-18 06:42:19

I have recently found the grave of Alexander & Jane at Rookwood Cemetary. I visited the Cemetary and found the grave. They are buried in an unmarked grave in a very old section of the Cemetary. It is in Zone B Section G Grave No. 618.

Any further research would be appreciated. I would love to know how Alexander travelled to Australia from Scotland as I have been unable to find any shipping register for him. Can anyone assist please?


by lindyloo18 on 2016-03-26 00:19:36

Alexander Fotheringham was a ship's master who came out to Australia (Sydney) in 1834 at age 24. It was his 2nd trip sailing to Oz. He was born in Kincardine, Scotland (1810). He brought with him the makings of a "slip wharf" which he built with Government funding/backing at King St, Darling Harbour or Pyrmont. It was colloquially known as "Fotheringham or Fotho's Wharf. He married Mary Cavey and had 4 children. Mary died soon after the birth of her last child, a son who died at abt age 6.and Alexander married again to Jane Pinkerton Ross with whom he had another 4 or 5 children - my great grandfather John. Alexander's children, William, George and Sarah inherited from their maternal grandmother (also Mary Cavey) and moved to "The Manning River District", now Taree. They bought a property and became pastoralists and also began building tugs and barges to work the timber and sugar cane industries - this being their main business. John sailed to Taree with his older half-brothers to work with them (or for them?) after his father sold the business that employed him, and returned to Sydney to marry. There is a letter - written by John - describing the sea trip from Sydney Harbour to Taree and how he found the property in Taree (Wingham?) purchased by his brothers. They took their sister Sarah for the benefit of her health. William, George and Sarah lived with their father at Pyrmont prior to relocating to Taree. Alexander was a shipwright, with a partner imported and exported (mainly sandalwood and whale oil) and was the owner and part owner of a number of whaling ships. In later years he had another business as an iron-monger.

by lindyloo18 on 2016-03-26 01:31:32

for DKJ: Taree/Wingham, Ashfield, Enfield, Burwood & Wilberforce Fotheringhams all descended from Alexander Fotheringham, death notice above. Alexander never resided in Taree. He originally lived in Sydney Town, Pyrmont then moved to Enfield - many people of means moved out to Enfield for the health of their children. There is also another Fotheringham family, descended from a Captain David Fotheringham, also from Kincardine, Scotland. Unable to establish if he and Alexander may have been brothers. Also a Mrs Fotheringham sailed to Oz about the same time, a Mrs Fotheringham living in Sydney town had a convict woman assigned to her as a cook. A Mrs M Fotheringham was listed as living in same street as Alexander (separate residence) long after the death of his wife Mary.

by dkj on 2016-03-26 19:51:59

for lindyloo18: Many thanks for your info above. However, we have a couple of discrepancies. I have a marriage certificate for Alexander to a Jean Ross not a Jane Pinkerton Ross. When I look at early certificates the children from Alexander and Jean are shown thus, however, the last two children that he had are shown as Alexander and Jane. He was buried from Ashfield as per the article above. Nowhere does it say he was living at Enfield in the information that I have, although the next generation were certainly at Enfield with some buried in St Thomas' Church at Enfield. An Aunt of mine who lived near St Thomas, got the names for me of those who were buried there. I would like to meet with you if possible sometime, so we can compare notes if you have no problems with that. I currently reside in the Blue Mtns.

by lindyloo18 on 2016-03-26 22:01:36

I'm now in Forster, 20 mins from Taree. Jean Ross is Jane (Jean) Pinkerton Ross. I've lost access to all I had with ancestry but did go back. Her parents were Roderick Ross b 1779 & Isobel Parker b 1782. alexander's ship's master ticket gives his birth as Kincardineshire, Scotland 1810. Same details for Capt. David Fotheringham. Birth registration was not a legal requirement at that time. Bapt

by dkj on 2016-03-27 03:02:45

Thanks lindyloo18. Got your private message - will leave you in peace till the end of the month, as I will be away and will then contact you again if you don't mind.dkj

by lindyloo18 on 2016-03-27 20:26:40

love to hear from you. think I'll get back into it for my family. also thinking you are also descended from my great grandfather John?

by janilye on 2016-03-28 02:09:42

No I'm not related. But I am curious to know what a shipwright was doing in Wingham and not closer to Fotheringham's Wharf.
{b] Sydney 1883
FOTHERINGHAM.—September 23, at his residence,
Ashfield, Liverpool-road, Sydney, of inflammation of the
lungs, Alexander Fotheringham, shipwright, aged 73

The Sydney Morning Herald Sat 17 Jun 1893 Page 16
THE FRIENDS of the late Mrs. JANE FOTHERINGHAM are kindly invited to attend her Funeral; to move from the residence of her Son-in-Law, Mr. Charles Gibbons, Park-road, Burwood, on SUNDAY AFTERNOON, at 2.10, for Burwood station, thence by train to Necropolis T. CRISFORD, Undertaker.
THE FRIENDS of Messrs. GEORGE, WILLIAM, ROBERT, NICHOLAS, and JOHN FOTHERINGHAM are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their beloved MOTHER: to move from the residence of Mr. Charles Gibbons, Park-road,Burwood, on SUNDAY AFTERNOON, at 2 10, for Burwood station,thence by train N'plis.
THE FRIENDS of Messrs.C. GIBBONS, ALEX. CREARY are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their beloved MOTHER-IN-LAW, Mrs. Jane Fotheringham ; to move from the residence of Mr. Chas. Gibbons, Park-road, Burwood, on SUNDAY AFTERNOON, at 2 10,
for Burwood station, thence to Necropolis. T. CRISFORD,

by janilye on 2016-03-28 02:21:15

Alexander Fotheringham Sydney and Tasmania newspapers

by janilye on 2016-03-28 09:41:54

{b]The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser Sat 5 May 1832 Page 2
Shipping Intelligence
From London, via Hobart Town, on Thursday last, the ship Royal Admiral,
Captain Fotheringham. Lading, merchandise. Passengers, Miss Ferris, Miss A. Ferris, Mr. H. Ferris, Mr. Harvey,
Mr. Roemar, Mr. D. Baker, Mr. Fotheringham, Mrs. Haladay and 2 children, Susannah Murray, Miss M. A. Clarke, Stephen Thompson, Richard Sizemore, and H. Townsend.

This below is first wife Mary
395/1848 V1848395 33B FOTHERINGHAN MARY AGE 33
note: surname transcription error
The Sydney Morning Herald Tue 10 Oct 1848 Page 3

THE Friends of Mr. Alexander Fotheringham, shipwright, of Mount-street, Pyrmont, are respectfully requested to attend the funeral of his late departed wife, which will take place This Day, at 4 o'clock, P M. The procession will move from her late
residence, Pyrmont.
No cards will be issued.
HENRY THOMAS. 5805 Undertaker, Clarence-street.

by dkj on 2016-03-28 16:50:51

Thank you Janilye. According to data that Lindyloo18 has, Alexander never went to Taree, only the children from his first marriage. The others from the second marriage were all from around Burwood/Enfield/Ashfield. The problem I have is his marriage certificate from his second marriage states she is Jean Ross and a cousin who was doing it also, said she was Jean Ross, but Lindyloo and others claim she is really Jane Pinkerton Ross - so I am trying to clear up this up. Her early children show their mother as Jean, but the latter show her as Jane. My question is was he married again? or isn't the first marriage certificate correct?

by janilye on 2016-03-29 09:33:52

There is no evidence that he had another wife and gee what would the odds be to marry a Jean Ross then a Jane Ross.
You have to take into account the illiteracy in the colony at the time. Jean or Jane Ross in all probability was not able to read and write and the cleric relied on phonetics. We're Eather's and every one of us in Australia is related, simply because it was originally Heather till the first one got off the boat from Kent and dropped his Aitches; for the first 20 years it had numerous spellings but the next generation settled for Eather. I think your scottish lass would have been in the same position, and if Jean was written as Jane or vise versa who would have been able to correct it.
I counted 7 Jane Ross's who immigrated to nsw between 1848 and 66. adding a parent or grandparent's maiden name would have been sensible.

by dkj on 2016-03-29 17:02:35

Thanks Janilye your comments are useful. You obviously do a lot of research. Would love to be able to spend the time doing it also, but unfortunately I work and it doesn't leave a lot of time for other activities. Do appreciate your comments and various bit you have supplied. Regards dkj

by janilye on 2016-03-30 11:42:50

A few news items for the benefit of your readers.
The Wingham Chronicle and Manning River Observer Wednesday 11 March 1903
Sudden Death.
Yesterday news, came to hand to the effect that Mr. George Fotheringham, jun., (son of Mr. George Fotheringham, of Taree,) who has an hotel at Gladstone, Macleay River had died at midnight on Monday.
From the meagre news to hand it appears that deceased swallowed a false tooth, and it was so located as to render an operation necessary. This had evidently been performed, when blood poisoning set in, with the terribly sudden fatal result.Deceased had only been married a few months. He was very widely known and respected in the Manning district. He was comparatively a young man being not more than 30 years of age.
Word was also received yesterday; of the
death of Mrs. Creary, of Ashfleld, Sydney, who was a sister of Messrs. W. and G. Fotheringham, of Wingham and Taree respectively. Deceased
leaves a family of nine children We tender deepest sympathy to the bereaved relatives
The Sydney Morning Herald Wednesday 11 March 1903 DEATHS
CREARY. March 10, 1903, at Ashfield, Margaret,
dearly beloved wife of Alexander M. Creary, aged
41 years.
CREARY. The Friends of Messrs. GEORGE, WILLIAM. ROBERT, NICOLAS, and JOHN FOTHERINGHAM, and Mrs. CHARLES GIBBONS, are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their beloved SISTER, Margaret Creary ; to move from 111 Park-avenue, Ashfield, THIS (Wednesday) AFTERNOON, at 2 o'clock. for the Presbyterian Cemetery, Rookwood, via Ashfield Station. F. J. FIELD. Undertaker. Ashfield. Tel. 143
CREARY.The Friends of Mr. ALEXANDER M. CREARY are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of his dearly beloved WIFE, Margaret; to move from 111 Park-avenue, Ashfield, THIS (Wednesday) AFTERNOON,
at 2 o'clock, for Presbyterian Cemetery, Rookwood, via
Ashfield Station. F. J. FIELD, Undertaker,Ashfleld.
111 Park Avenue Ashfield, today.
However Alexander Creary died at Enfield.
The Sydney Morning Herald Tuesday 3 June 1941
June 2, 1941, at his residence, 39
Minarosa Street, Enfield, Alexander Morton Creary,
loving father of Joseph, Jane (Mrs. F. Lee Archer)
Alexander, Walter (deceased), Percy, Robert, John
Frederick, and Arthur, aged 84 years.

The Wingham Chronicle and Manning River Observer Wednesday 1 March 1916
Mrs. Helmich, mother of Mrs. Frank Summerville, and sister to Mr. W. Fotheringbam, recentiy passed over to the silent majority in Sydney.
The Sydney Morning Herald Thursday 17 February 1916
February 16, 1916, at the residence of her
daughter, Mrs. Victor Aveling, Francesville, Roseville-avenue, Roseville, Sarah, widow of the late John Lamburtes Helmich, aged 74 years.
HELMICH. The Friends of the late Mrs. SARAH HELMICH are invited to attend her Funeral; to leave the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Victor Aveling, Francisville, Roseville-avenue. Roseville, THIS DAY at 12 o'clock noon, for Waverley Cemetery
The Sydney Morning Herald Thursday 3 June 1943

GIBBONS.- June 1 1943 at l8 Macquarie
Road Auburn Agnes Gibbons loved mother
of George, Isabel (Mrs Purkis) Mary (Mrs
Foulkes) William and Harry aged 81 years.
GIBBONS The Relatives and Friends of
Mr and Mrs G Gibbons Mr and Mrs.
H. Purkis, Mrs M Foulkes, Mr. and Mrs.
W. Gibbons, Mr. and Mrs. H. Gibbons and
Families are invited to attend the Funeral
of their beloved Mother and Grandmother
Agnes Gibbons to leave 18 Macquarie Road
Auburn This Thursday after Service commenclng at 2 p m for Church of England Cemetery Rookwood.
Wood Coffill Limited.

by dkj on 2016-03-30 18:15:40

Many thanks Janilye for the above newspaper cuttings. It certainly explains a lot. We found, my cousin and I, that the people in the Taree/Wingham area, didn't know much about the 2nd family and vice versa. My own father refused to listen, when we tried to tell him that his Great Grandfather's first family lived in that area. They were only interested in their immediate family which made it hard when my cousin and I started to try and find out more. You have certainly helped with your info. Again many thanks. dkj

by janilye on 2016-03-31 05:06:04

The Wingham Chronicle and Manning River Observer Saturday 22 February 1908 p 6 Article
Death of Mr. Geo. Fotheringham.

One of the best known, and probably none more highly held in local public esteem, passed over to the great
majority on Thursday night, in the person of Mr. George Fotheringham, of Taree. In him Taree loses one of
its most broad minded and progressive citizens George "Fog" was not merely a personality, he was an "institution " in Taree.
Born in Balmain, he came on to the Manning to " serve his time " and from that day to the day of his
death the advancement of the district was the end that he kept in view.
His amiable, jovial nature, kind heart and ever cheerful disposition gained for him a warm corner in the hearts
of all with when he came in contract
young or old. His name will be always held in kind remembrance and cherished as that of a generous
charitable, straight forward, honest citizen, who did his duty to his day and generation, in every
calling which fell to his lot, in a life that was eventful even if its environment was somewhat circumscribed.
Unlike most men, this did not narrow the view be took of life, but anything that was for progress
had in the late Mr. Geo. Fotheringham one who would do his best so far as lay in his power to push things ahead
in his own locality. His quiet manner, yet steady determination, enabled him to achieve much for the benefit of Taree and the Manning district. He
was an alderman of the municipality, trustee of the Old Bar reserve, executive representative of the Department
of Navigation locally at the time of his decease.
He leaves a sorrowing wife and family of five sons, also several brothers and sisters, to mourn their irreparable loss.
The funeral takes place at 10 a.m. to-day (Saturday), the remains at his request are to be laid to rest in the " God's acre" that lies under the shadow of the Church
of England at Scott's Creek.
The Manning loses in the late Mr. Geo. Fotheringham one of its best loved and respected citizens, but it can be
truthfully said of him that
" To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die."
George was proprietor of Fotheringham's Commercial Hotel,in Taree and age 64 when he died

The Wingham Chronicle and Manning River Observer Tuesday 30 April 1918 p 2 Article

One of the oldest and most universally respected residents of the Manning has crossed the Great Divide, in the person of Mr. William Fotheringham.
For many months past our subject had been in a precarious state of health, and a few weeks ago his
life was despaired of, but he rallied and recovered to such an extent that he was able to come into town, where he was overwhelmed with congratulations from his old friends. But the improvement did not last long, and
he soon took to his bed again, and gradually grew worse, passing away early on Monday morning, at the age
of 73.
The late Mr. Fotheringham was a man of keen business instincts, but the soul of honor. Perhaps no man
was more before the public eye than he was, up to a few years ago.
He played a prominent part in many political contests, and it was due in great measure to his work that the
late Hon. J. H. Young lost his seat in Parliament.
The subject of this notice came to the Manning when
about 16 years old, being apprenticed to the late Captain Alexander Newton, shipbuilder, at Pelican.
After serving his apprenticeship, he continued in Captain Newton's employ as a journeyman shipwright for
some time. About 34 years ago he settled in Wingham and purchased an hotel business which he conducted
for a number of years.
During his 34 years' residence in Wingham he was prominently associated with every public body, or any
movement that tended to its advancement. He was elected an Alderman in the first election after Wingham was created a Municipality, and occupied the Mayoral Chair for many terms. The fine buildings he erected
on his properties stand out as monumets to his progressiveness, and give the town an air of importance.
When Local Government was placed on the Statute Book, he with Mr. John Abbott, were the two provisional Councillors appointed by the Minister to represent B Riding in the Manning Shire Council. At the
subsequent election both were re turned unopposed, and Cr. Fotheringham was elected to fill the Presidential chair in the second term.
He was a life member of the Upper Manning A. and H. Association, and was a liberal donor of special prizes,
particularly in the maize classes.
He frequently purchased the prize, winning maize, and distributed it gratis among farmers. In sporting
matters he took a lively interest, and when pedestrian sport occupied the attention of the public years ago, he
organised gas-light handicaps, which proved attractive till the fastidious public were allured by other past-
times, when he discontinued the game. He was a prominent member of the Grand United Order of Oddfellows, and was a trustee of the District funds and property for many
years. He was also one of the Foundation Members in Lodge Cowper(Masons), and has held office in the
About 30 years ago the late Mr. Fotheringharn married Miss Hannah Paine, daughter of the late
Mrs. Elizabeth Paine, of Oxley Island. The issue of the marriage was four sons and two daughters,
viz. : Mrs. Reid (Macksville); and Miss Mona Fotheringham (Wingham), Messrs. W. J. Arthur and
Harold, the latter being on active service abroad. Another son died in infancy.
The passing of Mr. Fotheringham is genuinely regretted. His name was associated with every movement
of a progressive nature, and his private acts and unostentatious friendly turns will not soon be forgotten.

by dkj on 2016-03-31 17:09:24

Many thanks Janilye, you have certainly opened more areas for me to peruse and enabled me to find out more about the people in Taree/Wingham. I knew they existed, but that was it. You have been a big help, and I appreciate it. Regards, dkj

by maxfot on 2018-03-04 09:12:07

Alexander & Jane had a son Robert. Robert had a son James Alexander born in 1885 who was my father. James's first wife was a Winifred Ewings born in 1889 at Wollombi, NSW, died in Royal Prince Alfred Hospital on 24th April 1937. Does anyone who is researching the Fotheringham name have a photograph of Winifred.

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