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George COVENEY + Elizabeth LOWTHER

Journal by ngairedith

.. ... NOTES ...
* A big thankyou to tonkin of this site for his Victoria, Australia research on the names, birth dates and places of the children of George & Elizabeth

* read also HISTORY OF PORT PHILLIP (named Melbourne in March 1837)

* Not yet found when Elizabeth arrived in New Zealand. Her obit in 1918 says 'some 30 years ago' (1888). Her daughter Anna married in NZ in 1882 and daughter Alice in 1884. George died in Victoria in Jan 1888, did she come BEFORE or AFTER that date?

* The name Coveney is often found written COVENY, including on the site
Geelong & District Database DB books

GEORGE COVENEY (1817-1888)
was born in County Cork. He arrived in Port Phillip 17 Feb 1842 on the Thetis.
He was listed as George CovenEy, a Labourer born County Cork, 23 years of age, a Protestant, able to read and write. Later he was a shoemaker in Victoria

was born in Ireland. She arrived with her parents, John Lowther & Ellen nee Cormack and 2 siblings, Thomas aged 17 & Kate aged 13, into Port Phillip 27 Dec 1841 on the Alexander

GEORGE & ELIZABETH married in St Marys RC Church, Geelong, Victoria in 1845
(Elizabeth's obit says they had 9 children - 8 found to date -
there was possibly a child born between 1845-1850)

the known children of GEORGE & ELIZABETH
... 1
1850 - 1904 John Lowther Coveney

- born in Kilmore, Victoria
.. John did not marry
JOHN died 18 May 1904 aged 54 by drowning at Mangatera, Dannevirke
- he is buried Grave 50, Block F at Settlers Cemetery Dannevirke next to his mother
his HEADSTONE READS: "Fear not, for I have redeemed thee, thou art mine"
Nelson Evening Mail, 18 May 1904 DANNEVIRKE This Day
... The body of John Coveney, aged 50 years, was found in the Mangatera stream in about 18 inches of water to-day. The deceased was seen last evening proceeding to the Otanga mill (see photo below). It is supposed that he had fallen over the end of the road bridge at Mangatera while proceeding to the mill
Bush Advocate, 19 May 1904 JOHN'S INQUEST
... An inquest was held at the Mangatera Hotel this morning into the cause of death of John Coveney, before Mr Gothard, District Coroner, and the following jury:- Clement, Knight (foreman), Alfred Barrett, Robert North, Samuel Cook, Max Fisher and Robert Annakin. Sergeant Cruickshank represented the police
After the jury had viewed the body the police called:
... Frederick McAllum (John's brother-in-law). employed at the Otanga mill, who deposed that deceased had formerly been employed at the mill, but not recently. He was a single man aged about 50 years. Witness saw deceased on Tuesday at his (witness') house at 11.15. Deceased had lunch with witness, and left him to come into town. Deceased was in the habit of taking liquor occasionally. He was slightly short-sighted, and in the opinion of witness, deceased's death was due to the fact that when groping his way along the handrail of the bridge he came to the end, which is very abrupt, and he fell, striking against the buttress. His shortness of sight and possibly an over-indulgence in drink may have contributed to the accident.
... Edward Nicholas, second-hand dealer, deposed that deceased came to his place of business on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday last. On each occasion he bought some carpentering tools, explaining on Monday and Tuesday that he had lost the two precious lots as he got very drunk on each occasion after leaving the shop. On Tuesday he did not appear to be drunk when he came to the shop.
... Fritz Neilsen, sawmill hand, working at Otanga, deposed that on Tuesday evening he met deceased about 7.30 at the bend of the hill on the other side of the planning mill. Deceased was going towards Otanga, and recognised witness. After some conversation deceased produced a pint bottle, which witness thought contained brandy, and asked witness to have a drink, which witness declined. They then parted, and witness them came into town. On returning home witness was surprised that deceased had not turned up. They occupied the same whare. Deceased was certainly under the influence of drink at the time, but he was not drunk. He was a man who got drunk occasionally. Witness could not say whether deceased's watch was in going order on Tuesday
... Dr McCallan deposed that he had made a post-mortem examination of the body and found one bruise over the left hip, and the face, head and neck were much swollen, owing to the blood being congested in the veins. Deceased had then been dead for 15 or 16 hours. The windpipe and lungs were very congested, but there was no water inside the body. There was an alcoholic smell about the stomach, but there was no water in it. Death was due to suffocation, deceased having evidently fallen into the water in an unconscious condition, caused either through a blow or intoxication. He had made no effort to recover himself after he had fallen into the water.
... Florence McAlister, residing at Otanga, deposed that at 7.45 on Tuesday evening she saw deceased on the Otanga side of the bridge. He was then going towards Otanga. She spoke to him. He replied and passed on. She formed the opinion at the time that he was under the influence of liquor. She was not aware that he was short sighted.
... Ernest Alfred Crawford, mill hand employed at Otanga, deposed as to the finding of the body early on Wednesday morning. The head was immersed in the water, but the rest of the body was on the bank. He immediately gave information at the mill
... The jury drew attention to the fact that the body was only covered by a couple of old sacks. Mr Melville, of the Mangatera Hotel, disclaimed any responsibility for this. The matter was in the hands of the police, who could have had blankets or anything else considered necessary. The hotel people rendered all assistance possible, and Mr and Mrs Melville feel much hurt that a statement should have ben made which implied neglect and indifference on their part. We might add that there was no suggestion on the part of the jury that Mr and Mrs Melville were responsible
... This being all the evidence the jury, without retiring, brought in the verdict that deceased died from suffocation in the Mangatera stream, the result of being stunned by a fall from the bridge

... 2
1851 - 1852 Catherine Ellen Coveney

- born in Kilmore, Victoria
CATHERINE died aged 5 months in Point Henry, Victoria

... 3
1855 - 1938 Alice Lowther Coveney

- born in Ashby, Victoria (renamed Geelong West in 1875)
- Alice married Henry Davis WILLIAMS (1830-1904) in 1884 in Nelson, NZ
(this was Henry's 2nd marriage, he first married Janet Dickson 'Jessie' Nicholson (1840-1883) in 1860)
- they lived for a time in Nelson & Taranaki
Colonist, 6 September 1884
WILLIAMS-COVENEY - September 2, at Christ Church, Nelson, by the Ven, Archdeacon Mules, Henry D. Williams, Esq., J.P. to Alice Lowther Coveney, eldest daughter of George Coveney, Esq., Ormond, Ballarat, Victoria
the known children of HENRY & ALICE, born in Brightwater, Nelson:
* 1885 - 1960 Henry Lowther Williams
.. Henry married Margaret Ward in 1913 & lived Wanganui & Waikato
* 1887 - 1978 Kathleen Edythe Helen Williams
.. Kathleen married Frank Duckworth in 1912 & lived New Plymouth
From Early Sheep Runs of Marlborough written about 1981
... During the time that Robinson and Renwick were in possession of Birch Hill they extended it by taking in the Raglan run which at that time reached up the east bank of the Wairau River as far as the Gorge. In 1867 they transferred the leasehold and conveyed the freehold land to Alfred Warren of Nelson who, in turn, disposed of it in 1873 to George Williams, surgeon, Nelson, and his brother, Henry Davis Williams, whose address at that time was Leefield, Marlborough. After three years George Williams sold his share to his brother, but with low prices for farm products and the inroads of scab disease and rabbits, Henry Davis Williams was soon in difficulties with the New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company who put in its own manager and staff in 1880. Williams had no alternative but to sell his interest to the Company the following year.
... One of the stories told of Birch Hill is that about the year 1879 the wife of Henry Davis Williams died and her husband ordered a suitably inscribed marble tombstone to be prepared by a stone mason, but, before it arrived at Birch Hill, he had lost control of the run. Upon its arrival among stores on the wagon it was onloaded near the cookhouse where it lay for several years. When the brick oven was being repaired the builder looked round for something suitably flat to make the floor of the oven. His eye fell on the tombstone and in went the marble slab. There grew to be a local legend that bread from this oven had, on the bottom of the loaf, certain words inscribed in raised relief. Therefore the employees in this area, when they want someone to pass the bread, say, "Pass the Dearly Beloved"

... 4
1858 - George Thomas Coveney

- born in Ballarat, Victoria
- from 1914-1949 (at least), he was living in Gippsland, Victoria
.. George married Carol SHEARER in 1885 in Victoria, Australia

... 5
1860 - ? Edward Coveney

- born in Ballarat, Victoria
.. Edward possibly died in Victoria

... 6
1862 - 1947 Anna Maria Lowther Coveney

- born in Smythesdale, Victoria
- Anna married Robert Thomas SADD (1858-1937) 21 June 1882 in Nelson, NZ
Nelson Evening Mail, 22 June 1882
SADD-COVENEY - On the 21st instant, by the Rev A. O. Williams, Curate of All Saints, R. T. Sadd, eldest son of J. B. Sadd, Tory-street, Nelson, to Anna Maria Lowther Coveney, second daughter of G. Coveney Esq., Ormond, near Ballarat. (Victorian papers please copy)
- they lived for a time in Blenheim & Dunedin
the known children of ROBERT & ANNA
* 1885 - 1965 Leila Elizabeth Sadd
.. Leila married William Harold MAY in 1906
* 1886 - 1888 Muriel Agnes Sadd
.. Muriel died aged 2
* 1890 - 1958 Eleanor Mary Sadd
.. Eleanor married Frederick PARKIN in 1916
* 1891 - 1969 Gerald Lowther Sadd
.. Gerald served as Sergeant 29700 with the NZRB, 11th Reinforcements 4th Battalion, (H Company). In the Otago Military District Wounded List of April 1918, Gerald was listed as Corporal and his father at St Clair. He died 1 Dec 1969 at Riverton. His ashes are interred with those of his wife Mabel Ivy (1905-1982) at Invercargill Kerb Plot 102, Block 2
* 1894 - 1974 Edgar Coveney Sadd
.. Edgar married Marinota Marguerita Terry TUCK (1909-1998) in 1929
* 1897 - 1988 Doris Myra Sadd
.. Doris married Trevor Graham de CLIVE-LOWE (1900-1984) in 1922
* 1901 - 1983 Alison Lowther Sadd
.. Alison married Douglas Henderson HASTINGS (1898-1973) in 1927
From General Government Institutions, written about 1906
General Government Institutions ... Mr. Robert Thomas Sadd, Senior District Surveyor for the Nelson district, was born in Nelson in 1858, where he attended the public school. He obtained a provincial scholarship which entitled him to two years of free tuition at Nelson College, and after having passed the junior and senior Civil Service Examinations, he joined the Survey Office in 1874, at the early age of sixteen. Mr. Sadd was sent into the field as assistant surveyor when under twenty years of age, and, obtaining rapid promotion, was appointed to his present position in 1881. He is president of the Richmond Athletic and Cycling Club. Mr. Sadd was married, in 1881, to Miss A. M. Coveney, of Ballarat, Victoria, and has two sons and four daughters.
ANNA died 13 July 1947 aged 85. Her last address was 2 Prestwick St., Maori Hill, Dunedin. Her ashes were scattered.
Cemetery database has 'been in NZ for 64 years' (1883 - married here in 1882)

... 7
1864 - 1941 Florence Coveney

- born in Little Bendigo, Victoria
- Florence married Frederick 'Fred' McALLUM in 1888 in Christchurch New Zealand
- they lived in Martinborough, Wairarapa
the known children of FREDERICK & FLORENCE:
* 1888 - 1953 Frances McAllum
.. Frances married Joseph Alexander GRANT in 1914 & died in Masterton
* 1890 - 1890 Hilda McAllum
.. born 27 Feb 1890, Hilda died 23 Sep 1890 aged 7 months & is buried Plot 12558 at Addington cemetery, Christchurch
FREDERICK died 22 August 1934
FLORENCE died 19 Dec 1941
- they are buried Plots 53 & 54 in Martinborough cemetery

... 8
1867 - 1945 Ellen Josephine Coveney

- born in Ballarat, Victoria
- Ellen was living in Napier in 1896
- Ellen married George William COBB (1874-1950) in 1898 in New Zealand
- they lived in Martinborough
the known children of GEORGE & ELLEN:
* 1901 - Enid Mabel Lowther Cobb
.. Enid married George Francis Loney in 1922
* 1911 - 2000 Muriel Evelyn Cobb
.. Muriel married ? Kendall
* 1913 - 1984 Frederick Robert Cobb
From Martinborough, written about 1908
Mr. George William Cobb, who was appointed clerk to the Featherston County Council In November, 1904, was born in Christchurch, Hampshire, England, in October, 1873, and is the third surviving son of Mr. J. E. Cobb, of Napier. He came to New Zealand with his parents in 1884, was educated in Napier, where he served an apprenticeship of six years to the photography trade. He then studied for the Church, but after passing through part of the theological course he left college, and subsequently received his present appointment. Mr. Cobb is secretary of the Dry River Water Race Committee, and of the Cemetery Trustees, was the Featherston and Martinborough correspondent of the ?Wairarapa Standard? for many years, is chairman of the committee of the Caledonian Society, a member of St. Andrew's Vestry, a lay reader, and was chairman for two years of the local school committee, during which time he was instrumental in the erection of a gymnasium. He is married, and has one son and one daughter

The Argus, 29 April 1865
... IN THE INSOLVENT ESTATE of GEORGE COVENEY, of Ashby, Geelong, in the Colony of Victoria, Shoemaker, - No. 1621 - Geelong Circuit District - Whereas the estate of George Coveney, of Ashby, Geelong, in the colony of Victoria, shoemaker, was on the 24th day of May, 1866, placed under sequestration in my hands, by order of his Honour Mr. Justice Barr, one of the Judges of the Supreme Court of the colony of Victoria, and who did by further order under his hand appoint George Webster, Esq., of Geelong, one of the Official Assignees of Insolvent Estates for the colony of Victoria, to be the Official Assignee of and for this estate, I hereby appoint a PUBLIC MEETING of the CREDITORS of the said George Coveney to be holden before me, at my office, Myers-street, Geelong, on Wednesday the 7th day of May next, at the hour of eleven o'clock In the forenoon, for proof of debts, and for the election of an Assignee. If necessary, to act with the Official Assignee; and unless it shall be shown at such meeting that the goods and effects of the said George Coveney exceed the sum of one hundred pounds, I shall summarily proceed to rank the debts which shall then be proved upon the sold estate, and direct the proceeds to be distributed accordingly. Dated at Geelong the 20th day of April, 1865

GEORGE COVENEY died 23 January 1888 in Warrenheip, Victoria aged 70 & is buried Grave 15, Section 14 Church of EnglandB at New Ballarat Cemetery, Victoria

ELIZABETH COVENEY died 15 September 1918 in Martinborough, Wairarapa aged 92 & is buried Grave 51, Block F at Settlers Cemetery Dannevirke next to her son John Lowther Coveney (database has him as her husband)

see child ... 1 John Lowther Coveney (1850-1904)
taken from site Kete Tararua

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