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George JOHNSON married Drusilla MARTIN Ballarat, Victoria

Journal by becdean

Very little is known by our family about George JOHNSON or his parents, siblings, heritage etc. He married Drusilla MARTIN in 1879 in Ballarat and they had to my knowledge 5 Children: Rosa, Charles, Pheobe, Philistine and William. Both George and Drusilla (some records name her as Druzilla) are buried in Ballarat where they died in ?1902 and 1923 respectively.
Any other information would be greatly appreciated

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on 2011-07-01 00:01:55

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by janilye on 2011-07-01 05:42:46

I've had a quick look and yes, not so easy. I saw the grave of Drusilla (spelt Druzilla on headstone) and son William can't find George buried in Ballarat. I went into the boy's enlistment records to see if the father was alive when they enlisted. Charles Jervis JOHNSON 1881-1955 was married on enlistment and living in Apollo Bay gave his wife Elizabeth as next of kin. so nothing there. With William he actually joined up at Enoggera in Queensland on 8 March 1916 gave his birthplace as Ballarat and his mother Druscilla (the way William spelt her name)as his next of kin which indicates father, George was dead or missing in 1916. Druscilla's address at that time was Burnett St, Ballarat East. Don't know why he joined up in Queensland must have been working there gave his address as East Balarat. Now the thing is he took a medical in Seymore on 1 April 1916 and they discharged him as medically unfit on the 29 June 1916.
Okay I have his medical records. If you want them private message me with your email address and I'll send them to you. All charles's too.
Sorry about ole George. 'Tonkin' might might be able to find some George Johnson deaths in Ballarat from 1890-1916.


by tonkin on 2011-07-01 07:28:02

The only George JOHNSON that died in Ballarat between those years was in 1902, and he was aged 83 years. I don't think that will be him.

There were a lot of George JOHNSON deaths between those years and it's a bit hard finding the right George without the names of his parents, and if the informant named them correctly of course.

by becdean on 2011-07-01 07:36:41

Thank you so much Jan and tonkin!! - you guys really are amazing at this researching - I never know where to start. Unfortunately I dont have any parents names for George - there has been a few whispers of a John or Thomas Johnson but those names are so common. No need to apologise Jan - I have received more assistance and leads from this site in the last week than i have uncovered myself in the last year so i am more than grateful for the information you have both provided :)
I'm hoping this is not another dead end for George...

by janilye on 2011-07-01 18:23:11

I've sent you enough documents to wallpaper your house including a lovely photograph of Drusilla and a few of the rels. Good luck in your quest. I'll keep an eye out for George, at least I've narrowed the field now to only 12 years.

by becdean on 2011-07-02 01:46:05

Thank you very much Jan - I received those and your right lengthy but very valuable.

With regards to Philistine JOHNSON - she may very well have changed her name to Louisa Phyllis. My grandfather remembers a "Phyllis" marrying a Charlie PENNANT and thought they were related but wasn't sure how so that may answer that question. He remembers this Charle and Phyllis having three children: Ronald PENNANT, Gwenyth PENNANT and one other son (possibly the William PENNANT you named)

We also have a divorce record for Charles Jervis JOHNSON and Elizabeth Ann Tilly MOON in 1909

Wasn't Drusilla a stern looking woman - my grandfather cried tears of joy when he saw that. May i ask where you came across the photograph?

Thanks again for your time - my family and i really appreciate it. I am on the edge of my seat to hear where the missing links (George JOHNSON, Bessie May JOHNSON and Edward Alfred JOHNSON) eventually turn up

by tonkin on 2011-07-02 10:54:31

I'm still not sure about this George JOHNSON that died in Ballarat in 1902 aged 83 years. In my last reply I said I did not think this could be him. The reason being he would have been born about 1819. If my maths are correct this George would have been about 60 years old when married in 1879, and about 30 years older than Drusilla.

The marriage certificate for George and Drusilla would confirm all these details. The death certificate for this George would also confirm if he was Drusilla's husband, and also name their children.

Certificates cost money, and when I don't want to spend money on a death certificate I head for the newspapers and check the death and funeral notices. The death notice for George should name his wife and children. Janilye did not find a headstone for George at Ballarat so we don't have a date to work with. Not finding a headstone for George does not mean he was not buried there. If it's the same George.

You mentioned Philistine JOHNSON may have changed her name to Louisa Phyllis. I know she married Charles 'Walkeden' PENNANT in 1938 as Philistine Latimer JOHNSON.

There was a Louise Phyllis WALKEDEN married to a Charles PENNANT in 1912. This Louisa died in Albert Park in 1953 aged 61 years. Her parents were named as William WALKEDEN and Sarah JOHNSON. Could be this is the Louisa Phillis and Charles PENNANT your grandfather remembers.

When I look at the names WALKEDEN, PENNANT and JOHNSON it makes me think there is a family connection. Something for you to think about.

I have also included a few more details in another one of my 'Copy From The Records' journals for you and hope it may help you along the way. Have not come across your Bessie or Edward as yet but will keep looking.

Let's hope some kind member can ID this 1902 George for you.

by tonkin on 2011-07-02 11:34:15

Sorry, I forgot to mention I could not find a birth for George and Drusilla's son William you mentioned. If you have a birth year I will have another look.

by becdean on 2011-07-03 03:01:13

The records that Janilye kindly emailed me showed William JOHNSON b. 1892 and d. 1924. William JOHNSON is intered with Drusilla JOHNSON in Ballarat - no marriage or children for him so I have that information for him thanks Tonkin

After speaking to my grandfather again it appears that your journal entry Tonkin is correct - the "Phyllis" he recalls fits well with your research as being Phyllistine PENNANT and is still alive residing in Brisbane at this point in time as per her son Ronald PENNANT who he spoke with - Ronald and Pop were unaware they were distant cousins :)

This completes the lower tiers of the Johnson family I will add another journal with all the details when i next get the chance

Thanks again for your assistance

by tonkin on 2011-07-03 05:09:04

Thank you for your reply becdean, much appreciated. I will check the records again for William and include his details in my Copy From The Records Journal. I always like to see a family together. Cheers.

by becdean on 2011-07-05 02:45:45

Further Details for George - I obtained the death certificate for the George Johnson buried in Ballarat with the death year 1902. Unfortunately this is not our George. Your hunch was right Tonkin!! The George buried in Ballarat was married to Ann TRANTER in 1842. They had their one and only child 5 months later - Albert. They are all buried together. The search continues...

by janilye on 2011-07-20 04:08:17

The marriage certificate reads.
top row
1st column;- On the 13 of January 1879 at Ballaarat
2nd column:- George Johnson
3rd column:- Widower 1877 (1877 is date he was widowed)
4th column:- 2 (children of ??marriage)
5th column:- Brenchley Kent England
Marriage performed by Charles Collins minister of the Free Church of England Ballaarat between George Johnson Hotel Keeper, Ballaarat and Drusilla Martin Domestic of Ballaarat.

George Johnson's father is a plumber
Drusilla's father is a butcher
And I need more time to work out the bit written above Ann Johnson.
also says Mary Ann Martin's maiden name unknown.
The top line in the parent's column says:-
The natural father's
_ _ _
_ _ _ as Illegitimate.
those six words I can't make out.
Witnesses looks like John PASS and Mary Ann CAFE ?
I'll have to stare at it a bit more.

by janilye on 2011-07-20 04:16:19

Here's a little tip. When I can't make out writing on documents I take them down to the chemist. Those fellas can read anything.

by becdean on 2011-07-21 01:09:58

Thanks Jan - You got a lot more read than i did and thanks for the tip. Appreciate your help :)

by janilye on 2011-07-21 01:39:39

Do you mind if I send it to ngairedith to have a squizz

by becdean on 2011-07-21 05:38:48

Dont mind at all Jan - The more sets of eyes the better. Thank you

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