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Germany to Australia

Journal by janilye

The following letter was written at the time when Queensland was considering German Immigrants.
Mr. Mark Tapley's views expressed the point of view of the man in the street, regarding the German Immigration; which certainly seemed to be the view of the majority.

The Moreton Bay Courier Queensland Saturday 17 July 1852

To the editor of the Moreton Bay Courier

Sir, As the subject of German Immigration to this district occupies a good deal of public attention at the present moment, I beg to offer a few remarks thereon, founded on a residence of four years in the sister colony of South Australia.
'It was somewhere about the year 1837 that a most benevolent and wealthy London and Honduras merchant, by name George Fife Angas, had his attention drawn to the fact that a number of Prussian subjects of his late majesty Frederick William, having had some religious differences with their Sovereign, desired to seek a new home, free from religious persecution, in new Western World. The people were miserably poor and their little community, taken as a whole were quite unable to pay their passage then.
Mr. Angas, being largely interested in the new colony, conceived and carried into execution a plan of conveying them to Port Adelaide at his own expense. Two ship loads were thus landed, with old and young, schoolmasters, parsons, and all.
One section took 200 acres of land in the Mount Barker district about 25 miles from Adelaide and formed the delightful and antiquated looking village of Hahndorf another portion settled near Adelaide, and raised the picturesque hamlet of Klemsig.
To their honour be it recorded that a few years afterwards they returned Mr. ANGAS the whole of his advance,with interest.
These people were admirably adapted for Australian enterprise. There was not a boy or girl amongst them but could shear a sheep to perfection. In the shearing season it is their wont for family parties of them, men, women, and children to pack their household deities on a small Timor pony cart, and tramp about the country, like a small gypsy party, from station to station They came (if remember rightly, but I will not be sure) from Silesia. Wherever they came from, their care of a place was most surprising. Not a speck of dirt was allowed to go near it. and a shorn sheep from their hands bore no striking dissimilarity to a scalded pig.
To be riding through the bush and stumble upon one of their villages, would make a man rub his eyes a little; so ancient looking, they might at least have been standing there a few centuries. There is little division of labour amongst them. Every man builds his own house, and thatches it ; splits his own timber, works his own land, and grows his own tobacco. And this kind of life they had led in their own country. It is but fair to state that the women did the most part of the heavy work. I have met with girls trudging from Hahndorf to Adelaide, through the night,
with about eighteen penny worth of vegetables for sale next morning, and then return the following night. It is not surprising that toilsome perseverance like this should be handsomely rewarded. They have prospered exceedingly.
They have written to their connections in Germany, and the consequence has been a continued , stream of voluntary emigration ever since; and this has by no means been confined to the humble
class of society Mercantile houses in Berlin and in Hamburg have their representatives in Adelaide; a newspaper is published in their language; and a more orderly, well disposed class of people can not be pointed out anywhere in the southern hemisphere.
Should you deem the above observations worthy a place in your journal they are at your disposal.
I am, Sir,
Your obedient servant.
Ipswich, July 5, I852-'

German Passenger Lists to Australia

The Moreton Bay Courier Brisbane, Qld. Saturday 9 December 1854

As there is now good reason to believe that Mr. LORD has been successful in his attempt to introduce immigrants from Germany into Moreton Bay, and as we have recently published advices showing that the Agency of Mr. BUCKLEY for a like purpose has been also successful, we may reasonably entertain and place faith in further proposals of the like nature. We observe that Messrs. HEUSSLER and Company, who are now carrying on business as merchants at South Brisbane, have offered their services as agents for German immigration. Mr. HEUSSLER is about to revisit Germany, and being intimately acquainted with the wants and capabilities of German peasantry and mechanics, engages to secure the services of such labourers as may be required, for a period of two years. The advance required is only l per head, the remainder of the passage money being payable on the landing of the immigrant, from whose wages the whole cost of the passage is ultimately to be deducted by the employer, who has thus very liberal terms offered to him. It is quite unnecessary to enlarge upon the great value of the Germans as labourer.
Their frugal and industrious habits never fail to become apparent in any spot where they locate themselves, and, next to immigrants from the United Kingdom, they are unquestionably the most desirable persons. The circular of Messrs. HEUSSLER and Co. states the belief of the firm
that in promoting the immigration of eligible persons from Germany, they shall " not only be conferring a great and decided benefit on this place, but also on their native land." There can be no doubt whatever that such results must follow the successful development of enterprises of this nature, and we may reasonably anticipate the hearty co-operation of employers in bringing such adventures to a prosperous issue

Germany and Australia

The portrait below is the first Prussian consul
Johann Christian Heussler, born in Bockenheim, Germany (near Frankfurt-am-Main) in 1820 and he died in Brisbane, Queensland in 1907.
Credited with bringing 2000 German migrants to Queensland

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