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Ghostly visits?

Article by Rosemarie44

Four nights ago, I had an unusual visitor, in the form of my Mother! Mary Evelyn CARVER SPARROW. I had just gone to bed, and saw a light in the utility room, in front of the dryer. The outside light does cast a shadow into the hallway, and I did have a dehydrator setting on the dryer.....but this light seemed to move. Intrigued and a little frightened, I reached into the bedside drawer for a flashlight, got up and went thru the bath, into the utility room, and the kitchen, calling out 'who's there?... William?' [William is our Grandson, and can usually come in without waking me...but I wasn't asleep..]. I went back to bed, and again the light seemed to move. Ok, it is a reflection, and I'm seeing myself in one of the mirrors...wrong! When I shown the light on the mirrors, they were not where I had seen the light moving, nor were they where my reflection could be seen.

Turning the light out again, I decided it must just have been my imagination, and settled down to try to sleep.....still turned in the direction of the moving light - a small light, like a pen light. Suddenly as the light moved toward the kitchen, I saw the outline of my Mother, wearing a pink plaid house dress that she had liked and had died in. She had died here at home, April 12, 2011, having been alert and oriented, and having visited with family and friends earlier that day. In fact, our neighbors, who were also our funeral directors, had stopped in about 10am, and visited with her and us, and when they left, she told them, "you'all just go on about your other business. I'm not ready for you, yet." Then she laughed at her joke and they left. How little did we know that 7 hours later, we would be calling them back.

I've tried to figure out if there was anything specific about this visit, other than I don't usually see apirations. Tonight while writing this, I looked at my calendar, the 23rd of August...the night of her visit, was the date that my Dad [William Ralph SPARROW] had died in 1986!

My Dad, William Ralph SPARROW, born August 8,1906; joined the Navy during WWII, August 8; discharged from the Navy, August 8; always figured that he would die on August 8! Daddy told me when his Mom died in 1963, that if I would touch her, [not in that lifetime!!! I was 17, but that was my Grandma, and she was DEAD!!]that I wouldn't have nightmares about her. I don't believe I ever had a nightmare, nor do I remember ever 'seeing' her. So much for touching.

I have had an 'episode' where I did see my Dad....around Easter in 1992...he was seated in a golden chair, with bright sunshine everywhere around him....he talked to me and told me that he had come to get William, my first grandchild and first grandson! "Oh! NO! Daddy, please don't take William....take me, if you have to, but please don't take 'my baby boy'!", I repeated over and over, crying. To this day, it brings tears to my eyes, as now. I sat at the house, waiting for the dawn, knowing my daughter would be up around 6:30am. Unable to wait, I drove into town and parked in her driveway, right in front of his upstairs room, watching for any movements. It was better to sit there for 3 hours, than to set at home! Finally, unable to wait, I woke her up, and asked to see William. He had heard me and came running down the stairs, calling "Ma", "Ma". I grabbed him up in my arms, hugging him, and saying 'thank you, Daddy' and THANK YOU, JESUS, THIS CHILD WILL HONOR YOU AND DO YOUR WILL. He has grown and matured in many ways....he was a certified Lay Speaker at the age of 12! He knows more about the Bible, than I do. I don't know why my Daddy came to me that night....maybe to see his great grandson.

Apirations? Ghosts? Fortelling the future? the past? I was not asleep with either of these visits...I don't go around 'speaking to ghosts', or 'seeing them' when I'm researching ancestors or visiting cemetaries. Wouldn't it be great if we could bring up our ancestors and have them answer our genealogy questions!

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on 2012-08-27 06:11:48

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by psanders_1 on 2012-08-30 10:44:20

I don't think we no why we have visitors from our past or family now gone. My Grandmother had things that would happen to her. It would come to her in a dream when family members died, that person who would die would come and, stand at the end of her bed and tell her goobye. The next day she would find out that they had died during the night, etc. At her grave sight my cousin took pictures of her grave with an instamatic camera, there in the picture was my Grandma beside her coffin. There was no sun that day, and while standing there observing the picture, it was like being the only people in the world, all was quiet to an eerie point. I still have this picture after many many years. I must mention, the grave was already covered with dirt when this picture was taken.

by Rosemarie44 on 2012-08-30 20:46:26

In our, or mine at least, ancestors' time, it seemed people were more open or aware of 'strange happenings'. Part of that was enhanced by 'sitting up with the dead', when they were laid out at home.It was a scarey time for children, but was something they accepted. That conjures up many pictures, but death then was a part of life. I've always loved cemetaries and the stories they could tell. In current days, perhaps we are too busy to 'listen and see'.

As a nurse, many years ago, I sat with a lady and her 2 daughters, as her time of death was very near. I believe that that experience taught me many things. She was a sweet lady, religious, and gentle. Her daughters read from the BiBle to her. Suddenly in her gentle voice, she asked us if we could see Jesus. She was smiling and told us that her time was then; told us good bye and she would see us later; and she reached her hand [not arms, just her hand]up toward the corner ceiling of her room, and she was gone. I and her daughters saw a faint vapor rise from her body and head to that corner. I really believe that I saw a miracle and was blessed.

by Rosemarie44 on 2012-08-30 20:53:50

I wonder, have you ever tried to reprint the picture? How fascinating and what a treasure to have to pass on to your family. Are they interested in genealogy, also?

I do remember my parents talking about 'a pequiliar feeling' about various things and they came true. My oldest daughter says she frequently sees her 'Nanny' [my mother-in-law] sitting at the kitchen table. [We had bought her a trailer, and after she died, brought it back up here. Later our daughter and family moved in it.] My other daughter sees and says her grandpa has been with her, watching over her for many years; and now her grandmother is there, too.

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